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The 20 Hottest Women Of Instagram In Swimming Apparel

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The 20 Hottest Women Of Instagram In Swimming Apparel


Instagram is easily the most popular and the most visual social media platform available today. Beautiful women all over the world have gained massive followings and Instagram fame by posting gorgeous selfies, gym pictures featuring super-toned bodies, and skimpy bikini shots at the beach.

These women are some of the most beautiful women in the world and clearly, by the amount of followings they have, people want to see them and follow them along their journey to success.

Many of these women are models, actresses, photographers, and artists who have become arguably the most popular ladies on Instagram. Racking in hundreds of thousands of likes for a single photo gives these women the power to influence their followers in any way they please. Some of these women have utilized their popularity to create their own digital empire with nothing but an iPhone.

This list includes 20 of the sexiest women of Instagram in swimsuits, posing for the camera, accentuating their curves with form-fitting swimwear. These ladies are definitely worth a follow if you want to get a glimpse into their fun and glamorous lives as Instagram hotties.

These women are living the new American dream- making money from Instagram, having successful modeling careers, and getting to travel around the world documenting it all.

Here are 20 of the sexiest women of Instagram posing for their followers in skimpy swimsuits.

20. Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is a fitness trainer and the creator of ‘Fit Body Guide’ or FBG, which according to her site is “a fitness regimen which focuses on high-intensity workouts and healthy eating practices designed to get you results.”

For just starting the company last year in 2015, FBG has already grown into a popular community of fitness loving chicks. So of course, this fitness fanatic is going to post loads of bikini pictures of herself and others who send her photos of their fitness journey.

This workout star’s Instagram page is full of photos of her and her fitness friends in tight workout gear, bikinis, and form fitting dresses. I mean, naturally, she wants to show off all of her hard work! And we don’t blame her.

19. Laura Enever

@billabongwomens X @brooklynhawaii X #billabongsurfcapsule???

A photo posted by Laura Enever? (@lauraenever) on

Laura Enever is a professional surfer from Australia. Enever was the ASP Women’s World Junior Champion in 2009. She made her professional surfing debut in 2011 and she has been called one of the most influential female surfers in the game right now.

Last spring, Laura competed at the highest level of professional surfing while touring with the World Surf League. In 2014, she finished 10th for the Women’s Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour.

Obviously, this surfer chick is going to have loads of bikini snaps on her Instagram page. It is practically her work attire! This blonde bombshell probably lives in them, and we don’t mind catching a look at this surfer’s seemingly spectacular life on her Instagram.

The surfer turned fashion designer recently debuted her own unique swimwear and wetsuit collection. She is currently ranked the 17th top female surfer in the world. This year, in 2016, she is traveling the world on the Championship Tour.

18. Blair O’Neal

Happy Friyay! ?? ☀️? #fbf

A photo posted by Blair O'Neal (@blaironealgolf) on

Blair O’Neal is a professional golfer and model who started playing golf at the age of 13 for the American Junior Golf Association. She went on to win Women’s 5A Arizona State Golf Champion in high school.

Blair attended Arizona State University and on the women’s Sun Devil golf team she showed her toughness, having never missed or being sat out of a single tournament. She was crowned a two-time NCAA women’s long-drive champion.

Blair has quite the social media following; fans and admirers love watching her on her journey to becoming one of the best female professional golfers and it doesn’t hurt that she is not bad looking!

This natural born athlete has gotten into some modeling work as she gains notoriety through her success with golf. Blair isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her toned and tanned body to her followers.

17. Sarah Stage

Doing a streaming Facebook live today at 4p (PST). Would love to chat with everyone! Link in my bio ??

A photo posted by ?SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Sarah Stage is a well-known lingerie model who has over 2 million followers on Instagram. The model first gained a lot of attention after posting a picture of herself nine months pregnant with her first child with an astonishingly small baby bump.

Stage explained her unbelievable pregnancy body as a result of being in amazing shape and working out all throughout her pregnancy. She ignited a controversy online as people debated her “pregnancy six-pack.”

Even before posting photos of her pregnancy, Sarah had well over a million followers on Instagram. She posted daily snaps of her modeling or at the gym with her equally attractive friends. Sarah claims that she believes her pregnancy photo only gained so much attention because she had such a large following to begin with.

Now a mother to her son, James, Sarah is back to her enviable six-pack and posting fun pics of herself and her rockin’ body on Instagram.

16. Michelle Lou Lan

If your problems in life
are as big as a ship,
never forget that your
blessings are as wide
as the ocean. ??

