16 Hollywood Beauties Who Suffer From Resting B**** Face

Ah, "Resting Bitch Face." What an affliction to have! It is amusing for the rest of us, but probably not the most fun to be cursed with, especially if you are a high-profile celebrity who has to see her face plastered everywhere, and half the time the paparazzi catches you not paying attention, and...oops! You look like an evil snob. It happens to every star once in awhile, I assume, since many or most of them can hardly leave the house without being stalked like prey. But there are some celebs who are unluckier than most. I am talking about the women with repeated photos like the ones below, who just plain look like b*tches. Some actually are b*tches, but some are not even close. And, as I have learned of myself whilst writing this article, many of them are actresses who I actually really love! That is balanced out, of course, by all the others who I either don't care about or really can't stand. But still. It is hard to accept the fact that women you love and look up to have flaws. Then again, perhaps it is better to know that than to think of them as perfect. So in the spirit of beautiful imperfection, I give you this list of 16 Hollywood stars, women who are talented and famous yet suffer from the sad reality of RBF.

This kind of list has been done before, but each boasts the same people on their lists. Those people include Kanye West and Kristen Stewart, for example, who are both on every list like this out there, ever. We are all well aware that Kanye looks like a b*tch. And it is common knowledge that KStew is like the biggest offender of RBF, with a personality that is questionable, too. But unlike these two, the fact is that no matter how light-hearted or nice a person is in their real, everyday life, their faces are not a testament to that. Faces, sadly, are not always telling of a person's true character (but wouldn't life be so much more interesting if they were?).

I was shocked to realize how many stars really have this problem, because RBF does not mean "ugly," to be clear, and in all honesty every woman on this list is very pretty. But when I started to specifically look for RBF in Hollywood, it was honestly pretty easy to round up this group. So without further ado, I give you 16 successful ladies of Hollywood and their unfortunate resting bitch faces.


16 Cara Delevingne

This one I really don’t get. This girl is a supermodel- and quickly becoming even more world-famous than she already is- but she is just not pretty! I don’t see it. Do you see it? I think it is the eyebrows, but what do I know? I did not just give her a spot on this unsavory list because of my personal opinion on her face, however. She really does have RBF. I don’t think I have ever even seen a picture of her smiling in all the millions of photos of her plastered everywhere in magazines and online, and most often, she is actually scowling, if you can believe it. She always looks pissed off, and those “trademark” eyebrows that she is known so well for do not help the RBF. They make it worse, to be honest.

The English actress and model is quite successful though, despite all of the above. And shockingly (I’m being serious, here) her other “trademark,” at least according to, is her “bubbly” personality. That is hilarious because she never freaking smiles! Her third alleged trademark is that she likes to photobomb. Umm yeah… I think I saw her do that in The Angry Birds Movie- because of the anger and the eyebrows. Wow, now that I think about it that is the perfect comparison: Cara Delevingne and Red. They both share the anger thing and big black brows that always seem so very out of place!

15 Victoria Beckham


Ok, Victoria Beckham is on every RBF list known to man, too, but her particular case is just so ridiculous that I had to include her, anyway. She is another famous woman who I have never seen smile. Maybe way back when during her Spice Girl days she let one slip every now and then, but that was like 20 years ago. WTF, Victoria? If I were married to David Beckham and got to sing “Spice Up Your Life” as many times as she did I would be smiling forever, no joke. I guess Posh Spice sees things differently, obviously. Even when she tries to smile- and you can tell when that is- the effort is like serious physical exertion for her, and even looks painful. Almost like constipation. But I am guessing her RBF is more due to personality flaws than an actual “bad” face, because she is really pretty, just bitchy-looking. This is unfortunate, especially since she dresses so great; she was voted Best Dressed Woman/Female for several years by multiple magazines, both British and American.

