15 Strange Facts About Sausage Party, The Saddest Movie Ever

Popcorn and sausage are the highlight of theatres this fall thanks to Seth Rogen’s appetite for destruction. If you ever wanted to witness food doing the nasty in Pixar Style animation then you’ve made it just in time for the curtain call. By design, this production is zany, wacky, and every bit as strange as you expected but there were also some rather unexpected moments that made it even stranger. From the cutting board to the cutting room floor, Sausage Party is what happens when a group of twisted A-list film professionals get together and try to dry hump wet noodles. The end result is enough to get Rotten Tomatoes excited for sure.

In case you’ve yet to see the haphazard horror about super-sexy foods who journey from the grocery store shelf to “The Great Beyond” know this: if P. Diddy had it his way, we’d all be squeezing hot mustard on each other right now. The outtakes include but are certainly not limited to, pita breads with shaved pelvises, glamour buns being fleshed out by underpaid animation pros, and the Gingerbread Man from Shrek directing real life food p*rn. That’s just the beginning. Over the course of approximately 90 minutes, Seth Rogen and his star studded sausage-slingers have made us laugh, shake, shiver, and maybe even cry. Presenting a new style to the masses has always been a tiny bit treacherous but this time the transition is straight up bananas. Here are 15 strange facts you never knew about the Sausage Party movie. Go ahead. Ketchup.

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15 There Aren't Any Sausages At The Party

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We're not exactly certain what the meaning is behind this but the so-called Sausage Party is comprised almost entirely of hot dogs. The lead character, who happens to be named Frank, a clear and obvious hot dog reference, looks exactly like a hot dog and nothing at all like a sausage. We can only assume that in this bizarre universe, hot dogs and sausages are interchangeable. Either that or the title has nothing to do with the plot. There is one other possibility left to examine. There is one hot dog who's shorter and fatter than the others, an allegedly "deformed hot dog" named Barry who could pass for a chopped link of sausage. So...what if they really are sausages who think they're hot dogs because they're deformed and Barry, the short stubby slab of meat is actually the normal sausage? This might not have been what the directors intended but it's definitely "food for thought." Sausages or no sausages, this is one production that's got absolutely no shortage of buns.

14 It's The First Of Its Kind

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Adult animation has been in the works for some time now. It’s seen its share of success with at home audiences. The introduction of television series like Family Guy, American Dad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and every other Adult Swim cartoon you can think of does seem to suggest that there is a void to be filled regarding adult-oriented animation. That being said, Sausage Party will go down in history as the very first Pixar-style animation to present an adult theme to theater audiences. For such a silly concept, the film certainly does feature plenty of firsts. For example, it stands as the first big budget R-rated animated movie in history. It's also the first box office smash to feature vulgar genitalia-shaped cartoons posing thought-provoking questions about religion through sex puns. If you want to know what's strange about the film, simply read that last sentence one more time.

13 It's An Allegory

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If you didn't realize that Sausage Party was about religion, you're definitely not alone. Most viewers also didn't know that The Wizard of Oz was really about the silver over gold standard or that Animal Farm was about Russian Czars, Napoleon, and the corruption of the secret police. Sometimes entertainment can be bewildering but movies like this offer a unique experience in that they tell two equally compelling stories simultaneously.

In Sausage Party's case, this film does not present itself as particularly intellectual. In fact, the mastermind behind much of the concept, film maker/comedian Seth Rogen, has admitted that thinking too hard about the film could give viewers a real brain freeze because it was “designed to be dumb.” However, behind the façade of raunchy humor and glamorous buns, there lies a subliminal but ever-present theme that's taking stabs at modern day religion with a very literal, however digitally painted knife. In this dark comedy, "The Great Beyond" (the central theme of the film and also a place presumed to represent the afterlife) and everything these ill-fated, anthropomorphic foods have based their ideologies on, turns out to be a sham.

