Kate Upton's 15 Sexiest Pictures Ever

She can paralyze us with her sultry gaze, or bring us to our knees with a touch of a finger. Since becoming Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year in 2011, Kate Upton has awed men and women alike across the globe. At only 23 years of age, she has landed multiple cover shoots, a couple of film roles, and won Model of the Year at the 10th Annual Style Awards in New York. And she can Dougie, which is always a plus.

Born in Michigan but raised in Florida, she originally started as an equestrian - a fancy word for riding show horses. You know with the jumping and trotting and whatnot. It wasn’t until 2008 when she attended a casting call for Elite Model Management that she started her modelling career. In fact, they liked her so much they signed her right then and there. Her first gigs were modelling for Garage and Dooney and Bourke, then went on to be the face of Guess from 2010-11. However, after her first Sports Illustrated gig, she boomed into the limelight.

Since then, we’ve seen her on the cover of Vogue, GQ, and even as the face of the mobile time-killer Game of War. It seems she may have now been replaced with Mariah Carey, but that doesn’t stop me from going back and watching the older commercials.

So let’s have a look at some of her best and sexiest pictures over the past four years, shall we?


15 Classic ‘Kini

In 2014, Kate showed off her stuff in a classic 40s-style two-piece. While it might not be the usual skimpy bikinis we are used to seeing her in, she still manages to emit seduction and beauty with that mussed up hair and half-smile.

The shoot was orchestrated by Mario Testino for Vogue’s June issue. Most men would admit to rather seeing her in her usual skimpy bikini attire, but I think she pulls this classic look quite well. Just don't make it a habit, Kate!

14 Swimsuit 2014


Yet another Swimsuit Issue win for Upton, this time in 2014, and shot by James Macari. It’s another shot that shows her playful side, as not too many gals would wilfully remove bikini straps in public. Is that the sun shining off her body, or her beauty?

Stretching out, she gives us all a great idea of how she got where she is today - by being beautiful and fun. She’s just a few polka-dots away from someone making a song about her.

13 Hot In Snow

Her third time shooting for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, and her second time making the cover, she rocked a cute little white bikini in the cold continent of Antarctica. Yeah, that's right, she posed half nude in sub-arctic temperatures for our pleasure!

While it might not be hard to be the hottest thing around when you're surrounded by ice and snow, Kate Upton makes it look easier than sleeping. This photo was shot by Derek Ketella. Who would have ever thought Kate could make such a cold destination appealing?

12 Sports Illustrated 2011

This here is one of the many shots that earned Upton Rookie of the Year in Sports Illustrated’s 2011 Swimsuit Issue, and it’s easy to see why. Shot by Raphael Mazzucco - a Vancouver-based photographer - she shows off her impeccable curves, enticing pout and proves to be the Messiah of Models by laying on water.

Well, that’s more likely a clever optical trick, but who cares? This photo is among the many that put the blonde beauty on the map. I don't think we'll forget this image any time soon

11 Game Of War


There’s no doubt that if you own cable or have been on YouTube in the past year, you’ve seen the ads for Game of War, a mobile game made by Machine Zone Inc. Sadly you don’t get to play as Upton as she dons her battle gear and rides into hordes of enemies.

How a ‘free’ mobile game managed to land the top model of the past few years, I’m not sure. I guess micro-transactions are more profitable than expected. But who could have imagined placing Upton in war gear could make her look even hotter? Geeks around the world rejoice.

10 Old School


For Vanity Fair’s 2013 Anniversary edition, the beautiful Upton had the pleasure of adding another cover shoot to her resume. Shot by Annie Liebowitz, she donned an old school one-piece outfit that shows off enough to let your imagination do the rest. Such a tease.

Plus, when you add in thick blonde waves and that enticing red lipstick - and cake - you can’t go wrong. Is it my birthday, yet?

9 Business Kate


So she has a more serious side we haven't seen before. I like it. Uploaded to Instagram by Christopher Peterson, Kate shows off her ability to look beautiful no matter what she wears on her way to the Diane von Furstenberg Fashion Show in New York.

