15 Starlets Vying To Be The Next Cameron Diaz

Not many actresses can boast having the same film success that Cameron Diaz has been able to maintain throughout her professional career. If an actress is only as good as the roles she’s offered, Diaz

Not many actresses can boast having the same film success that Cameron Diaz has been able to maintain throughout her professional career. If an actress is only as good as the roles she’s offered, Diaz has been extremely lucky to have been part of some commercial successes that have catapulted her to a new level of celebrity status.

Movies like There’s Something About Mary and the Charlie’s Angels film series have helped to create a persona on film that makes her seem ultra appealing in the best way. With the ability to play a wide range of characters, Diaz can exude a super-seductive persona or even appear as a quirky tomboy with ease.

While she gained a huge amount of her fan base from her film portrayals, she was able to hold onto her appeal through her personsal character off screen as well. Known for being extra supportive with her female costars and staying out of all the drama that comes from secret “mean girls” in Hollywood, Diaz is just as likable off screen as some of her most beloved onscreen characters.

In addition to her film career, Diaz has also become a published author who was able to reach The New York Times’ best sellers list. Embracing the aging process, Diaz has actually left a bit of a void in Hollywood that has opened the door to one of the many other actresses looking to fill that spot. Check out our list of 15 starlets vying to be the next Cameron Diaz, and see which celebrity could fill this void in the entertainment industry.

16 Amber Heard


Amber Heard is a name that has been heavily in the headlines recently, since she’s currently involved in an ultra messy divorce with Johnny Depp. As many people may not instantly recognize Heard for her portrayals in film, it can be simple to think of her as just another hopeful made famous by dating a celebrity. However, Heard has actually quietly made an extensive career in the entertainment industry and has starred in a number of hit films.

First introduced from the 2004 film, Friday Night Lights, she has had a slew of acting credits in various films, with the latest being Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl. Perhaps the reason why she has yet to make it to the same level of acting status like Cameron Diaz is she just hasn’t had that breakout moment yet. In the meantime, the drama surrounding the domestic abuse allegations with Johnny Depp have created a newfound interest in the young starlet. Only time will tell whether or not this will be helpful in furthering her career, but at least her pockets will be fuller since they didn’t have a prenup.

15 Malin Akerman


Malin Akerman has a look that exudes her Swedish background, with golden locks and piercing blue eyes. She first gained the attention of American audiences in television and film in the early 2000s, but many of her roles weren’t exactly the lead character. It wasn’t until 27 Dresses and Watchmen that she started getting on everyone’s radar. Playing the character of Laurie Jupiter, Akerman donned a skintight yellow and black pleather outfit that couldn’t be any sexier.

While her Watchmen look featured a dark-haired look that was reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, her offscreen look was more reminiscent of Cameron Diaz. She had a few roles afterwards, but nothing that gave her the breakout role she needed. Although she returned to television in 2013, the series didn’t become a hit and was canceled after only one year. Reaching a bit of a lull in her film career, fans are still hoping to see a comeback from this Cameron Diaz look-alike actress.

14 Taylor Swift


With a girl that’s made a career out of portraying herself as the nerdy girl on the outs from the popular group, she sure has changed in recent years. Nowadays, she has a “Girl Squad,” that goes with her everywhere. From being photographed on the red carpet to yachting trips documented on Instagram, she has become the epitome of the “popular girl” in Hollywood. Yet, it seems like she’s emulated a bit of Cameron Diaz regarding her group of friends.

Cameron Diaz has always been known as a girl’s girl, and has filled her friend’s roster with all the biggest names in Hollywood. From Drew Barrymore to Reese Witherspoon, her circle is the who’s who on the red carpet. Swift started off for quantity over quality, since many of the girls were virtually unknown to the public. Taking a page of Diaz’s book, Swift's new circle includes the elite of Young Hollywood including such celebrities as Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez.

13 Kaley Cuoco


While audiences have long since known Cameron Diaz as the ultra seductive character onscreen, it’s her personality and ability to portray quirkiness that truly gained her the most fans. Kaley Cuoco is another starlet trying to use her quirkiness to help ingratiate herself into the hearts of fans, despite her super sexy character on The Big Bang Theory.

Starting off as the unattainable hot neighbor that walked around in lingerie and tank tops year after year, Cuoco is far more than just her Penny character on the show. Never afraid to go for the more comedic parts in the show, and showing off her quirky personality in the television series, Lip Sync Battle; Cuoco understands that there’s more to being a celebrity favorite than the roles that are offered in Hollywood. While she hasn’t yet been able to successfully transition to the silver screen, she is doing all she can to be just as likable as Cameron Diaz in her quirky ways.

