8 Of The Best Comic-Con Trailers (And 8 Of The Worst)

Comic-Con may be over but that doesn't mean that the lasting impressions aren't. Plenty of new announcements and trailers came to our doorstep, signaling to us the great things yet to come. This year was packed to the brim with more than its fair share of trailers for the most anticipated upcoming films and TV shows. No matter if you're a fan of Marvel, DC, Walking Dead, Sherlock, etc. there was something revealed at Comic-Con that anyone would love.

It's overly unfortunate that this year's summer roster of movies have been lackluster thus far (probably one of the most disappointing years for films I've ever witnessed), so it's comforting to know that there are still some diamonds in the rough heading into 2017. From there, things are only starting to look up, so it seems that for now, the darkest days of Fandom are behind us.

Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean Comic-Con was without its subtle missteps. For every amazing trailer that was shown, there was another that didn't seem quite as interesting. There wasn't anything too terrible (save for about two or three trailers), but compared to some of this year's winners, it's hard to compete.

Have you seen all of these Comic Con trailers? We've put together eight of the best Comic Con 2016 trailers and eight of the worst. Keep in mind that this list is largely opinion based, so put down your torches and pitchforks. Let's kick it off with looking at this year's highlights.


16 Justice League

DC has had it rough recently. With their attempt at getting everybody hyped about the DCEU (a little movie called Batman V. Superman), they seemed to split everybody apart more than put them together. Since then, there has been some management shuffling over at DC, and a few new choices around how they make their movies. They finally decided to show us how they're going to rectify their poor movie making. Justice League looks to be exciting and humorous, but with a tone that is entirely DC's. It feels like they're taking the New 52 and adapting it on the big screen; that is no bad thing. With Ben Affleck's Batman going around the world, recruiting Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, there's a lot to love in this footage. The highlight was probably the scene with Ezra Miller's Flash. He seems to offer to Justice League what Spider Man offered to Captain America: Civil War. Overall, it looks to be much more fun than BvS, but still has plenty of awesome moments to make all of us diehards drool. Perhaps DC has finally got some direction for how they want to structure their movie universe.

15 Sherlock Season 4


I've never personally watched any of the Sherlock TV show, but I'll be darned if I don't want to now. The tale of Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Watson is older than dirt, but when done right, it's a tale worth reliving. Instead of using the classic James Moriarty as Holmes's antagonist, a new player is coming to the mix, played by actor Toby Jones, who is adding a unique and chaotic charisma to the role. On top of that, Sherlock is heavily influenced by phenomenal lead roles such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Both (the former in particular) seem to be on their A-game for this season, with larger stakes and bigger mind games than what has been portrayed. Keep in mind that I haven't seen the other seasons, so I can only compare based on what other people have said about the show. However, that trailer alone has me excited for a show that I haven't even followed, and that's saying something in and of itself. Fans will have plenty to love when it finally debuts on BBC.

14 Kong: Skull Island

After the monster movie revival that was the 2014 Godzilla (many people may bash it, but I enjoyed it very much), Universal Studios has decided to make their own cinematic universe containing all of the classic monsters that we know and love. The second step to attaining that universe is Kong: Skull Island. After teases and announcements, we finally got some footage to sink our teeth into, and man is it good. Monster movie trailers are all great when they show us imagery, plot, but never the monster until the end, or the size and look of the creature loses its impact on the viewer. This trailer does exactly that, and it does it very well. King Kong looks terrifying and you can't help but feel that everyone on that island is a goner, it all depends on how they decide to portray the gorilla. Aiding the well-cut trailer is an excellent supporting cast including the likes of Tom Hiddleston. I was already excited for the new monster cinematic universe, but now that the Kong: Skull Island trailer has dropped, I'm more excited than ever. It seems that they're putting a much different take on the classic tale than Peter Jackson did with his version of King Kong.

13 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


When it was first revealed that Harry Potter would be getting a prequel film in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I was really skeptical. After all, it just seems that they're capitalizing on the Harry Potter fanbase just to make some extra money. Well, that still may be true, but Fantastic Beasts is looking to be a really entertaining movie. Taking place in the United States as opposed to the United Kingdom, Fantastic Beasts will be different in terms of setting and even tone, but the sense of wonder is still there. Seeing all of those different creatures invites us back to the Wizarding World with open arms, and I'm ready to walk in. I'll miss Harry and his friends no doubt, but I'm more than happy that the new protagonist is being played by Eddie Redmayne, a top notch actor of our generation. Make sure you get comfy with it as well, because a sequel for this movie is already being planned for 2018. We'll have to see how long they stretch this franchise out. Regardless of how that turns out, at least we have the first installment to look forward to.

