15 Scrubs Stars: Where Are They Now?

Fifteen years have passed since our favorite medical comedy Scrubs entered our lives, bringing us tears of laughter, sighs of sadness, and wandering daydreams of "what could have been..."  And six years have passed since it all ended, leaving us satisfied but with bittersweet memories.  The adventures of the young doctors figuring out how to balance their careers in medicine with personal lives helped us all to navigate our maturation, whether we learned lessons in love, friendship, anatomy, or some weird mixture of the three.

We all had a character we identified with, whether it was Elliot due to her social awkwardness, supreme taste in men, and perfectionist tendencies, or Dr. Perry Cox for his pessimistic outlook on life, quick wit, and his need for close frenemies (that's friend/enemies, for those who don't quite understand).  But just because we relate to one of those characters doesn't mean they're our favorite: whether we thought the Janitor was funniest for his cruel, ruthless, and icy pranks on J.D., or we loved The Todd for his outlandishly sexist and never-gonna-happen pick-up lines, there was something great in every character.

What happened to the faces that we came to love and hold so dear?  Since the doors closed at Sacred Heart and the doctors disappeared into their fictional universe of medicine and misadventures, the actors have continued on in their lives and careers; where have they gone?  Here are fifteen of our favorite actors from our beloved show Scrubs and where they are now.

15 John C. McGinley - About To Star In The Belko Experiment


Our favorite terrifying, yet somehow endearing doctor, Dr. Perry Cox, was the reason many of us tuned in to watch the show week after week. His monologues, hilarious lists, quirky insults, strange hatred of Hugh Jackman, and seemingly endless list of girly nicknames for newbie (aka J.D.) fueled so much of the humor for the show that no episode would have been the same without him. Even the episodes about him not being himself (when he was depressed or struggling with a personal dilemma) were rife with his little quips and incredibly engaging monologues.

So where has actor John C. McGinley, who played Dr. Cox, been since he took off the scrubs? Though still best known for his film roles before Scrubs in Platoon, The Rock, and Se7en, he's now known for his role on the late sitcom Ground Floor, the new horror-comedy Stand Against Evil, and several soon-to-be released movies such as The Belko Experiment, Rounding Third, and The Good Catholic.

14 Judy Reyes - Jane The Virgin and Devious Maids


Carla Espinosa was the head nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital before having her second child and retiring to be a full time mom. Before meeting the love of her life and father of her children, Turk, she had a weird romantic history with Dr. Cox that fans of the show all wished they'd gotten to see some of rather than just hear about. Though she likes to put up a tough front, using her Dominican heritage to her advantage, she actually has a sweet and mushy core and has a very real need to nurture relationships with those closest to her.

Carla was played by actress Judy Reyes. Since the end of Scrubs, she's had two roles that people recognize her most as: Dina Milagro in the TV series Jane the Virgin, and Ziola Diaz in the series Devious Maids. Though both roles single the actress out for her race, this Brooklyn native is proud to bring Latin culture to American TV.

13 Sarah Chalke - How I Met Your Mother


Dr. Elliot Reid was the neurotic, privileged, starry-eyed intern that came to Sacred Heart with the hopes of taking the medical industry by storm only to be struck by the reality that nothing's ever that simple. Elliot struggled a lot in her time at Sacred Heart, having a favorite supply closet to cry in and going from friend to friend to complain about her problems. She bounced between plenty of boyfriends before ending up with J.D. (which we all knew would happen from the start) and getting pregnant with his daughter.

Sarah Chalke played the adorable, if not a bit crazy, Dr. Elliot Reid, and she's gone on to plenty of cool things since then. We'll all recognize her from her time on How I Met Your Mother, when she left Ted Mosby at the altar, but she also spent time on Cougar Town, How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), Mad Love, and Backstrom.

12 Donald Faison - Recently Starred In Kick-Ass 2


Dr. Christopher Turk, more commonly known as Turk (or, if you ask Dr. Bob Kelso, Turk Tukleton), is one of the best surgeons at Sacred Heart Hospital. Though he might not have the most dexterous hands in the hospital or the quickest times of anyone in the department, his bedside manner is absolutely unparalleled. He's an amazing dad to both Isabella and his second daughter with Carla (which was never really named) and, of course, a spectacular friend to J.D., Elliot, and anyone else lucky enough to have him close.

Turk was played by Donald Faison, perhaps most famous before Scrubs for his performance in Clueless or Remember the Titans. Since the show ended, he appeared in Kick-Ass 2, Wish I Was Here, and Stag as well as a bunch of TV series including The Exes and House of Lies. Soon, he'll be playing a voice on the Star Wars: Detours TV series.

