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15 Snapchats You Can’t UNSEE

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15 Snapchats You Can’t UNSEE


If you’re not an active user of the Snapchat app designed for smartphones, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and goofy antics. Snapchat is certainly an odd form of social media, but users often turn to it as a procrastination tool. Essentially, the app works like this: users post photos of whatever they want, can edit them with drawings, emojis, pictures, or captions, and then they share those photos with either a select person/group of people or with all of their “friends” on their stories. Photos posted to stories disappear into the Internet ether after only 24 hours. While most people use Snapchat as a method of staying in touch with long-distance friends or a way to document the everyday oddities of their lives, others use it as an outlet for viral comedy, and occasionally, for self-promotion purposes.

Whether you use Snapchat to keep up with the daily lives of friends you rarely get to see or you use it to stalk the daily lives of your favorite celebrities, the social media network has something to offer everyone and gives each user the freedom to post whatever they want and share it with the world. It’s a great and fantastic offering of possibilities. Unfortunately, as can be expected, there are plenty who abuse that freedom and use Snapchat to post the most disgusting, inappropriate, and messed up things they can dream up. Even more unfortunately, these posts have made it to the general public. We’ve decided to line up some of the very worst, the profane, the gross, the ugly, the excess delivery of personal information, and the downright unwarranted. So brace yourself, for here are 15 Snapchats you wish you could unsee.

15. That’s Not Wine


Everyone seems to have those certain Snapchat friends that make gross jokes, usually by taking pictures of random people around them and altering them with drawings of phallic images. However, this particular joke definitely crosses a line, especially if they’re not really joking. From what we can discern out of this limited-scope snap, the user may or may not have actually urinated in that glass. Want to try to figure it out with us? We’re gonna get gross! Okay, let’s think about it; it’s the only glass with liquid in it, so, fortunately, this fellow might not be at a dinner party and may have actually pulled a glass off a shelf for maniacal purposes. But that color looks a little off to be urine, don’t you think? It has more of the color of a pinot grigio than a dehydrated human. But, without the chance to smell for ourselves, we’ll thankfully never know the truth.

14. Great WiFi


Okay, this one isn’t necessarily gross or vulgar or upsetting or inappropriate, but those who have seen it definitely wish they hadn’t. While nothing is inherently wrong with it, the problem with this picture lies in the fact that it’s so accurate. Frankie Muniz’s forehead actually looks like he’s got a great WiFi signal. Now, whenever you see Frankie Muniz acting (which might be a rare occasion these days unless you stumble on a great addition on Netflix) and he suddenly furrows his brow in a fit of confusion, all you’ll be able to see is the WiFi icon from your computer. Not all things we wish we could unsee are so horrifying or ghastly. Sometimes they’re just enough to spoil a good thing (like when an article reminds you of “The Game,” which you just lost because you remembered it). Those things are just frustrating enough to wish you had never encountered them.

13. Girl Look At That Body


Holy transparent tape, Batman, something is terribly wrong with this woman’s face! Before you go freaking out about some crazy deformity you’re afraid you might catch just by reading this post, calm down. First of all, most diseases are not communicable via the Internet (unless you count computer viruses). Second of all, she’s not deformed or sick. She just got really bored and decided to do some really messed up stuff to her face with an entire roll of transparent Scotch tape. Boredom can do a lot of bad things to a person. It can inspire a bad habit, like smoking or drinking. It can cause laziness, like developing an addiction to video games or Netflix. It can inspire generally bad ideas, like seeing if you can make a slam dunk from the roof of your house or if you can pop a wheelie on your motorcycle.  Also, it can apparently cause stupid ideas to sound really entertaining, like wrapping a roll of tape so tight around your head that you look like The Elephant Man.

12. Best Friend Ever


Everyone seems to have that one painfully honest friend. You know, the friend you always compare to Parks and Recreation’s, April Ludgate. This friend can often make you feel bad about your life choices and yourself but is really just calling it as they see it with nothing but your best interests at heart. While these friends aren’t always thought of with the utmost fond regard, this is definitely the type of person that posted this snap. They seem just as cruel and as loving as ever to their beloved Snapchat audience. It’s not like they’re mean out of hatred or dislike for you, but instead, they seem to pick on you because they know you can take it. Deep down, you know they mean well and with a Snapchat like this, they’re not trying to hurt your feelings. They’re most likely really just trying to tell you, “you suck at dating and should learn to be better at that.” See? It’s all because they care. After all, they are your Snapchat “friend.”

