15 Shocking Titanic Revelations That'll Rock Your Boat

The Titanic was the most mystifying ship to ever set sail. The intrigue surrounding it only grows with time. Is that why we keep recreating it? Is that why its stories prevail in major motion pictures decade after decade? Did you know that in 2018, engineers have every intention of replicating the infamous ocean liner and selling tickets for phenomenally high prices? If you could afford a ticket on the brand new Titanic ship, would you be daring enough to take a cruise? By the end of this article, you might think twice if your answer to the previous question was yes.

There are so many things about the Titanic you don’t already know; dark and barren secrets that were buried with it 2.3 miles beneath the ocean’s surface. The doom of this ill fated cruise boat was so devastating that the disaster was predicted long before the boat was even built. Wait a minute. What? That’s right. One of the most haunting secrets hidden in this mysterious vessel is the fact that its whole story had already been told and several times in fact, before it sunk. Maybe as a warning, foreshadowing or what have you. Maybe it’s a punishment for calling the ship “unsinkable”.

Then again, maybe it’s all just a bunch of superstitious mumbo jumbo. It’s possible that this replica Titanic in the making will sail the ocean blue without a care. Let’s climb aboard and find out, shall we? Here are 15 shocking Titanic revelations shrouded in mystery.

15 It’s A $435 Million Marvel


Vintage meets modern for the bargain price of $435 million and counting. The brand new Titanic, scheduled to touch down in 2018, has all the bells and whistles the first one had plus tons of additional safety features. From a historian’s perspective the ship is flawless; an almost exact replica. From the perspective of a financial consultant however---it’s maybe a touch on the pricey side. To give you a little depth (dark but humorous pun in there) on the matter, other things that cost around $435 million include the American Revolutionary War, India’s Interplanetary Mission to Mars and/or 10 small community hospitals. That’s correct. In lieu of curing the sick, forging for freedom or delving into a deep space adventure, we have chosen to build a ridiculously expensive boat. And not just any boat. No. We have chosen to rebuild a boat that already sunk the first time. Is this adventurous, arrogant or just outlandish? Only time will tell.

14 Several Of The New Ship’s Components Don’t Work


In the tradition of historical accuracy, ocean lining billionaire Clive Palmer, the man behind the machine, has chosen to equip the vessel with parts that don’t work! He has done so on purpose and it’s definitely a brazen move. Thus far, the Marconi Room, a room originally built for the objective of communicating with other ships, will now be on board just for show. Things like 19th Century steering wheels that don’t steer will also be on display, in case anyone wants to not be able to steer the ship out of the way of future icebergs. Thankfully, newer, more modern equipment has been added to the floor plan. Radar, satellite navigation and of course, air conditioning will be available this time around.

13 Its Ill Fate At Sea Has Already Been Foreseen


Morgan Robertson, author and self described maritime expert, scribed a book in 1898 called “Futility” otherwise known as “the Wreck of the Titan”. In a truly chilling manner, this short novella details or, rather, predicts the sinking of the Titanic. The book outlines a tragic tale of a triple screw propeller cruise liner that was fitted for as few lifeboats as the law would allow due mainly to the fact that the ship was presumably “unsinkable”. The name of the storybook sea cruiser was none other than the Titan while the ship that later fit this same description was the Titanic. The book goes on to describe a catastrophic event: the Titan strikes an iceberg while moving at a pace of 25 knots and positioned about 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland sending most of its 2,500 passengers spiraling to their death. The actual Titanic traveled at 22.5 knots and also collided with an iceberg while being exactly 400 nautical miles away from Newfoundland in an event that sent almost all of its 2,200 passengers spiraling to their deaths.

Historians who dug a little deeper came to the realization that “Futility” was one of many novels painting a vivid picture of the Titanic. In fact, some have concluded that there were in fact, pictures painted of the ocean liner sinking in a storm as well as premonitions foreseen by passengers who changed their minds and decided not to board the mammoth ship at all.

12 Its Sails Are Twisted Up In Some Wicked Illuminati Rumors


Illuminati theorists have lined the Catholic Church with a shocking scandal that involves ships instead of altar boys this time. According to them, the Roman Catholic Order sunk the original Titanic to drown a few rich and powerful men, namely Benjamin Guggenheim, Jacob Astor and Isa Strauss, all of whom allegedly opposed the Federal Reserve. The reason this rumor holds a decent amount of water (okay, I admit I’m a pun nerd) is due to the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank actually does control the majority of the world’s money. While there’s certainly a motive for the original collision, why on Earth would anyone want to sink a $435 million boat? Then again…

11 The Titanic Made $1.84 Billion

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And that was just the movie. The original Titanic, a boat that cost $7.5 million to build and never made it past its maiden voyage has garnered an unfathomable return. Just think about it. This passive Titanic income has been flowing for an entire century. Every day for the past ten years, avid Titanic fans have happily forked over $27 per head to visit a museum with Titanic artifacts and an iceberg simulator. Some have taken it even further. Apparently, the $1.7 million Titanic violin has “sadly left the museum”. It is probably sitting in somebody’s living room right now.

10 It’s Already An International Sensation

The brand new Titanic is made in China, funded by an Australian tycoon, setting sail for Dubai and captivating the rest of the world’s attention in the process. It’s no longer the largest or the fastest ship on the sea but to say that it’s a household name would be an understatement. The original ship’s 1912 debut garnered the attention of over one hundred thousand exhilarated fans. Today, that’s probably the number of people who Googled it. From opulence to historical value to awe and controversy, this ship has all the potential it needs to be the biggest tiny thing on the water. Now all it has to do is stay afloat.