11 Zach Braff - Still Acting, Writing, And Directing


Our inner-monologuing, day-dreaming, lackadaisacal lead, Dr. John Dorian (J.D., for short) became our close friend over the years of the show. Even through the hard times of him screwing over Elliot's relationships, struggling through losing Turk to Carla, and competing with his peers, Jordan, and everyone else for Dr. Cox's attention, we've grown to love J.D. for all of his quirks and relatable qualities.

J.D. was played by Zach Braff. Though he wasn't known for a ton of his work before Scrubs, he's stayed plenty busy since. Most recently, he was lauded for his performance in Wish I Was Here about a struggling actor at a crossroads, which he directed, wrote, and starred in himself, and he's soon to star alongside Selena Gomez and Bryan Cranston in the James Franco movie In Dubious Battle about the California labor movement in the 1930s. He's definitely one to keep your eyes on, less for his comedy and more for his serious dramatic work.

10 Tom Cavanagh - On CW's The Flash


Tom Cavanagh played J.D.'s pestering, depressive, and slacking older brother, Dan.  Though he was always supportive of J.D., he liked to express it in his own strangely unsupportive brand of pranks and practical jokes.  He also leaned on J.D. more than he liked to admit, like when their father died and he spent weeks in J.D.'s bathtub soaking in a mixture of tepid water, warm beer, and his own urine.

Since the end of Scrubs, what's our Tommy-Boy been up to?  After a quick turn on the serio-comedy Royal Pains as a former professional golfer and some time on the mysterious crime drama The Following as televangelist Kingston Tanner, he's now a full time cast member on the CW show The Flash as Barry Allen's mentor, Dr. Harrison Wells.  As the show has evolved, he's also become (and, we should note, SPOILER ALERT) the DC superhero Barry's lifelong nemesis, The Reverse-Flash.

9 Scott Foley - He's A CIA Operative On Scandal


Remember Sean Kelly?  The lovable dolphin trainer met Elliot for the first time when he was her hypochondriatic and neurotic patient in season one, then became her boyfriend in season three (much to J.D.'s chagrin).  The two broke up when Elliot chose to take a chance on a relationship with J.D., which in turn broke Sean's heart.  Towards the close of the show, he returned to the cast and ended up dating Elizabeth Banks' character, Dr. Kim Briggs (much to Elliot's chagrin), taking care of the son she conceived with J.D.

Sean was played by actor Scott Foley, who now stars as a former Pentagon intelligence agent, CIA operative, Joint Chief of Staff operative, and sexy love interest on the hot thriller Scandal.  His chemistry with lead Olivia Pope makes his heat with Sarah Chalke (who played Elliot) look like a tepid simmer; their red hot appeal is downright... scandalous!

8 Travis Schuldt - Set To Co-Star Alongside J-Lo


Speaking of Elliot's boyfriends (there were a lot of them, weren't there?), another memorable one was Keith Dudemeister (yes, that was indeed his last name): the adorable yet sometimes dull intern that graduated from booty call to long-term boyfriend.  Played by Travis Schuldt, he entered the show at the beginning of season five and stayed on through the end of the show.

These days Travis Schuldt has found himself busier than ever, perhaps due to the fact that he has done some growing up and looks more mature and sexier than ever!  Aside from guest starring on shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Fosters, and 2 Broke Girls, he'll also be starring alongside Melissa Fumero in an upcoming drama called DriverX about the unfamiliar faces forced to get behind the wheels of ride-sharing services like our Ubers.  You can also see him in the Jennifer Lopez 2015 movie, The Boy Next Door.

7 Johnny Kastl - No Longer Acting


Remember Doug?  Don't worry, most of his coworkers didn't either.  Sadly, Doug was there from day one with J.D., Elliot, and Turk, but was constantly forgotten; and when he was remembered, he was constantly the victim of verbal abuse and harassment.  Dr. Doug Murphy started as an intern alongside our main cast members and was so remarkably bad at his job that most of his patients didn't make it very long.  Dr. Cox even speculated that Doug had "killed so many patients, I'm starting to think that he just might be a government operative."  After even Elliot conceded he had no place treating patients, Doug found his calling in pathology: investigating causes of death and caring for the bodies of the recently deceased.

Doug was played by Johnny Kastl, who actually suffered a few Doug-level mishaps throughout his career after Scrubs.  He guest starred in a couple TV shows, like Veronica Mars and Cold Case, but landed nothing consistent.  He did land a consistent role on the Patrick Swayze show The Beast, unfortunately just before his death.  After that show was cancelled, he decided to take a prolonged (if not permanent) break from acting.

6 Aloma Wright - Legal Secretary On Suits


Our favorite sassy and surly nurse, Laverne Roberts, wasn't always the most productive nurse.  Sure, she spent plenty of her time gossiping and relaxing in the break room but she was also there for plenty of life saving moments.  While it was much more likely to see her pushing paperwork behind the desk than it was to see her bedside or at a crash cart, she definitely liked to work long hours.

