15 Things To Look Forward To In Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones

Oftentimes even the most popular television series will end up peaking in terms of success with viewers and ratings, but HBO seems to have a winning combination with its hit series, Game of Thrones. Each season has been able to bring in millions of viewers with each episode, and Season 6 has proved to be the most successful season of all for the show.

Breaking records in viewers, hopes were high for Season 6 since the finale for Season 5 brought in an amazing 8.1 million total viewers. This is extremely high for the fact that it’s a show on the HBO network, but not surprising due to the popularity of the series. A number of episodes in Season 6 brought in over 7 million viewers, and the Season 6 finale brought in their highest ratings ever. Bringing in a whopping 8.9 million viewers, it proved that the show isn’t losing any popularity any time soon.

The finale was jaw-dropping for Game of Thrones fans, since so much of the storyline came to a head during the episode. From Cersei laying waste to pretty much all of her enemies in an explosion of wildfire to Daenerys naming Tyrion Hand of the Queen, the finale should have been a culmination of the storyline but instead it created even more questions.

For fans of the series, Season 7 can’t come soon enough and people are already speculating about what is in store for all of the favorite characters of the Seven Kingdoms. Since the showrunners have already made it clear that there will only be 10 to 15 more episodes of the series after the Season 6 finale, the story is going to come to an end even if the book series hasn’t been concluded yet. With the series ultimately coming to a close, check out our list of 15 things to look forward to in Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

15 Lady Stoneheart


Beric Dondarrion may have only played a small role in Season 6, but his character started to gain some steam towards the end of the season. Teaming up with The Hound and going on a hanging streak, fans of the book series couldn’t help but think about the similarities between this aspect of the series and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin. Catelyn Stark may have been killed during the Red Wedding, but the book series has Beric Dondarrion bringing her back with The Lord of Light. Reborn as Lady Stoneheart, fans of the book series have been highly anticipating the emergence of this character in the HBO series. In the book, A Feast for Crows, Lady Stoneheart goes on a hanging streak with Beric Dondarrion and his Brotherhood without Banners group. With the onset of Season 7, fans are hoping to finally see this character introduced to the series, and there is no better time to have her appear than when the Stark children are finally starting to make a rise.

14 The Starks Unite


The series started off with the Stark family all together and happy in Winterfell, but they were all separated almost immediately. With Jon Snow leaving to go to The Wall and half of the Stark family heading to King’s Landing, House Stark was dispersed in all different parts of Westeros with fans wondering whether or not they would ever be reunited. With the series starting with all of these characters together, it’s only reasonable that the series would conclude with them back together again. Jon Snow and Sansa have already reunited, and Arya has already made it to The Twins. Bran is starting to head South, so Season 7 should include a few more Stark siblings getting back together. With Jon Snow being proclaimed The King of the North, it’s inevitable that the other Stark children will hear of his new rise to power. This should be more of a reason for all unite against their foes, and House Stark will once again be a force to be reckoned with.

13 Sansa and Littlefinger Unite


Littlefinger has always taken a special interest in Sansa Stark, ever since she first arrived in King’s Landing. Whether it was because she looked so much like her mother or because he was already calculating how he could use her to get himself seated on The Iron Throne, it’s difficult to tell. Yet he let his true feelings known in Season 6, since he told her of his dream of becoming King and her his Queen. Trying to coax her to go behind the back of his bastard brother, Jon Snow, it doesn’t seem like this is the last of Littlefinger’s scheming in regards to Sansa Stark. Fans already know that she has the capability of doing things behind her brother’s back, since she never even told him that she reached out to Littlefinger to bring in the Knights of the Vale during the Battle of Winterfell. Season 7 will most likely contain some sort of manipulation on behalf of Littlefinger, and quite possibly a collaboration with Sansa Stark.

12 The Ironborn Will Be Put In Line


When Theon and Yara Greyjoy came to Meereen to request an audience with The Mother of Dragons, it was interesting to see the dynamic between these two very powerful women in the series. Both of these characters have fought to be considered more than just property, as most women are in the land of Game of Thrones. When the two finally united, it seemed like it was a pretty good deal they struck on both sides. Adding their fleet of ships to Daenerys’s fleet, the season ended with them on their way across the Narrow Sea. Once the new season starts, it’s inevitable that the first order of business will be to do away with Euron Greyjoy. Since part of the deal was to kill their uncle, it doesn’t seem like Euron Greyjoy will last very long in Season 7. They definitely will need to get the Ironborn in line once they reach the Iron Islands, and that means killing off a character that wasn’t anyone’s favorite in Season 6.

