20 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About China

If you look at the history of China, it’s no surprise that they make everything nowadays. They’ve been making everything since the dawn of time. China invented nearly all useful products of modern man, including paper, gunpowder, the compass, the printing press and even pasta and ketchup. Odds are, if you think you came up with something original, better check China because they probably did it years ago.

And why wouldn’t they? They have nearly 1.4 BILLION people over there. There are so many people that somebody is bound to think of everything eventually. Thousands of millions of people means millions of ideas. And millions of ideas means thousands of very strange ideas. At some point, those strange ideas gained support, and turned into trends, which turned into routines in China.

Not to say that what we do isn’t weird to them. Surely they would laugh at the idea of eating a half-pound hamburger for lunch. That’s enough meat to feed a large family the entire day in China. The Chinese would laugh at our education structure too, especially math. What, your first-graders haven’t mastered multiplication? Whatever happened to discipline?

But, hey, stereotypes aside, people are just people. We have more in common than not, and with the planet virtually shrinking every minute, we’re practically neighbors. We should try to accept our differences. But sometimes, it’s just too much-- offensive, disgusting and unbelievable. Here’s the ultimate China facts list that will blow your mind.

20 Millions Live In Caves


19 Thousands Of Executions


18 Breathing There Is Like Chain-Smoking

17 Worst Traffic Jam Ever

16 Chinese Police Geese


15 Reincarnation is Outlawed


14 Rentable Girlfriends

13 More Christians Than Europe?

12 Degree in Bra Studies

11 Baby Regulation Extremes


10 Time Is Majorly Skewed

9 Urine-Boiled Eggs For Dessert

8 Dogs Get Exotic Paint Jobs


7 Women Are Treated Like Trash


6 Jacked-Up Real Estate

5 Rampant Birth Defects

4 Gamers Go to Rehab


3 Counterfeiting Kings

“I ask, cause I’m not sure. Do anybody make real sh!+ anymore?” - Kanye West.

2 Jail Time Is Bought


1 The Annual Dog Meat Festival


We’ve all heard the disgusting stories about the Chinese eating our favorite pets and they’re totally true. In just one festival alone, to celebrate the summer solstice, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival goes through 10 to 15 thousand canines. Celebs like Gisele and Ricky Gervais have tried to stop the fest. Gervais even stated that he had no problem with people consuming dog meat, he just didn’t want the poor beasts skinned and butchered alive. Cats are food too, with an estimated 4 million eaten each year.



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20 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About China