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Kate Informs Admirers about Baby’s Movements

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Kate Informs Admirers about Baby’s Movements


The English town of Grimsby was the center of great excitement when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge made her arrival recently. She came to visit the Fishing Center here that has been converted into a museum. Kate was her charming self as she waved and smiled at the people present at the venue. Many of them had travelled to this place from near and far to get a glimpse of Kate and find out what she was like in person.

An old lady, 74 years of age was particularly impressed with what Kate had to say. She told People Magazine that Kate was looking really good, and that, she always had a smile on her face. The fans were not really scared to go up and speak to Kate. Kate has a very amiable personality and likes to talk to anybody, a similarity with her mother in law, the late Princess Diana. Kate met all those who walked up to her. One person even asked her whether the baby was kicking or not, and she said that yes indeed, the baby was kicking about quite a bit.


Kate also had a surprise meeting with a lady by the name of Linda Mitchell with whom she had been shopping with in London. She recognized the lady with a smile, who then informed Kate that she felt too awkward to go up to her and say “Hi”. Kate disagreed and told her that it would have been wonderful if she had indeed come up and said “Hi” to her. Linda Mitchell was of course extremely charmed by the Duchess’ charming behavior, saying that she had met very few people in her life who managed to charm her so much and create such an impression on her.


It was a busy day for Kate. After she visited the Fishing Center, which is a place the royal family has allocated a lot of funds, she visited the fire station to oversee a development program there. It has also been funded by the royal family.

Kate was supervising the work done quite well. It has been funded by money from the Prince’s Trust. The money is given for the training and education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Finally Kate visited the Havelock Academy. This school has been set up to look into the educational needs and requirements of the underprivileged children of the locality. There are thousand students at the school at the moment, and is set to take in even more.

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Kate Middleton thus seems to be fitting into her role of being a member of the royal household quite well. She is fulfilling all her duties to a tee and is the perfect person to have the title of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is one of the most charming and beautiful women ever to have been seen in England. Her marriage to Prince Williams has benefited the country in a considerable way, given how dedicated she has been about her duties.

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