12 The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Movie was one of the most surprising hits of the past decade if not of all time. How can you take a movie made entirely to sell toys but craft it in such a way that it resonates emotionally with your audience and leaves them in thought after its run time has ended? That movie was so successful that a sequel is on its way, but until then, we have to whet our appetites with the LEGO Batman Movie. Originally, you would think a concept like that may be doomed to fail, but the direction they're taking it is genius. The LEGO Batman Movie is not only going to comedically poke fun at the entire history (the Robin suit joke had me on the floor) of the Dark Knight, but it will also go into his psyche and explain why he's so gruff all time. This is the same Batman from the LEGO Movie so expect all of the same tricks, and that's not a bad thing. The LEGO Batman Movie is also a celebration of everything the Caped Crusader has done over the years he's been protecting Gotham, and fans of Batman will be lining up to see it.

11 American Gods


In the realm of the explosion of superhero shows and movies, various studios are willing to try their hand on their own take for the genre, just to see if they can garner the same amount of attention. The next company up to the plate is Starz, who are adapting the 2001 novel by Neil Gaiman (also author of the Sandman graphic novels) into a series called American Gods, which deals about superpowers and whimsical deities. Throughout the trailer, you get this sense of excitement and mystery as you are slowly shown the characters and what they can do. The show follows a man named Shadow, a seemingly powerful man who is still kind and loving. After his wife passes away, he gets introduced to a whole new world of powers, magic, and gods. What's even worse for Shadow is when he's being introduced to this new world, the gods are already preparing for all out war. American Gods is shaping up to be one of the most exciting TV series on Starz (if they can outdo the CW, that'd be a punch in the gut for them), if not on most of the networks, when it debuts in the near future.

10 Luke Cage

Daredevil and Jessica Jones are two of the best Netflix shows that you can watch. If you haven't watched Daredevil you need to get a subscription and binge it now. Netflix and Marvel is a match made in heaven, and their offspring are even better. This power couple is hard at work and pregnant once more, this time with a bulletproof vigilante known as Luke Cage. Set in the same universe as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage will be based on that street level storytelling that we've come to love so much. However, the huge difference about Luke that separates him from Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock is that he doesn't go back and forth about being a hero. He knows he has special abilities and isn't afraid to use them. It also seems that this show is going to take a lighter tone, all thanks to the lead actor Mike Colter. The trailer is excellently put together, set to a fitting soundtrack, with beautiful action and a consistent tone. People that weren't excited for Luke Cage or aren't familiar with the character are about to get a well-enjoyed lesson.


9 Wonder Woman


I have not ranked this list in terms of which trailers I thought were better than the others, but Wonder Woman was arguably the best trailer that was shown off. Since her debut in Batman V Superman, it's obvious that Gal Gadot has lent herself very well to the role of the powerful Amazon. Now well finally get to see more about her and it looks awesome. Set in World War I, with a woman as the most powerful soldier the Americans have, you know you're looking at the makings of greatness. The entire trailer shows us impressive shots as well as a lot of Wonder Woman kicking butt. The action looks to be phenomenal, especially in tandem with those slow motion shots. Coupling the intense action is a lighter tone than in previous DC films. Gal Gadot has plenty of opportunities to show off her more humorous side, and that's enough to get any DC fan excited. Top it all off with an excellent color palette that puts Wonder Woman's suit front and center, and you've got yourself a potentially astounding movie. Personally, I don't feel that DC has been doing a terrible job, but if they can finally make a movie that pleases the consensus, that will mean great things for their universe.

And now for something completely different... Presenting the worst trailers Comic-Con had to offer:

8 Blair Witch

When it was announced that the horror movie The Woods was actually a sequel to the critically acclaimed Blair With Project, everybody lost their minds. However, once the footage was shown, a lot of people gained their minds back. There seems to be nothing new going on with Blair Witch. While the premise is certainly interesting, nothing was done or shown in the trailer that told us it was a different experience. It seems like the same teenagers going into the woods, being terrorized by an evil entity. It even seems very similar to most horror films these days, with nothing to make us want to watch it over the others apart from its title. The found footage naturally looks cleaner, but not a lot of people are huge fans of found footage in the first place. The original Blair Witch Project had plenty of tension and a creepy build to the reveal of the "poltergeist" if you will. The Blair Witch trailer didn't even build well, but I guess we'll have to see when it comes out this September.

7 Arrow Season 5


It pains my heart to put Arrow on this list, as Arrow is my favorite superhero show. However, I would be crossing into mindless fanboy territory if I didn't admit that the show has had its problems. From season 3 on, the quality in storytelling hasn't been as good as it was when they were first in business. Most of my excitement for Arrow season 5 comes from what has been said, not what has been shown. Many people running the show as well as some of the actors have promised that season 5 will take a much more grounded approach, bringing the character back to his roots, but the footage that was shown off put a new team front and center. While the thought of Ollie whipping some cocky youngsters into shape is worth watching in its own right, I'm not a huge fan of the new cast members. Why can't the Green Arrow work by himself? Regardless, I will still watch the show even if they cram it with "Olicity" drama, and I will probably still enjoy it. I will just enjoy it a lot more if they can pull season 5 off much better than they did seasons 3 and 4.