12 Salma Hayek Believes It's The Raunchiest Role She Has Ever Played

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That's some pretty tough talk from the soon to be stuffed taco considering the fact that her voice was the only thing being revealed in the film. Her past features have revealed far more, at least physically speaking. Over the years, we’ve seen Salma portray a vampire queen/stripper, a sexy mob boss and a corset clad wild thing from the West. Still, the steamy, Coke-bottle shaped actress attests that her mouth has never uttered such vulgarities in all of her natural born life. Her husband, the $15 billion man who stands as chairman of the Kering Corporation, can confirm. He was utterly shocked upon his first listen to the edited version. While we’re not sure which is naughtier- being eye candy or being ear sugar- there’s no denying the fact that Salma plays one “naughty, naughty taco” in this peculiar motion picture. Still, we believe many of her photos are worth a thousand provocative words. We'll let you be the judge.

11 Sausage Party's Sexy Taco Just Turned 50

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Say what you will of the animation, the sex jokes and even the general message behind the film. There’s still no denying the fact that it tackles a wide range of otherwise taboo topics. Subjects like foreign policy, belief in divinity, unspoken social codes of conduct (and whether or not they’re worth following) and more are explored throughout but here’s one you might have missed---seasoned females getting their freak on. This film certainly does “taco bout it” in an amazingly subtle way.

By casting the newly minted 50-year-old starlet Salma Hayek in an incredibly sultry role, the producers are building a brand new space that previously did not exist for middle aged actresses who are often prematurely discarded or cast into matronly roles simply as a result of their age, even if they look like a million bucks. Sausage Party stands to prove that the fifty-something actresses can look and sound stunning when given the right platform. More animated films like this could bring even more employment opportunities to actresses who fit similar profiles.

10 Everything We Eat Really Was Alive

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Delving back into the world of the strange is this terribly disturbing fact that could hurt your brain. Anthropomorphobia, the fear of inanimate objects taking on human characteristics, could stem from the subconscious’s acknowledgement of this fact alone. In reality, it isn’t just the food that was alive though, it’s pretty much everything you own. The only exception being synthetic products such as vegan leather, which are usually comprised of petroleum based chemicals that are terrible for the environment and therefore introduce Earth’s living creatures to a slow and painful death where they are displaced as opposed to being eaten and worn.

That said, in terms of general food consumption, you cannot survive by eating anything that didn’t used to be alive. Plants are often viewed as not having souls, but that’s an awfully assumptive point. Plants have been known to respond to kindness, talking and singing. Potatoes have been known to scream when sliced. Eating is a matter of perspective to which there is really no alternative aside from death. But Sausage Party is intended to be a comedy, so in that spirit, the morbid act of consumption oozes with sex appeal and things only get stranger from there.

9 The Controversial Animated Food $#$% Was Originally 8 Whole Minutes Long

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Can you imagine sitting through eight long, hard minutes of hot dogs who think they are sausages doing the nasty with every other grocery store item that could fill your cart? Well, guess what? Seth Rogen and the gang; a crew that is inclusive of but not limited to Alan Menken, Christopher Lennertz, Megan Ellison, Ariel Shaffir, Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan, Evan Goldberg, Jonah Hill and a host of A-list actors and actresses, thought that was something you’d be able to swallow. Apparently they went all out with the animation of this scene in an attempt to make it the filthiest cartoon sex scene ever, so when they were forced by the MPAA to remove some of the graphic content they’d still have a lot left to work with. Much to the surprise of the film makers, nothing was deemed inappropriate and later they had to spend months editing the scene. In the final version, we have just two and a half minutes of that footage taking place in the film. Much of the hottest sausage ended up on the cutting room floor no doubt.

8 The Gingerbread Man In Shrek Was One of the Directors

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Director Conrad Vernon could teach an ex-Disney star a thing or two about making that seamless transition from wholesome pop star to x-rated show stopper. He did this and nobody even blinked an eye. There’s a great deal of irony wrapped up in this fact. For example, Miley Cyrus made this very same attempt when she went from Hanna Montana to Poses Naked With Pigs On Magazine Spreads and people were completely outraged. She even tried the transition by riding a giant hot dog over her audience. The world was appalled. Yet Mr. Vernon and several of his previously G-rated costars all went from G-rated to G-string with very little coverage at all. Get it? Very little coverage. Because Sausage Party is the first of its kind, whether or not future directors, producers and actors will run the risk of being typecast as a “risqué animator” versus “family oriented animator” in the future remains to be seen. For now, they are free to eat around.

