15 Starlets That Need Lots Of Help Looking Beautiful

The added attention on the importance of physical appearance in Hollywood has created a number of different issues regarding how celebrities are perceived by the public. While no one ever bats an eye when a celebrity wears an extra pair of Spanx or goes old school with a Marilyn Monroe-style corset, new ideas of what constitutes beauty has brought some dirty behind-the-scenes secrets into the light.

While it’s bad enough that they now sell padded underwear to create a Kim Kardashian- style butt, and plastic surgery has become so mainstream that it seems normal for celebrities to engage in lunchtime procedures on a whim, there are other tips, tricks, and scams celebrities use to make themselves appear more “perfect” onscreen and in photos.

This has brought up some questions by the media and the general public because it brings up negative ideas of what is considered beautiful by all of the young girls looking at these images. In the time of Marilyn Monroe, the healthier look was considered the epitome of beauty and sex appeal. Yet, nowadays it seems like the new motto is “the thinner, the better.”

The ironic part of this dilemma is the fact that these young girls are striving to look like the women in the magazines, and yet, even the women being photographed don’t actually look like that. Airbrushing, filters, specialty makeup products, and intense Photoshop tools have created a new normal in Hollywood. This can be seen more acutely when celebrities are photographed by fans or paparazzi when they don’t have all those extra bells and whistles to hide behind. Check out 15 starlets that need help looking beautiful onscreen and in photos, and see if you have been bamboozled by these trickster celebrities.

15 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has definitely made her mark on Hollywood, especially since winning the Best Actress Oscar in 2012 for the film Silver Linings Playbook. While her acting skills have brought her awards and accolades, it’s her personality and strong convictions that have made her extremely endearing to fans. Unlike other actresses that look to be on the brink of starvation, Lawrence has embraced a much healthier attitude about her outward appearance. She addressed her unwillingness to lose weight for a film role in an interview with the BBC in 2013 saying, “We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing [in The Hunger Games]... girls see enough of this body that they will never be able to obtain... It's an amazing opportunity to rid ourselves of that in this industry."

14 Britney Spears


While there was a time when Britney Spears was the epitome of sex appeal and beauty in the music industry, quite a lot of time has passed since her breakout song, “…Baby One More Time.” With audiences seeing Spears grow up in front of the camera, the public has been privy to all the ups and downs in her personal life as well as her outward appearance. While becoming a mother, going through a number of breakdowns, and showing the signs of aging, Spears has been criticized on more than one occasion for her lackluster appearance.

13 Mariah Carey


When Mariah Carey was first introduced to audiences, she was seen as the fresh-faced amazing singer that knew how to rock anything from a ball gown to a bra top. Her “Honey” video is probably at the top of the list in regard to when she was at her thinnest weight, with each subsequent video showcasing a much bigger body type. Fans don’t seem to mind that Carey hasn’t been able to maintain her toothpick figure, since she was most loved for her voice and not her dancing skills or seductive outfits.

12 Madonna


Madonna has always come under fire for her provocative ways, both in her personal life and on the stage, but in recent years the controversy has revolved around her unwillingness to age gracefully. Refusing to dress appropriately for her age, she is often seen walking the red carpet with over-the-top outfits that bare everything from her butt cheeks to her breasts only covered with pasties. While some can argue that she still looks pretty good for being almost 60 years old, those people probably haven’t seen Madonna up close and personal...

11 Ariana Grande


Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it seems strange that celebrities would feel self-conscious about how they look in film and pictures. While the public sees them as part of the glitterati and ultra-beautiful at all times, many of them have their own qualms about their personal appearance. Ariana Grande seems to have an obsession with her preference about which side of her face is photographed, and has been very vocal about preferring the left side of her face.

