15 Things Women Do That Makes Their Man Fall For Them (Without Realizing it)

There’s no doubt that ladies love to know what men like about a woman. Especially considering how guys are usually not as expressive as girls are regarding their preferences, it just makes us wonder what turns them on and what turns them off. Sometimes guys don’t even know what they like and aren’t aware of their preferences. They just go with the flow so that makes it harder for her to know what he likes. She begins second guessing about their status in the relationship or while they’re dating and we all know how capable girls are when it comes to analyzing situations.

From asking them in person to reading articles online (like this one), I think it’s safe to say we have a good idea what men like in their partner. However, there are just some qualities that stand out in particular to guys that girls haven’t figured out yet. Maybe they have but it’s too good to be true because most of these qualities are really simple which prove how guys always say they are simple creatures. They really do like the smallest things.

So it’s not just about how you dress, what you like to have conversations about, and overall how you carry yourself. There’s more to it. There are just some things girls do that guys go crazy about and for no reason at all.

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15 Giving Him A Nickname

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When a couple establishes nicknames for each other that isn’t “babe," “bae” or “baby,” it’s probably one of the cutest things ever and guys think so, too. By giving him a unique nickname, you’re making him feel like he belongs to you and you guys are a team. It’s even better if it’s a nickname that has some sort of story behind it like the way he tripped that one time coming out of the car, how he snores while sleeping, or how he holds his utensils while eating. It’s all fun when you both are on the same page. Being nicknamed also makes him feel a connection with you and like you really know him. There’s nothing better than having someone who understands your personality. Plus, nicknaming him shows your creative side and a bit of your sense of humor.

14 Making Unique Sounds

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Whether it’s in your laugh or when you’re surprised about something, he finds it adorable whenever you make your unique, quirky sounds. You might be ashamed of it and think he’ll find it weird but the truth is he does find it weird but likes it. It’s just another quality that makes you stand out from the rest. He might not verbally point out he enjoys it when you do it but you can see it in his face when he smiles and looks away. He’s probably thinking, “I love it when she does that.” You probably do this a lot and don’t think anything of it but he sure does. Again, you don’t have to go out of your way and act like someone you think he’ll find attractive. Just be you. After all, that’s why he asked you out in the first place; because he was into you, not some other perception of you.

13 Showing Care

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Guys want someone to bring the softness out of them. When they come home from work, they want you to be there being domestic with dinner ready. Men love this and don’t mean anything by it. They just genuinely appreciate a girl who's caring and giving; not because it’s what you’re supposed to do but because it’s just simply a nice gesture.

Not only that, but they like massages, too. Guys are really affectionate and not always in a sexual way. The cuddling and holding hands are all small things guys can’t get enough of. Sometimes they just want to relax and have you by their side close enough to give you a kiss on the cheek or on the forehead.

12 Not Taking Herself Seriously

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The last thing that guys want to deal with is more drama. When guys say they like a girl who doesn’t take herself seriously, what they mean is when she can take a joke and that means a joke towards her. Most ladies take everything personally and refuse to let him get away with his actions so she confronts him and it eventually ruins the mood. What they don’t realize is the joke came from an innocent place. Guys prefer someone who is smart enough to distinguish a joke from a personal attack. A bonus is when she can poke fun at herself, too. The fact that she doesn’t take things too personally is refreshing. Plus, sometimes guys are just teasing her about something he actually likes about her. Maybe he keeps making fun of your small lips, but deep inside, it’s what makes you more appealing to him.

11 Being Natural

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Unless you guys are heading out to a formal dinner party, he really just likes the natural you. That doesn’t necessarily mean morning breath and bedhead status. But he likes it when you’re all natural meaning not a lot of make-up going on and not a lot of dressing up either. Of course, if that’s just your style, he should be able to love you regardless. However, if you’re the girl dressing up because you think he likes it when it’s not who you really are, then this one’s for you. If you prefer to be casual and are not much of a fan of makeup, then you’re in luck. Most guys don’t like that stuff. They want to be able to see you.