Equally interesting is the fact that gingerbreads, dating all the way back to the historical Pagan rule and dark ages, are mostly used to represent cannibalism. The Sausage Party could also be seen as bringing cannibal inspired themes to the table (these food puns are way too easy) because the food is drawn in such a way that it truly comes across as human.

7  7. P. Diddy Envisioned A Movie Filled With Live People In Enormous Hot Dog Costumes

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Love it or hate it, it didn’t seem like this movie could get any stranger. One stroll through P. Diddy’s imagination, however, has proved us all wrong. The Hip Hop mogul, who is most known for his role in the career of the Notorious B.I.G. and a show that served as the basis for one of the most hilarious Dave Chappelle skits to hit the screen, had a thoroughly strange take on the Sausage Party concept. In his mind, the film was more like a play with people dressed up as life-size grocery items. We can’t even begin to imagine how the orgy would have played out under these circumstances but it definitely would have had to hit theatres under the NC-17 rating- if it hit theatres at all. You would think that once he caught wind of the fact that this production was actually an animated film, he’d breathe a sigh of relief regarding his cameo. Bizarrely, his reaction was quite the opposite. Upon receiving the news that the movie was a cartoon, he dropped the project like a hot potato and never looked back. We’re all dying to know what P. Diddy would have looked like in a giant hot dog suit.

6 It Sparked An Underpaid Animator Controversy

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Sausage Party could go down in history as one of the most talked about films of our time but probably not for the reasons the production team intended. It was meant to be ‘dumb' and at the same time thought-provoking, a recipe for controversy if ever there was one. It’s raised a ton of eyebrows and started many necessary conversations but some of those conversations didn’t stem from the script. They stemmed from the working conditions. When it was rumored that the animation team was forced to endure painstaking circumstances that included long hours, food and sleep deprivation, and zero pay for overtime, it stirred up a heated debate regarding underpaid and undervalued animators. Reparations were made and the crew was eventually given their due although some of the animators claim back pay was never received.

This all appears to be what happens when you try to make a Pixar-style $200 million movie for a fraction of the price. Sausage Party stood in stark contrast to its family- friendly counterparts, with funding adding up to an approximated $30 million. What’s worse, the fate of adult animated motion pictures rests in the success or failure of Sausage Party. With a pretty outstanding opening week at the box office, the numbers are presently looking up. Let’s just hope the animators stir up discussions regarding the film as well.

5 The Whole Thing Was Drawn By Hand

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No wonder the animators were so angered by their lack of monetary compensation. In a world gone digital, at a time when animation has actually never been easier, the makers of Sausage Party insisted on perfection. One aspect of that perfection was in the details. Oddly, the film, all the way down to the plotline and lighting, was modeled after box office smash hit Toy Story. In order to film Toy Story, sculptures and drawings were needed in addition to the many digital elements required to create a believable imaginary world that’s both visually and texturally enticing. We can only imagine that for Sausage Party, multiple genital shaped sculptures would have had to be molded in order to mimic this world renowned Toy Story style. In addition to drawing everything by hand, the Sausage Party team also dedicated a jaw-dropping two months to the lighting alone. Tragically, most moviegoers took the film to be a naughty version of Veggie Tales rather than an ode to the motion picture epic Toy Story.

4 The Stuff They Cut From The Script Was Pretty Wacky

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After Diddy opted out under the most ridiculous of reasons, more hilarity ensued in the edits of the film. We're talking stuff like the fact that the talking pita was stripped of its pelvic hair in order to maintain an R-rating. Apparently, all of the other private parts were perfectly acceptable images but hair around the nether region is a no-no on the silver screen. Craig Robinson, one of the A-list voice actors, also underwent an editing procedure but at least they kept the razors out of his transition. Today, his appearance can be witnessed as the voice of a box of grits but this role was actually modified at his request. The original script featured the former Hot Tub Time Machine actor as a non perishable box of “Uncle Tom’s Rice.” Lastly, the entire theme of the movie changed almost as soon as the script began to form. Allegedly, Seth Rogen has been plugging Sausage Party ever so subtly for about eight years, but he didn’t have anything written aside from the theme and the title. Much like actual sausage, a lot of the scraps from the film had to hit the cutting room floor.

