15 Sexy Celebs Who Have A Thing For Baseball Players

There is just something about being a professional athlete that lures in the girls. Despite all of the negative stereotypes associated with dating sports stars, there still seems to be no shortage of women willing to get with them. And as if playing sports for a living wasn't cool enough, a lot of these women are actually super hot, famous, and successful. There are plenty of hot celebs who just love dating professional baseball players.

Some of these ladies settled down and married an MLB player and lived happily ever after. There are other stars who have gone from baseball player to baseball player, making it seem like they definitely have a type when it comes to dating. Then there are those chicks who just love athletes in general and took their turn at getting with a baseball player just to add variety to their roster. Whatever the situation is, there are just so many gorgeous women who have been charmed by baseball players.

Weirdly enough, it's not like these hot celebs are dating a lot of different players in Major League Baseball, but in reality it seems like there is a super small pool of these dudes who have gotten with the hottest women on the planet. I have no idea how people with such public dating lives continue scoring new ladies, but I guess it's easy to overlook a player's reputation when he is a successful sports star. Personally, I would be a pretty hesitant about getting with one of these dudes, but then again, I am far from a hot celebrity, so what the hell do I know?

On the other hand, these fifteen hot celebs love to date baseball players.

15 Kate Hudson - A-Rod


14 Lisalla Montenegro - C.J. Wilson

13 Kate Upton - Justin Verlander


12 Halle Berry - David Justice

11 Minka Kelly - Derek Jeter

10 Rihanna - Matt Kemp

9 Cameron Diaz - A-Rod

8 Joanna Garcia Swisher - Nick Swisher

7 Jessica Biel - Derek Jeter

6 Jessica Alba - Derek Jeter

5 Misty May-Treanor - Matt Treanor

4 Adriana Lima - Derek Jeter

3 Hilary Duff - Barry Zito

2 Alyssa Milano - Dated Three Players

1 Jennie Finch - Casey Daigle

If anyone is going to understand what it is like to date a baseball player, it is probably a professional softball player, right? I mean it makes perfect sense to me that two people who play such similar sports would end up getting together. Olympic gold medalist and softball player Jennie Finch has been married to minor league baseball player and former MLB player Casey Daigle since 2005. Yes, Jennie Finch is definitely the way more famous and successful ball player (by far), but that doesn't take away from the fact that she is a hot woman who has thing for dudes in this sport.

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15 Sexy Celebs Who Have A Thing For Baseball Players