20 Celebrity Men That Guys Will Go Gay For

Sexuality was originally thought to determine who and what you were attracted to. But the recent discovery of the ‘Metrosexual Male’ seems to have changed the perception of the hot blooded 'macho' male and the way a man is supposed to be seen.

Metrosexuality, as it is now known,  is a new ideology that embraces how comfortable one is within oneself. The metrosexual man reinforces the idea that even though you may be predominantly straight, whoever you are attracted to, you needn’t worry about the opinions of others. With stereotypes being picked apart and the new concept of the 'bromance' becoming a necessity for every guy's life, no longer is it seen as 'gay' to be close to your best pal, but it is further embraced and most importantly accepted.

Being interested in fashion, grooming and taking pride in your appearance doesn’t always necessarily mean you are homosexual and only proves that men are beginning to feel snugger in their sexuality. Due to this phenomenon, straight men are more comfortable than ever before, and thankfully today's generation is more accepting than past ones. Gone are the days when you can't give your best friend a soothing cuddle when they feel sad or blue. No longer is it seen as weird and awkward when you ask your girlfriend to do something a little different in the bedroom.

The following is a list of famous guys that are probably eye candy to the gay community which is okay to admit in this day and age. Even if it is just the one time...

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19 Jamie Foxx

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He can sing, he can dance, he can act and he looks good doing it. Triple threat Jamie Foxx is the coolest of Mr Cools with more swag and style in his little finger than in your entire body. Yet not only is the fantastic Mr. Foxx all of the above he is also incredibly sexy; so much so that he makes playing the piano look like something from an adult film, fingering those keys like a man on a mission. Playing with the likes of Drake and Kanye West, to name a few, just imagine the parties you will attend on the arm of the most sophisticated man in the room.

18 David Beckham

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Men love him, women adore him and I am sure animals have even taken a second glance at him. And why? LOOK AT HIM! Probably the most beautiful man in the world, Beckham looks as if he was sculptured by a Greek artist in search of the true nature of perfection, and boy did he find it. Just think about it, family man dapper Dave will also make a great co-parent and not only will you ALWAYS have someone to watch and play football with, he will never moan and most likely actively encourage it. Absolute heaven!

17 Justin Bieber

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Love him or loathe him, bad boy Bieber has a spark of androgyny about him that will leave you questioning yourself for months. He may change his image on a daily basis but then at least it keeps things fresh, from brunette to blonde he'll satisfy your tastes and keep you guessing with his luscious locks. His love for the six pack doesn't hurt either; enjoying a drink or two all whilst sporting the body of a god so you'll always have someone to party with and work up a sweat or two in the gym.

16 Mario Lopez

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With a body that leaves you envious but also a little turned on, Mario Lopez sure knows how to flex those massive muscles. That's right, we all had that crush on the jaunty  jock AC Slater in Saved by the Bell and oh my has he grown into something much more special. Way sexier than boy next door Zack Morris, mini Mario is only a measly 1.78m making him perfect for a super spooning session. And everybody wants a little Latino in them right? Finishing as runner up on Dancing with the Stars, mighty Mario has the moves to prove it.

15 Sean Connery

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Everyone likes an older man and what better than one who used to be James Bond. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation Mr. Connery will undoubtedly know how to save your ass from the scariest of villains picking you up in the coolest of cars and whisking you away from danger. Plus the accent is always a bonus providing you with never ending sultry tones from his Scottish tuneful twang. Still rocking a robust bod, Connery is owning his eighties looking after himself and enjoying life. If only you could switch places with Miss Moneypenny.

14 Daniel Craig

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Speaking of Bond...And a blonde one at that, Daniel Craig is a beast with arms so big you could hang off them. With his perfect platinum barnet and steely blue eyes you will be forever fixated on that fantastic face of his. Again a little on the short side, Dangerous Daniel sure makes up for it in muscle. Plus you know what they say about short guys.....the smaller the body the bigger the...? By far the hottest Bond (Sorry Sean), the global superstar 007 satisfies man crushes all over the world.

13 One Direction

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Whatever your type, you are sure to find it here with four very different selections all wrapped up in one big bundle. From long hair to short, black to blonde you'll never be bored and most importantly be the envy of every teenage girl everywhere. Spending their lives jetting around the world you will have access to private jets and personal pilots all from the click of a finger. Guaranteed a laugh, these four will have you up all night with their boyish charms and youthful appearance. Party on!

12 Jake Gyllenhaal

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It's not every day you see a gay cowboy and who better than Jake Gyllenhaal to fulfill that fantasy. With that cute smile and a doe-eyed gaze, gentle Jake oozes sex appeal so much so you even found him attractive as that weirdo kid in Donnie Darko. Plus, you are not the only one obsessed with The Prince of Persia with Russell Brand and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson both admitting to a man crush on the gorgeous Gyllenhaal himself.

