15 Details From Disney Movies You Probably Missed

Ah, Disney movies! We all grew up watching movies made by Disney. My favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. Disney has always done a stand out job of making the best animated movies of all time, with some great classics that will be ingrained in our minds for generations. When watching an animated movie, you may want to snuggle up with your blanket and either watch it with your kids, or even indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching it by yourself. Disney movies are a great way to entertain the kids on a Saturday afternoon, if you’ve got a lot of things to do around the house as a parent. I’ve never heard any kids say they don’t like Disney movies, especially since Disney has done such a fabulous job at making such a variety of movies, that there’s one for every kid's taste.

It’s very rare that when watching a Disney movie, you’re actually looking at the small details to notice if something was missed or not, unless you just have an eye for that kind of thing. But here at The Richest, we notice it all; so sit back and read about 15 details in Disney movies that you likely didn’t realize were missed.

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15 Dirty? Words Spelled Out In The Lion King 


This scene from The Lion King is considered controversial because some people claim they can see the word “sex” spelled out in the stars above Simba’s head. We're not quite sure we buy it, but a lot of people have pointed it out over the years, and some have even gotten a bit up in arms over it. Which is pretty funny considering this is probably among the tamest dirty Easter eggs in a Disney movie. Actually, Disney owned up to this one. Although, they claim the stars actually spell 'SFX', a common abbreviation for special effects. Yeah, Disney. Okay. Wink.

14 This Dirty Drawing In Monsters Inc.


Oh, how great it must be to be young and innocent. But sometimes children witness things they aren’t supposed to. But if you thought explaining the birds and the bees to a child was bad enough, what are they going to do about this? I mean, how are you supposed to explain that, plus why mommy was doing it with Uncle Roger? And let’s just pray that Daddy doesn’t find out. Otherwise, Mommy is really going to be in some trouble. Man, I don’t know how Disney thought it was okay to slip something like this under all the kids’ noses, but it seems to have worked. We're pretty sure it went mostly unnoticed.

13 Flynn Rider and Rapunzel Are A Little Far From Home 


So why exactly are Flynn and Rapunzel at Elsa’s coronation? Apparently the world of Tangled really gets around. Actually, this is far from uncommon in Disney movies, as many characters are known to make cameos in future movies. Many of them actually go unnoticed, though, until some superfan sits down and takes the time to spot all these things. This one, though, is actually one of the easier ones to spot by Disney standards. Maybe Disney can rationalize it by saying they really just wanted a little winter getaway. Maybe they’ll do some skiing and chill out by the fire with some cocoa before returning to their own kingdom.

12 Hans From Frozen In This Big Hero 6 Wanted Poster 


Big Hero 6 is no stranger to cameo appearances, either. Here, you can see Hans from the Disney movie Frozen, appearing in their next hit. But, wait. He’s on a 'Wanted' poster. It looks like news of his wanting to slay Elsa has made it out of Arendell and even into the lands beyond. I guess we could say it’s like someone going from being wanted by the FBI to being wanted by Interpol. Poor Hans, though. He’s just misunderstood. He just wants a little piece of a kingdom he’s not entitled too. It really sucks being the youngest in a family. The ones who come before you seem to get everything.

11 This Tiny Little Mickey Mouse Doll in Frozen


If you squint your eyes just right, you can see a super tiny little Mickey Mouse doll on a shelf here in this Frozen scene. Okay, now someone had to have sat down and combed through the movie in slow-mo to catch this one. We're just not buying that this flash of a tiny little visage was caught by someone who wasn’t specifically looking for Easter eggs. This is a pretty tough one to spot. But it’s nice to see after all these years, Disney is still giving the mouse some love regardless of the movie. He was the OG after all.

10 Kermit The Frog is Back In The Sea in The Little Mermaid


This one is a bit confusing, but if you look to the left of King Trident in this scene, you can just barely make out Kermit amongst the people. “What is he doing in Atlantis?” you might ask. We'll go further than that. What is he doing in a Disney movie? Shouldn’t he be flirting with some pigs in The Muppets? But, eh. He is a frog after all. His place is in the water. Although, we're not quite sure the bottom of the sea makes a lot of sense. Wouldn’t he die down there? We're so confused. Kermit, why?