One of the guys I got to talk to said if he runs into a girl wearing tons of make-up, he’s not going to think anything of it-meaning he’s not going to get turned on-because he knows eventually he’ll see your real face so he’s just waiting for that moment to happen. So according to him and many other guys, it’s better to keep it natural because even if you do look beautiful with all that makeup on, he’s not going to find you attractive since it’s “artificial” until he sees your real pretty face.

10 When She Asks If He Needs Anything

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Even when you know he’s in good hands, just ask. He’ll be happy to know that you’re thinking about him. Don’t be too available, though, because he’ll either notice you’re trying too hard or he’ll take advantage of you. But when it’s simple things like “do you want bread with that? I know how much you like it” or “is there something you need? I’m going to the market.” It’s just something courteous to do in general but guys take this a little deeper. Considering that guys are not very expressive or open about what they want, it’s nice to have her ask and bring it up. It’s just another gesture that shows you’re thinking of him. There’s no need to spoil him, but just show him he’s in your thoughts and you’re genuinely concerned about how he’s doing.

9 Kissing Him Good Night Or Good Morning

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You usually never hear a guy gush about how he loves it when she kisses him at certain times. His friends will never hear it and his girlfriend will most likely not hear it either because as said before, guys don’t express themselves like that. He figures she’ll notice or he just doesn’t find it necessary to tell the world what he values. Regardless, he enjoys that kiss you give him randomly, or saying goodnight and good morning. The reason is because it just feels good. There’s no long explanation pointing out why he enjoys it except that he enjoys it just like you enjoy it when he kisses you. Guys can be cutesy, too. They’re just more subtle about it because of the obvious, manly perception society has established on males. They’re also easy going individuals and don’t even think about telling you he enjoys your kisses. If he does, give him props because that probably took a lot of effort for him to do. If you poke fun at him for expressing himself, he’ll probably never do it again.

8 Not Afraid To Indulge

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One of the universal ways to a man's heart is food. When they talk about what they’re going to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and she brings up that she wants a burger or somewhere along those lines, that’s music to his ears. If she is feeling like ice cream and is serious about it, he’s going to be content; not only because he gets ice cream, too, but because he’s relieved you won’t hold back on something you obviously want. He likes the idea you want to enjoy life as opposed to stopping yourself for no rational reason. He also likes that you are confident enough to want to enjoy it rather than feeling bad for it. As said before, the last thing guys want is drama and emotional draining. He wants you to be happy with yourself. It is important to communicate if one is feeling off about something but once both sides come to an understanding, it should all be positive vibes from there.

7 Improving Her Bad Habits

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Even though it might seem like we choose who to be with because they’re perfect for us, they still carry some bad habits we’re not a fan of. We’ll politely bring it up that we don’t like that certain quality of them and hope it goes away. Sometimes though, it doesn’t easily disappear because they’re so used to carrying that bad habit and sometimes we get lucky and they try to improve themselves after learning we don’t like it. Guys love how she makes the effort to stop doing whatever it is she is doing that disturbs him. If she catches herself biting her nails and says “oops” and giggles after, he’s going to appreciate you so much. You don’t have to become perfect overnight but the fact that you took his note into consideration and decided to do something about it makes him feel good.

6 Confident When She's Getting Ready

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We all know how guys complain about how long his lady takes to get ready. We hear it all the time but one thing we rarely hear is the girl changing her ways. You can’t mess with a woman who’s trying to look her best. Well apparently, guys do appreciate it how a woman knows what she likes when it comes to pampering herself. It shows confidence and security. The fact that she knows what products to use and are good for her is a sign that she knows what she likes and that’s ultimately sexy to a guy. He might not enjoy you taking forever to put yourself together, but he does like how you know how to put yourself together. Confidence overall is sexy in both partners. It gives confidence in the relationship and even the smallest thing like knowing how to get ready makes a difference.

