Mariah Carey House

Mariah Carey has recently had her eyes on the Beverly Hills estate called "Fleur de Lys," that has a whopping price tag of $125 million. The 5-bedroom, 41,000-square-foot mansion was previously owned by David Saperstein, who put the home on the market after him and his wife Suzanne Saperstein divorced.  The estate is said to be one of the most expensive homes in America.

The reason for Nick and Mariah's interest is because Mariah thought the house to be in good shape, in fact move in ready. You would hope so with a price tag like that. The fact is this home is not the most expensive in the world, in fact overseas houses soar way over this price tag. As for Mariah, with a net worth of $500 million she can make a purchase such as this, and not many people can.

Mariah currently owns a home in Bahamas that she bought for $5 million, it is now a beautiful getaway for her and her family to enjoy.


She has a home in New York City, it is said to be lavishly decorated to her taste, with animal print and light feminine colours.

House in Los Angeles

After an exhausting day serving as a judge on American Idol, Mariah uses the rest of her remaining energy to tend to Monroe and Morrocan, her twins with husband Nick Cannon.[Seen in picture below] Right after she wraps up the filming of American Idol, she rushes home to catch her children before they go to sleep. Looking fresh in her stunning black and gold halter maxi gown, she sat down with her kids, played with them and read them bedtime stories before they go to sleep. She then tweeted a picture of herself with caption as, 'Rushed home to put dem babies to sleep!”

She spends all of her free time with her family, watching  films and lounging around the house, or should we say palace. Mariah has revealed that her and husband Nick have had some of their best moments together in the comfort of their own home.

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Mariah Carey House