Men's 10 Favorite Sexual Fantasies

By now it is common knowledge that men think about sex more than women. Although statistics vary considerably, the most-widely spread information is that men think about sex every seven minutes. According to the Kinsey Study, only 54 percent of male respondents reported that they think about sex every day and 43 percent think of sex a few times a week or month.

However, one thing they all have in common, regardless of frequency, is that sexual fantasies are a big part of the whole sexual experience for men. Although fantasies are as individual as the men who have them, we've learned that there are at least 10 common fantasies that most men seem to share.

Adult entertainment is intended to satisfy most of these basic desires. The industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry and much of it is fantasy-based, so the options for having a great, somewhat live fantasy are more available than every before. However, if you only have a few minutes, then you're probably thinking of one of these scenarios during that quick trip to the bathroom.

Did you every stop to think about this irony? A multi-billion dollar industry surrounds us  - yet the average sexual encounter lasts from three to ten minutes. The average time spent watching hotel adult videos is twelve minutes. See how long it takes you to move through this list and let us know which ones are your favorites.

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10 Sex with a Celebrity

Most men have a staple of celebrities that are high on their list of fantasies. This list seems to be the most popular at the moment: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Kate Upton, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Beckinsale. Most couples give one another a "free pass" whereby if either person has an opportunity to have sex with the top celebrity on their list, they will be instantly forgiven by the other.

9 Threesomes

Threesomes have gone in and out of fashion for centuries. Group sex, orgies, were even more common in early Grecian and Roman days, but threesomes have gained in popularity for the past couple of decades now that the Millennium Generation has forged ahead with same-sex action and oral sex becoming a part of the norm. There seem to be more stringent issues when the idea of threesomes comes up among those from older generations. When it comes to threesomes in today's world, men want to be with two women adoring their bodies at the same time. So this fantasy rarely, if ever, includes two men and a women when it's a man's fantasy.

8 Girl-on-Girl Action

How long can you look at this photo and enjoy it? We're guessing it could be hours, unless the stock market or a sporting event is going wild or some other male aphrodisiac comes into play. Most men would gladly watch two women having an intimate encounter and savor every detail although they would probably prefer to jump in and change it to a threesome.

7 Dominatrix

Well, we know you love Sophia Vergara and we're guessing you might fantasize about being taken by a dominatrix. This photo gives you a taste of what it might be like to have Sophia as your fantasy dominatrix. Ms. Vergara was cast in 2012's Machete Kills where she plays a leather-clad dom who will whip you into submission. Does it get better than that?

6 Exhibitionism

The back seat of the car, the elevator, the men's bathroom, in a park, personal sex videos - these are all common places for exhibition sex to take place. If you don't have a partner who enjoys any of this, but think you may then this fantasy is for you. Are you sitting in the back booth of a dark cocktail lounge when this hottie strolls over, slides into the seat next to you and quickly ducks beneath the tablecloth to give you a surprise you'll never forget? People are all around and there is the danger of getting caught if you show any expression on your face at all, so you just sit there quietly trying to contain yourself. If you like the sound of that, then this fantasy is for you.

5 Bondage

Although the reality of bondage isn't for everyone, the fantasy of being in total control or being controlled is one shared by most men. The rules of bondage come in the way of creating a safe word to make sure your partner knows when enough is enough. Those who are into bondage have a wide array of options, in terms of sexual paraphernalia, triggers and goals. According to a Men's Health poll, about 50 percent of the male respondents like to be tied up. We're guessing the other 50 percent likes to keep this one in the fantasy realm, particularly after seeing movies of men being handcuffed to bedposts and not released until the hotel maid comes in to clean.

4 Role Play

Do you find yourself wishing you could have sex with a specific type of woman? Do you enjoy that little French maid routine, or ever thought about a Playboy bunny paying a visit to your home just to make your evening oh-so-special? With the women's Halloween costumes as skimpy and as sexy as ever before, there's little imagination needed with this fantasy. There are online catalogs with models wearing sexy outfits in just about any walk of life you can imagine. Although your imagination might create an even more irresistible fantasy woman.

3 The Virgin

In this day and age, fantasizing about being with a virgin might get mixed reactions from your friends. Why? Because virgins are younger and younger, due to the increased sexual activity levels among young teens. At this point, fantasizing about being with a young girl smacks of pedophile fantasies and is not well regarded. Fresh, pure and young represents a sexual excitement for many men who want to show their virility by "being the first" in the young woman's life. We won't psychoanalyze it any more than that. If you find yourself stuck on this fantasy for long periods of time, check in to make sure it is not the unhealthy kind.

2 Getting Caught In the Act

This is sort of like exhibitionism, but a little different. You might like to think about going to your girlfriend's office, shutting the door and having your way with her while others intermittently interrupt and see what is going on. Or you might enjoy the thought of giving yourself pleasure while "she" watches through a crack in the door.  If that turns you on, then this fantasy is for you.

1 No Strings Sex

This is just a guess, but we think most men would love the mystery and sexiness of having "no-strings" sex even if they have to pay for it. The world has changed and men no longer have to hire an escort on the sly and hope she is gorgeous and physically healthy. There are now thousands of websites that provide photos, details and prices in the event you want to experience one of these "no-strings" sexual encounters for real. If not, think about having that intimate lap-dance in the privacy of your own home where you can play without worrying about time or money. The fantasy ends just the way you want - when you are finished, she is going to leave without having hurt feelings, wanting to snuggle and you will always have the entire bed to yourself. This is a no-guilt fantasy that can include any or all of the other fantasies all at one time. It's natural, especially for men who don't have the confidence or desire to play anything out for real.

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