15 Shocking Examples Of Fame Making Celebrities Mentally Unstable

It seems that the world is obsessed with fame and the celebrity lifestyle, especially when everyone is clamoring to get their own reality television show. The glitz and glamour of being famous can often trump financial successes in mainstream careers. Yet, while there are millions that seek out public recognition and celebrity status, there are many that have voiced their disdain over all the other outside factors that can come from fame.

While celebrity photographers and obsessed fans have always been a part of Hollywood, things have dramatically increased in recent years. From paparazzi fighting to get the most intimate and incriminating photographs to anyone with a cell phone becoming a potential "photo journalist," the price of fame seems to be getting higher and higher.

In an attempt to keep the paparazzi (and the public) at bay, many celebrities choose to sequester themselves in their private lives. Yet this can cause many celebrities to become out of touch with reality. Many celebrities have chosen to surround themselves with only "Yes-men," which has resulted in the public seeing some of the biggest celebrities in the world decline into tragedy. From Elvis Presley reportedly shooting his own television to Michael Jackson dangling his baby over the railing of his balcony, there is something to be said for what the celebrity life can do to the human psyche. Check out 15 shocking examples that fame actually makes celebrities crazy, and take a deeper look into whether or not you still want your allotted 15 minutes of fame.

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15 Eminem

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When Eminem was first introduced to audiences under the tutelage of the highly respected rapper and producer, Dr. Dre, the entire world seemed to embrace him. Despite being a white rapper, Eminem was praised for his writing and rapping skills. Many have even praised Eminem over Jay Z, and even Nas released a dis track stating, “Eminem murdered you on your own s***,” referencing their track “Renegade.” While he outlived the one-hit-wonder legacy set forth by Vanilla Ice, his music and fame began to eventually decline and he started to seek out other ways of getting attention. From lying about his relationship with his baby’s mother, Kim Mathers, to some of the stunts he played out at public events, Eminem seemed to be more fixated on achieving his former fame than achieving mental health. The most notable stunt was at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, where Sacha Baron Cohen descended on Eminem and straddled his face with bare butt cheeks. Although Eminem stormed off with his bodyguards, many called him out afterward, saying it was a staged stunt to help give him some much-needed attention.

14 Tom Cruise

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No one can deny the incredible acting skills and star power of Tom Cruise, since he has been able to maintain his leading man status since he was first introduced on the big screen. Cruise is unique in that he was a huge heartthrob onscreen in the '80s, and still manages to keep women running to the movie theaters to see the latest Tom Cruise film today. Yet his behavior in his personal life in recent years has caused many to question whether or not he has been changed by his celebrity status. The start of this change seemed to come along during his infamous couch jumping incident on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005. In an effort to express his enthusiasm over his relationship with Katie Holmes, Cruise became almost manic in his behavior. Since then, he has increased the speculation over his mental health with his outspoken statements over women’s pregnancy issues and his connection with Scientology.

13 Cybill Shepherd

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As a former model that went on to have a successful acting career, Cybill Shepherd had been known as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies. Hitting her peak in the '70s and '80s, time wasn’t exactly kind to Cybill Shepherd later in life. While women don’t usually speak out about the difficulty in losing their looks, Shepherd appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and revealed some of the intense insecurities and pressure she felt to remain beautiful and youthful in the public eye. While most women generally have some trepidation over the effects of aging, Shepherd has a unique take on this insecurity since her fame was based off of her physical appearance. Whether it was an attempt to mock herself onscreen or just a fit of despair, Shepherd’s appearance on Britain’s GMTV caused many to wonder about her mental health. No self-respecting woman in the world would choose to present themselves on television with the hair of a troll doll, but Shepherd didn’t seem to realize how this simple act would be perceived by the public.

12 Lindsay Lohan

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When Lindsay Lohan was seen on the big screen at the tender age of 11-years-old on the remake of The Parent Trap, audiences fell in love with her cute freckled face and spunky red hair. She seemed to grow up in the public eye, and transitioned well into teen films like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Lohan even dabbled in the music industry, and seemed like a pretty well-rounded young lady with a strong work ethic. Yet achieving fame at such a young age and working since she was 3-years-old started to take a toll on the Herbie: Fully Loaded actress. Nowadays she is known for her unprofessional behavior, and has been cited as a difficult actress to work with due to unexplained absences and tardiness. She’s battled substance abuse, and the issues involving her family struggles have been highly publicized. It’s difficult to say which member of the family has been most negatively affected by their fame, since both of her parents have exhibited attention-seeking behavior.