11 Battle On The Narrow Sea


Toward the end of Season 6, Euron Greyjoy revealed his plan of having the Ironborn build a thousand ships and sailing off to meet the Dragon Queen. While his plan to build a thousand ships on a land that doesn’t exactly scream forest of plenty was strange, it was his plan to marry himself to Daenerys that was the most far-fetched. Obviously this isn’t going to turn out the way he planned, but the biggest disappointment will probably come once they inevitably meet on the Narrow Sea. Not only will he be surprised that she isn’t exactly as receptive to the marriage notion as he expected, but he will also be fighting against his niece and nephew who are by her side. There will most likely be a battle scene (which Game of Thrones fans live for), but this time it will be on the water. While fans of the show have seen battles on the water before, there weren’t exactly ship versus ship battles depicted on the series. The Battle of the Blackwater mostly consisted of ships exploding from wildfire, and the fleet surrounding Meereen was rendered impotent due to Daenerys’s fire-breathing dragons. Her fight against Euron will be a true battle on the water, which will be interesting since the Ironborn are known for their power stemming from their ships.

10 The Hound Vs. The Mountain


The Hound and The Mountain don’t exactly have a normal sibling rivalry, and their characters are completely different in the series. While neither of the Clegane brothers started off as the ultimate good guys, The Hound has since redeemed himself in the eyes of the viewers. From helping Sansa at King’s Landing to helping Arya reunite with her family (even though they were all dead), The Hound has actually become quite a likable character. He further endeared himself to fans when he joined a peaceful group, and realized he wanted to make amends for the crimes he committed in life. Conversely, The Mountain has remained an evil character throughout the series, and is currently pretty much a zombie killing machine. Season 7 might entail a battle between good and evil with a fight between the Clegane brothers. Many religious figures have said that the Gods have kept The Hound alive for a reason, and that reason may be to finally kill his brother.

9 Lannister Reunion


Just as the Stark siblings have been separated from one another for years, so have the children of Tywin Lannister. From Jaime being taken captive by Robb Stark to Tyrion assigned to the vanguard alongside his clansmen at the Battle on the Green Fork, it’s actually a rarity that all three Lannister siblings are all together in the same place. Season 6 ended with Jaime finally coming back to King’s Landing after successfully taking back Riverrun from The Blackfish, and Tyrion was on his way back to Westeros after being named The Hand of the Queen by Daenerys Targaryen. Jaime didn’t look too pleased that Cersei had performed a mass killing with wildfire (which caused their last living son to commit suicide), and the last time she saw Tyrion she was urging for his death. So, the reunion will most likely end in some great Game of Thrones drama, which Season 7 fans are awaiting with bated breath.

8 Targaryen/Stark Alliance


Bran Stark finally found out the truth about Jon Snow’s parents, and the little secret about his Targaryen blood will undoubtedly reveal itself in future seasons. Both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have suffered tragedy in their personal lives, so pairing them together would be the ultimate love story for viewers. If you can get past the whole incest thing, try to keep in mind Cersei’s statement to Eddard Stark in Season 1, “The Targaryens wed brothers and sisters for three hundred years to keep bloodlines pure.” On top of keeping the Targaryen bloodline going, the joining of these two dynamic houses would be the best way to show the Lannisters who’s boss. Although Jon Snow may not technically be a Stark, he has already been deemed The King of the North, with all his bannermen behind him proclaiming he has Stark blood running through his veins, and that’s good enough for them.

7 The Wall Will Fall


The Wall is an integral part of the storyline in Game of Thrones, and there was even an entire episode that focused on only The Wall and its characters. Built to defend the realm against the White Walkers, it is said to be over 700 feet tall. As if the solid ice structure isn’t fortified enough, there is a magic that was used to not allow the White Walkers from passing through. So, there is going to be something that will happen that will change The Wall forever. There are some that speculate that it is Bran’s presence that will end up dissolving the magic from The Wall, since he was touched by The Night King during one of his visions. With this allowing him to be followed, this also might allow him to pass through The Wall and take all of the army of undead with him. Yet, others speculate that The Wall will fall during Season 7.

