15 Super Bowl Commercials We Wished Never Aired

Give America a huge event to celebrate and America will give you… advertising. That’s right, in the land of “Giant” President’s Day sales and “Crazy” Veteran’s Day blowouts, there’s no way a little something called the Super Bowl could exist for long without making commercials an integral part of the experience.

We’re at the point now where we often anticipate the ads just as much as the game itself. In fact, forget the game - we even run betting pools on who will show the first ad or how much an ad cost. Considering that the big game itself has historically been a blowout, perhaps it’s no wonder that the commercials have taken on such importance. Or maybe it’s just more fun to watch a bunch of beer-swilling clowns, talking animals, forgotten celebrities and Danica Patrick shill product than it is to see actual football.

Whatever the reasons, everybody remembers the best Superbowl commercials. But do you remember the worst? TheRichest has got 15 of them below that will make you wince, scratch your head ("What were they thinking?") and maybe even throw up in your mouth a little bit.

15 Chevy - “Apocalypse”

14 Holiday Inn - “Bob Johnson”

13 Groupon - “Tibet”

12 Dirt Devil - “Fred Astaire”

11 SoBe - “Football & Lizards”

10 Sales Genie - “Pandas”

9 Go Daddy - “All of Them”

8 Budweiser “Clown”

7 - “Bad Ad”


6 GM - “Robot”


5 Apple - “Lemmings”


4 H & M - “David Beckham”

It’s not that we don’t believe for a second that there isn’t a significant portion of the population that doesn’t want to see Becks naked. However, this commercial is so boring, so uninspired, so, yes, stupid, that it deserves a spot on this list. For this they spent all of that money to get a Super Bowl spot? What a waste of Beckham’s “talents” if nothing else.

3 Tax Act - “Peeing”


2 - “Gerbils”


1 Ameriquest - “Bumpy Flight”


This one must have seemed hilarious during late-night brainstorming sessions by the advertising geeks. After all, what’s not to like? It’s got slapstick (sort-of). It’s got mistaken identities (sort-of). It’s got awkward situations (that’s right- “sort-of”). It’s even got S-E-X. Unfortunately, what it doesn’t have is funny. Apparently funny was too heavy to bring on-board as a carry-on. Maybe Ameriquest should have checked this commercial at the gate as well.


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15 Super Bowl Commercials We Wished Never Aired