11. I’ll Kill My Dog…


Normally, a post like this would make people think this guy is seriously crazy. That dog did nothing to warrant such a horrifying threat, and it doesn’t care for the nude selfies he’s so fixated on receiving. So, obviously, the first thought would be to leave that poor puppy alone. That puppy probably doesn’t want to be involved in the scheme to threaten women into sending personal pictures, not to mention the fact that it is seriously perverted. Unfortunately, weird threats and insane demands are frequently sent out on Snapchat. If you’re not a user of the app, or if you’re a male user of the app, you’re likely missing out on one of the apps biggest features. The added feature of getting friend requests from unknown usernames and accepting them only to find pictures of a stranger on your phone can be a bit disturbing. This is especially true when it shows non-requested nude pictures, and demanding requests to see some in return. You’d be shocked how easily violated so many people are on such a personal app, and how little the company does to mitigate such threats.

10. About To Catch Her Cheating…


Snapchat was created as a medium for people to express themselves and share the events of their lives, however funny, boring, or gross they may be. However, Snapchat creators could never have imagined that their app would be used as a tool for oversharing the brief moments before a traumatizing event with the world. Snapping that your girlfriend (or a more significant lifelong partner) is cheating on you and that you’re about to catch her in the middle of the act probably wasn’t the goal the app intended when it was first launched. While Snapchat is great for sharing, someone out there has got to care about the goings-on of your day to day life. Yet, there are still some things that should probably be kept personal. Unless you’re planning on snapping the video of catching her in the act (which would actually be really entertaining drama), posting traumatized facial expression before catching her doesn’t seem like the best thought out plan.

9. Moms Gone Wild


We’ve all been embarrassed by our parents but for those who have grown up during the age of ever evolving technology, this embarrassment has reached an all new and horrific state. Parents are like old dogs that desperately want to learn new tricks, but sometimes it’s just too hard for them to figure out what certain means of technology and social media are meant for. It’s not cool to use Facebook like it’s a search engine, and it’s not cool to use Instagram like a mirror to check your teeth for spinach. Yet, many parents have done just that and more, leaving us in crippling embarrassment. This mom even went so far as to assume that Snapchat is meant for crazy sexual antics. We’re all hoping that this mom is drunk or drugged or has some other excuse for her behavior but from the look on her daughter’s face, this seems to be just another torturous day at home with the folks.

8. Wrecking Ball


We were all pretty darned shocked when Miley Cyrus released her music video for her hit song, “Wrecking Ball.” The world wasn’t quite clear on why she was naked in a construction site, or why she was allowed to straddle a wrecking ball currently in use to demolish a house. Yes, we know it’s just a music video and it’s all a fictional choreographed account of what Miley thought she was enduring, but it was still shocking to see. In any case, it looked like she was having a decent time recovering from her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, and many even enjoyed seeing the naked Cyrus riding a giant ball. Unsurprisingly yet disturbingly, it looks like other people have taken inspiration from Miley’s naked antics. This gentleman looks to have gotten a bit too bored after his shower. Yet, the biggest concern is not the actual photo, it is the question of how long he actually sat naked in his bathroom drawing the wrecking ball on his phone before he finally put some clothes on.

7. Please Put On Pants


Before we get into tearing this Snapchat apart in hopes that it doesn’t haunt our nightmares tonight, we should point out that the creepiest part of this gross snapshot is the fact that he doesn’t appear to have any legs. If you look below the vape cloud (which isn’t exactly the most appealing thing to do), you should be able to see two chubby legs. Yet, they simply aren’t there, and seemed to have vanished in a puff of smoke (or vape). It appears this man has transformed into some sort of gross genie, and is floating on a cloud of smelly vape juices. It’s difficult to pinpoint the creepiest part about this picture. This man is a full grown adult with the face of a four-year-old, and he’s blowing all his vape smoke right around his genitals. He also seems oddly serious for taking a nude selfie in his mirror. Yet, the winner is probably the fact that he doesn’t have legs and is hovering in his bathroom.