6 Sansa And Tyrion Reunited


When Sansa was forced to marry Tyrion Lannister, she undoubtedly felt like it was the worst possible marriage union that she could possibly imagine. Yet, Tyrion is a huge fan favorite on the show, and it didn’t seem like she really gave him a chance to make her happy. With her second marriage union being with Ramsay Bolton (the psychopath), she had to be thinking about the comparisons between these two very different men. With Tyrion on his way back to Westeros with Daenerys Targaryen, it will be interesting to see what their reunion will be like between Sansa and her first husband. Jon Snow and Daenerys have a common bloodline, so there should be an instant alliance. This gives rise to a continued Stark alliance through Sansa and Tyrion, the new Hand of the Queen. Season 7 should show these two meeting again after so much has happened in their lives, and hopefully they can rekindle what little they once had and create a romantic relationship that will endure.

5 The Past May Not Be Completely Written


The Three-Eyed Raven was a huge part of Season 6, and was able to impart a lot of knowledge to Brandon Stark. Through a series of flashback portions throughout the seasons, fans were able to see a younger version of many favorite characters and an abundance of secrets were revealed. Although The Three-Eyed Raven proclaimed, “The past is already written. The ink is dry,” there are a few things that make fans wonder whether or not this is really true. One of the theories involves the fact that The Night King was able to touch Bran during one of the visions, and therefore what happens during the visions can absolutely affect the present. Another aspect of this idea is when Bran called out to his father during one of the visions. Eddard Stark seemed to hear him, which makes fans wonder whether or not Bran can change key events in the past. Season 7 will undoubtedly delve deeper into this new honed ability by Bran, and give even more insight into the storyline and its characters.

4 The Dragon Has Three Heads


Daenerys was told that the dragon has three heads back when she was in Qarth, so she was always aware that there would be two other bloodriders with her to ride her dragons and recapture her birthright. Yet, it has remained a mystery up until now as to who those bloodriders might be. With her sellsword lover staying in Meereen and Tyrion being named The Hand of the Queen, it’s likely that Tyrion will be one of the riders. The dragons have already become accustomed to Tyrion since he was the one that freed them from captivity, and at least they didn’t bite his head off while he was in there. The other rider will most likely be Jon Snow since it was divulged that he has Targaryen blood. So, Season 7 should finally show that it’s not just Daenerys that knows how to mount and ride a dragon into battle.

3 Jon Will Find Out The Truth About His Parents


When Jon Snow last saw Eddard Stark, he was on his way to The Wall. While he was always told he was the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, he asked about his mother before being separated for what he thought would be years. Lord Stark never did give him any information on who his mother was, and Jon Snow made a number of comments about how he wondered whether or not she was just a common prostitute. Yet, Season 6 finally provided fans with the answer through a vision by Brandon Stark. Season 7 should divulge this information to the new King of the North, whether through Bran’s return to Jon’s side or a vision offered up by Melisandre. It should be comforting to him that his mother was not just a prostitute or wench that Lord Stark was entranced by, but actually he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

2 Clash Of Queens


Cersei has had a much different experience growing up as a Lannister than Daenerys had as a Targaryen in hiding. While there are some noble houses that have a matriarchal society, most refer to their women as property that could be used to further their House. Conversely, Daenerys came from House Targaryen that saw their women more as equal with their male counterparts. The Targaryen sisters rode alongside the rulers on dragons, and no one ever batted an eye when Daenerys was proclaimed Queen of Meereen. Yet, Cersei was married off to Robert Baratheon as a way for House Lannister to form a meaningful alliance, and she was again betrothed to Loras Tyrell even though she expressed some desire that she didn’t wish to marry again. While Cersei and Daenerys came from very different origins, they both rose to power against all odds. With the two on opposite sides and both worthy opponents, a clash of queens is inevitable for Season 7. Fans will get to see these queens battle it out in the ultimate game of thrones, and they will get to see who will end up on top.

1 The Night King Vs. Jon Snow


The Night King is supposedly the leader of all the White Walkers, and the very first White Walker that was made by The Children of the Forest. He appeared on the series in the last three seasons of the show, albeit it might be a bit difficult to differentiate him from all the rest of the White Walkers since so many of them look alike. Nevertheless, he seems to be far more intelligent and strategic than all the other White Walkers, and has the ability to resurrect the Wights on command. The Night King is the one who turned Craster’s sons with a single touch, and he is the one who grabbed Bran’s arm during a vision – giving him the ability to find him and follow him wherever he goes. Yet, it was his appearance in the Hardhome episode that was the most eerie. He seemed to acknowledge Jon Snow in a way that threatened a future fight, and Season 7 is just the time to make this battle come to fruition. While the series constantly talks about “the war to come,” the battle between The Night King and Jon Snow is what fans have all been waiting for.

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15 Things To Look Forward To In Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones