15 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Sausage Party

There are a good number of cautions, warnings, and advisories you should read before going into this article.  If you haven't heard of the latest animated film hitting cinemas worldwide, it's risque and suggestive name should be a dead giveaway to you: this movie (as well as this article) is not intended for young audiences.  However, we can't go so far as to say that this movie is meant for "mature" audiences; in fact, maturity will likely dampen your experience of this movie.  This film is strictly designed for immature mature audiences.  If you're not crazy about graphic sex scenes, gory violence, and detailed food entertainment, you might not be into this film.  HOWEVER, if you've got an open mind, a strong stomach, and a thirst for a youthful perspective on an age-old debate, stick around.

There are plenty of people who haven't been crazy about Sausage Party (in fact, if you've already seen the movie and were loath to even open this article, you can check out an opposing view also published on TheRichest); it definitely doesn't worry about offending anyone, and actively endeavors to offend people of most walks, races, and creeds.  If you're smart and lucky enough, though, to get past all the crude jokes, pejorative insults, and sexist japes, there are a lot of amazing qualities behind this film.  So get your tickets, grab some snacks, and take a deep breath- you're in for a crazy couple of hours.  Here are fifteen reasons you'll love Sausage Party!

15 For Those Who Love Team America


Remember this crazy, weird, and oddly graphic comedy from 2004?  Team America: World Police was a strange marionette comedy about an elite counter-terrorism organization and a strange recruit taken on to complete a unique mission.  It wasn't exactly trying to accomplish a lot, like start an intelligible dialogue or communicate some sort of moral. Rather, it was trying to spoof a genre of film; taking the same plot of any other action film and giving the leading roles to puppets instead of action stars like Tom Cruise and Samuel L. Jackson paints a very different picture and allows  us all the opportunity to laugh at it's ridiculousness.

If you enjoyed the preposterous and ridiculous nature of Team America, you'll love the shared brand of comedy it has with Sausage Party.  There will be plenty of puns, lots of offensive witticisms, and enough crude humor to keep you entertained for hours.

14 It's A Love Child 10 Years In The Making


Sure, Sausage Party is kind of ridiculous.  Very ridiculous.  OKAY, IT'S THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING WE'VE SEEN IN YEARS!  You probably assumed that Seth Rogen was tripping on something when he thought he saw his hot dog talk to him and, after that, the dream that was Sausage Party went from brain to being in a matter of months, right?

Wrong.  Seth Rogen has been working on this project for an entire decade, longer than most of his fame has extended!  "For a third of my life, I've been working on making this movie," Rogen confessed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.  Though acting embarrassed of the title and subject matter of his film, it's clear Seth is proud of the product he's created.  While working on the film, he wanted to ensure the film had an authentic feel and quality throughout; that audience members sitting down to watch it would feel like they'd entered into a children's movie, more specifically a Pixar movie.  "Pixar is so good at examining the secret lives of cars and toys and bugs and... if you look at the secret life of food, it's terrifying!  CAUSE YOU EAT IT!" Seth explained to Jimmy Fallon.

13 ALLLL the Food Puns


Seriously, all of them.  There are so many.  SOOOOO MANY FOOD PUNS.  An overwhelming amount, truly.  If you're a punny person, or if you enjoy the occasional terrible dad-joke, you'll absolutely love the humor in Sausage Party.  Need some proof?  Well, we don't want to spoil too much buuut...

At a dramatic emotional climax of the film, a meatloaf sings the Meat Loaf song "I'd Do Anything for Love."  The main character, a hot dog named Frank, wants to be with the love of his life and only her; he's a self proclaimed "Bun-ogamist."  The lavash, named Karem Abdul Lavash, expects his version of the great beyond to be filled with seventy two bottles of virgin olive oil.  And of course, we can't forget all of the corny, ridiculous, crude, and pun-tastic quips relating to food sex (such as Frank and Brenda "touching tips" or Frank wanting to go in "bare dog").

12 Saving Private Ryan Parody


Okay, this doesn't sound like a good thing, does it?  A parody of one of the most treasured, traumatic, and horrifyingly accurate war movies in existence?  Sure doesn't sound like a good thing, does it?  Yes, it sounds bad and it IS bad - but in the best of ways!

Here's what happens [also, if you couldn't figure it out, SPOILER ALERT]- a jar of honey mustard, voiced by Danny McBride, is returned to the store after having seen the horrors that lie in the great beyond.  Once he's chosen to be in another shopping cart, he becomes suicidal.  When Frank (Seth Rogen) and Brenda (Kristen Wiig) try to save him, they end up falling from the cart.  In a floury haze that looks like a battlefield, we see a cracked can of noodle soup trying to spoon his innards back into his body.  We see an Oreo who carrying around his other half which has been torn from his backside.  A jar of peanut butter whispers mournfully to his shattered love, a jar of jelly.  It is atrocious and, somehow, horrifically hilarious.