11 Christian Bale

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As a method actor, Christian Bale has never shied away from delving deep into the characters he portrays. Yet, not all of his films have been on the side of good, like his Batman superhero character. With so many of his anger-fueled outbursts onset and in his personal life, many wondered whether his American Psycho character bled into his real persona. An audio recording of a full-on tirade during the filming of Terminator: Salvation was absolutely shocking to fans. Bale unleashed on crew member Shane Hurlbut calling him a number of names and threatening to shut down production. His unspeakable rage wasn’t just geared towards crew members in his professional life, since an altercation became highly publicized between Bale and his mother and sister in London. Bale was arrested over an assault claim for the incident that happened at London’s Dorchester hotel. Bale has always insisted that he never physically assaulted either of them, and continues to take absolutely no responsibility for his arrest.

10 Courtney Love

When Courtney Love was introduced to the public as the lead singer of Hole, she seemed like the perfect counterpart to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. While she definitely had her fair share of strange behavior during her earlier years, things seemed to get even stranger as the years went by. Throughout her career, she has been known for violent outbursts, including abusing cabin crew members on a London flight in 2003 and a misdemeanor charge for hitting an audience member at a New York concert in 2004. Yet it’s the attention-seeking behavior that has really seemed to make fans realize her intense need to perpetuate her fame. From standing on top of David Letterman’s desk in order to flash him in 2004 to ambushing Madonna during an interview with Kurt Loder at the VMAs, it became an endless need for Love to stay in the headlines. Her most memorable fame-seeking stunt came after photographs surfaced of Love allowing a random stranger to suckle at her breast. Some reports claimed he was a homeless man, but it was later revealed that he was a struggling rapper.

9 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was once thought of as the hottest male leads in film, with hit films like Braveheart and The Patriot. Yet his personal life has definitely overshadowed his professional career in recent years. With a series of public relations nightmares, people are starting to look at Mel Gibson like he definitely has some sort of anger or mental health problem. While being detained for drunk driving, Gibson went on an anti-Semitic tirade and even threatened the police officer that he will “get even” with him. His irrational temper again flared up during a highly publicized feud with ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson pleaded no-contest to a battery charge against in 2011, where she claimed he brandished a gun and talked about suicide. Yet the most bizarre behavior came after filming The Passion of the Christ. The Oscar-winning actor built his own church in Malibu, and performs the mass himself in Latin. Reportedly, the women must all wear head coverings, and the actor has sunk millions into this tree-covered mountain church.

8 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was a huge rising star when she was first introduced to mainstream audiences as a Disney kid, and quickly transitioned into the realm of pop music. Yet the public started to question the mental health of this seemingly bubbly music artist and actress when photographers spotted signs of cutting on Lovato’s wrists on the red carpet. Since then, she has spent time with mental rehabilitation facilities, and has become quite vocal over her issues with mental health. From having bipolar disorder to an eating disorder to dealing with the extreme pressures brought on by fame, Lovato has seemed to have a truly difficult time on her journey to superstardom. She has since become quite vocal as an advocate for seeking out treatment, but she still talks about the struggles that continue to plague her. While many of her issues might have been there regardless of her status as a pop singer, they are undoubtedly exacerbated due to the extreme demands of the industry and the expectations of the public.

7 Britney Spears

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Britney Spears first started off her career in the entertainment industry when she was a child actress in The Mickey Mouse Club. She achieved pop fame not many years later and was thrust into the world of celebrity. The constant criticism, the grueling schedule, and the struggles in her personal relationships were all factors that led to Spears’ unraveling in front of the public. In February 2007, Spears was photographed shaving her head bald, and then attacked people with her umbrella. Some speculated as to why she went bald, with some citing damage from excessive weaves and others thinking it might have something to do with potential drug testing through hair follicles in ongoing court proceedings. Spears was checked into a mental health facility, and she spent years without full custody of her children with Kevin Federline. While her other former Mickey Mouse Club costars have seemed to transition well, not everyone can withstand the pressures of fame in the same way.