9 The Literal Representation Of A Call Girl in Toy Story


I wonder if it’s appropriate to put adult jokes in movies for children. I mean they almost certainly won’t even catch on, right? This is one that we're sure went right over kids’ heads. So hopefully it’s just fine. But I wonder how many parents actually caught on to this at the time. This didn’t really take off until years after Toy Story, so who knows? You have to admit, it’s pretty funny, though. You can almost hear Beavis and Butthead laughing in the background of this scene. Pretty smart Disney and Pixar. Putting that fishing hook on that sexy body. Kudos, guys.

8 Sully’s Cameo in Brave


Everyone loves the big, blue monster Sully from Monsters Inc., or “Kitty” as the little girl called him. But little did you know, Sully actually makes an appearance in Scotland. That’s right. Even the people of medieval Scotland know of the legend that is Sully, as he even appears on their wood carvings. It makes you wonder about the timeline of these movies then. Can the witch see into the future? Or did Monsters Inc. take place before Brave? In which case, does that mean time is in fact cyclical? Hmm. This carving raises a lot of big questions about the Disneyverse.

7 This Pumba Statue in The Hunchback of Notre Dame


It appears that the legend of Pumba’s heroism in The Lion King has reached even the far land of Notre Dame, as you can clearly see a Pumba statue here on the building. Now, it actually wasn’t uncommon to see gargoyle statues in its place back in the day, so it isn’t entirely crazy. But still, it’s cool that Pumba got some recognition outside of his own movie universe. He was one of the coolest characters, after all. Timon and Pumba are icons. People still walk around today singing “Hakuna Matata” at the tops of their lungs. It’s just that iconic.

6 This Topless Woman in The Rescuers


Okay, there’s a lot of things in Disney that you can write off or rationalize or explain off in some way, shape, or form. However, this one just has no words. There’s absolutely no way to rationalize this one. There is just a naked woman in that window. All your friends are just driving along, and you happen to see a naked woman in the window. I suppose that’s a thing that happens from time to time in the real world, but it does just seem a little out of place in a Disney movie. Your move, Disney. Explain this one away.

5 This Creepy (All Too Real) Van in Cars


The “Free Candy” van has been a creepy icon for as long as there have been creepy windowless vans. But you can’t deny the appeal of the van. Scooby and the gang really brought it in style with the Mystery Machine. But still, I mean, there’s no reason to own a windowless van that says "Free Candy". Even as a joke. And there certainly isn’t a reason to put one in a movie. Okay, it’s pretty funny, but still. We wouldn’t recommend trying to pass this off in the real world, even as a joke. Unless, of course, you love cops following you around everywhere and scared looks from tons of parents.

4 The Peddler’s Voice in Aladdin


This one blew the minds of so many people. The peddler and Genie were both voiced by Robin Williams. Coincidence? Hardly. Disney has a plan for everything. Originally, the peddler was supposed to be the Genie in human form. This idea, however, was rejected somewhere down the production line, as producers thought there was a higher chance for a sequel if Genie remained in his powerful state and not just as a boring old human. So it would seem that once again, consumerism kills something great. In this case, a great story point bit the dust in order to make money. But at least Disney did a solid by still including it in Easter egg form, having them both voiced by the same actor.

3 The Woman In A Thong On The Poster for The Lion King


Okay, perhaps this one is just a coincidence. But it’s just one of those things you can’t un-see once seen. When you look at it all traced in and everything, it’s pretty hard to deny that you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing. It’s pretty clearly a topless woman in a thong for Mufasa’s nose. It’s pretty crazy, right? If this was intentional, I wonder how much praise from his peers that guy got for pulling this off. I bet it was pretty epic. It takes some pretty big guts to put something like that in a poster for a movie made for kids.

2 The Phallus in The Little Mermaid VHS Cover


Much like the last one on this list, this one is pretty ballsy. I mean, to put it on the cover for the VHS release of the film? We're starting to wonder if this was just one guy who had an overly dirty mind or just wanted to ruin the reputation of Disney by hoping more parents at the time would catch on to it. But I mean, come on, look at that castle tower. It’s so obvious. Luckily, this image was removed from future releases of the movie using the same cover art. I guess even Disney decided this was a little too much.

1 Tiger Roars Were Used in The Lion King


That’s right. Disney stated that tiger roars were actually used in place of lion roars for The Lion King because tigers roar much louder than lions, who are rather quiet by comparison. So now the world wonders if the movie should have been The Tiger King, instead. Perhaps tigers are the true kings of the jungle after all, and lions just stole all the credit. Either way, this is disingenuous Disney. You made us all think lions were so majestic and powerful, and now we all feel cheated.

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