12 Emma Roberts


Daughter to an Academy Award-nominated actor and niece to America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts had some pretty big shoes to fill when she first started her acting career. Yet, with cameos in hit films like Blow, audiences could tell at an early age that she was headed for bigger things. Nowadays, she is best known for her character portrayal in American Horror Story. Roberts has seemed to find her niche in Hollywood, and expertly plays the whole “arrogant mixed with a bit of crazy” thing with ease.

Cameron Diaz isn’t a stranger to playing film characters that are a bit crazy in the head. While she may not have flipped over a busload of frat boys like Roberts in American Horror Story, she did try and lure Tom Cruise into a car for a murder-suicide attempt in Vanilla Sky. While some of their character choices may be similar, their personal lives couldn’t be more different. Roberts has had quite a few scandals in the headlines, including a domestic violence charge in 2013 with then-boyfriend Evan Peters. This bad girl reputation may be the reason why Roberts hasn’t been able to reach film star status just yet.

11 Melissa Benoist


Melissa Benoist is most known for her portrayal on hit shows on television, like her roles in Glee and Showtime’s Homeland. Recently cast as the lead character in the CBS's Supergirl, this was an amazing role for Benoist to land. While she hasn’t exactly landed leading lady status on the silver screen, playing the part of Supergirl offers a huge amount of exposure that can help open doors in the film world. Creating quite a likable persona onscreen, her alter ego in Supergirl features the same sort of down-to-Earth quality fans have fallen in love with during the early years of Cameron Diaz’s career.

Kara Zor-El has a mild-mannered personality with a quirky look about her, yet her Supergirl character is strong, confident, and super sexy. She did have a role on the silver screen in the Oscar-winning film, Whiplash, but it went pretty much unnoticed. Hopefully her new leading role on television will help to create a more lasting impression on filmmakers, and audiences will be seeing her in future films.

10 Laura Vandervoort


When it comes to Hollywood starlets, there aren’t usually megastar actresses that are able to fit into the exact same category. Marilyn Monroe had a distinct look compared to her fellow actress Elizabeth Taylor, and it would be hard to put Angelina Jolie in the same category as Julia Roberts. For Cameron Diaz, her blonde locks and ice blue eyes create a unique twist of girl-next-door meets super seductress on the big screen.

An actress that can boast having a similar look is Canadian starlet, Laura Vandervoort. With the same girl-next-door look, Vandervoort has the piercing blue eyes that translate well onscreen. Starting her career on the small screen, her most memorable character was in CW’s Smallville. She’s been in a number of other Sci-fi and fantasy style roles, but she has yet to have that breakout role that will catapult her onto the big screen. With Cameron Diaz aging out of the ability to play younger characters, Vandervoort would be a great replacement for filmmakers looking for a similar look.

9 Dianna Agron


Dianna Agron started her career on television, with roles on hit television shows like CSI: NY and Veronica Mars. Proving that she can play a wide range of different characters, she even nailed the “mean girl” persona in the hit series, Heroes. Continuing to hone her craft, she was introduced to a larger audience through her portrayal on Fox’s Glee, and she finally made it to the silver screen in 2011.

Unlike Cameron Diaz, who seemed to breakout into the big time with her debut film character in The Mask, Agron has had more of a slow-and-steady route in her professional career. However, there have been a number of films since her first film, The Hunters. While none have yet reached the status of a Cameron Diaz film, the versatility of her look ensures that she can be a force to be reckoned with for future films. The ability to play everything from a high school cheerleader to an ultra seductress, this is a trait that would bode well for those looking for roles in film.

8 Brittany Snow


Although Brittany Snow started off her career in soap operas, she quickly transitioned to other television shows to gain a whole new audience. Although her character portrayals in Nip/Tuck and Harry’s Law may have gone virtually unnoticed, filmmakers were able to see the potential behind this beautiful young starlet. She landed roles in hit films like Hairspray and John Tucker Must Die, but it was her role in the Pitch Perfect film series that were her biggest successes. Showing audiences she wasn’t just a one-trick pony, the Pitch Perfect film series showcased her singing skills. While this is a feature that is ultra appealing to audiences, it’s her charitable heart that truly makes her stands out.

Dedicating herself to the Love is Louder project, she continues to show support for the anti-bullying movement. This project is a great way to use her celebrity status in a more productive way. Cameron Diaz has been known to practice what she preaches when it comes to causes that are close to her heart as well, and can be seen trolling around town in an eco-friendly hybrid rather than the obnoxious gas guzzlers of her fellow celebrities.


6 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have always been in direct competition with each other in Hollywood, since many of their character portrayals have had similar characteristics. While there probably won’t ever be a film with the intense character appeal as There’s Something About Mary, Hudson had a pretty close equivalent in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Offscreen it looks like Hudson is trying out the “cougar” ways that Cameron Diaz has been indulging in for quite some time.

