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16 Things We’re Dying To Find Out This Season Of Orange Is The New Black

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16 Things We’re Dying To Find Out This Season Of Orange Is The New Black


You’ve been counting down the days, and then the hours, then the minutes and now it’s finally here! Orange is the New Black Season Four is now available on Netflix! But before you make your eyes bleed from the hours of binge watching, let’s recap what happened last season. (Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!) Piper is likely single after setting up Stella and cheating on Alex; Alex might be dead after being cornered in the greenhouse by an old friend; and the prison was bought out by a private corporation that seems pretty much clueless on how to run the place.

Now that you’re caught up a bit, your mind is likely racing with questions. Like are Red and Healy ever going to hook up? Or, will Piper’s dirty panty business survive now that she’s been left with an empty bank account? Speaking of which, will Stella be back for revenge after Piper took away her chance at freedom and got her a trip down the hill?

Last season left us all in shock as it seemed like every character ended things off with a major event. Whether it was being sent to confinement or converting to Judaism, it’s hard to say which character’s story arc the series will answer this season and which they will force fans to ponder a while longer. With a busload of new inmates being sent behind the walls of Litchfield Penitentiary and a hoard of new guards who hardly seem like they know what they’re doing, viewers can expect to see some serious tension, as new faces will certainly add new drama!

16. Is Alex Still Alive?



If you recall, Season 3 left us all on edge in regard to Alex’s character. Played by Laura Prepon, she spent a large part of last season worried that the drug kingpin Kubra she worked for had sent new inmate Lolly to take her out. While Lolly may have been a bit on the strange side, keeping a journal tracking Alex’s every move, it turns out she wasn’t the one out to seek revenge on the drug dealer’s behalf.

Aiden was introduced to viewers in a flashback as an associate to Kubra, where he heartlessly kills Alex’s friend Fahri under Kubra’s command. He may have spared Alex’s life then, but when he appears at the prison in a guard’s uniform, it’s evident that he doesn’t intend to do the same this time around. Alex’s character is last seen cornered in the greenhouse with him. So, is she dead? Alive? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough!

15. Will Sophia Get Out Of The SHU?



If you recall, last season Gloria came to Sophia for help when she needed someone to give her son a lift on visitation days. Sophia, played by Laverne Cox, agreed to set up a carpool, so Gloria’s son soon began traveling to the prison with Sophia’s son and wife. Drama ensued when it seemed Gloria’s son was becoming a bad influence on Sophia’s, causing the two inmates to butt heads. Rumors spread like wildfire, and soon the inmates began to turn against Sophia.
As it turns out, it was Sophia’s son who was the bad influence and when Gloria hears from her family back home that her son got in trouble, she takes it out on Sophia. After attacking her in her hair salon, the guards ultimately decide to put Sophia in the SHU for her own safety. How long will that last? With Sophia ever truly be safe as a transgender in a prison of women?

14. Will Bennett Come Back For Daya?



We were all glued to our screens watching the love story play out between inmate Daya and the sexy guard Bennett, played by Matt McGorry. Viewers swooned when Bennett got on one and proposed marriage with a makeshift engagement ring. Made of a gum wrapper, throwing a nod to how the two met, no one could have imagined anything but happily ever after for the couple.

Turns out, Daya’s family wasn’t exactly the in-laws the young security guard had imagined. Between the stress of having this new child and the blame Daya put on his colleague Pornstache in order to save him from getting jail time for sleeping with an inmate, it seems Bennett cracked. He left Daya without a word late into her pregnancy, forcing her to decide on her own who would care for the baby while she was incarcerated. Our hearts broke as we realized with her that it was over, and that he wouldn’t be back in time for the baby to be born. But will he have a change of heart and show up this season?

13. Will The New CO Continue To Take Advantage Of Inmates?



Last season, Doggett had taken over Morello’s driving duties, since she clearly can’t be trusted with a vehicle. Her friendship with the new CO who accompanied her on their rides seemed harmless enough at first, that is, until he raped her. A few flashback scenes showed viewers that Doggett was confused about the rape because she’d been raped in the past. The new CO gave her doughnuts and a bracelet, which made her think what he’d done was somehow okay. Fortunately, her new friendship with Boo, played by Lea DeLaria, set her straight.

They decide to get even by drugging the CO, dragging his limp body into the laundry room, and bending him over the table with the intention of sodomizing him with a broomstick. Doggett, however, has a change of heart and instead she fakes a seizure to get out of driving duty. Unfortunately, her replacement is Ramos, the sexy Latina who was working in the kitchen. Will the new CO try this move on her too? Or will he revisit Doggett in her bunk?

12. What Will Happen To Piper’s Panty Business?



Piper was a genius coming up with the idea of using scraps from her seamstress gig to make extra panties for the girls. Even more genius was her idea to sell them to pervs over the internet, because what’s hotter than a pair of dirty undies worn by an inmate? Well, apparently dirty panties worn by an inmate who’s in for murder.