A photo posted by Michelle 〰 Lou 〰 Lan ? (@michelleloulan) on

This flexible yoga babe is the founder of Mesh Yoga. Michelle Lou Lan is a former professional dancer whose career was abruptly ended due to a serious injury. By combining her passion for dance with the tradition of yoga, Michelle developed Mesh Yoga, which was her own unique take on classical yoga.

Mesh Yoga has taken Michelle all over the world; teaching in Shanghai, Bali, Hawaii, and New York. Michelle has taken her fans and followers with her on her journey, not shying away from posting lots of photos of her in some… interesting yoga poses.

Followers definitely get a look at Lou Lan from all different angles on her Instagram page. It’s no doubt this chick has definitely got some moves and she doesn’t mind showing them off. The fact that she has been able to persevere from an injury is just one of the many reasons as to why Michelle is so inspirational.

15. Rocky Barnes

Rocky Barnes is a swimsuit model from southern Cali. You may recognize her as the beautiful and stylish cameo in Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video. She has also been featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. 

One look at her Instagram page and it becomes clear that Barnes is willing to do anything to get the perfect shot. And we appreciate it. This curvy lady’s profile is filled with snaps of her and her friends loving life and soaking up the sun in teeny little bikinis.

Rocky was recently in a Billabong campaign for Australia showing off her rockin’ body. She has also been seen in ads for American Eagle.

Rocky herself told Sports Illustrated she feels the most sexy when she is in a bikini, so let’s hope that’s what we get to see her in the most. You keep doing you Rocky!

14. Kaylee Ricciardi

Wearing the new @indahclothing Resort Collection –coming to you soon ?❤️ shot by @captainbarto @nativemess @paredeyewear

A photo posted by Kaylee Ricciardi (@kayleericciardi) on

This tropical babe loves showing off her bikini body in swimsuits all over the world. Kaylee Ricciardi is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder and was a neuroscience major, so she’s a hot chick with brains!

Originally from Boston, Kaylee is now located in Los Angeles and models for a few bathing suit companies (such as Indah Clothing), teaches dance classes and works as a creative director for a marketing firm. Looks like she’s putting that brain to good use! Kaylee is also currently signed with New Mark Models.

Ricciardi has over 50,000 followers on her Instagram account where she posts photos often of her and her living it up in California. Kaylee refers to herself as a ‘boss b*tch,’ (in a positive way), and I don’t think there are many people out there who would disagree.

13. Gabriella Lenzi

Sunday ?

A photo posted by Gabriella Lenzi (@gabriellalenzi) on

Gabriella Lenzi is a Brazilian model and Instagram sensation whose popularity blew up on the Internet when she became known as the girlfriend of Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar. You can also catch Gabriella on the Nosso Canal channel, a collaborative style YouTube channel.

Gabriella was seen cheering on her man from up in the stands during Brazil’s 3-1 opening win against Croatia in the World Cup tournament back in 2007. Boyfriend, Neymar, is the seventh-highest paid soccer player in the world.

This 21-year-old model already has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, proving that she too has a loyal following. Gabriella regularly posts bikini selfies and hot shots of her amazing body for all of her followers to gawk over.

Before becoming a star on Instagram, Lenzi studied fashion at the Fundacao Amanda Alvares Penteado and became the face of the DF Model Agency.

A true sign of her fame Gabriella’s dog, Marie Antoinette, probably has more Instagram followers than the average person with over 1,500 followers on her doggy profile.

12. Daniella Grace


A photo posted by Daniella Grace (@daniellagrace) on

Daniella Grace is an actress and creator of the fashion and travel blog, With Style And Grace. Grace hails from Lake Tahoe but has yet to settle down for good and can often be seen traveling and living in different cities all over the world.

Daniella shares her passion for experiencing cultures, traveling, and looking stylish with her fans and friends on Instagram where her following has grown to amount to over 200,000. When talking about her passion for trying out new experiences, Daniella said “I find that it’s difficult for me to have a certain muse… I have an appreciation for all walks of life, and I like to find inspiration in places where no one else would. My career enables me to feed my passion for fashion, travel, and culture.. I feel extremely fortunate.”

Daniella started her blog while she was living in Italy where posting photos of her days there quickly became a hit on the internet. So much so, that the site where she was posting her Italy photos were receiving more than 10,000 visitors a day.

11. Haylie Noire

time to jump in!

A photo posted by Haylie Noire (@haylienoire) on


Haylie Noire is an Instagram star with a girl’s next door vibe and a very curvy backside which she loves to show off to her followers. This curly-haired beauty has almost 200k followers on Instagram and her fans can’t seem to get enough! When a video of you walking up stairs can get liked by more than 45,000 people, you definitely know that you have a strong following.

I’m not sure if there is a single photo on her profile that is not showing off her bootylicious body.