10 Julia Roberts


While magazine covers and pictorials have had their fair share of criticism for altering the photos of their models and celebrities, it’s the endorsement ads that have received the brunt of the outrage. Hair coloring companies have long since had a work-around for their products, since the celebrities that endorse the products need only use a portion of the ingredients in the box color within their hair regimen. While you might want to think that Beyonce truly only uses 'drugstore box" hair color when she does her hair, the public doesn’t seem to mind the fact that even though she endorses the products she isn’t exactly at home every two weeks dying her own roots.

9 Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is an actress that was pretty much thrust into super-stardom early on in her career. While she did star in a few commercially successful films, including Panic Room with costar Jodie Foster, it wasn’t until her portrayal in the Twilight Saga that she reached true mainstream fame. When Bella Swan made her transition to the undead, audiences didn’t seem to mind that CGI came into effect in helping her to look emaciated as well as absolutely flawless with sparkling white skin.

8 Angelina Jolie


Since many of the hottest A-list leading ladies in Hollywood are starting to show signs of aging, a makeup trick made headlines in 2014 when a number of starlets appeared to have large white patches on their face. Since hi-definition has become a norm in people’s home TVs, celebrities are turning to specialty hi-definition makeup to create a flawless look on video. From walking the red carpet to sitting in the audience at an awards show, the makeup actually bounces light off the skin to create a smoother and more contoured look.

7 Katy Perry


When Katy Perry married Russell Brand in 2010, people wondered whether or not this would be a relationship that would stand the test of time. While they both exuded the rock n’ roll persona, sometimes it’s better to have at least one calming force to make a successful couple last. The two ultimately divorced in 2012, but not before Brand posted a photo of his new wife sans makeup and looking like she just woke up. Posting it to his Twitter account, people were taken aback at how different Perry looked without all the heavy makeup she usually wears when photographed.

6 Lady Gaga


5 Kate Upton


Kate Upton landed her first Sports Illustrated cover at the tender age of 18 years old, but her true fame resulted from a variety of quirky insights into the personality behind the photos. From the videos on the Internet featuring Upton doing the "Dougie Dance" to the ultra laid-back look during her downtime, she gained true celebrity status that has helped launch her onto the silver screen.

4 Kim Kardashian


Although the public sees Kim Kardashian through the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the way she appears on the show is quite different than the pictorials and sporadic photo shoots that pop up every so often. While the reality show can hide her physical shortcomings with layers of clothing and strategically placed furniture, the pictorials are often scantily clad outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination. With a celebrity with such an overwhelming social media presence as Kim Kardashian, many fans would be shocked to know that she isn’t the only one that has a role in her pics and posts on the Internet.

3 Kate Winslet


2 Beyoncé


Known for embracing her voluptuous body, Beyoncé started her career with such hits as “Bootylicious” to show the public her unapologetic attitude about being curvy. Yet, when she posted photos of herself via social media, it was shocking to see that she had used Photoshop to create a thigh gap. Posting a photo of herself walking down stairs on Instagram, you can clearly see that the stairs aren’t creating a straight line. The surprising thing about this is that she can’t blame the photographer or magazine because it was a photo that was posted through her own Instagram account.

1 Cameron Diaz


While there was once a time when Cameron Diaz was thought of as the most desirable woman in the world, a long time has passed since her 1998 film, There’s Something About Mary. In the meantime, her film portrayals have started to dwindle and she has branched out to write a variety of books on aging. Her Body Book made it to The New York Times’ bestseller list, and she recently announced a follow-up to focus on longevity. While the first book highlighted a natural looking Diaz baring her body on the cover, this 2013 release doesn’t depict the true Diaz of today. With deep set wrinkles and an aged look, it should come as no surprise that she is looking for outside help for her new cover. Releasing a statement on Our Body Book, Diaz wrote, “And as we diligently put the finishing touches on the book, we'd like to ask for your help once more. This book is for you and about you, and that's why we'd like to see you on the cover. Much like the cover of the Body Book, under the jacket, where we featured women of all different shapes, sizes, builds and ethnicities."

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