15 Times Young Celebrities Shocked The Internet

When a girl posts a picture of themselves online in which they display a lot of skin, it certainly draws a lot of looks their way. Using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, these young women are able to garner quite a bit of attention by floating scantily dressed photos. Young women often do this to get the attention they crave; and they get it in spades. It's no secret that men are more than happy to troll through photos of half-naked women and that brings us to celebrities. Because it's also no secret that celebrities are more than happy to do whatever it takes to grab or stay in the spotlight.

Celebrity women are already in the spotlight. And young celebrity women make themselves easily available all over the Internet. By exposing skin online, these young stars often create so much attention that it feeds their celebrity status. The Internet has become a launching point for celebrities to build on their status and increase their audience. The Internet has also helped create celebrity status for some people you would not expect, allowing those with limited talents to fully capitalize on the Internet marketing machine. Make no mistake about it, like a beautiful stripper dancing for money against a shiny pole, these young women use the Internet and various applications as launching points for their brand. Sometimes they are selling products, but often times, they are just selling themselves. These young beauties amass, in some cases, millions of followers. The audience allows them to do almost anything as they write their own tickets on the celebrity gravy train. Here then, are 15 times young celebrities shocked the Internet.

15 Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus – The Kiss


Katy Perry is one of the biggest recording artists in the world. In 2014, it was widely reported that Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were entered into a bit of a Twitter battle over a strange situation. The two mega-stars had a major issue erupt due to a single kiss. Normally, you would think a kiss would be the end to a feud, the marking of someone making up. But in this crazy situation, it was a kiss that would send the two stars viral and start a Twitter war. This all occurred as Miley Cyrus performed her Bangerz Tour at Staples Center in Los Angeles. That is when Katy Perry appeared, as a fan, moving to the front of the stage. Miley saw Katy and approached her and then an innocent kiss, which turned more intense, occurred. The kiss was a little much for Katy who went on an interview in Australia to answer questions of the kiss. Her response of “God knows where that tongue has been,” at the end of her lengthy response, portraying herself as an innocent victim in the kissing incident, set off a bit of a Twitter firestorm. Miley fired back and so on. The picture is worth a thousand words.

14 Taylor Swift – Flower Girl


Taylor Swift was in the midst of conquering the world. She was emerging as one of the biggest household names ever. Her singing career had been vaulted to an incredible celebrity status that put her on par with the greats in the business. But naturally, Kanye West didn’t completely agree with society picking Taylor in a silly awards show. So, a beef was started when he rudely interrupted the show, getting in the way of America’s sweetheart trying to accept her award. Fast-forward to 2015 when Kanye sought to mend fences with Taylor. He sent her a floral arrangement to die for. T-Swift did Kanye justice by posting the photo on her Instagram account with the comment: “Awwww, Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!!” Taylor posed in front of the beautiful all-white flower arrangement and it appears that their pretend feud might finally have come to an end.

13 Vanessa Hudgens – High School Sweetheart


Vanessa Hudgens was the star of the High School Musical movies. The talented singer and actress was a verging star. But much like many Disney stars breaking into their late teens and early 20s, she wanted no part of the Disney mold. She wanted to break free into a more revealing look. At the same time, Vanessa was dating Zac Efron which drew massive attention to the duo. The co-stars and lovers were a big hit. But when they broke up and her “High School” days ended, Vanessa turned to what many young attractive female stars turn to, showing off their bodies on Instagram and Twitter. Vanessa did just that, signaling an end to her clean-cut Disney persona and turning into a sexy young woman hell-bent on displaying her body. In addition, Vanessa enjoyed taking numerous pictures of herself naked on her cell phones which has prompted a wave of leaked nudes from her as well. Starting when she was 19 back in 2007, photos of Vanessa wearing little to no clothing have hit the Internet, causing a massive stir. Her clean image immediately took a big hit and once you have had nude images released online, you would think you may be a little more careful with that. But four times, that’s right, four times she has had nude pictures leaked over a seven year period. We would advise Vanessa to stop taking naked selfies if she doesn’t want them to appear online. But much like trailblazer Kim Kardashian, maybe Vanessa wants the attention? Who knows for sure.

12 Ariana Grande – Finger Lickin’ Good

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Some photos aren’t actually intended. Sometimes, there may be a photo that is taken when a celebrity isn’t looking. It’s one of those sacred “Oops” moments that is caught on camera. Paparazzi live for these moments. Ariana is young, beautiful and a very talented singer. She was in a Broadway musical at just the tender age of 13 before hitting it big in the Nickelodeon show Victorious back in 2009. From that time on, Ariana became more of a household name as an emerging singing sensation. The petite star began to post more and more images of herself in the mold of a young woman as opposed to the youthful clean-cut girl she more resembles. But Ariana’s epic Internet moment arrived when she got caught licking a donut at a bakery that allowed for guests to try their offerings and then put them back. She followed it up with her “I hate America” comments. The Internet went mad. Ariana was getting a publicity hit on all sides. She struggled to move past the incident, which showcased a very different side of her. Although there is an adage that any publicity is good publicity, Ariana certainly tested that saying with this finger-licking good incident.