But now with Alex possibly dead and Stella likely sent down the hill as they say, who will Piper’s new partner be? With the company’s bank account cleaned out by Stella, will the business survive? Even so, don’t forget that Piper’s brother and his lady are shipping out false products, which could be giving the brand a bad name. Likely Piper won’t let these small setbacks get in her way and end her business venture, so we’ll just have to wait and see who she trusts this season to help her do her dirty work.

11. Has Crazy Eyes Really Found Love?



Since the start of the show it seems Crazy Eyes was determined to find love, and while Piper didn’t end up being her dandelion, she never gave up. It seems the popularity of her erotica short pieces that were passed around the prison last season increased her popularity with the ladies. Even the prison guards took notice of her talent. This resulted in a crush from an inmate named Maureen, who pursued Crazy Eyes in a similar fashion to the way Crazy Eyes had gone after Piper in season one. Maureen writes her a poem, and even asks her on a date in the supply closet, which is code for let’s get it on in private.

Adorably enough, we find out that Crazy Eyes is a virgin and ultimately stands Maureen up on their date. Even though they reconcile and couldn’t be cuter at the end of last season when they all escape to the lake, it’s hard to say if this love will last. Even though Crazy Eyes seems to be the shyer of the two, we’ve seen how persistent she can be with women in the past. They don’t call her Crazy Eyes for nothing!

10. What Happened To The Chicken?

This image released by Netflix shows Taylor Schilling, left, and Uzo Aduba in a scene from "Orange is the New Black." Revealing secret endings and plot twists has brought on wrath since the dawn of cinema, straight through VCRS to streaming and DVRs. Does the 13-episode Netflix dump of "Orange is the New Black" in July equal two months of polite spoiler-free behavior? (AP Photo/Netflix, Paul Schiraldi)


An urban legend around the prison, it seems only a few have been privileged enough to land their eyes on the chicken that roams the prison grounds. Said to have been an escaped chicken from a nearby slaughterhouse, nonbelievers claim there’s no way a chicken could get onto the prison grounds as it’s entirely fenced in. Believers say the chicken has magical powers that allow it to move in and out of the prison gates freely.

Along with the legend of the chicken’s existence, there are also legends about its purpose. Some think it’s being used as some form of carrier pigeon, bringing drugs and candy into the prison. One episode shows the girls roaming around the prison grounds in search of this legendary chicken, with the hopes of either making it their dinner or making money off whatever goodies it’s carrying. Perhaps next season the chicken will lead one of the prisoners to the hole in the fence that it’s been using to get in and out. Perhaps we’ll have an escape attempt to look forward to!

9. Will Nicky Be Back?

Natasha Lyonne behind the scenes of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” Season 2. Photo credit: Ali Goldstein for Netflix.


If you remember, last season Nicky was sent down the hill after stumbling upon and attempting to sell Vee’s stash of heroin. The deal went south after she foolishly trusted the ogre looking guard Luschek to help her move the product out of the prison. When there was suspicion of drug use in the prison, Caputo made his rounds with the guards to search the place. Luschek was quick to throw Nicky under the bus when Caputo found a bag of heroin in his desk drawer. As a recovering drug addict, it wasn’t hard for Caputo to believe Luschek’s lie, and he sent her to maximum security.

Nicky, played by Natasha Lyonne, wasn’t seen again the rest of the season, leaving viewers to wonder what’s going to happen to her character? It’s true that characters have gone to the SHU or down the hill, and aren’t heard from again, but Nicky plays a major role in the series, so viewers are dying for her return.

8. Will Piper Be With A Man Or Woman?



While we won’t be seeing Jason Biggs, who played Piper’s fiancé, appear on the show again anytime soon, it’s been a while since Piper has had a conflict over her sexuality. Perhaps only due to the lack of men available to her in prison, it seems she has been all about the chicks lately when that wasn’t the case when she was first locked up. However, with Stella likely gone and Alex (if not dead) probably fuming over Piper’s infidelity and brushing her paranoia aside, who will Piper pass her time with?

She hasn’t really been alone since she got into prison, going in with her fiancé Larry by her side, overlapping her engagement with an on-again-off-again relationship with Alex, and wrapping up last season with Stella by her side. Can Piper withstand prison alone? Or will she be on to the next one this season? Perhaps they’ll shake things up and she’ll be back on men for a while.

7. What Will Happen To Daya’s Baby?



As mentioned earlier, Daya was forced to make a decision over where her child would go without her baby daddy’s input, as Bennett had taken off. Since she’d accused the guard referred to as Pornstache of being the baby’s father, he was sent to prison, and his mother came to visit Daya. She offered to take care of the child and offer it an upbringing Daya could have only wished for growing up.

However, her guilt over the fact that Pornstache wasn’t truly the father seemed to have been eating at her, and when the baby was born she changed her mind. Daya’s mother Gloria, played by Selenis Leyva, told the old lady that the baby had died during childbirth, probably the only act of kindness we’ve seen from her character so far. The child was actually put in Cesar’s care, Gloria’s live-in boyfriend who seems to be the reason the two are in jail in the first place. Cesar was later arrested, so we’ll have to wait and find out what will happen to the baby among all of the other children running around that apartment.