3 Actor Michael Cera Says It Was A Wholesome Movie

We’re really not sure what movie actor Michael Cera was watching when he came to this conclusion but this is one of the strangest aspects of the motion picture. It seems that almost everyone who worked behind the scenes saw the movie in an oddly different light. To say that calling Sausage Party wholesome is overly optimistic would be an understatement. In reality, it’s just plain weird.

Cera’s uncanny ability to see the silver lining through the darkness is what landed him the role of deformed but still optimistic hot dog Barry to begin with. While wholesome isn’t a word most of us would use to describe this particular party, there are a handful of viewers who seem to agree. The entire country of Sweden sees Sausage Party as a film fit for almost all ages. Children seven and older are welcome to attend its screening so long as they’re accompanied by an adult. Oddly, while discussing Sausage Party in an interview, Cera also happened to comment on how “not fun” it is to accidentally see a sex scene with your mom present. We must presume he was speaking from a horrifying experience.

2 It Introduced A Line Of Toys We Simply Can't Unsee

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When it comes to this film, viewer reactions have ranged from laughter to shock to utter disgust. If you venture into the theatre to witness this zany Pixar-style picture you should enter forewarned. This is a movie you cannot unsee. Now, thanks to Amazon and the Internet, you don't even have to see the film in order to be blinded by the talking cartoon-genital-resembling food.

Oddly, the movie’s sponsors didn’t think the film warranted the production of any sort of novelty products. Those businessmen were wrong however. The creepy critters from Sausage Party are showing up on tee shirts. They're being sold as action figures, bobble heads, and scratch offs. Even more strangely, they're being sewn into pillows. We totally expect these plush wee wee pillows will wind up on a "scariest toys of 2016" list sometime in the not so distant future. Until then, be on the lookout for more peculiar Sausage Party goods as food continues fighting back in theaters across the globe.

1 It's Strangely Sad

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When you think of a movie called Sausage Party that's all about hot dogs, it's hard not to giggle just a little. For this reason, the fact that it's SuperSad (that's a little play on Superbad by the way) is pretty peculiar. The movie isn't really sad for the audience. Twitter users summed up the general public’s initial reaction pretty well when they posed this question:

“What did I just watch?”

It wasn’t sad for the cast members either. From what we can see, they all got something different from the movie but most described it as a great experience. Mostly, it was sad for Seth Rogen on a ton of different levels.

Firstly, Sausage Party was his baby, his decade-long project in the making. Now that creative process has come to an end. The finished product is packaged and sitting on the proverbial sausage block for all to critique and/or admire. For a creative type, this is like watching your baby grow into an adult and knowing you can never turn back that clock.

Furthermore, this is an in-depth look into the mind of the man who brought us hits like SuperBad and Pineapple Express. His mind turned out to be a perplexing maze of aisles. We expected these aisles to be brimming with jokes. They were. We thought they’d be jam packed with sexual innuendos. That was also true. We even knew there’d be a dark aisle. None of us were prepared for how dark that aisle turned out to be, but most of us knew it was there. What we weren’t really expecting was the sadness. Here is this brilliant, imaginative guy that, when challenged with questions about the afterlife, manages to wipe out pretty much every belief system on the planet in one fell swoop and replace it with something dreadful.

The afterlife, according to Seth Rogen, is a place where the gods consume the living without abandon, possibly in a reverse scenario, you know, like when Christians eat of the flesh and drink of the blood at communion except the opposite occurs. We’re not really sure. Moreover, whether the human race is meant to represent the sheep-like, oversexed food products or the self absorbed, maniacal humans who, despite the fact that they are gods are still damned to a fate of consuming the living in order to avoid becoming the dead, is beside the point. The fact that the Great Beyond sucks is just baloney, no matter which way you slice it.

In a recent behind the scenes interview, one cast member explained that the theme behind the movie was to "live in the now." Even that is pretty depressing. When you really think about it, now is the only time sequence that keeps on passing us by. Tomorrow is always in the air. Even if it isn't really coming most of us continue to think it is until we die. Yesterday is also ever present through memories. Now, on the other hand is a fleeting, intangible thing. By the time you realize now is actually happening, it’s already over. Think about it; a few moments ago you were reading number seven and that was now. Number seven's now is already over and you haven't even finished the article yet. In Seth Rogen's dark, twisted universe, the always elusive now is all we have. Sausage Party- saddest, strangest movie ever.

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