15 Things Captain America: Civil War Gets Absolutely Wrong

The two titans of the comic book industry, Marvel and DC, have been competing for decades now to win over movie-going audiences. In the past few years it would be virtually impossible to deny that Marvel has its hands firmly gripped tight on its dominance within these comic and superhero realms in theaters. However, when it comes to their own universe brought to life, there can often be felt a level of over-hype for their franchise properties upon their release.

Granted, some of Marvel’s movies have been truly defining and received overwhelmingly deserved praise – Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes to mind – but others have been greeted with somewhat generous overall views that, in truth, seem rather exaggerated.

One such film that could fit under that bracket is Captain America: Civil War, which has received a barrage of labels stating that it is 'the greatest comic book movie of all time' and Marvel's greatest accomplishment in their current MCU state.

While there are admittedly many case and points to argue that this is a truth, it is our job to point out the factors which actually define Civil War as somewhat over-hyped, despite being massively entertaining nonetheless.

Join us as we pick apart Marvel's latest offering, a clash of two titans accompanied by an unimaginable amount of backup heroes who don't quite all hit the mark that they should have. If you thought Civil War was safe from the negativity, think again... And don't say we didn't tell you.

15 Nick Who?


For a universe so concerned with ensuring that every possible avenue is visited and no cracks are left unfilled, Civil War somewhat drops the ball in a big way by failing to acknowledge none other than Avengers general Nick Fury.

14 TV Heroes Absent


While seeing a roster of the majority of the big-screen heroes from Marvel's Cinematic Universe so far is certainly a sight to behold, it still would have been quite nice for some of the television players to hav a hand in proceedings.

After all, Marvel's own Agents Of SHIELD have been universally involved in the actions and repercussions of Cap and Bucky's ongoing turbulent missions, so surely there's a place for at least a mention.

13 Another 3D Dud


In a world where blockbuster movies simply do not require the extra 'aid' of 3D, Marvel pulled out another money-spinning idea to release their next superhero outing in 3D as well as standard 2D.

12 Sharon Carter


She was set up perfectly in The Winter Soldier and the path was there for her to follow in Civil War, but the very fact that Sharon Carter is left merely as a Captain America admirer feels like such a wasted opportunity. Here is a woman who is just as badass as her aunt and would have certainly been of great interest in a throwdown with Black Widow, but instead she's left as a love interest who is only concerned with locking lips and sourcing information to Cap.

11 The Ending


For all the opposition that Cap and Tony Stark throw at each other throughout the film, the closure of Civil War feels rather soft. After all, once Tony finds out exactly what happened that fateful night when his parents died, he goes absolutely schizo and doesn't think about anything but killing both his former Avengers teammate and Bucky.

10 Post-Credit Overkill?


Okay, so we all know that Marvel movies now have to religiously include not one, but two post-credit sequences, but in essence Civil War's felt a little flat. The first sequence, especially, made for a rather pointless scene that should have actually been tagged onto the end the movie itself. Why we couldn't have seen Bucky frozen in Wakanda at the end of the movie is anyone's guess.

9 Thor and Hulk


8 Infinity What?


Admittedly, the Infinity War movies may be a few films down the line, but the very fact that there is pretty much no mention of Thanos' impending attack is slightly odd. Especially given that Age of Ultron brought to us a post-credit scene intent on whetting the appetite.

7 Language, Timothy!


After all of the in-jokes about bad language in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and the very fact that these movies are essentially part-and-parcel of kids' pop culture these days, Civil War certainly doesn't hold back on the language.

6 Farewell, Peggy


Considering Marvel's generally impressive handling of female characters thus far (we're still waiting for that Black Widow movie mind you), the very fact that Peggy Carter's demise is handled in just one scene feels a little disappointing.

5 Crossbones


A villain who had a substantial setup in the previous movie, The Winter Soldier, the ultimate payoff for Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones felt all too much like an anti-climax.

4 Score Bore


One of the fundamentals of a truly great comic book movie is a memorable and powerful score accompanying the events unfolding in front of our eyes. Time and time again great composers have stunned us with their work on DC films such as The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, but when it comes to Marvel they never quite seem to match their rivals.

3 Peaking too early


It is often the case that a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows the familiar framework of providing its most riveting and exciting action inthe final act - not Civil War.

2 No Fatalities


Okay, so we get that this is essentially a family-orientated universe and deaths are few and far between (unless you're a power hungry villain), but Marvel could - and maybe should - have been bold in dispatching at least one of its core characters.

1 Finding Zemo


Daniel Bruhl's Zemo is quite simply one of the most disappointing villains Marvel has ever placed in one of their movies. A comic book character who looks evil to the core and features an array of specialities that make him a huge danger to the heroes, this version of Zemo is as normal as they come.

His motives are valid, but this film version of Zemo feels hugely misplaced, instead providing a rather throwaway villain in the middle of a much more interesting narrative unfolding. In truth, Zemo - much like the previously mentioned Crossbones - feels thrown in for the sake of extra comic referencing - rather than providing a villain worthy of taking on the Avengers. If you're not Loki you simply aren't worthy of villain status it seems...

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15 Things Captain America: Civil War Gets Absolutely Wrong