6. This Evil Person



Seriously, this is one of the most disturbing Snapchats we’ve ever seen. Maybe it was sent as a prank? Maybe there’s some inside joke here that we’re just not getting? Or maybe this person needs a serious evaluation by a criminal psychologist before she gets thrown in prison for threats of violence, rape, and likely a ton of other horrifyingly dark crimes. Let’s all take a moment of reverence to pay due respect and homage to whoever was on the receiving end of this snap. If that person and potential victim of a violating crime is reading this, please let us know… you okay? Do you want us to call someone for you?

5. Meatloaf In The Bathroom


Obviously, this isn’t something that is worth sharing. The concept of oversharing has become an issue in today’s society, and this is a prime example of sharing just a bit too much information. Seriously, we need to talk about the over-abundance of snaps taken while users are on the toilet. Although some can find it boring to just sit on the toilet when handling your business, this isn’t exactly a time to contemplate this boredom. Granted, it can take a while, you’re stuck in one place, and you’ve got to kind of focus on one particular activity. That does not mean it is acceptable to take pictures or videos of yourself and share them with the world. The individual isn’t being seen as funny, the situation isn’t particularly ironic, but most importantly, its just super gross. If you really can’t control the obsessive need to share, there are other activities to partake in besides using Snapchat. For those needing something as a distraction from the act of creating excrement, bring a book, read the (un)inspirational quotes scribbled on the stall door, or play solitaire on your phone. But for the love of Jennifer Aniston, stop taking pictures of yourself on the toilet!

4. Dog Vomit


This picture could serve as an amazing platform against our current cell phone-based culture. If this pet-owner had put down her phone and been paying attention to her puppy, she might have noticed his heaving or other signs indicating “All hands on deck, this dog’s about to puke in my lap and then try to eat it!” Instead, she was trying to capture the perfect selfie of “Dog’s Day Out!” and likely got a lap full of dog puke in the process. If nothing else, we should at least applaud the poor, sweet, young lady for being good enough of a sport to share the selfie. While none of us wanted to spend our time today looking at this dog vomiting, at least she had a decent sense of humor to share her misery and mistakes with her friends and, thus, the world. Cheers to Fido feeling better soon and to the amount of cleaning supplies needed to get this mopped up.

3. The Truth Hurts


If you’re a tolerant, open-minded person, then this snap is painful to look at due to the truth behind the scenario. Statistically and infuriatingly, Muslims are much more likely to be selected for a “random screening” at an airport than anyone else. The reasoning is often due to their traditional religious garb. It’s actually pretty ironic that Muslims face such persecution in the United States post the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01, considering the fact that the perpetrators of the attack were not considered to be devout Muslims at all. In fact, for a long time before the attack, they openly participated in acts forbidden by the Islamic religion. However, the early 2000s fear mongering certainly did its job and Muslims in America still face discrimination, and the religion is overwhelmingly anathema. This snap shows just a taste of what Muslims have to put up with just to practice their religion (which was one of the founding pillars of the United States of America: freedom of religious practice).

2. Justin Bieber


It seems that it’s not just regular folk that are the only ones to abuse and harass each other on Snapchat. In fact, even some celebrities have used the app to make others feel bad about themselves (but to be fair, there are also plenty of jerks posing as celebrities as well). After a quick hunt on various Snapchat profiles, the insults and abuse will certainly follow shortly thereafter. Bieber fever isn’t still raging across the American countryside, and many people have stopped caring about his over the top antics. At one point he supposedly “got better” and became tolerable, but it’s hard to say when exactly that phase actually came and went. It seems that there is still a pretty steady flow of Bieber incidents on any given day. In fact, this is a prime example in this ever so sweet reply to who is probably an adoring fan that found his Snapchat username and sent him a sweet picture that wasn’t up to this Belieber standards.

1. Stupid Rich People


Feeling good about how much money you’re making? Thinking you might splurge and just spring for that new pair of shoes you liked, or maybe replace the slightly broken TV in your living room before football season kicks into high-gear? After looking at this picture, you’re going to remember that you’re broke and will never have all the money you need unless you find some amazing significant other that’s a dowager or princess and can give you the cushy life you need. Further, this is in pounds; in dollars, this would be about $93,600. How is it that this little daddy’s girl is able to have that much money spent on her and then post a picture so nonchalantly as if it’s just another day? How can this be just another day? Here’s to hoping daddy bought her something useful with that money, like a cure for cancer or school supplies for every student in Pakistan.

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