5 Rubbing His Neck While He's Driving

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This turns on guys big time. When she rubs his neck or back while he’s driving, not only are you giving him a massage but you’re making him feel loved. You don’t have to grab him and make out while he’s driving to show your appreciation for him; a little gesture can do the job. From touching his neck to caressing his thighs, it’s a lovable gesture guys can’t get enough of and yet they’re not direct about it. So when you do it without him asking you to or without knowing he loves it in general, it drives him crazy in a good way. On top of him enjoying it, women enjoy doing it as well. It’s a win-win situation. It can get a little lonely on the other side of the car while concentrating on getting to the destination so giving some affection lets him know your present. It doesn’t just have to be done while he’s driving. It could be when he’s generally in the middle of something. Receiving a small taste of affection from you will make things a whole lot better.

4 Helping Him Get Dressed

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This is such a turn on for guys. Of course, they don’t want you to think you are replacing their mom but having someone who cares almost as much is nice and comforting. Having you iron his shirt for work or for a date, or even helping him with his tie are a couple of small gestures that go a long way. Again, guys can be really simple and it’s the small things that get them. Rather than going out of your way and buying him a designer shirt, just help him button it up. Give him a hand with his laundry and fold his clothes with him. It’s not necessarily the material things that get a guy really hyped up so in a way there’s not a lot of pressure for you to think so much out of the box. They admire it more when you remind him he’s at home and he can rely on you as a helping hand.

3 Willing To Be Sexy For Him

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It’s no surprise guys enjoy having sex. But what really gets the vibe going is having her get turned on just as much he is. That doesn’t mean you have to go out with him almost half naked, but when it’s just you and him in the room, he doesn’t mind you being half naked for his eyes only. Research shows that one of the main factors that breaks relationships apart is the lack of sexual activity. It is essential to keep things alive and active although, it’s even more essential to communicate if there are any underlying issues. But besides that, guys go crazy when you just surprise him with your sexy self all of a sudden. Some girls might think it’s too much but not surprisingly, guys don’t mind it being “too much.” As long as she’s comfortable and doing it because she wants to, he’s all for it. If she’s not feeling it yet still trying to please him, it will show and turn out to be not so sexy. Guys can tell when it's natural and when it's just an act. So just make sure the both of you are on the same page for a fun night.

2 When She Points Out A Small Detail

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There's nothing more that a guy loves than knowing she's paying attention to him. But they get this overwhelming feeling of joy when she points out a small detail in their conversation. Sometimes he doesn't even pay attention to what he's saying so when she brings that detail up, he’s like “oh that’s right.” It makes his day knowing you did pay attention to him and took everything he said seriously. That small detail can even be a small joke he said or something silly. The important part that gets him going is how you gave him your undivided attention. It feels like you were both in the loop when having that conversation and not one person’s head was somewhere else. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being taken into consideration so having someone point out a small detail like it’s no big deal really is a big deal, especially to a man’s heart.

1 Look Him In the Eye

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Not in a creepy way but in a way that shows him you’re into him. Whether it’s when he’s talking about something, or just him in general, a man likes it when she’s giving him eye contact. Let’s face it, girls love catching him staring at her, too, so guys aren’t any different. Even though guys won’t tell you directly, “I like how you’re staring at me right now,” they are definitely feeling it. Again, make sure you don’t stare at him for too long or too often and have it become creepy and less romantic. It’s the authenticity that makes it even more special. One of the keys to a guy’s heart besides food and sex is listening to what he’s saying. With that being said, there’s no better way to show he has your full attention than by looking at him in the eye. On that note, it’s frustrating when she’s busy looking on the phone or somewhere else, insisting she’s paying attention to him, when he knows she only heard half of what he said. By giving him eye contact, you're giving him reassurance you're present. But it's the eye contact itself that causes good chemistry that a guy subtly enjoys.

Source: Cosmopolitan.com

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