Kate Informs Admirers about Baby’s Movements

Kate also had a surprise meeting with a lady by the name of Linda Mitchell with whom she had been shopping with in London. She recognized the lady with a smile, who then informed Kate that she felt too awkward to go up to her and say “Hi”. Kate disagreed and told her that it would have been wonderful if she had indeed come up and said “Hi” to her. Linda Mitchell was of course extremely charmed by the Duchess’ charming behavior, saying that she had met very few people in her life who managed to charm her so much and create such an impression on her.

Kate was supervising the work done quite well. It has been funded by money from the Prince’s Trust. The money is given for the training and education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Finally Kate visited the Havelock Academy. This school has been set up to look into the educational needs and requirements of the underprivileged children of the locality. There are thousand students at the school at the moment, and is set to take in even more.

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Kate Informs Admirers about Baby’s Movements