9 It’s A Floating Death Trap With A Labyrinth-Like Interior

Have you ever been lost in a hospital or a parking garage? If you’ve been in either of the aforementioned scenarios then you already know how frustrating it is to locate something in a maze-like environment with ascending floors where everything looks the same but is different. This was what people in third class experienced when the Titanic, a boat that took over three years to build and less than three hours to sink beneath the icy blue waters, began inching its way to doom. Not only were these passengers positioned furthest from the exits but they also didn’t know where the exits were and, although most floors looked identical, some of the corridors led to dead ends. Others to bolted doors. The new Titanic, equipped with plenty of lifeboats and added safety equipment, still sports this Labyrinth-like interior.

8 It Was And Still Is Separated by Class

In case you were wondering why the ship was such a maze to begin with, you should know that it was designed to keep the rich from rubbing shoulders with the poor. While, in theory, three classes of people were aboard the mammoth death trap, sorry, cruise ship, they were all having completely different experiences. They accessed different features, ate from different menus, slept in separate quarters and so on. One of the rich passengers explained later that she didn’t even know poor people were aboard the ship at all. This is because third class riders were literally locked out of certain facilities, including the ship’s most famous feature---the grandiose 17th century-style staircase, complete with that cheerful cherub at the head of the stairs. The new and improved Titanic is a spectacle in its own right, but it still features separate classes, just like most cruise ships of today.

7 Rich People Had A Map To The Exits


In spite of the alienation, many third class travelers who survived the ill fated journey claim they were having the time of their lives while aboard the Titanic. The food and design completely exceeded their expectations. Comparatively, their tickets cost significantly less money as well---about $40 for third class and $4,000 for first class. So what were these rich people purchasing aside from the view and the staircase that was worth so much more dinero? Perhaps it was a map to the exits. Finds from the sunken ship reveal that first class passengers were equipped with lifeboats and a map to where the lifeboats were located. Third class passengers had neither. They were locked downstairs, stranded in dead end corridors without directions. And because of this…

6 Most Of The People Who Died Were Poor Children


A startling 65% of the poor children aboard did not survive the fatal collision. In stark contrast, most of the second and first class child passengers did. Even more astoundingly, it is rumored that two of the wealthy passengers clambered onto the lifeboats with their dogs, meaning that, at crunch time, it was lap dogs over children for some. It is said that the lifeboats could have carried more and such was the suspicion of legendary passenger Molly Brown who demanded that her lifeboat go back and pick up more people. In a recent interview, one of Molly Brown’s descendents quoted her late relative as stating, “the worst sound I ever heard were those screams, until they stopped”.

5 It May Have Been A Sci-Fi Romance


You can watch the epic movie Titanic all over again as a sci-fi thriller. Want to know how? By imagining that Jack Dawson, Rose's leading man, played in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio, is actually a time traveler on a mission to save her from death in an icy sea. Alternatively, you could imagine that Jack only existed in Rose's mind. This inspiring fan theory derived from one standout quote in the movie. When Rose is questioned as a frail old woman about Jack and she explains that he "exists only in my memories" as if to say, in some way, that he was never really there at all. Both of these theories were created as a way of explaining why there were never any records of Jack being on the ship to begin with.

4 Mr. Hershey Was Aboard The Warning Ship


Mr. Hershey, of Hershey’s Chocolate, was one of several rich and famous people who almost boarded the Titanic but later charted a different course. Hershey and his wife were passengers on the Amerika, a ship that sailed shortly before the Titanic. Ironically, the Amerika would go down in history as one the Titanic’s warning ships that sent messages of an icy path ahead. Another notable figure who narrowly escaped disaster was Mr. Marconi himself (of the Marconi Room). It is said that the instruments he invented saved many lives from disaster but it was fate that saved Marconi and Hershey. Had they been aboard, their survival rate as men would have been approximately 21%.

3 The Ship Was Probably Already On Fire

A blazing new theory, one with a great deal of truth potential, alleges that the Titanic went down because of fire, not ice. According to recently uncovered documents, there might have been a rapidly spreading coal fire in bunker six that caused the ship to plow through the icy waters at an accelerated speed and ultimately collide with the iceberg. Another shocking revelation is that the ocean liner had a narrow brush with collision early on. According to a century old letter, the Titanic nearly hit another boat upon departure. Talk about being surrounded by doom!

2 Everything’s Being Replicated, Even The Food


Thanks, in part, to wreckage and museums, much of the Titanic’s menu can today be reproduced. Thus far, the similarities between the new ship and the old one are truly striking. While aboard, passengers will be served 19th century-style mutton chops and filet mignon, dishes that were found on the original menu, which, incidentally, was auctioned off for $88,000. From the menu to the ceiling fixtures to carpeting designs, from the intricate Turkish bath to the elegant “sidewalk café”, this modern wonder was designed to make you feel like you’re a part of the movie. Let’s just hope you don’t have to play out that final scene.

1 This Means The Titanic Will Be Carrying 36,000 Apples



We certainly hope you like apples, and you know, plummeting to your death on a wildly expensive cruise ship, but also apples. Why? Well, because the last ship was carrying 36,000 of them so the new ship will likely be brimming with apples as well. It will also contain a replica of the original swimming pool and the breathtaking Edwardian gym. To an onlooker, this ship looks exactly like the original. Therefore, it can be assumed that it fits the same description as the one found in the novel “Futility” and also, that it would look identical in a painting or a premonition. So, if you take the first ship out of the equation, what you have left is an internationally acclaimed ocean liner tied to the Illuminati that has already been predicted to sink by several authors, painters and would be passengers. Tickets anyone?

Sources:  Smithsonian Magazine

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15 Shocking Titanic Revelations That'll Rock Your Boat