The young model/photographer is from France, by way of Belgium, and has got some really good selfie-taking skills, though that hasn’t stopped her from also doing some modeling shots.

Haylie describes herself a fitness addict and lingerie lover. She is known for sharing daring, near-nude photographs on her page that have her followers drooling for more. Haylie posts to her page almost daily and has been gaining new followers at a fast momentum in recent months.

10. Megan Bernard

Mood ?

A photo posted by Megan Bernard (@megan621) on

Megan Bernard is just that cool girl from college that everyone likes. Girls want to be friends with her, guys want to do more than be friends with her; either way, everybody loves Megan.

Her profile reads ” I am much more than just a pretty face. I am a model, athlete, friend, and philanthropist. 504. #TeamAPS

Megan’s page is full of photos of her and her friends having fun times drinking, sultry-faced selfies, and good times with her girlfriends while working at Hooters. Megan’s sex-appeal is undeniable as she teases followers with photos of herself in skimpy bikinis or lingerie.We are sure as her popularity grows, we’ll start to see that she really is more than just a gorgeous girl.

Megan even debuted her own calendar in 2015 for $20. Good for her for capitalizing on her social media popularity while she could!

9. Alyssa Arce

Thank you @baesandbikinis for my 4th of July swimsuit yesterday!

A photo posted by Alyssa Arce ? (@miss_alyssaarce) on

Alyssa is an American model from South Carolina. She has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram where she shares personal snaps from her work as a model and her lively personal life.

Alyssa is signed with two modeling agencies- Wilhelmina in L.A. and Q-models NYC. The 23-year-old has only been in the business for a few years but has already landed some major modeling gigs for Lui, FHM, and d’Moda magazines.

Alyssa rose to social media fame after becoming Miss April in 2013 for the infamous Playboy. Her Instagram page became so popular that someone actually hacked and deleted it at one point. The model started fresh with a new profile and people are eating up whatever Arce decides to post that day.

Arce hasn’t been able to avoid controversy and her account has been hacked in the past. When talking about it, Arce said “Girls, I guess, don’t like me or seeing their boyfriend like my photos, so they sent a notice saying my account is going to be deleted, I just started fresh and deleted all the crazy people that follow me.”

8. Cindy Prado

First Thailand blog post is up featuring @officialplt ??? Link in Bio

A photo posted by Cindy Prado (@cindyprado) on

Cindy Prado is a model who is most known for her appearances in magazines like FHM. Prado has also worked with networks on television like Telemundo. 

Cindy was also named a “Hometown Hottie” by Maxim Magazine, and we recommend you check this chick out.

Cindy began modeling at the age of fifteen. She launched a career from appearing in catalogs and walking in runway shows. She is insanely popular on Instagram, with nearly 300,000 followers.

The social media star is a natural beauty and is of Cuban and Spanish descent. It is also thought to be known that Prado has struck up a relationship with Life In Color co-founder, Patryk Tracz.

Cindy is also commonly linked to fellow hottie and Instagram sensation, Lauren Loretta, who she has worked with on several photo shoots.

7. Alysha Nett

TGIF! ? See you later SoCal, we're taking a trip to the bay! ? by @raulesprza swim from @alovestorybyaf

A photo posted by Alysha Nett (@alyshanett) on

Alysha Nett is a tattooed hottie with over a half a million followers on Instagram. She regularly posts pictures of her fresh style, funky hair, and badass personality whether it is hitting up the gym with friends, taking a selfie in the bathroom, or looking like an inked-up beach goddess, like in the photograph above.

Nett considers herself to be a model, blogger, and photographer. She also has her own line of jewelry called Still Nest.

Alysha was featured on the cover of Nordic Tattoo magazine, FRONT magazine, and Maxi Tuning. Before rising to Instagram fame, Alysha was dating a photographer back when MySpace was the popular social media platform. She started posting photos of herself online and once she began receiving a lot of attention, she began expanding to other platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and even created her own website/blog.

Alysha was born in Kansas but now lives and works in Los Angeles. She started dating her boyfriend, Mike Fuentes of Pierce the Veil in 2013.

6. Monica Alvarez



Monica Alvarez is a stunning Latina model who caught her big break after being featured on a black and white printed Pac Sun shirt in 2014. Monica has almost 400,000 followers on Instagram, including many fans who are women that Monica has inspired through her workout-centric social media page.

Monica shares sexy snaps from her life with her fans pretty regularly on Instagram. She clearly has a natural sex appeal that is on full display every time she takes a photo.

Not surprisingly, she has been a part of various print campaigns and magazine spreads throughout her early career. Monica also works as a bartender, although with her new Instagram fame, who knows if she even still needs to work a second job.

