18 Inventions That Revolutionized The Way We Live

The human species has lived on Earth for thousands upon thousands of years, a length of time that is quite insignificant when considering the world itself is over four billion years old. That reality however, does not take away from the fact that the world has seen a multitude of innovations at the hands of our species. Humans have always been inventors and innovators, ever since the time of our earliest ancestors, who created the world’s first invention when they took sharp-edged rock fragments and used them as cutting and hunting tools. Since that time, humans have gone on to create some truly revolutionary things, things like the car, the microscope, photography, the space shuttle, and the Mars rover.

Those inventions just mentioned, are just a handful of the inventions that humans have created, inventions which not only drastically changed our way of life, but also changed the world itself on a global scale. Here is a list of 18 inventions that changed the world.

18 Airplanes

17 Plumbing

16 Hydraulic Power Networks

15 The Nail

14 The Compass

13 The Gun

12 Refrigeration

11 The Printing Press

10 The Steam Engine

9 Vaccination

8 The Internal Combustion Engine

7 The Lightbulb

6 Contraceptives

5 The Telephone

4 The Computer

3 Penicillin

2 The Wheel

1 Internet

The invention that has changed the entire world the most, is undoubtedly the internet. Many people helped to create the internet, but computer scientist Lawrence Roberts gets most of the credit. He and his team were tasked by the U.S. Defense Department in the 1960s to develop a communications network that would connect all of the department’s computers; this network was called ARPANET, and it was what that network that the internet was based off of. Now, the internet is everywhere and used by billions of people across the globe, and its ability to rapidly share information over multiple platforms and countries has completely changed the world. It has become a quintessential educational tool, and it has changed how businesses, governments, and even entire societies operate. If it were not for the internet, there would be no Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat, no easily accessible adult entertainment, and it would have been far more difficult for you to read this list.

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18 Inventions That Revolutionized The Way We Live