America's 15 Hottest Socialites Of 2016

What is a socialite you may ask? Well it's your girlfriend, only if she were a lot hotter, a lot richer, and a lot classier. Oh yeah, and she also would have to come from a well known family. If you're hot, rich, your family owns a lot of priceless art and you're a Rockefeller then you're definitely on your way. If you're hot, rich and your family owns a bunch of Wendy's franchises? Yeah, no. You are not invited to the party. For as long as there was a social and party scene in cities such as New York and Paris, there were women who were known as socialites. Always around, always looking totally fabulous, and for the most part, always seemingly pretty drunk.

Do you know any socialites? Sure you do. Paris Hilton was, and is, a socialite. She perfected the art of being at the right parties (and wearing the right clothes) and before long she was simply famous for being famous. Oh, and that's the other thing. Socialites don't work - they simply are.

What other wealthy and hot babes are making the scene these days? Who will be the next Paris Hilton? Why won't any rich and hot women go out with you? Well, you'll just have to read on to find out.  Here are TheRichest's 15 hottest socialites of the year.

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15 Julie Henderson - Once Dated Russell Simmons

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Julie got into the social scene by being a model, and has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues for three straight years. In 2009 she started dating Russell Simmons who took her to the Oscars, and ever since she has been appearing at New York parties and events constantly. Julie does do a lot of work for charities, so she gets a pass.

14 Ariana Rockefeller - Rockefeller!

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Rockefeller. Does that name ring a bell? It should. Just saying the word evokes the idea of money. Ariana's family has long been one of the richest in the world. Ariana spends her time going to parties in New York and competing in horse jumping competitions in Palm Beach. It seems that Ariana has a tough life.

13 Meggie Kempner - Like Grandmother, Like Granddaughter

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Meggie comes by the scene naturally. Her grandmother, Nan Kempner, was a legend in New York for her ability to dominate what was going on in the party and social scene.  Like her grandmother, Meggie dabbles in fashion, but is mostly known for showing up at parties.

12 Sarah Hoover - Married To A Rich Artist

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Sarah made a lot of money selling art at one of the most powerful art houses in New  York, then she married a rich artist. What does this all mean? Well, pretty much any party you go to in New York where wealthy artists or art dealers are hanging out, Sarah will be there, so get used to seeing her around.

11 Hannah Bronfman - Of The Bronfman Family

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Hannah is the daughter of the former head of Warner Brothers. She has never created any music of her own, but she is still asked to DJ at tons of big parties and fashion events, because I mean, she's Hannah Bronfman! She is also an investor in a few dining establishments and has created an app called "Beautified," which is used to schedule same day beauty services.  Wow.

10 Lauren Remington Platt - Created Popular App

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Lauren is always on the scene. She actually worked for a while as a hedge fund manager, but who wants to do that? So she started a business that would bring a top-tier (which means expensive) hair-and-makeup service straight to people's high-end homes and condos - all through an app. And, of course, promoting this gives her more time to spend at parties.

9 Dalia Oberlander - Hangs Around The Art Scene

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Hey look! It's another hot, rich, socialite! Dalia hangs around in the art world. She got her ticket to the social scene by working at Sotheby's, which if you are unaware, is one of the largest and most prestigious auction houses in the world.  Dalia is always around, and always looking fabulous.

8 Elizabeth Kurpis - A Socialite Who Works As A Lawyer

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Elizabeth does something really uncool for a socialite. She works. Elizabeth is a powerful lawyer in the city, and even when she attends events, which she does all the time, the word is that work comes first. I think she makes up for the horrible embarrassment of being rich, but still working, by being incredibly hot.

7 Julia Loomis - Filmmaker 

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Julia is another one of those women who is just everywhere on the scene. Julia is a filmmaker who recently directed "Chasing Tyson" which is a boxing documentary that appeared on ESPN. So... she is totally hot, only 25, rich, likes to party, and is into boxing. Anyone interested at all?  Anyone?

6 Shruti Ganguly - Producer

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Shruti is not the lay-around type of socialite. She is a producer and a writer and is very active in the publishing world.  She produced The Color of Time, a movie that starred James Franco and Mila Kunis, so we know that we can't make fun of her motivation or her talent. Still though, Shruti does the scene (and does it often and well) so for that, she belongs on this list.

5 Kick Kennedy - Of the Kennedy Family

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Oh, rich people. What would this list be without a Kennedy? There simply cannot be a list of hot socialites of any kind without having a Kennedy on it. Rich people with the Kennedy last name can also get away with having funny first names, which is why no one says anything about her being called Kick.  She is the grand-niece of JFK and the daughter of Robert Kennedy. If you are looking for Kick she will either be at a high end party in New York, or kicking back at her family's compound in Cape Cod.

4 Hayley Bloomingdale - New York Royalty

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Being a Bloomingdale in New York is sort of like being a part of the royal family in England. Haley gets this of course.  Haley did not stay in the family business, at least for now, but it doesn't matter much when it comes to parties and the social scene. Being a Bloomingdale is a ticket to any party in the city, especially if you look as good as Hayley.

3 Zara Beard - Daughter Of Legendary Photographer

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Zara has exotic looks that might not be for everyone, but if you like her type, she is gorgeous. She's the daughter of legendary photographer Peter Beard, and as such, her entrance to all the top parties is basically in the bag. She was raised in both New York and Africa. Guess what Zara is into? Well, since she's rich and a woman, maybe horses? Yes indeed. Zara has been training in horse jumping and is set to join the circuit.

2 Nell Diamond - There Is No Party Without Nell

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Nell is ridiculously hot, and shows up to all the right parties, which gets her the number two spot on this list.  The word is, in New York  it pretty much isn't even a party if Nell isn't there. Of course, for people of a certain age, the whole "Neil Diamond" vs. "Nell Diamond" thing can be a tad confusing, but only until you lay eyes on her. Neil's cool but Nell is one hot socialite.

1 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor - John Taylor's Daughter

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Atlanta is the daughter of John Taylor, who was in Duran Duran. He was also the best looking guy in a band full of pretty boys, so it is no surprise that Amanda came out so smoking hot. She "selectively DJ's and models" which is another way of saying that Amanda doesn't have to work. She does, however, have to show up for parties. Or at least she chooses to.

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