6 Snowden

The story of Edward Snowden is as controversial as it is taxing. Edward was a government operative who worked with their computers and leaked much valuable info from the National Security Agency just under 3 years ago. Does that make him a good man in disguise? Does he deserve to be behind bars? There's no doubt that many of those questions will be asked when the film releases next month, but the trailer didn't do much to excite me. While I enjoyed Joseph Gordon Levitt's performance for the most part, a lot of the digital mumbo-jumbo looks a bit too fake, and the tone of the trailer doesn't seem to have nearly as much weight or urgency as a story of this caliber should. This movie could really go anywhere at this point, but my fingers are crossed that it turns out really well. Most likely it will be a simply okay movie (I would love to be wrong), because the footage shown didn't convince me otherwise. It's not a film I even plan on seeing when it comes out because I have more important things to spend money on, but I'll be certain to follow it to see how it turns out.

5 Gotham Season 3


When Gotham first came out, I was excited enough about the premise that I instantly decided to watch it. However, halfway through season one, I couldn't stick with it. I stopped watching and left everything to the critics and reviewers. Let me rephrase this: I am a huge Batman fan, and I couldn't watch a show set in Gotham City (probably because there was no Batman). By setting the show years before Bruce Wayne dons the cowl, they can't even use half of the villains in Batman's rogues' gallery, and the characters they do use aren't exactly the best either. While I was glad that they brought in Azrael for season 2, it seems to be a happy accident after the footage for season 3 was shown. This year, they're bringing in the Court of Owls, which sets up some of the greatest Batman conflicts of all time, not Jim Gordon conflicts. On top of that, the design for the Court of Owls looks absolutely terrible; they look as if they all went to Party City and put together masks they found on clearance. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen, but it's not something I can get behind.

4 Suicide Squad

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty pumped for Suicide Squad (I actually enjoyed Batman V Superman, so I'm not really looking for a critic's approval), but the footage they showed during Comic-Con wasn't as great as it could've been. Hear me out. The first trailer for Suicide Squad instantly hooked me, from the unique scenes with Jai Courtney, as well as the dialogue from our new Harley Quinn. Perhaps the most exciting thing in that trailer for me was the showcasing of the new Joker. The second trailer came out and it was more exciting that the last one, with plenty of action, direction, and snappy dialogue, all set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Then the third trailer came out just days before the movie was scheduled to be released, and it showed off more of the same. There wasn't anything new that it brought to the table, other than some CGI-filled shots of Enchantress, and it was all stuff that was expected to be in the film already. In the grand scheme of things, trailers don't mean anything, but they're like a book cover. If people don't like it, they're not going to see what's on the inside.

3 Son Of Zorn


Most R-rated comedy shows are just excuses to have vulgar jokes and references without worrying about the kids watching accidentally. They're uninspired, and generally unfunny (there are some exceptions). Son of Zorn is an amalgamation of both adult R-rated comedies, and adult animated R-rated comedies. From the get-go, you see that they're obviously poking fun at He Man, but they're also placing in strange pop culture jokes and "father that doesn't want to be around" humor. There was probably only one comment that had me chuckling, but everything else just left me shaking my head in disdain. Granted, a show like this would probably be much worse had it been done as normal, live action, so I'll give the creators props for wanting to do something different. However, that doesn't make the material that much better. The joke they spend the longest time on is Zorn stabbing his old flying bird because it's not allowed in the suburbs. After the bird refuses to die, it shows Zorn stabbing it over and over. It made me feel sad more than it got me to laugh. If that's the kind of humor that can be expected from the show, I'm steering clear of it.

2 King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

Hollywood is running out of ideas, so they're getting to the point where they're building franchises, remaking classic films, or re-telling classic tales. King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table is one of the most classic stories of all time, and his adventures are the things that I would fantasize about as a kid. I will then be the first to say that this movie doesn't feel like King Arthur at all. To the same degree as movies like Pompeii and Gods of Egypt, it seems that they're unnecessarily taking stories that don't need to be films, making them gritty and humorless, then marketing them to the public. The trailer for King Arthur does nothing unique, and features CG armies clashing with each other in a completely predictable way. Top that off with a color palette that looks utterly depressing; it looks like it's set in the same universe as Snow White and the Huntsman, and that's not a good thing. It's unfortunate, really, because a character as well known and epic as King Arthur deserves a much better film adaptation than this.

1 Legends Of The Hidden Temple


When Nickelodeon has the guts to premiere a trailer for a TV movie at Comic Con, one of two things are sure. One, they are confident that their films is good enough to market to people at Comic Con against giants like Marvel and DC. Two, they think they have a huge hit on their hands and are hoping that it will excite people. In this case, the latter is probably true, because does this look awful. While Legends of the Hidden Temple is a revival of the '90s game show that was so beloved, a move like that almost never works out for the better. Remakes usually, not always, lack the same heart and finesse that went into the originals because they're only in it for the money. The Legends of the Hidden Temple trailer is choppy from start to finish, full of subpar acting, less than believable CGI, and conveniently timed jokes that move the plot further along (I'm putting my foot down!). It looks like a really long episode for a Disney Channel show, from acting to effects. It's not something I'm interested in.

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