6 Charlie Sheen

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When Charlie Sheen reached his peak as a film actor, he was one of the hottest male leads in Hollywood during the late' 80s and early '90s. While he had success on the big screen with hit films like Platoon and The Three Musketeers, his transition to television brought an equal amount of success. Becoming the highest paid actor on television during his stint on Two and a Half Men, it seemed that he had found his niche as an aging actor in Hollywood. You’d think his immense bank account and stability in his television role would help to make Sheen settle down, like some of the other happily married actors in the entertainment industry. Instead, Sheen often held over-the-top parties with porn stars, frequented dating websites, and starred in videos that caused people to wonder whether he was right in the head. One of the biggest examples is his live video on Ustream, which he entitled Torpedo of Truth.

5 Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber was first introduced to the music industry, the world saw him as an ultra-talented kid that got his big break under the tutelage of Usher. Becoming an instant heartthrob, "Bieber Fever" took over the world and he became one of the most sought-after celebrities in the world. Growing up before the public’s eye, people wondered whether or not he would be able to transition into adult super-stardom. While his music seemed to evolve smoothly, with hits like, “Boyfriend,” it was the antics in his personal life that had people wondering what happened to our favorite “Baby” singer. Bieber went over-the-top with tattoos, practically having full sleeves on both arms, and is often seen wearing thrown together ensembles with pants sagging farther than any current rap star. He repeatedly gets into altercations with his “fans” and has even been arrested with charges of assault over some of the bizarre confrontations. He recently announced that he will no longer be signing autographs or greeting his fans, stating he is made to feel like an animal and won’t subject himself to it anymore.

4 Shia LaBeouf

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When Shia LaBeouf was first introduced as one of Hollywood’s leading men, hopes were high that the entertainment industry had finally found the next actor to fill the shoes of Tom Cruise. As an action star in the Transformers film series and a favorite among the young female demographic, LaBeouf seemed to be on the right path to stardom. Yet, after the immense fame he received from his commercially successful films, LaBeouf began acting in bizarre ways in his personal life. He was repeatedly arrested for public outbursts and intoxication, and much of his bizarre behavior was caught on tape. From taunting his friend to slap him in the face (which he did) to slapping a fan in his elevator stunt to sitting in a theater for three hours watching his own films, it seemed like LaBeouf would rather be famous for his personal life rather than his work onscreen. Claiming that many of these stunts were for the sake of an art project, the damage to his persona will be difficult to undo in the eyes of the public.

3 50 Cent

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Coming from humble beginnings, you’d think 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) would use his newfound fame to improve his overall life and well-being. Instead, his outlandish and confrontational behavior was only fueled by his ever-growing fame. Part of it came with his new circle of friends in the celebrity world, which includes five-division world champion, Floyd Mayweather. The pair can be seen in videos talking to each other with stacks of cash, and social media posts show more of the same. This seems a little strange, since his bankruptcy deal with creditors became public in 2016. Yet it wasn’t just his finances that caused people to wonder about his mental state. Jackson has had a number of feuds that were highly publicized, including one with Oprah Winfrey and even his own son. Texts between him and his son were made public, and the world saw just how unglued he has become in recent years. Jackson even took to social media to let the world see all the family drama unfold, and in one post he threatened the life of his oldest son, Marquise Jackson.

2 Kanye West

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When Kanye West first started out in the music industry, he was thought of as an immensely talented underground artist that was respected by even the most commercially successful rappers. As his star began to rise, it was obvious that West enjoyed his time in the limelight. He seemed to go out of his way to become front page news for tabloids, and became a controversial figure at numerous events. From claiming, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” during a live broadcast of A Concert for Hurricane Relief to ambushing Taylor Swift on stage as she accepted an award at the VMAs, the outlandish behavior exhibited by Kanye West in recent years has caused many to question his mental stability. Most recently, West made a declaration that he planned on running for President of the United States, which even Kim Kardashian couldn’t support or deny when asked about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While West was once praised as being a musical genius in the early outset of his career, it seems that he has taken that praise a little too literally in recent times.

1 Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes started her career as a child actress, and gained huge success on the Nickelodeon network through the All That series and The Amanda Show. She transitioned to The WB and even hit the silver screen in a number of hit films in the early 2000s. Despite her success, in March 2010 it was reported that Bynes exhibited bizarre behavior while filming The Farrelly brother’s Hall Pass. In June 2010, Bynes took to Twitter and stated, “I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve #retired. I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it… If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it… Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem.” This tweet was followed by a number of bizarre social media posts, including a variety of wigs and what seemed to be results of trips to the plastic surgeon's office. 2012 was filled with arrests, tickets, accidents, and driving violations, which only led to more crazy social media posts. In 2013, she allegedly threw a bong out of the window of her car, and later alleged she was sexually assaulted by an NYPD officer.

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