11 Britney Spears – Going Commando


Britney exploded onto the music scene as a young-up-and-coming Musketeer. But she turned that young talent into a teenage sensation. Britney has had numerous moments during the course of her career that caused a massive stir. She turned the world on her head when she broke out dressed as a catholic school girl in her MTV inauguration. Once her music video exploded, her career followed. The Internet gained steam as Britney mentally broke down. Her shaved head was the beginning of the end for Britney’s incredible run. She was constantly hounded by press who couldn’t wait for her to break down. That’s when Britney stepped out of a car and showed the world her worldly goods. Britney was going commando and the entire Internet got the full frontal view of her cleanly shaven privates. The picture went around the world many times over, proving Britney was more than relevant.

10 Kim Kardashian – Internet Trailblazer


Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian for a moment. Kim is easily one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Internet. She can be seen as one of the biggest Internet celebrities of all time. She is a woman who has limited talents but was able to first capitalize on a sex tape she made with a boyfriend long ago. A young Kim Kardashian sent the Internet into a frenzy with the tape and established herself as a brand shortly after by posing for Playboy. The combination led to a television show and the rest is history. Using amazing marketing sensibilities from her mother and creating a strong publicity team around her, Kim Kardashian turned her single appearance in a skin flick into a massive empire. She used the Internet as her vaulting point and hasn’t looked back, being one of the most talked about and watched pseudo-celebrities on the Internet. With a business empire behind her, that little tape from long ago that lit up the Internet seems like a distant memory.

9 Selena Gomez – Disney Dream


When looking back on the young star’s ascent from Disney youngster to beautiful young sex symbol, Selena Gomez made her mark like many - as an imprint from the channel that builds careers. As a young Disney star, Selena Gomez flashed her brilliance with her acting skills. On the side, she was preparing to take the world by storm with her singing. Her vocals were sultry and the lyrics had hooks that drew mass audiences. As Selena grew up, she followed the same path former Disney greats had walked (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus). In other words, Selena started taking pictures of herself with nearly no clothes on and posted them on the Internet. Combined with her actual talent, Selena used her body and it drew a big audience. Sure, her relationship with Justin Bieber helped both young future icons, but it would be the bathing selfies that truly ramped up her image to super-stardom. Combined with hit songs, nothing can stop this young star.

8 Ariel Winter – Bathing Suit Bunny


Ariel Winter plays a shy, smart girl on the hit show Modern Family. But Ariel started to experience the kinds of changes in life that turn young girls into beautiful young women. But Ariel’s changes kind of went on overdrive. So as the show concealed her quickly expanding chest, Ariel started to show off her goods. But at the time, she was under 18, and the Internet went crazy with any and all photos that showed her bountiful cleavage. Then came a breast reduction surgery that brought her down to Double-D’s…that’s right, down. Once she was more secure in her appearance (and felt more balanced) a diet took place that got Ariel Winter into tip-top shape. She trimmed her waistline down and as she turned 18, she instantly started giving the Internet the candy it so greatly craves- bathing suit selfies. Ariel’s Instagram is exploding with followers as she posts selfie after selfie of her in tiny bathing suits showing off a very grown-up physique. Finally legal, Internet trolls no longer have to feel dirty creeping on the many half-naked photos she throws up online. Ariel plays a big-time smarty on TV, but off-screen, she is creating a far different image of a future sex symbol.

7 Kendall Jenner – Heart Hair


Feeding off the Kardashian teat, Kendall Jenner is well aware of what generates attention for a young woman these days; a good Instagram account with a lot of skin to show for it. That is what Kendall Jenner started to do. Despite being under 18, she began to send a barrage of Instagram pics featuring herself in bikinis or wearing as little clothing as possible. She built a name for herself online, feeding off her family’s success and using her body as the main driving force to gain her celebrity status (sound like anyone we know?). Kendall then unleashed a photo that sent the Internet wild, a recreation of her big sister Kim’s heart-hair picture. We still don’t get why this is so special (interesting and creative sure, but special?). The photo pushed the Internet to its seams as everyone went wild over this posed creation. Known simply as “Heart Hair,” Kendall sent the Internet raging and amazingly, she didn’t have to pose nearly naked to do it!