6. Will Black Cindy Stick To Her Faith?

Adrienne C. Moore in Season 3 of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black". Photo by JoJo Whilden for Netflix


Last season the meals at Litchfield became regulated, and in an effort to save money they were basically serving the inmates microwaved mush. Even Red couldn’t fix this one, although she did make sure that inmates knew she wasn’t responsible for the muck being put on their plates. It turned out, however, that not every inmate had to suffer. Jewish prisoners were privileged enough to receive kosher meals, which actually resembled food.

Black Cindy and several other girls caught on to this, and began claiming they were Jewish. It wasn’t long before the prison invited a Rabbi to sit with the prisoners and verify their religious faith, which quickly ended their right to a kosher meal. Black Cindy, however, refused to give in. She stuck it out and met with the Rabi frequently so she could convert to Judaism and get those kosher meals. Was it just for the food or will her newfound religion affect who she is?

5. Have Poussey And Soso Found Love?



It became increasingly difficult to watch these two suffer with depression last season. Poussey went above and beyond to make her own brew and become an alcoholic, and to make matters worse, when she pulled herself out of it and looked to Taystee with her need for a relationship to get her through, Taystee reminded her that she’s straight and that would never be.

While this was all happening, Soso was becoming increasingly depressed throughout the season, likely due to the fact that she had no one to relate to inside those prison walls. She truly seems like a fish out of water. When Healy brushed her pleas for help aside, she tried to take her own life. Poussey found her in the library, and since helping her through that, the two seemed to have grown closer. They were even shown holding hands in the lake at the end of the season. So, is this love or is it just two people looking for someone to lean on?

4. What Will Happen With The Prison?



Last season the prison went corporate, and was bought out by a private corporation, seemingly rescuing them from having to shut down. It became clear that their decision to go corporate came with many changes, some that viewers have only begun to see. It seems that prison rules are changing with poorly trained and inept guards coming in and causing trouble. Additionally, the prison has become a sweatshop, providing some of the women with jobs that pay slightly more than working in the kitchen does. Speaking of the kitchen, this corporate monster is the reason the inmates are now served mush for their meals.

So, what can we expect next season? We were left off with all the inmates’ beds being turned into bunk beds, allowing the prison to double their population. That shouldn’t cause any problems, right? At the end of the finale viewers got to see some new faces stepping off a bus, faces we’ll likely see again this season. We can also look forward to fresh faces and some amazing new actors joining the cast.

3. How Will Taystee Handle Her New Role As “Mother”?



Viewers were hooked when Vee showed up in the prison and completely rocked prison life. There wasn’t a single clique that wasn’t affected by her. To many of the girls in Taystee’s crew, Vee was a mother figure. Literally Vee had been a mother figure to Taystee prior to prison life, which is what landed her a sentence behind bars in the first place. With Vee gone, they seemed to be lost without being given direction to follow. Crazy Eyes especially was lost without Vee, and was in serious denial over her death.

As time went on, Taystee seemed to take over this role, which she seemed uncomfortable about when she realized it. Even though she doesn’t have the years of experience Vee had behind bars that gave her a leg up on the game, it seems only fitting that she would follow in the footsteps of her mother figure. We’ll have to see if she can handle it or if she’ll end up going down the same crazy road Vee found herself on.

2. Will Red And Healy Finally Seal The Deal?



Fans have seen the tension grow between inmate Red and corrections officer Sam Healy season after season, watching the sparks fly between the two with little done about it. They grew close when Healy asked for Red’s help communicating with his wife, as she didn’t speak much English. Their connection was solidified at Lorna’s in-prison wedding to Vince, where Red and Healy served as witnesses, and sent a few loving glances toward one another.

Even though Red bluntly shot him down last season, there’s still hope for the unlikely duo. Perhaps the timing is finally right with Red seeking a divorce from her husband after finding out he had been lying to her about the family store going out of business, and Healy’s marriage to the Ukrainian mail-order bride quickly crumbling into nothing. It may be frowned up for officers to have relations with inmates, but as we can see from previous seasons, that doesn’t seem to hold anyone back.

1. What New Faces Will We See?

Orange Is The New Black S4


With a busload of potential new characters to love or hate, viewers are excited to find out who will be joining the cast. Many fans will be excited to hear that Blair Brown, who played the Martha Stewart-like figure Judy King, will be joining the cast. Last we saw her, she was attempting to check into the prison while all of the guards seemed to have gone missing. Many of the inmates had been following her case, and will be extremely excited to be sharing a cell with this celeb.

A new face we’ll see is that of Jolene Purdy, an actress best known for her roles in Donnie Darko, Benched, and Under the Dome. It’s unknown if she’ll be playing a new inmate or another character, but she was confirmed to have a recurring role. Actress Rosal Colon will also be joining the cast of season four as a new member of the Spanish Harlem. Colon is best known for The House That Jack Built, and The Pastor. Other names to get familiar with this season are Brad William Henke, Mike Houston, and Kelly Karbacz, all of whom will have recurring roles.

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