11 It's the Raunchy Response to The Night Before


Seth Rogen has definitely been working on Sausage Party for some time now, but it's certainly no coincidence that it's being released now as opposed to in a year or two.  Seth Rogen has been planning and postponing this project for a while; what would it have mattered if he'd put it off a little while longer?

The simple answer is that Seth Rogen has gotten the hang of balancing his career.  He's learned to switch up his game and alternate horribly offensive and raunchy films with less horrifying and more appropriate films.  Think about it.  Before Sausage Party, his most inappropriate film recently released was This Is The End, another movie with religious themes, rape jokes, and lots of drugs.  For those that didn't enjoy the movie, he was in The Guilt Trip and Neighbors shortly before and after it.  Surrounding Sausage Party, Rogen's released a vulgar yet more appropriate Christmas film, The Night Before, and he'll soon be in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

10 Top Notch Talent


There was once a time when there was a separate class of actors known for voice acting than for live action movies.  That day has seemed to pass, though, and we can now see the same casts of goofy actors in front of the camera as well as in front of microphones in recording studios.  The lead voices you must recognize off the bat: Frank the hot-dog is voiced by Seth Rogen, and Brenda the bun is voiced by Kristen Wiig.  However, you'd be shocked how many voices you know from the cast of this film, whether you recognized them or not!  Michael Cera plays Barry, the mildly deformed hot-dog; Bill Hader plays the jug of Native American Fire Water; Salma Hayek plays the savory and lusty taco; Edward Norton plays the Woody Allen-esque bagel; James Franco plays a druggie that's tripping balls; Jonah Hill plays Carl, the hot-dog who nearly escapes death!  Almost every name behind this film is recognizable and laudable!

9 There's Potential For A Sequel


Oh yeah, didn't notice that?  The writers of the film, Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg, were smart enough to set up the potential for a sequel at the end of the film.  Wanna know more?  Read on!  But beware- we're gonna spoil the ending!

So, to make a long story short, the grocery store items ban together to defeat the humans terrorizing them.  Yay, they've won the grocery store back for their own!  How will they celebrate?  By having a giant food orgy, of course!  Prepare yourself, if you haven't seen it; this is strangely graphic and you're gonna be in shock.  But the potential for the sequel lies not in the orgy, but in the aftermath.  After the weird food porn, Firewater reveals to the food items that they live in an animated world and are being voiced by people like Seth Rogen and Edward Norton.  Gum has created a portal for them to travel to the real world (fashioned from a toilet seat, we might add), and the items prepare to step through.  The credits roll, but everyone speculates a sequel may be in the future if the film is well received!

8 It'll Change The Way You Think About Sex... For Better Or Worse


Especially in American cultures, sex is thought of as totally taboo.  Our media outlets typically portray sex as this forbidden fruit; to be desired above all else, but never to be partaken in unless all the Gods and animals and trees and flowers approve of it.

This movie takes all of our preconceived notions about sex and throws them out the animated window.  By the end of this movie, you're not ogling and swooning at the happily ever after ending that ambiguously leaves our lead romantic couple together; oh no.  We get to see what happens between these two love birds after Pixar would have dimmed the lights.  We see very graphic food sex, involving a lot of movements and items some humans can't (and, even if they could, probably wouldn't want to) physically utilize.  Even before all that, the movie opens with these two wanting a sexual interaction; not a sweet and innocent kiss or a brush of the cheek, but "touching tips" (which is totally sexual in our world and means just touching hands in theirs).  If you're a self-proclaimed prude, you might want to think twice before stepping into the theater.  This movie is going to remove the veil of mystery from sex and give you a front row seat to something unlike anything you've seen before.



Don't recognize this guy?  Think you don't even recognize his name?  Well, even if you don't think you know who this man is, we guarantee you know some of his work.  Alan Menken is one of the most talented, treasured, respected, and awarded composers of our time.  He's most well known for his work in children's movies and musicals, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tangled, Hercules, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Basically, if you can think up an iconic children's song from a famous Disney/Pixar movie in the last few decades, Alan Menken is probably behind it.  AND SETH ROGEN GOT HIM TO DO THE MUSIC FOR SAUSAGE PARTY!  How, you ask?  "Well, basically, we gave him money," Rogen told Jimmy Fallon.  "And he checked to make sure no one could take his awards away for any reason."  Alan Menken's song actually opens the movie, with a bunch of vegetables singing to the Gods.