Laverne was played by Aloma Wright.  Since her time on Scrubs, she's stayed very busy.  She's had smaller roles in TV movies like Ward of the State, The Devon Taylor Show, and Hell on Earth, as well as had guest roles on plenty of TV series like Scandal, The Middle, and Growing Up Fisher.  However, her time on Days of Our Lives as well as her continued time on Suits and The Soul Man have been her most notable and long running appearances.

5 Christa Miller - Cougar In Cougar Town


Don't pretend like you don't remember this sexy succubus.  Jordan Sullivan, life partner and occasional wife of Dr. Cox, was a genuine terror around Sacred Heart Hospital.  Don't get us wrong, she wasn't always a terrible fright.  She turned out to be an amazing mom, a loving sister, and a terrific help to Carla as she got through her postpartum depression.  However, she was great at making Perry's, J.D.'s, and whoever else's life she fancied a bit of a living hell.  If she got bored, she could ruin you just to pass the time.

Jordan was played by the incredibly sexy and very talented Christa Miller who, after Scrubs, went on to star alongside Courteney Cox and Busy Philipps in Cougar Town, which was about not-so-old ladies trying to get back in the dating game.  The show just wrapped up, and Christa is looking out for her next big project!

4 Robert Maschio - Pretends He's The Todd At Fan Reunions


You surely don't recognize the name Robert Maschio, but we're certain you know who Dr. Todd Quinlan is.  If you don't recognize him by his full name, perhaps you know one of his nicknames: The Todd, The Big Dog, The Pig, Cabana Boy, Meat Head, Supposedly-Straight Surgeon, Sexual Deviant, or Dr. What's-He-Over-Compensating-For ring any bells?   This overly machismo surgeon was an idiotic, sex-obsessed, banana-hammock collecting weirdo unlike any other.  For someone that so genuinely cares about his patients, he's still such an idiot ("I know it sounds corny, but we really made a big difference in that person's life in there.  I hope she digs her new cans.")

So what is The Todd, a.k.a. Robert Maschio, up to these days?  Well, Robert's still livin' it up as The Todd, going to fan reunions and meeting up with old cast members.  He had a short appearance on Bones just last year and loves to act occasionally, but loves to live it up as his favorite character.

3 Sam Lloyd - He Guest Stars In Everything


Ted Buckland, lawyer for Sacred Heart Hospital and local sad-sack, was always fun to have around despite his depressive tendencies.  Ted had plenty to be sad about, from his wife leaving him to the constant torment he endured at the hands of Dr. Bob Kelso.  Looking back, though, perhaps we shouldn't have laughed so hard at the frequency of occasions we found Ted standing on the rough and contemplating jumping off (and the one time he accidentally fell off, only to land in a pile of garbage).

Ted was played by the hilarious comedic actor Sam Lloyd, known for his roles in Galaxy Quest and Flubber.  These days, though, Sam has been keeping busy on the late TV series The PET Squad Files as well as on almost every sitcom you've heard of on a guest star basis, such as Modern Family, Shameless, Marry Me, Cougar Town, and The Middle.

2 Neil Flynn - He's On The Middle


Did he ever have a name?  Or was he truly just the elusive Janitor the whole nine years of the show?

Janitor made references to his wife and we even briefly met his son early on in the show, but writers seemed to forget about them when he started to date random characters and developed a serious infatuation for Barbie (aka Blonde Doctor, aka Elliot Reid).  Maybe this was a mistake on the part of the writers, or maybe it was an intentional step to add to the shroud of mystery and confusion surrounding the Janitor's identity; who knows?

If nothing else, there's at least one name you can associate with the Janitor and that's Neil Flynn, the actor who played him.  Aside from Scrubs, Neil was best known for his role in the movie Magnolia, but is now best known for his lead role in the sitcom The Middle, about a normal yet totally dysfunctional Indiana family trying to get by.

1 Ken Jenkins - Guest Appearances


Though he rarely actually interacted with patients, Dr. Bob Kelso was the head honcho around Sacred Heart Hospital.  The Chief of Medicine seemed to be quite heartless at times, constantly trying to unload patients who had weak insurance plans or might threaten malpractice lawsuits but, in the end, he held his medical staff very close to his heart and wanted to see them protected, and all it really took for him to want to care for a patient was a decently close bond to them (like a short conversation with their kid, or even just a first name introduction).

Bob Kelso was played by the renowned and lauded Ken Jenkins, also known for his work in the movies The Abyss, The Sum of all Fears, and I Am Sam.  What's he been up to since Sacred Heart closed its doors?  Well, though the actor is getting a bit old (he's over 75 years old now!), he's still acting!  Most recently, he was in the TV movie All The Way, but you're more likely to have seen him guest starring on Cougar Town or Gravity Falls!  


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15 Scrubs Stars: Where Are They Now?