14 Any Kardashian Sister… But Especially Kourtney

This one is a given, obviously. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian (and ok, their little Jenner sisters, too, because why the hell not?) all have the same sort of look to them. Their dark features are pretty, but those dark features are also capable of looking kinda…evil, if you will. Oh come on, like you have never cringed when one of them shoots daggers at one of the others, or anyone at all? They do like to glare, be pissy, act like drama queens, and are undoubtedly spoiled. So it comes as no surprise, then, that their natural facial expression when relaxed is either annoyance, disgust, seething rage, or haughtiness, depending on the given moment. Can they smile? Yes. Does it look fake and “put upon?" Why, yes, yes it does. And the biggest culprit of all of this is little Miss Kourtney Kardashian. The oldest of the clan has her reasons to be fed up with life (three little kiddos and an absent, psycho, drunken Scott Disick to thank for it) but does she really have to always look so freaking stuck-up? Even in her situation, if I had that kind of money I could find a reason to be happy. Just sayin’.

13 Heidi Klum


I feel like with Heidi Klum, ya either love her or ya hate her. But that’s cool. She is very beautiful, of course, and when she talks she sounds very sweet with that German accent- that is the root cause of my girl crush on her. But alas, I am sorry to say that when she is not giving her opinion as a judge on America’s Got Talent (she is the stuffy, uptight one in my opinion), or doing whatever it is she does for all her other screen time (modeling, hosting, producing, designing fashion- the woman is an overachiever, let’s face it), Heidi does, in fact, suffer from what we know to be RBF. Luckily, this has not affected her career as she is very successful, and America just loves her! Aside from the accent thing, I don’t really get it, but oh well. RBF or no RBF, obviously the people love her or she would not have modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, or been on Project Runway, Germany’s Next Top Model, and so on and so forth.

12 Charlize Theron

I love this woman as an actress. She is so talented, and in real life as in her movies, she is very, very beautiful. There is no arguing that. But that being said, I have noticed that in photos where she is not looking (like paparazzi photos) and sometimes even in photos where she is looking, she has a (perhaps milder than the others) case of RBF. It sucks because she is such a physically stunning woman, but RBF is a hard thing to deny, especially when there are millions upon millions of photos so easy to find that make it so easy to prove. She is a great example of how gorgeous women can also appear ugly. Sometimes that is because their personality shines through in their face, and while Charlize’s personality is questionable due to online accounts from costars and “regular people”, I think a lot of her RBF has to do with those high cheekbones and characteristic, nonchalant smirk.

11 Megan Fox


Another unbelievably beautiful woman, Megan Fox has long been compared to who was once considered “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Angelina Jolie. I can totally see the likeness, but as attractive as they are, both Angelina and Megan suffer from a bad case of RBF. And it’s a pretty obvious case, in my opinion. Maybe it’s just that all of us people with “normal” faces (meaning not angelically beautiful like Megan's) are subconsciously jealous so when she takes a nice photo, all we see is b*tch, b*tch, b*tch. Or, maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, it is because she actually can be b*tchy in real life. Case in point, these words from Megan, herself, on her own beauty: “Really, my only job is to look attractive… If I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working [in Hollywood] at all… I do have a 22-inch waist; I will say that.” Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that she was “always the fattest [she’s] ever been when filming a Transformers movie.” Ok, Megan. Yeah, that scene where you were bent over washing the car and all soapy in jean shorts up the butt made you look super "fat."

10 Katherine Heigl

I have always said that Katherine Heigl looks like a much younger version of Ellen Burstyn (how am I the only one who sees this?). Both are lovely women, classically beautiful, but Katherine has a serious case of RBF. She comes off as unapproachable, unfriendly, and downright haughty in her photos, and I don’t know why! I cannot figure out what it is about her face that contributes to the RBF; there is no one single feature I can name that is the reason for it. But for whatever the reason, her features all work together to produce one crazy RBF. When she smiles, though, that all disappears and she looks the opposite of all of the above. But the moment she relaxes her face (the moment it is “resting”) it transforms from that of a nice, normal woman I would gladly say hello to on the street, to a devil-woman's façade that would probably scare me the hell away. She just looks like someone I would avoid on the set of her movies, so as not to get yelled at or be demanded something of. Basically, to sum up, she looks like a huge snob.