6 Don't Do Drugs, Kids


Okay, so this may not have been a direct message intended by the writers of the film.  Let's face it, Seth Rogen is pretty bold-facedly using illicit drugs in his everyday life.  How else would he come up with some of the crazy plots he's turned into movies?  However, this movie seems to have a very strong anti-drug stance, at least for humans.  While it takes a little weed to get Frank the hot-dog to open his mind enough to understand that the Gods he's been worshiping are actually people trying to eat him, it seems humans on drugs suffer horrible endings in the film.  The first guy to trip on bath salts sees Barry the hot-dog and other food items in their lively state, and it nearly drives him over the edge.  Then, in the action-packed climax of the film, the food items drug all the humans in order to kill them.  If all these humans had stayed away from drugs, they'd still be alive and happily eating the food!

5 Everyone Will Be Offended


Again, that probably doesn't sound like a good thing, does it?  No one wants to go somewhere and spend money to be made fun of... or do they?  Consider it for a moment: people spend money all the time to go to comedy clubs where professionals point them out and make jests about their appearance.  Half the jokes that have come in and out of style in past few decades have been personalized insults turned mockery ("yo mama" jokes, and "... not" jokes, for example).  It seems there's a time and place for insulting people, and Sausage Party might have hit the nail on the head.

Sure, this movie makes an effort to offend people of nearly every race and creed - from disguising white people as crackers to showing black people as grits, and from Israeli lavashes to Jewish bagels, everyone will feel a bit offended.  It's like we're all being roasted together; if we all take a breath and accept that they're just poking fun, it's a hilarious way to laugh at the stereotypes inflicted upon us!

4 Relations Between Israel v. Palestine Is A Major Theme


Didn't think Seth Rogen had it in him to get political?  Think again.  Sure, this movie likes to call into question religion as a general institution.  Since these food items worship "gods" that are actually humans intending to eat them, the idea of gods, religion, and a worthy afterlife are all called into question by the end: we're worshiping a fallacy, why follow the dogmas of the religion any longer?

This is an especially big question for the Kareem Abdul Lavash, an Israeli lavash, and Sammy Bagel Jr., a Jewish bagel, whose rival aisles have been located next to each other for years and who have hated each other on the very basis of who they are.  Sound like anything from our real lives?  It should; the cartoon is parodying the heated political turpitude in Israel and Palestine - and it actually has some rational things to say, too... before the plot devolves into a food orgy.

3 It Advocates Thorough Sex Education (Versus Abstinence Only)


Going back to how Americans are indoctrinated with a fear of sex, we should really mention that we're one of the only self-proclaimed "free" countries that goes out of their way to stem the enlightenment of our youth about sex.  We advocate sex education through abstinence; that's like advocating healthy eating habits by recommending people not eat - at least then, they won't eat anything unhealthy or unsanitary!  Um... that's a terrible solution.

This movie does a great job of advocating a thorough sex education, much more like programs designed in countries like France, where sex ed. now teaches best ways to get a woman to orgasm, and Switzerland, where rates of both sexually transmitted diseases and abortions are lower than most other developed countries in the world.  If we teach our children they're forever damned if all they do is "touch tips," how will they know what is truly appropriate/inappropriate bedroom behavior, and how will they be able to understand their own sexuality?  Brenda the bun is an amazing example of how sex education can change a person!

2 It's An Interesting Commentary On Theology


If you look up what this film is about online, or if you ask someone working at the theater you're about to visit, you're likely to be told that it's "a raunchy animated movie about a hot dog that discovers his fate beyond the grocery store is a brutal death and fights his destiny."  In basic terms, we suppose that's accurate; but that's not what this movie is about.  Frank the hot dog, as well as every other item of food in the grocery store, believes humans are gods and that the "great beyond" (aka, beyond the doors of the grocery store) is a magical heaven where everything they want will be given to them.  He discovers that their religion is a sham invented to keep them happy and sanguine before they're delivered to an unsavory fate.  If you can look beyond the animation and consider what the writers are really saying...

What if the religions we've prescribed to for centuries are nothing more than stories we tell ourselves to keep from living in fear?  That's the question Seth Rogen and his comedy writers are posing on an intellectual and philosophical level, and it's a toughie.

1 It's Revolutionized a Genre of Film


All the philosophical arguments aside, forgetting about the traumatically graphic food "entertainment", and ignoring the countless F-Bombs dropped throughout the course of this film, let's take a step back and examine what this film actually has accomplished.  Sure, it wants us to consider potent ideological arguments, and it wants us to change the way we think about religion, sex, each other, and our food.  But what has it actually done?  You may think nothing but, in fact, this movie has revolutionized an entire genre of film.  When before have you seen an animated film like this made for adults?  Animated films are characterized by flowery language, bold morals, and vibrant characters.  Well, this film certainly has all that, yet we'd never show it to our children (for good reason).  This movie has forever redefined how we think of animated films; if nothing else, Seth Rogen should be incredibly proud of that.


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15 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Sausage Party