15 Reasons Why People Love To Hate Disney

Disney hate is at fever pitch due to the recent alligator attack that occurred at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It left a two-year-old boy dead, and many angry with the company. People were mad at Disney for not protecting its visitors, for seeming to deny blame, and for having lax security measures.

Disney hate is nothing new, it has grown over the years. Disney is a giant in the entertainment business, which is bound to draw criticism. People dislike companies that have commercial sway over consumers and engage in questionable business practices. And the more profits a company has, the more controversial it becomes. After all, people hate on Fortune 500 companies all the time, like Microsoft, Wal-Mart and General Motors. But the hatred that Disney inspires is above-average. It could be because they take themselves so seriously. Or, it could be because the company targets children. It’s also possible that Disney has entrenched itself in people’s lives so much that people can’t help but dislike anything that has such influence. If we take a step back, it’s rather interesting to dissect the phenomenon that is Disney hate. Much has been made over the study of Disney characters, its movie plotlines and its corporate policy. But investigating why the average person holds such disdain in their hearts for Disney is often overlooked. So, consider this list as a think-piece that counts down the top 15 reasons why people hate Disney. We’re just as interested in getting to the bottom of this as you are.

15 The Disney Vault Is Annoying


14 Everyone Is Sick Of Pixar

Remember the first major Pixar movie, Toy Story? It was a cool new type of animation that made you fall in love with Disney all over again, and the story wasn’t half-bad, either. Disney struck gold by tapping into this market, and bought Pixar in 2006 after numerous disagreements with the company about rights and revenue. Steve Jobs and Disney’s then-CEO Michael Eisner, butted heads repeatedly before the deal for the $7 billion acquisition was made. Well, Disney wanted to make sure it got its money worth, so now all they seem to churn out are Pixar movies. Disney is laughing all the way to the bank, because computer-generated animation is less expensive than the typical kind. Cha-ching.

13 Long Lines At Theme Parks


When you spend hundreds of dollars on something, you expect excellent service. But this just isn’t the case with Disney theme parks. They consider it a success if line times are long, because that means bigger profits. Meanwhile, the customer gets the royal screw-job. Wait times for Space Mountain average 45 minutes, yet the ride is only three minutes long. For those of you who aren’t good at math, this means that the wait time is 15 times longer than the ride. And the cherry on top is that you get the pleasure of standing in line in the blinding heat while listening to a bunch of children whine their heads off.

12 Everything Is So Expensive


Everything about Disney is expensive. It costs a family of four $3,500 to stay at Disney World for five days. A Disney movie DVD costs $20. And everything at the Disney store is marked up at least 300 percent. And what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt! But people begrudgingly pay this because they are parents, and they have to get the kids the Disney stuff. Disney forces you to play the whole game of “keeping up with the Joneses” for the sake of the kids. As a parent, you can’t be the only one not to take your kids on a Disney vacation or you’ll scar them for life and then you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for them to be in therapy. You can’t have your kid not being the only one not to see the latest Disney movie or else they’ll be social outcasts. And you can’t have your kid playing with sticks and stones when there are princess costumes to dress up in.

11 Disney Ran Out Of Ideas Long Ago


Disney ran out of ideas years ago. So what do they do now? They remake their old movies. On what planet is this acceptable? War and Peace hasn’t been re-written, and neither has The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar. But for some reason, the public is expected to put up with this claptrap in the movies. Disney has taken classics like Flubber, The Parent Trap and The Shaggy Dog and “modernized” them for new audiences to discover. What a load of garbage. Disney is just recycling ideas and pushing them on the younger generation who don’t know any better. It’s disgusting when you think that Disney queen Hayley Mills, gave a seamless performance in the original Parent Trap movie, but all kids these days know about the franchise is Lindsay Lohan.

