15 Thoughts Every Female Has About The Male Body

Despite the overused phrase 'men are visual creatures', when it comes to being attracted to the opposite sex women are just as visual. Women don't find the male body as mysterious as men find the female body, but that definitely doesn't stop women from coming up with thoughts and opinions on the male body. A woman's thoughts on the male body tend to initially be formed on a subconscious, biological level before reaching her conscious thoughts and leading her to create assumptions based on her thoughts.

When it comes to what's considered attractive or unattractive, men have a broader range than women. In general, women tend to have a very black and white set of criteria whereas men have a lot more grey. As always, there are exceptions to every rule. There will always be the odd duck out there that is turned on by bad breath or yellow toenails. Here are 15 Thoughts Every Female Has About The Male Body.

15 Body Odor

Pheromones are the sex hormones that cause women and men to be attracted to each other. Sorry, a man's sweaty post-gym scent is not always going to cause women to flock towards him ripping their clothes off. Everyone has unique pheromones that are a part of your biological makeup. During different times of the month a woman will find herself more attracted to a man than usual due to her own hormones (ovulation).

14 Body Hair

A furry body is much loved...on a dog. A man with a furry body isn't usually described as being 'hot' or 'sexy'. A hairy chest or hairy legs are fine and don't usually cause a woman's brain to tell her to run in the opposite direction. For the majority of women, a hairy back will have her brain telling her to run.

13 Hands

A man's hand appeal goes directly back to evolution and survival of the fittest. Women actually find men with rough hands more attractive than men with soft, smooth hands. Men that have hands that feel softer than a baby's butt portray him as not being a hard worker and not being able to provide food and protection. A man with a working man's hands, that is they are rough to the touch and strong, portray him as being a hard worker that will provide and protect.

12 Butt

11 Thighs

Women love a man with a thigh gap. Actually, no they don't. If anything they do not find a thigh gap on a man to be at all attractive. A woman admires a man's thighs and is drawn to the thighs right after she checks out the gluteus maximus. Well-defined thighs are a very attractive feature on a man. They tell the woman that he leads an active lifestyle.

10 Waistline

9 Feet

8 Nails

It comes without saying that clean nails represent good hygiene and obviously that is a desired trait for both men and women alike. In regards to a man's nails, women prefer short nails. Men should regularly trim their toenails and fingernails. There is nothing worse than laying in bed and having a long toenail scratch against your leg. That causes a woman's brain to think of nails on a chalkboard, which isn't a good thing. Any romance that was there prior to her feeling the long toenail scrape against her leg is long gone.

7 Chest

Women fall into one of two categories when it comes to a man's chest. Women either love a hairy chest or they love a smooth chest. There is no middle ground when it comes to hair on a man's chest. A man's chest is a woman's favorite place to put her head. It offers a source of comfort and protection. Have you ever read a romance novel where "she runs her hand across his rippling chest before resting her head and listening to his heartbeat"? or watched a superhero film where the lead male has a clinging spandex costume to emphasize a well-defined chest?

6 Hair

A woman that wants a Fabio is as easy to find as a woman who wants a man that wears bell-bottoms. A man's hair should never be long enough to put into a ponytail. There is never a time or place for that to be appropriate. A man with a ponytail will be perceived as either being incredibly lazy and ambivalent towards his appearance, or high maintenance and attention-seeking. Neither of those is very attractive.

5 Teeth

Sparkling white teeth on a man are a desired trait for all women. White teeth exude health and happiness. Beautiful white teeth tell a woman that the man has good personal hygiene, takes care of himself, and is healthy.

A man that has yellowing teeth with noticeable plaque buildup is not going to be found very attractive, even if the rest of him looks like Matthew McConaughey. Spaces and gaps aren't unattractive. If anything, spaces and gaps add character and a uniqueness about him.

4 Eyes

 "Your eyes are the window to the soul." (English Proverb)

3 Posture

A confident, driven, successful man doesn't slouch. The more confident a guy, the more attractive he appears. A man that has exceptional posture will be a take charge kind of guy in the bedroom and what woman doesn't want that?!

2 Back

When the words 'back' and 'man' are used together in a sentence, a woman will almost always picture a hot and sweaty construction worker holding a sledge hammer. His tanned skin showcasing his well-defined muscles. There is a reason why male strippers dress in construction worker costumes!

If traffic studies were done on accidents near construction zones it wouldn't be surprising to find out that there were many rear-endings done by women. Women craning their necks around to watch the construction workers swinging those sledgehammers.

1 Area 51

To keep this article from being slapped with an R rating, let's just call this particular area on a man's body Area 51. Everyone is curious and there is endless fascination with Area 51, right?

Despite the feel-good-male-self-esteem-boosting articles out there that make claims that "size doesn't matter". I hate to break it to all the men out there but it definitely does matter. Would you like a sliver of the most delicious chocolate cake on the planet? Or would you like the biggest piece of chocolate cake? Thought so. A woman will be thinking of Area 51 like she thinks about chocolate cake. Period.

Yes, it is true that there is a very rare thing as to being too big, however, this is not anywhere near being the norm and unless your doctor has remarked on size, it's not too of anything. Rest assured, if you are indeed average or even below average, fun and enjoyment will not be lacking if you are proactive and educate yourself on improving your bedroom skills.


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15 Thoughts Every Female Has About The Male Body