Unfortunately for you men who fancy Monica, she is dating a photographer and tattoo enthusiast who goes by the alias of 13th Witness.

5. Michelle Maturo

Michelle Maturo is an aesthetically-blessed model, actress, and singer who is currently represented by LA Models/ LA Talent. Maturo is known for her athletic style and laid-back west coast personality. With almost a half a million followers, it is easy to see why people love to look at Michelle.

Before her rise to fame, Michelle acted in high school and attended film school before she ended up getting signed to the modeling agency. Maturo is currently an active contributor to lifestyle and fashion website, Galore.

You can catch Michelle taking bikini selfies on the beach, working up a sweat at the gym, or having a ball with her friends on the west coast. Michelle also shares pics from her days hard at work. She collaborated on a collection of sleek and stylish workout apparel and also launched Perception Vol. 1, the premier issue of her interactive photography magazine.

On top of all that, Michelle is a hot girl with a big heart- the model is an active volunteer with Los Angeles Mission, a program that aims to combat homelessness in L.A.’s downtown Skid Row.

4. Marilyn Hue



Marilyn Hue is a sultry, sexy lady, she is also one of L.A.’s hottest rising portrait photographers.

Marilyn highlights the different sides of her personality through her photography and she has used her own face, body, and image as her source of inspiration.

Hue is currently a freelance photographer based out of Los Angeles and has also dabbled in some graphic design. She prefers to shoot portraiture, but she has also worked on some commercial gigs which have helped her to create a strong portfolio.

Marilyn’s social media page includes great shots of everything from food, fashion, landscape and music. When talking about her personality, Marilyn described herself as “I am weird, perverted, flirty, adventurous, random, confident, hardworking, passionate and assertive. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t give a f**k about what other people think.”

Marilyn’s provocative and unapologetic attitude resulted in instant popularity for the young artist. Marilyn’s personality shines through her work, often utilizing models who best reflect alternate realities of herself.

3. Lauren Ashley Allan

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather. ?

A photo posted by laurenashleyallan (@laurenashleyallan) on

Lauren Ashley Allan is a hot, young Scorpio from Sarasota, FL. Lauren got her start working as a server at the infamous Tilted Kilt restaurant. Lauren also models  and shares fun photos with her fans on her social media. She has amassed a following of over 40,000 people on Instagram.

The stunning, young beauty loves rocking a bikini. In fact, you will hardly ever catch this Florida-born chick wearing regular clothes. She loves the same things we love like sushi, pizza and going out with her friends, she just looks so much better doing it.

Allan keeps her body in amazing shape by working out on the regular and trying not to eat too much junk. The bikini-lover sponsors a few swimwear lines on her Instagram page and gives fans a peek into what she is into as well.

2. Demi Rose Mawby

? @dannydesantos MUA @alexandralouise__

A photo posted by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on

You may recognize Miss Demi Rose Mawby as Tyga‘s rumored to be rebound girlfriend while he was broken up with Kylie Jenner for a short period early on in the summer. Though it was never confirmed, Demi and Tyga had been photographed being quite flirty with each other, so we can only assume.

The 5’2″ British model has posed for the likes of WorldStar HipHop and men’s magazines like FHM, Nuts and Zoo.

Demi Rose definitely took advantage of her name buzzing in the tabloids by continuing to fuel the fire by posting racy pictures of herself all over social media. She now has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram. The model posted a slew of sexy bikini photos, some that may be borderline inappropriate, but her fans can’t get enough of her.

Based on her social media accounts, the 21-year-old pretty much lives exclusively in swimsuits, though maybe a bralette or a crop top sneaks in there occasionally.

1. Emily Sears

Thanks for keeping me in shape @chasenfitness ? #tan @skj ??#bts

A photo posted by Emily Sears (@emilysears) on


Emily Sears is a smokin’ hot Australian model who is most well-known for her Carl’s Jr. advertisements. The model is based in L.A. and has over 3.3 million followers on her Instagram page. Emily shares photos of her at the gym, at the beach, at home, and at work modeling.

This past winter, Emily sparked tabloid headlines when it became known that the model was contacting girlfriends whose boyfriends were sending her racy or inappropriate photos. In an interview, Emily said “We send the photos as a reminder for them to have respect for women, I think it provides an accountability that people seem to lose online; being behind a screen gives people a false sense of anonymity. I have noticed since posting my responses as a warning that the number has been significantly lower. I think my followers are slowly getting the message.”

Emily has been using her platform to draw more attention to the issue of sexual harassment online and believe that they have seen a difference by sharing the screen shots from these unsolicited texts online to prove what a problem it actually is.

Not to worry though, the comments haven’t stopped Emily from flaunting what she’s got and letting us all watch!

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