Holly Madison Gives Her Daughter a Unique Name!

Holly was asked why she gave her daughter such an unusual name. Holly’s answer was that when she was in school, she was always around a girl who was named Rainbow. Everyone sort of envied the girl for the unique name she had and this included Holly herself. Thus Holly made up her mind right then to name her daughter Rainbow, if she ever had a daughter. Now that she does, she immediately decided to give her this name. Holly says that she is extremely happy that she has been able to do it.

She thinks her daughter is going to be the prettiest person wherever she goes just by virtue of this name given to her. We now wait in anticipation for some more bizarre announcements from the Madison household as these have been turning out to be quite frequent. It will not be long before we get to see Rainbow coming out in public with her parents and making a style statement before the camera.

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Holly Madison Gives Her Daughter a Unique Name!