9 Rooney Mara


This one kills me to put on this list. I do not know Rooney Mara from a lot of movies (her sister Kate Mara of House of Cards is decidedly more famous) but I did love her in Side Effects with Channing Tatum and as the lead Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with Daniel Craig. I think she is a very unique kind of beautiful, myself, although she can tend to look a little b*tchy without trying. I say this because the sweetly-expressive Rooney when smiling, becomes the almost catty-looking Rooney when not. And trust me, it pains me to say that (much less think it!) about an actress like her that I genuinely enjoy watching, and also respect. I don’t mind saying it so much about, say, the Kardashians or other famous women I don’t necessarily care for. There is just something about Rooney that speaks to me, so it is a shame that I so easily stumble upon photos of her that make her seem less than inviting, so to speak. Sigh.

8 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Ok, these two are two in one, obviously. They essentially have one face. And it is a pretty one, no doubt, but also one that looks, well, b*tchy, at times. Or rather, most of the time in its “resting” state, or natural state, when you think about it. Many of these women- all of them, really- are beautiful women. RBF is not an indicator of how beautiful one is. It is just that many of them- ok, all of them, since they are on this list to begin with- look b*tchy while looking pretty. And they cannot help it, just like these twins who have been famous since they were babies playing Michelle Tanner on Full House three decades ago. You can see what I mean, can’t you? They do the whole fish-face smirk thing people like to do with selfies nowadays, but even with an attempted smile, they cannot escape the RBF curse. It just makes the RBF worse, actually. I mean really, can you even argue? And I say all this with love, of course, since I grew up watching them and love them to death (well, less so now than before, which is probably appropriate). But I have to face the music, I suppose.

7 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is one of the queens of RBF. The blonde bombshell is in every other way stunning… except when she stops smiling! It is like some sort of phenomenon I simply cannot explain. It is immediate RBF every time she relaxes that angelic face of hers. In fact, there were so many examples to choose from to illustrate this point of mine, that I actually had a hard time selecting an image to make my point. In the end, I chose the above photo (obviously), but I ask you: how can such a pretty woman turn into such a you-know-what (judging strictly by looks, of course) so fast? It is beyond me; I am simply here to make a point, and with Kate Hudson, it is an easy one to make, sad as it may be. Even the silky blonde locks, cute dimples, and playful nature that is Kate Hudson cannot help her RBF. Dimples disappear when you’re not smiling, you know (perhaps that is the problem?), and hair does not matter in the slightest when you’re just looking at facial features. although beautiful in an obvious kind of way, Kate has never been my favorite, so at least there is that.

6 Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is yet another actress that makes me sad to put on this list because I love, love, love her! And I love, love, love Pitch Perfect (but not Pitch Perfect 2, because, well, it was stupid). Anna has clear skin and shiny hair and sparkly eyes and a great smile, which is all well and good… except when she is not smiling. Which, let’s face it, who can stay smiling all the time? It is not her fault that when she stops, she looks like a biatch. As a huge fan of Anna’s, I cannot say in good faith that her particular case of RBF is warranted. I like to believe that her humorous and snarky personality in Pitch Perfect is comparable to her personality in real life, but I guess I will never know. In any case, let it be known that RBF or no RBF, I love, love, love Anna Kendrick!

