15 Starlets Who Looked Hot Portraying A Call Girl

Hollywood has a propensity to glamorize sexual relationships on both the small and big screen. While romance films are great for chick flicks, it’s the steamy sex scenes that truly make them stand out

Hollywood has a propensity to glamorize sexual relationships on both the small and big screen. While romance films are great for chick flicks, it’s the steamy sex scenes that truly make them stand out. Would The Notebook be as good without the scene with Rachel McAdams ripping off her wet clothes during the sex scene with Ryan Gosling – doubtful!

Yet, it’s not just romance flicks that are enhanced by an ultra-sultry love scene. Hollywood loves to delve into the seedy underbelly of the sex industry, from rags to riches stories to heartbreaking tales. When Julia Roberts portrayed a hooker with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman, it was a modern day Cinderella story that made audiences fall in love with her in a way that no one has been able to get over, to this day. While the definitely paid off, there aren’t many actresses that can play a street walker with as much class as Julia Roberts.

There aren’t too many actresses that are willing to walk the streets and sell themselves in such a raunchy way, like Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman. However, some of the call girl roles haven’t been much better in regards to class.

Call girls are meant to exude a bit of class and sophistication, dress in a less obvious manner, and are known for being more pricey. Check out our list of 15 celebrities that played a call girl, and see who played the best high-class call girl on television or the big screen.

15 Viva Bianca - X: Night of Vengeance


Viva Bianca is an Australian actress that has starred in a number of horror films, and as characters that immerse themselves in the darker side of society. Known for her role as Ilithyia on the television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, she isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with her character portrayals. This couldn’t be more evident than in her role as Holly Rowe in X: Night of Vengeance. The film starts with Bianca seemingly jaded to the life of a call girl, and vowing to start anew. However, her version of starting anew is finding a girl on the street and training her to become a younger version of herself. After witnessing a violent murder, the pair embark on a run for their lives and leave audiences wondering whether or not they will get away.

14 Sasha Grey - Entourage


Starting off in the sex industry, Sasha Grey quickly made a name for herself since she started in hardcore adult entertainment at the tender age of 19 years old. Creating films where anything goes, she started to branch out into acting in a more mainstream capacity with a role on HBO’s Entourage. While she was playing a fictionalized version of herself, she pulled off the role of Vincent Chase’s girlfriend with ease. So when Steven Soderbergh was looking for just the right actress to star in his new film, The Girlfriend Experience, who other than Sasha Grey could play the role? Acting as a call girl that made a whopping $2,000 an hour, the film showed both the glamorous and depressing side to this occupation.

13 Amanda Seyfried - Chloe


Starting off her acting career in soap operas, it should come as no surprise that Amanda Seyfried has extreme range when it comes to the characters she portrays. However, it’s not often that an actress can walk the line between two very different types of characters on film. From the innocent and ultra talented characters in Les Miserables and Mamma Mia! to the sexual and raunchy in Lovelace, Seyfried isn’t afraid to exude sex appeal on the big screen. Her call girl moment was in the 2009 film, Chloe, where she is hired by Julianne Moore’s character to try and seduce her husband. She pulls off the escort character with ease, and creates a sexy portrayal that has a lasting impression.

12 Catherine McCormack - Dangerous Beauty


Catherine McCormack has a long list of film accolades throughout her professional career, and has acted in several well-known films like 28 Weeks Later and Braveheart. In the 1998 film, Dangerous Beauty, McCormack plays the role of Veronica Franco who is trapped in a hopeless romance set in sixteenth century Venice. Long before tawdry hotel rooms and Craigslist ads, courtesans were the call girls of their time. Highly paid street walkers that were expected to be educated, cultured, and drop dead gorgeous; McCormack’s character goes from being a highly sought after courtesan to a target of a witch hunt. There are a number of stellar actors in the film, and numerous steamy love scenes that can hold their weight next to any modern day romance flicks.

11 Nina Ivanisin - A Call Girl


Born in Slovenia, Nina Ivanisin is an actress that has starred in a number of super provocative films, including Just Between Us and A Call Girl. A Call Girl is a 2009 film that takes place in the capital of Slovenia, and depicts the story of an English language student hoping to better her life through prostitution. After answering an ad for a casting call, she narrowly escapes a scary situation where she is almost sexually assaulted. Instead of seeing this as a wake-up call, she uses it as a launching pad to embark on a career as a call girl. Many of the scenes are hauntingly graphic, and show a different life of an escort than the glamorous life typical of call girls.

10 Tamala Jones - Confessions of a Call Girl


Not exactly the best scripted film, Confessions of a Call Girl is more about sexual exhibition than it is about heart. Tamala Jones portrays Tory Adams, a seemingly normal wife and mother by day and call girl by night. Claiming to have an addiction to having sex with men for money, it is definitely on the cheesier side when it comes to the plot. However, the film does have a number of well-known actors, including Lynn Whitfield and Clifton Powell. There are numerous steamy sex scenes featuring Jones, and it shows the complex psyche behind a woman willing to risk it all to indulge in her deepest desires.