11 Robert Downey Jr

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Having lived life to the fullest, Robert Downey Jr will keep you out of trouble offering you his worldly wisdom whenever you needed it. Famous for his sassy comebacks and laid back attitude, it is easy to see why people so often hang on his every word. Funny men are hot and what's hotter than a man who knows he's hilarious? A regular sunglasses wearer inside and out, rugged Robert knows his fashion, repeatedly dressing to impress with a wardrobe to die for. With a back catalog that includes Tropic Thunder, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes, here's hoping they call him Iron Man for two reasons.

10 Sir Ian McKellen

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One word. Gandalf. Theater luvvie Sir Ian Mckellen is one of the finest actors in the world, gathering up a number of awards throughout his career. Coming out publicly in 1988, Mr. Mckellen has been an active campaigner for gay rights ever since, once signing an autograph with 'fuck off I'm gay' to a homophobic politician. As well as being famed for his sense of humor, Sir Ian also has some of the coolest friends in showbiz. One friend in particular being Star Trek legend Patrick Stewart, embracing a bromance all men could only dream of. Just imagine..... kicking back with a beer with Captain Kirk and ...Gandalf.

9 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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From the geeky long-haired teenage boy in 3rd Rock from the Sun, JGL has come a very long way. Perfecting the 'nerd chic' look, his never ageing face is the envy of men everywhere. Not everyone loves muscles and by rocking a clean cut suit and a skinny tie, Levitt certainly knows how to compliment his slender toned physique.

8 Barack Obama

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Power is hot, and of all the presidents, Barack is most definitely the biggest babe. Although let's face it, you probably wouldn't kick JFK out of bed either. The truth is Obama is a very sexy man, from the dimples in his cheeks to the cheekiness in his eyes he certainly knows how to turn on the charm. And let's not forget that time he sang Al Green's 'let's stay together' with such sex appeal it felt like he was singing right at you. Family man Obama is forever surprising us with his charismatic charm even making rolled up sleeves sexy.

7 Christian Bale

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He'll be sure to keep you on your toes with those mind games of his, but all will be forgiven as soon as he whips out that Batsuit. Bulking up to perfection badass, Bale made us all look twice even when he was severing people's heads off in American Psycho. Being famous for his method acting, Bale will be sure to bring his work home with him, sporting different accents and various body types - life will always be full of surprises.

6 Denzel Washington

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Increasing your street cred and not to mention your wardrobe by 10,000%, Denzel will have you as his b*tch in no time. From corrupt cop killer in Training Day to human race activist Malcolm X, Dapper Denzel can do it all. Smart, sexy and heroically handsome it is no wonder men all over the world start foaming at the mouth whenever his name is mentioned. And, not only is wonderful Washington so good looking, he is also a really nice guy recently renewing his wedding vows after 30 years. What a guy!

5 Dave Grohl

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They don't call him the nicest man in rock for nothing; just imagine what he could do with those guitar plucking fingers of his. Having been in arguably the two best rock bands in the business, Dave Grohl sure knows how to make sweet music, with plenty more to come! Dubbed the sexiest rocker alive, Grohl is smart as well as incredibly hot, building his career upwards from the get go. Headlining festivals across the world, dirty Dave is worshiped by millions continuing on the road to success whilst at the same time being an all-round great guy!

4 Tom Hardy

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There is something about Mad Max that makes you want to be him. Tom is so damn cool that he took his dog to a premier instead of his wife and even made a rap video with his son. With some serious beard game though, Tommy wins facial fuzz everywhere regularly making men think twice about their sexuality. Number one for many males as man crush of the year, it's all in the name with Hardy.

3 Idris Elba

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They say all you need in life is a nice smile and beautiful eyes. Idris ticks the boxes on both. Known for his turn as dishy detective Luther in the BBC drama of the same name, Irresistible Idris certainly knows how to rock a trench coat. And just to make him that little bit cooler, Idris is a DJ, regularly spinning out tunes in thousands of nightclubs all over the world. Recently joining the fight against Ebola, jet setter Elba is a modern day superman and rumored James Bond. Swoon.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio

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What is there to say about Leonardo DiCaprio that hasn't been said before? Obviously incredibly fetching, baby face DiCaprio has numerous other qualities to behold that make him even worthier of every man crush throughout the world. From his dreamy turn as Romeo in Baz Luhrmanns Romeo and Juliet to his recent bromance with fellow man babe Tom Hardy, DiCaprio ticks all the boxes. Strong, handsome and a climate change activist, lovely Leo makes us all want to go green just to make him smile. But, despite all of these incredible achievements it will always be Jack's demise in Titanic that really made us fall in love with him. If only he would paint us like one of his French girls. Never let go....NEVER LET GO.

1 Ryan Gosling

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With eyes as blue as the ocean and skin as white as snow, Mr. beautiful will always be the number 1 man crush for straight guys everywhere, especially when he takes his shirt off. Due to his success in the ultimate guy film Drive, Ryan made men everywhere wonder why they were suddenly having thoughts they had never had before. With a toned six pack and a strut ten times cooler than The Fonz ever did, Ryan is an angel sent down to earth for straight men everywhere. Utter dreamboat.

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