15 Things You Know You Would Buy if You Had Millions Of Dollars

Imagining having millions (or even billions) of dollars and how we would spend it is almost always fun. After you have paid off all of your bills, maybe you would invest some money, but eventually you would have more money than you would know what to do with. What would you do with all of that money? Would you purchase a train of your own, and hire your own personal conductor? Or perhaps you would even take lessons and learn how to drive that train, yourself. You could buy a house on every continent, a limousine, or have all of the most fashionable clothes around. A lot of these are the obvious choices, as everyone has their own style and specific taste.

Many people would have their furniture custom-made, or have rare artwork hanging in their living rooms. Would you extend your education? Or would you buy a yacht and travel the high seas? I conducted a poll and asked the question regarding how people would spend their money, and these fifteen items on this list are the most common that arose. It appears that money can't buy happiness, but it sure can buy you a lot of stuff to make you forget about being sad for a while.

15 The World's Most Expensive Villa

14 Fill Your House With Every Technological Gadget Available

So you decide to buy that Villa in France, or even that castle in Ireland, but it seems just a bit empty without the home theater with genuine movie seats. So what should you do? You gear-up that house with every single piece of high-tech equipment that you can possibly find, that's what. From the simplicity of solar panels on the roof (just because we are filthy rich doesn't give us the right to waste energy), to the complex security monitoring system, your house will be the high tech-iest home on the block. If you even have other houses on the block.

13 Your Own Private Jet to Travel The World

12 An Insanely Expensive Car

11 Thousands of Acreage for Homeless Animals

10 Private Assistant at Your Beck and Call 24/7

9 Rebuild an Entire City for the Homeless

8 Dave Grohl to Sing a Concert Just For YOU

7 This Adorable Sloth (Or Some Other Exotic Animal)

6 Swim With The Dolphins

5 Build Your Very Own Theme Park

4 Lawyers. Lots and Lots of Lawyers

3 A Houseful of Shoes

2 A Large Company or Website

1 Your Own Private Island

Is there anyone who wouldn't want to buy their own island if they could? Even if you have a house on every country, can fly your private jet anywhere in the world, or have a beautiful Villa in Italy, the idea of having your own private retreat sounds fascinating. Instead of having to plan a vacation, having to think about where you are going to go, and the other tourists, you could just fly your private jet to your very own island. You could make sure that it is located somewhere in which it is always warm, so you don't have to worry about the weather. If you're worried about getting lonely while on your retreat, just bring a few friends along.


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15 Things You Know You Would Buy if You Had Millions Of Dollars