9 Carole Davis -  Sex and the City


During the first season of HBO’s Sex and the City, the public was only being introduced to this group of girls that definitely had their fair share of sexual partners. During the fifth episode, the show touched on another woman who indulged in flippant sexual relations but she had one defining difference: she was a call girl. Amalita Amalfi, played by Carole Davis, had a few different names, from international party girl to Euro trash, but audiences couldn’t help but notice some glaring facts in her character portrayal- living the life of luxury without having a job, being on the arm of a number of different men (all in the same episode), and setting Carrie up with a “friend” who left cash on the nightstand after a night of sex. While she may have been the craftiest call girl on TV, she didn’t fool us!

8 Katherine Waterston - The Babysitters


Katherine Waterston is an actress that tends to be attracted to roles that lean towards the more obscure than mainstream. While her professional career offers a wide array of different films, many of them haven’t exactly been blockbuster hits. Yet, what they lack in commercial appeal, they more than make up for in critical acclaim, as in her part in the 2014 film, Inherent Vice. In 2007, she portrayed a very unlikely call girl in the film, The Babysitters. Starting off having a sexual encounter with John Leguizamo’s character, she learned she could parlay this into a pretty substantial business. Enlisting her fellow teenage friends and evolving into a bit of a Madam, she becomes a cautionary tale for those thinking that the life of a call girl is cut and dry.

7 Billie Piper - Secret Diary of a Call Girl


Based off the books, The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl and The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl, Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a UK drama series from ITV2. The show delves into Piper’s portrayal as the daytime mild-mannered Hannah and her lady of the night alter ego. Billie Piper has been known to act in some controversial roles, like her Bride of Frankenstein character in Penny Dreadful, but this portrayal as a call girl is jaw dropping. From the scenes featuring simulated fellatio to the steamy sex scenarios, this is a must-watch for those in search of a voyeuristic take on the secret life of a call girl.

6 Johanna Black - Entourage


Johanna Black has acted in a number of films, but the majority of her acting roles have stemmed from TV movies and television series. From the Total Recall 2070 series to Two and a Half Men, she seems to have acted in a wide variety of popular shows on television. However, it was her role as the Queen of call girls in Entourage that showed the sexiest side to Johanna Black. The Madam at the unassuming mansion next to Vincent Chase, the second season of the show introduced her as just another beautiful fling. Yet, things started to look a little fishy when her house was always filled with beautiful and scantily clad women that couldn’t get enough of characters like Turtle and Johnny Drama.

5 Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss


Jamie-Lynn Sigler was first introduced to audiences through her role as little Meadow Soprano on the hit HBO series, The Sopranos. With the series spanning seven seasons, the public was able to basically watch this young girl grow into a beautiful young lady on screen. While her Sopranos character dabbled in some casual drug use (speed and ecstasy), Sigler was still able to maintain a “good girl” persona both on and off the screen. So when it was announced she would play the madam in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss, the public wondered whether or not she could pull off the call girl character that rose to the top of her game. While critics offered mixed reviews on her performance, it was certainly a treat to see a sexier side to this Hollywood good girl.

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Client List


Starring as the squeaky clean character, Sarah Reeves Merrin, on Party of Five, Jennifer Love Hewitt had a good girl persona that followed her into the other roles she played on television and film. However, she tried to shed this persona in the 2010 Lifetime film, The Client List. As a former Texas pageant queen, her character marries a former football star but they encounter financial struggles with their three kids. She becomes one of the most popular street walkers working out of a massage parlor, and ultimately gets arrested. The film goes into detail about her “client list” of prominent figures in their town, but the most intriguing aspect of the show are the steamy sex scenes involving this good girl gone bad.

3 Emmanuelle Vaugier - Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss


Emmanuelle Vaugier is an actress that has never shied away from playing up her provocative look. Her character portrayals in shows like One Tree Hill and Smallville had a bit of a steamy side, but she sure knew how to amp things up for a sultry spread in the August 2004 spread for Stuff magazine when she posed in lingerie. However, it was the Lauren character in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss that really got people taking a second look at Vaugier. Playing one of Heidi Fleiss’s infamous call girls, she showed that some call girls are worth the extra penny.

2 Missy Peregrym


Missy Peregrym is a former fashion model turned actress, and has played a number of roles on television and the big screen. Some of her most memorable characters have been in popular television shows, like Smallville and Heroes. However, she has played a call girl more than once. In Rookie Blue, she goes undercover as a call girl and is featured in a memorable scene where she’s bent over by a pimp, and in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss she plays a high class escort. While critics slammed her hooker performance in Rookie Blue, she definitely pulled off the call girl part in the Heidi Fleiss story.

1 Marine Vacth


Although Marine Vacth didn't have a lot of acting experience prior to being cast in the internationally acclaimed film, Jeune & Jolie (renamed Young & Beautiful in 2013), she proved herself as a natural talent during her portrayal as a Parisian teenager turned high class call girl. While it’s considered a French art house film, it made people take notice once it received the Palme d’Or nomination at Cannes. When writer/director François Ozon gave an interview with Esquire magazine on why he chose Vacth for the lead, he said, “I could only make the film if I had an actress who was fascinating to look at[…] it had to be an actress that the viewer, and myself, wanted to look at – almost as you'd look at an insect.”

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15 Starlets Who Looked Hot Portraying A Call Girl