6 Miley Cyrus – Cutting It Off


Miley Cyrus, talented daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, grew up before our eyes. She was THE Disney star, launching her brand as Hannah Montana. But as Miley started to grow up, she didn’t want to be the young girl on the Disney Channel anymore. She wanted to grow up and out of her persona and she started to let her true personality shine. Miley is a free-spirit hell-bent on shocking everyone. Coming from the girl-next-door image on Disney, Miley began to choose a different path for herself as she emerged as both an acting and singing sensation. And in 2013, Miley shocked the entire world with a Twitter post featuring a new haircut she concocted with her hairstylist, Chris McMillan. The long flowing Hannah Montana hair was all done as Miley Cyrus officially broke free of her Disney-created persona and became a carefree singer. Miley cut off all her hair and emerged with a choppy platinum pixie cut. She Tweeted, “Never felt more me in my whole life.” We can certainly respect that. Miley then followed that up with years of half-naked (or completely naked) photos of herself just in case we didn’t get the memo that she doesn’t want to be called Hannah Montana anymore. Miley continues to send picture after picture online, many of which feature a tongue wag for enjoyment. Go on with your bad self, Miley. Who are we to judge?

5 Justin Bieber – Bieber Fever


From the moment Justin Bieber was recognized for his YouTube videos it has been a whirlwind of success for the young pop star. Justin exploded onto the scene with hit after hit and became a young heartthrob for a new generation of teenage girls. Now Justin is growing up and his physique has started to change. In addition to numerous tattoos, Justin has been working with trainers and has gotten pretty ripped. The Biebs has tried to change his reputation as a tiny little pop star and instead wants to be seen as a tad “harder.” Bieber’s maturation as a young man has led him to display his own body for his fans. This includes workout selfies of Justin getting ripped. Female fans were stirred and the Internet nearly exploded. As a follow-up, Justin had someone take a picture of him completely naked standing on a boat. We will spare the world rehashing that picture at this time.

4 Kesha – Just Plain Crazy


Kesha has had a very up-and-down career over the better part of this decade. She came out with “Tik Tok” and it was a sensation right from the start. Her debut album blew up and she followed that up with hit after hit. Ke$ha has showcased a great deal of talent along the way with catchy lyrics that have garnered her quite a bit of success. However, she has had bumps in the road. Her addictions have led her to a rehab stint and that was followed up by a lawsuit against her producer. Despite all the turmoil, Kesha’s style has always been extremely eclectic. Kesha's looks have drawn her much attention and one picture in particular of her getting crazy colored hair while topless is one that showed the Internet raging is always up for something different. Kesha never seems to disappoint.

3 Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – The Ol’ Ball Game


Oh to be young and in love. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis certainly took the long road back to each other. The pair once worked together on That 70’s Show and were reported to have a fling way back when. But Ashton and Mila moved on. First it was Ashton, who went off to have a successful career in both movies and television and a marriage to the beautiful Demi Moore. Demi, a sex symbol from the '80s and '90s, is stunning. But quite possibly the age difference proved to be too much for the younger Kutcher, as the two ended up getting divorced. Ashton moved quickly and ignited his romance with Mila Kunis. They posted a photo back in 2014 of the two of them at a Dodgers game together looking like the happy couple they quickly became. It was easy to fall back into old ways, and like riding a bike, the two former lovebirds were once again reunited and the world was happy to see it. The picture went viral and was further proof that these two intended to stay this time. And as of now, the second time was certainly the charm for this couple.

2 Kylie Jenner – Teenage Trouble


Kylie Jenner has fit perfectly into the Kardashian model for success. The young Internet celebrity has made her early career based on posting numerous selfies of herself all over the Internet. The pictures have bordered on scandalous, being that Kylie just turned 18 last year. Even at a young age, Kylie was pushing the envelope with some of her photos. Now, she is pretty much no-holds-barred, letting loose with her pictures with relentless abandon. Her body is not a figment of anyone’s imagination as she has put herself out there again and again. And with every cleavage shot and each scantily dressed photo, Kylie is doing what all the Kardashians have so successfully mastered; she is feeding the Internet monster and doing so with great success. Her following is greater than many talented musicians and A-list celebrities. Kylie knows exactly what she is doing and when she strips down to a sexy outfit, the Internet rages with interest.

1 Lady Gaga – All Aces


Lady Gaga just turned 30 this past year which may be a surprise for many. It seems like Lady Gaga has been around for a long time. But in reality, it has been a little less than a decade of massive success for Gaga. She hit a home run with “Poker Face” off her Fame album and has been making hit after hit since. She also has been quite outspoken when it comes to politics and any issues she finds passionate. The woman who once wore an entire dress made of meat has made no apologies about her desire to shock at all costs. Lady Gaga isn’t shy about showing the world her body. Her Instagram photos are a case-in-point of how provocative Lady Gaga can be. Her exotic displays of her figure garnered the singer in her 20s a massive audience that has helped propel her to bigger stardom. And the Internet has soared with every picture that Lady Gaga displays. One of her biggest scores was her intimate moments with Taylor Kinney which caused a massive Internet uproar.

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15 Times Young Celebrities Shocked The Internet