While the pant-suit covers most of her…um… assets, it gives her such an air of confidence and power, giving even the most cocksure of men a run for their money. A few minutes with this blonde beauty and I think they'd happily give up their fortune. I know I would!


8 The Cat Look


From 2010 to 2011, Kate was the face of Guess, and this shot from the 2011 Accessory Lineup is absolutely stunning. Is that an ocelot? For real? A baby leopard? I’m not sure. What I do know is that beautiful women and adorable animals will always do well.

Not to mention the fact that her gaze goes right into your soul and makes you fall in love. Photographer Yu Tsai knows his stuff. Props to Upton who looks like she had no fear while holding a ferocious predator.

7 Popsicle Kate


Corny? Yes. But who cares? Kate shows off a bit of her playfulness with this shot. In 2012, she did a shoot for GQ with Terry Richardson - yes, the same Richardson that released the “Cat Daddy” video that earned him some heat. Luckily, that’s in the past and they have both done work together since. Like this.

The shoot was filled with gorgeous pictures of this incredible gal, some of which were too racy for TheRichest. Nevertheless, we couldn't resist adding this memorable photo of Upton biting into a Popsicle. Lucky Popsicle.

6 Vogue 2012


If you’re like me, then you have an appreciation for classy as hell picture of beautiful women. Kate Upton is no stranger to them, giving her a nice mix of looks in her ever-expanding portfolio of beautiful pictures.

She reminds me of a few Bond gals from the days of yore in this shoot for Vogue done by Steven Meisel. High heels, tight leather and almost a refusal of eye contact - something I am all too used to - make this photo sexy as ever. Hey, maybe she's auditioning for the next Bond movie. I would pay to see that.

5 Swimsuit 2012


Kate Upton had a really big year in 2012. After previously earning Rookie of the Year in 2011, it led to her being the cover girl for 2012’s Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. Thank you SI. Walter Iooss Jr. captures every inch of her beauty.

From her sea-soaked hair and her gracious curves all the way to her forever legs, she just doesn’t stop gushing loveliness. Though one can argue this photo deserves to be number one, others on this list have a better claim to the top spot.

4 The Red Dress


Let’s be honest, she doesn’t need to be doing a photoshoot to look beautiful. Jeffery Ufberg got this shot as she was on her way for a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sure, she got dolled up for the event, so it’s not like she dresses this way every day, but it does show that even when she’s not modelling she knows how to strut her stuff. In this picture, Upton is wearing quite a nice dress, the flowers design almost as beautiful as she.

3 Burger Kate

Never before have I wanted a burger so bad than when I saw this commercial. Accompanied by a modern rendition of "I Got A Fever," Kate mows down on a hearty burger from Carl's Jr. that screams of deliciousness. This commercial was deemed too sexy for places in the United States and was subsequently banned.

She begins in a 50s pink fur half-jacket over her black and white polka-dots, only to strip down to the dress after a few bites of her Sammie. It’s almost too much for fans of food and women to handle. Almost…

2 Marilyn Upton


When I first saw this picture, I didn’t think it was Kate Upton. I thought it was a rendition of what Marilyn Monroe would look like if she were born in our era. Well, I was wrong. Incredibly wrong.

This is in fact Kate Upton emulating the sex goddess of the 50s. Photographer Max Vadukul captured her essence for Ligne Magazine earlier this year with big blonde hair and a taut black dress to accentuate the curves. Who says she's a one trick pony? Shame on you.

1 Kate In The Pool


Yet another shot from Terry Richardson, and from the same set as the Popsicle picture. This one places Kate in a refreshing pool as she emerges from it a la Fast Time at Ridgemont High, the iconic 80s movie that began the "hot girl walks out of pool" scene trend we all know too well.

That gentle stare and infallible smile-pout make it difficult to peel your eyes away from the screen. Of course the bikini helps with all that as well. Plus, if it triggers memories of the famous scene I mentioned, then it’s no doubt this is one of the sexiest pictures of Kate in the world.


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