Pepsi Co.’s Top 10 Most Sold Products

Pepsi Co. is one of the world’s greatest maker of food products that has captured the taste buds (and hearts, too) of the munching public. In this list, find out the top 10 most sold product of this global company. Dominated by the sodas that has made the company what it is, the list also features some very surprising items that will make you go “Huh?!”

10 Quaker Oats


And what a throwball the first item on this countdown is. Yes, one of the world’s leading producers of all things unnatural and unhealthy, one of the vanguards of junk food fandom, is also the maker of the healthy breakfast food Quaker Oats. This line of heart-friendly grains pulls in a robust $2.5 billion a year.

9 Lipton Teas


This one is a bit of a cheat, because Lipton teas are not exclusively Pepsi Co. products. Instead, they are produced in partnership with Unilever. Technically, though, it belongs in the family. Like the other products on this list, it is tasty and wildly popular. It earns for Pepsi Co. and Unilever about $3 billion dollars, same as the next item on this list. It’s only ranked lower because of the non-exclusivity product factor.

8 Doritos Tortillos Chips


The perfect snack food to team up with Pepsi’s sodas, Doritos Tortillos Chips come in at number eight in this countdown for Pepsi Co.’s most sold products. Crunchy and flavorful, it is an easy choice to get for picnics, outdoor activities, and munch parties. It earns about $3 billion every year.

7 7-Up

7-Up is usually seen as the younger sibling to the Pepsi Cola brand, and is largely overlooked in the United States. Its story outside of the country, however, is different. Its worldwide annual sales reach into about $3.5 billion dollars. That’s a very respectable figure for this still refreshing, highly enjoyable soda.

6 Tropicana


Proving that drinks are still Pepsi Co.’s stronghold, despite its product diversification, the company’s fruity drinks under Tropicana made it to this top 10 list. Its orange juice (the most popular from this line) pulls in a decent $4 billion each year.

It has maintained a loyal following inside and outside of the United States. Its reincarnations in other countries are very interesting and are very successful. Some of those products are Tropicana smoothies and fruity sodas.

5 Diet Pepsi


It can be surprising to find Diet Pepsi middling in this list of most sold Pepsi Co. products. After all, it shares the company name—it should have ranked higher in this list. In recent years, the Diet Pepsi brand has somehow weakened, with rival Coca Cola coming out with comparable products like Coke Zero that appealed to more people, relegating the Diet Pepsi into the third or fourth option in its category.

That does not mean that Diet Pepsi is anywhere being phased out or paupered. The brand still sells at a brisk pace, and rakes in a healthy $5 billion every year.

4 Gatorade


The world’s leading sports and energy drink, Gatorade is a staple in many basketball courtside areas, marathon routes, cyclists’ bikes, and gym’s locker rooms. Advertised as a delicate blend of great taste and chemical mix of ions, salts, and other vitamins and minerals that can power the active body.

Even with the likes of sports superstars Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, and Serena Williams, it is only the fourth most sold product of Pepsi Co. That’s still a good place to be, though, because it is pulling about $7 million annually for the company.

3 Lay’s Potato Chips

It is one of the world’s, and certainly America’s, most favorite comfort food, featured prominently in many shopping carts for special occasions like the Fourth of July or at summer outings, or for mundane activities like an at-home beer drinking session or a study session gone too long into the night.

Generating about $7.5 billion a year for Pepsi Co., Lay’s is just edged out by the next item on this list by a few millions.

2 Mountain Dew


Fresh, spritzy, totally hip, and magnetic to the young soda-loving population, Mountain Dew is the penultimate item in our list.

You can say whatever you want about Mountain Dew, that its power to attract customers in the market is because of its intrinsic taste or the power of great brand positioning and marketing, but there’s no denying it’s pulling in the big bucks for Pepsi Co. It earns about $8 billion every year for the company.

That amount, though, is nothing compared to the top one most sold product of Pepsi Co.

1 Pepsi Cola

Say Pepsi Co., and the first thing that pops into the mind of every man, woman, and child in the civilized world is the iconic blue-and-red circle separated by a white wave. The first, and probably the only, product from the company that these people can name in the span of five seconds is Pepsi Cola.

The brand’s flagship and namesake product is still one of the world’s most recognizable, most popular brands. It is well-loved, with people of various generations from six continents guzzling down its carbonated, sugary goodness.

It accounts for about a fifth of the company’s total sales, generating an annual income of almost $20 billion for Pepsi Co. That’s a lot of money for the company, and is the reason why Pepsi Cola is the king of Pepsi Co.’s empire.

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