20 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate

Guys, it’s time we had a chat about women. You’re annoying them. A lot. Maybe you don’t even know you’re doing it. Maybe you’re just a degenerate and don’t care. Whatever the case may be, there are things a lot of guys do that they shouldn’t, making them come across as an ignoramus and/or “douchebag.”

So much of it is down to respect. Equality between the sexes doesn’t mean everyone is treated identically – men and women are too different for that to be true. But there’s a baseline of universal treatment that should be observed. Don’t be mean. Don’t be dismissive.

Take this list as friendly advice; just a few things you should try to avoid doing and saying. Some are silly, some are really bad, but fixing any of them will lift you at least a notch in the eyes of the ladies in your life.

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20 Make Fun of Things They Like

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A lot of women like bad TV and silly magazines. It’s okay for you not to like them, but don’t go out of your way to make fun of them. How many of you guys like Transformers, or Fast and the Furious? You’re telling me those aren’t ridiculous? We all like dumb stuff and nobody needs to be made fun of for it.

19 Shame Others For Being Overweight

It’s okay to not find fat people attractive. Personal preference is personal. That's no reason to belittle a fat person for being overweight. It should be a surprise to nobody that fat people know they are fat - they feel bad enough as it is. Most of us - guys and girls - are sensitive about weight issues, so pointing out that she doesn't need that extra pizza slice is dangerous territory, and unnecessary.

18 Say “Real Women Have Curves”

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It’s also not cool to shame skinny women for being skinny. Again, it’s fine to prefer a curvy woman. It’s not fine to put down women who are thin. “I don’t find that attractive” is not a valid basis for criticism, so stop acting like flat hips are somehow not okay. This one goes for the ladies, too.

17 Catcall

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Do you really think shouting at a passing woman will get you anywhere? Do you really? Are you so socially inept that the idea of approaching a woman in a socially acceptable way nauseates you? Stop trying to get attention the wrong way. It’s annoying and it makes women feel unsafe and objectified.

16 Grope

Guys, unless you’ve gotten permission, a woman is a “look but don’t touch” situation. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous she is or what she’s wearing. It doesn’t matter that you’ve done it before and they’ve never told you off. You know why they haven’t? Because you’re a sleeze and not worth the effort. No touching!

15 Get Mad At Them For Not Wanting To Date You

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The friendzone is real. It’s where you go when you don’t tell a woman that you’re interested in them romantically. It’s on you. And if you do and they say no, guess what: they don’t have to say yes. They’re not frigid, or a bitch – they just have standards that you don’t meet. Get over it, and stop being a baby.


14 Make “Make Me A Sandwich” Jokes

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Look, some women find these jokes funny, and they’ll be fine with you making them in their company. But even if you assume a woman knows you’re kidding, don’t think that makes these jokes automatically hilarious. They’re tiresome, unoriginal, and they can be pretty offensive if you’re making them to a person you don’t know.

13 Assume She’s Mad Because It’s “That Time Of The Month”

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Many women do get moody around when they're having their period. That doesn’t mean all women do, and it doesn’t mean that every time they’re mad, it’s because it's that time. And if that’s your go-to line to intentionally aggravate an already furious woman, congratulations: you’re an idiot.

12 Compliment The Wrong Way

Guys, some women are okay with a polite anonymous compliment. Some aren’t. You probably won’t be able to tell until you try. Just know that if you compliment a person and they react in a positive way, that’s not an invitation to pester them forever. Don’t follow them around.

11 Try To Solve All Their Problems

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A lot of guys assume that when a woman comes to them with a problem, it’s because she wants a solution. More than likely she just wants to talk. If she specifically asks for help, offer it. If not, she just wants to vent, so be supportive and let her figure it out on her own.

10 Avoid Spending Time With Her Friends

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If you have a girlfriend, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re not going to like all of her friends. But they’re her friends, and they’re important to her. Get over yourself, bite the bullet, and deal with the occasional night out with whichever bff you can’t stand to be around.

9 Not Get The Hints

Sometimes a gal wants to let you down easy – it’s hard to say no all the time. Beyond that, it should be at least kind of obvious to you when a lady is digging your attention. Read up on body language cues, and if a woman seems to never want to talk to you, she probably doesn’t.

8 Send Unsolicited "Dick Pics"

It’s ridiculous that we have to write this, but we do. If a woman wants to see your junk, she’ll tell you. Don’t just fire off a shot of your wang like it’s bait. She’s not a fish. What are you doing? Need to send a picture of yourself? Send one of you in a fitted suit.

7 Tell Her To Smile

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Yes, it’s nice to see a pretty lady smiling prettily. Women do have a range of emotions though, and unless they’re manic, they probably won’t be smiling all day, every day. Now imagine everyone telling you to smile all the time.  Pretty darn annoying. Knock it off.

6 Text One Word Replies

Women are just as guilty of this, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying when you do it. If you were standing next to a person, would you reply with a single word every time they spoke to you? I hope not. That’s super weird and frustrating - it's impossible to get a conversation going. Be a person. Use your words.

5 Call Her Crazy

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Ladies are so sensitive, over-emotional, clingy, fly off the handle for no reason...  Right? No. Studies suggest men have just as strong, if not stronger, reactions to emotional stimuli as women do. The difference is that women are more likely to display a reaction. So 'crazy'? Nope, you’re being a jerk.

4 Break Promises

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Guys, when you say you’ll be there, be there. Same goes for promising to do something. It’s not an impossible standard you’re being held to. It’s common courtesy. And if you have to bail, don’t leave it to the last minute. Don’t be that guy.

3 Act Like Meeting The Family Is Torture

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If you’re dating a woman and you’re important to her, she’ll probably want you to meet the family. Do not panic. They are also humans, and like you, they will feel your lady’s wrath if they misbehave. Be polite, be charming, and take solace in the fact that you won't be seeing them every day.

2 Not Get The Concept Of 'Date Night'

Date night is a night for you and your lady friend. It is not a night for you, your lady friend, and “the guys.” By all means, invite your gal out to watch the game or grab drinks with you and your friends, but reserve date night for the two of you.

1 Don't Listen

Look, hearing the sounds she’s making isn’t listening. Be a participant. Ask questions and take a genuine interest - yes, even if the topic bores you. She probably has to listen to you drone on about football or Thanos or Call of Duty, so return the favour.

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