9 Most Popular SNL Hosts Of The Last Decade

Saturday Night Live has been around for nearly 40 years now; its viewers are loyal and its casts are unforgettable. But it's not just the stellar group of comedians keeping this show alive, it's also the guest hosts. The first episode aired in 1975 and was hosted by comedian George Carlin, and the anticipation of seeing who the guest host is each week is something treasured among audiences everywhere. Moreover, it is considered an honor to be chosen for the job. Which means that to be chosen multiple times is an even bigger HONOR. Enter the "Five-Timers club".

The term was created for a sketch during Tom Hanks's fifth episode as host and has since been used to define those who have been lucky enough to be repeat hosts, 5 times or more. Let's take a look at those lucky enough to enter (or remain in) this exclusive club over the last decade.

9 Ben Affleck

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Since 2000, Ben has hosted SNL exactly five times, with his most recent appearance on May 18, 2013. It was the season finale, and Ben did a great job with it. He was even humble enough to let the cast make jabs at his awkward Oscar acceptance speech that year. The Oscar theme continued with a sketch inspired by his film Argo, in which Affleck is essentially made fun of for making a film full of historical inaccuracies, "lies and falsehoods".

8 Paul Simon

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7 Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake recently entered the five-timers club when he hosted on December 21st, 2013. The Christmas special was a major hit, and it was great to see real-life buddies Justin and Jimmy Fallon sharing the stage for a few sketches. Honoring his staple sketch characters, Veganville, Homelessville and Omeletville, the singer stole the show with Wrappinville. Dressed as a tube of wrapping paper, he was eventually joined by Jimmy in a shiny gift bag costume. The two then squared off in the "Celebrity Family Feud" sketch. The episode was too much to resist, even Madonna stopped by for a cameo.

6 Drew Barrymore


5 Christopher Walken


Coming in at lucky number 7 (times, that is) is Christopher Walken. His seventh appearance was on April 5, 2008. His most popular role is probably from the recurring sketch, "The Continental". Walken stars as The Continental, a self-proclaimed ladies-man who is anything but suave. His social ineptness always gets the audience cracking up, and Walken has even expressed interest in making a Continental movie. The sketch is based on a 1950s series starring Renzo Cesana which has been mocked by many other comedy shows over the years.

4 4.Tom Hanks


3 John Goodman

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2 Steve Martin


Funny man Steve Martin has not surprisingly been a return host for SNL, with a total of 15 episodes. His most recent appearance was on January 31, 2009. He also holds the record for fastest time to reach the fifth appearance, at 1 year and 181 days. His classic King Tut character song and dance will not be soon forgotten.

1 Alec Baldwin


Five-Timers club record holder, Alec baldwin, has been a guest-host a whopping 16 times over a span of 21 years. His last appearance was on September 24, 2011 and despite his extreme popularity as a host, it is likely to have been the last time. Earlier this year, the actor announced publicly that he intends to remove himself from the public eye and focus on only acting. Apparently, this extends to any and all guest appearance work. While he admits it may not be forever, he certainly feels it is the right move for the forsee-able future. Without a doubt, he will be most missed by SNL fans, and probably even the cast themselves. With so many appearances under his belt, it almost feels as though he is part of the gang.

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