From Justin Timberlake to A-Rod, Diaz has always had a thing for younger men, including marrying her younger beau, Benji Madden, in 2015. While hopes were high when Kate Hudson started dating the much younger Nick Jonas, the pair never quite made their relationship official in the public eye. Hopefully Hudson can continue on the Cameron Diaz path and use her cougar ways to make it down the altar with the next one.

5 Shailene Woodley


Shailene Woodley started her acting career on television, but quickly took it to the silver screen with some excellent choices in film. From starring alongside George Clooney in the 2011 film The Descendants and then later landing the Divergent film series, Woodley can now definitely say she is a true movie star. Just as Cameron Diaz created a badass persona on film kicking ass on Charlie’s Angels, Woodley proved she could kick some ass herself in the Divergent series.

Another similarity between the two actresses is their obsession with good health. Diaz has a number of books that focus on well being of the body, and Woodley is also no stranger to going on the promotion tour of advocating good health. Raving about the health benefits of drinking bone broth, Woodley mentioned it in numerous interviews, including a stint with David Letterman. She also stated, “What I think is beautiful about it is that you’re using the whole animal. You’re not just seeking out that perfect cut of muscle meat.”

4 Chloe Grace Moretz


Since audiences were introduced to Chloe Grace Moretz at the tender age of 7 in such films as The Amityville Horror, it’s been difficult to see her more than anything than just a child actress. While Cameron Diaz broke out in film as the ultra seductive character in The Mask, Moretz has had to transition out of the child actor phase with each film she makes. This became most evident in the sequel to Kick-Ass and The Neighbors. Sporting blonde locks and a red bikini, she definitely isn’t that same little kid we remember.

On top of her successes onscreen, her personal life has also helped to keep her name in the headlines. Just as Cameron Diaz heightened her celebrity by dating the notorious eligible bachelor, A-Rod, Moretz went public with her relationship at The Neighbors 2 premiere when she appeared with 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham. While Diaz was only able to hold onto A-Rod for about a year, only time will tell whether Moretz will ever become a Beckham.

3 Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is a multi talented actress, creator, and comedian that has unapologetically strayed from the stereotypical norms for women in Hollywood. Talking candidly about everything from personal hygiene to relationship struggles, she has been embraced by audiences for her candor. Yet, this is something Cameron Diaz has been known for ever since she first started. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Erik Hedegaard had a firsthand account of all the eccentricities and fun-loving character of Diaz, as well as the dynamic between her and her fellow female costars. She shared some loving sentiments about her fellow costars, but it was the mannerisms during the interview that really stood out.

During the interview Hedegaard wrote, “First, Diaz is burping and saying, ‘Oh, my God, I have gas, clam gas!’… Do you guys like the way their nuts sit between their legs, or would they rather have them up in their lap? And what happens with ball sacs as they age?” So, it seems Schumer isn’t the first to ask real (and vulgar) questions about anatomy for both men and women, but it didn’t seem to hurt Diaz’s career so Schumer may have the right idea after all.

2 Kate Upton

Cameron Diaz has basically made a career out of starring in films in a string bikini, but it is definitely time for her to pass on the torch. Rather than reluctantly giving up lead roles to her younger fellow actresses, Diaz actually took on a mentorship role on the set of The Other Woman. The 21-year-old Kate Upton was making her film debut, and was a little nervous about her scene on the beach running in a white string bikini. Diaz took Upton under her wing, and made her feel more confident by joining in during filming.

Co-stars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz took the time out to make her feel good while on set. In an interview with Daily Mail, Upton stated, “They could tell that I was feeling uncomfortable and they came out and ran with me so I wasn't alone and I've never had that experience before. Two amazing people who didn't even have to be on set, they could be eating their lunch and they came on set with me and ran with me.”

1 Blake Lively


Making headlines for being part of Hollywood’s favorite couple, her relationship with Ryan Reynolds has helped to make Blake Lively even more appealing. While other couples are famous for their public fights and drama, Reynolds and Lively are breaking the mold by making their journey into parenthood almost disgustingly adorable. During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Reynolds gave some advice to other fathers by saying, “You gotta do the diapers. You gotta do the middle of the night thing... A human being will exit your wife, so she’s done enough. Just change the diapers and do all that stuff.”

Using this momentum to gain popularity on the big screen, Lively has been cast as the lead actress in the shark thriller, The Shallows. Cameron Diaz also used a water thriller when she was first starting out in her film career, with the 1996 film, Head Above Water. Since this led to a string of films featuring Diaz in a bikini, The Shallows might be just the film to help push Lively to a new level in Hollywood.

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15 Starlets Vying To Be The Next Cameron Diaz