5 January Jones


January Jones is another Hollywood starlet to suffer from this awful affliction we call RBF. She’s got that cute little nose that scrunches up when she smiles, but even so, it is not enough to keep her off this list, as it disappears when she is not smiling. And I am not the only one who thinks so; her RBF actually made headlines in August of last year at Comic Con, where an attendee said, “She was in a really foul mood and sat by herself, chain-smoking an e-cigarette while her friends danced. She was completely disinterested, and no one knew why she was there.” But January thinks of herself as attractive at least, or that is what I take from these words from her mouth: “Why not show off if you’ve got something to show?” Very true, but saying things like that just makes people wonder if your RBF is truly just an unfortunate affliction, or if you actually are a b*tch. The words from her own mouth, and those from the dude at Comic Con make me lean toward the latter.

4 Willa Holland

Oh, Willa Holland. This girl is seriously pretty, but she tends to look like a b*tch even when she is smiling. Poor girl. Some people just have that kind of face, I guess. I can think of worse things, especially because it does not mean in the slightest that she is not gorgeous, because she so is. Luckily, the b*tchy look works for her, since she frequently plays the rebellious teen or the bad girl. She uses her RBF to her advantage, which is smart of her to do, in my opinion.

Not too sure where you have seen her face but sure you’ve seen it? Well, she was a rebellious teen on The O.C., a party girl in Arrow, and a snob in Gossip Girl, to name a few of her shows. As I said, she often plays the role her face wins her, though whether or not she is typecast I don’t know. Luckily, Willa seems to like playing that kind of role. She says of her bad girl characters, “It's so much fun to play the bad girl. Everybody has that little side of them they never really get to get out.” Does that mean she is a good girl in real life? I honestly cannot picture it, but who knows?

3 Olivia Wilde


Another actress who gained fame on the The O.C. oh so long ago is Olivia Wilde. Oh, The O.C., the standard by which my teenaged self measured beauty back then. But in all honesty, every person on that show was drop dead gorgeous, were they not? And Olivia Wilde was no exception. That being said, smiling or resting, her face tends to look kind of…how do I put this...Evil. Can you see what I mean? She is beautiful, but sinister-looking. Not that she ever plays a sinister part, but I am of the opinion that she easily could. Especially in her face’s natural, expressionless state, it still seems to be smirking. It is the face of one of those people who seem to always be chuckling to themselves about some kind of inside joke you are not privy to. She looks amused by the world; that is what I think. Though, unfortunately, that amusement also comes off as b*tchy.

2 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on (yet another girl crush, I’m afraid!), but her RBF situation cannot be denied. If you Google her name, there will of course be an assortment of images of this wife and mother smiling and not smiling. But I swear, for the majority of unsmiling photos of her, she looks b*tchy! I’m sorry; I really am. It is sad to accept the truth about someone as beloved by the public as Mila is if that truth is not positive. She is still uber-pretty with looks to die for, but those looks just turn snotty if she is not very obviously happy. But one of the reasons we love Mila so much is precisely because she is not b*tchy- at all. In every interview I have ever seen with her, she is nice, funny, laid back, and even kind of a nerd! Admittedly so: “There are two kinds of people out there: Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans... I'm a Star Trek fan. I respect Star Wars. I'm a bit of a sci-fi nerd but, geared towards one or the other, I'd choose Star Trek.”

1 Rihanna


And then there is Rihanna, who perhaps should have the title of "RBF Queen". I am sure the woman does not try to have such an awful case of this affliction, but she nevertheless does, and it is pretty amusing. When her face is relaxed and she probably thinks she is simply “expressionless,” in actuality, Rihanna is often shooting daggers at the camera, or some unseen person off to the side. She literally looks like she is out to kill, and while beautiful, the dark makeup she wears only adds to this bitchy effect. And she is also one of the people I have been talking about who still look b*tchy when they smile. Rihanna does not always, but a fair amount of the time, I have noticed, her smile does not hide those frightening eyes. It is almost like watching Dateline, or a show on Investigation Discovery, and they show a photo of the murderer years before the crime and you can tell by their eyes that they are evil. I don’t think Rihanna is evil, obviously. I am just illustrating the point that those eyes creep me the hell out!

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