10 Mickey Is A Has-Been

9 Planning World Takeover, Or What?

8 Family Values Are Out The Window


7 Disney Stars Are NOT Wholesome


The Disney Channel has been making youth-oriented shows since its inception in the 1980s. And, while many of its stars went onto illustrious careers like Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling, way more of its stars have become trainwrecks. Singer Fergie was on Kids, Incorporated before she made it big with The Black Eyed Peas. Before she found fame as an adult, she suffered from an addiction to crystal meth. But that’s nothing compared to the young stars that are on screen today. Jennette McCurdy of Sam & Cat fame made headlines when nude photos of her were released. Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical also had a similar thing happen. And A.N.T. Farm star Cameron Palatas was rumored to have bedded Ariel Winter of Modern Family when she was underage.

6 Disney Is So Litigious


Disney has a reputation for being very, very litigious. A.K.A. sue crazy. Its C.E.O. has been quoted as saying that this is due to protecting intellectual property. However, most people just see it as Disney being a big baby – and a big bully. Disney has been accused of filing petty lawsuits, such ones against daycare centers portraying the likeness of Mickey Mouse – which is, let’s face it, just three black circles intertwining. If they’re going to do that, they’d better go after math textbooks that have Venn diagrams as well.

5 Collaborations With Tim Burton Are Creepy


Tim Burton’s work on Disney films isn’t just postmodernism at its worst – it’s weird for the sake of weird. In a desperate attempt to keep its brand fresh, Disney has partnered with Burton on films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie and most recently Alice Through The Looking Glass. These movies were dark, disturbed and downright creepy. They didn’t do well at the box office, but have garnered a cult following. The Disney-Burton films are evocative, but in the most terrible way as they make the audience’s skin crawl and confuse the viewer with odd juxtapositions. And the fact that these movies are made for children is all the more hair-raising.

4 Relies On Star Power, Not Plotlines


Back in the day, Disney movies sold themselves because their plots were incredible. They showcased fairytales and chronicled the rise of the underdog. This worked in Disney’s animated and live-action movies, and the company was untouchable for decades. Then, they had a string of flops like Mulan, Pocahontas and Hercules. Suddenly, Disney was fallible. So, instead of hiring better writers, they took the easy way out – they started to hire big name talent to headline its projects. And they haven’t looked back. Disney has hired giants in the film industry to voice its characters, like Miley Cyrus and Oprah. And of course, Disney puts the most popular celebs in its live action movies, like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

3 Disney Steals Ideas


For a company that fiercely protects its own intellectual property, Disney certainly doesn’t seem to have any qualms about “borrowing” ideas from others. The Disney movie A Bug’s Life was reported to be a rip-off of the movie Antz. The Lion King was supposedly very much taken from a Japanese manga series call Kimba the White Lion - going from a character named “Kimba” to “Simba” didn’t seem like much of a stretch. People have sued Disney for stealing the ideas for Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph.

2 Dysfunctional Families


Many people hate Disney for portraying skewed family values. To begin with, Disney films are largely criticized for portraying absentee mothers. For example, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Princess Jasmine and Belle didn’t have mothers. And let’s not forget that Bambi’s mother was killed. Other characters have evil step-mothers, like Cinderella and Snow White. Some say that this is because the death of Walt Disney’s mother haunted him. Others theorize this is because Walt Disney hated women.

Another issue people have with Disney films is that they often portray a damsel in distress that is saved by a man. Critics believe this is reinforcing a culture of patriarchy, and is also portraying an unrealistic ideal with the whole happily-ever-after mentality. It’s also worth noting that most Disney villains are over the age of 50, and are portrayed as being ugly. The problem many people have with this is that they contend it teaches children to hate adults.

1 People Loathe Walt Disney


Where do we start with Walt Disney? He is a cultural icon. Originally, he was regarded as a warm, family-oriented man. In reality, his outward personality was all for show. Close friends have revealed that he was painfully shy, and enjoyed smoking and drinking. Professionally, he was known as a real stickler for high standards, and rarely gave his employees praise. Over the decades, the public perception of Walt Disney has taken a dramatic downturn.

He is often regarded as a grand manipulator, and a purveyor of American imperialism. The rumor mill is rampant with reports of Walt Disney being bigoted against minority groups and women. And the jury is still out on whether he was a Nazi sympathizer or not. Perhaps the weirdest rumor, though, was that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen after his death. According to his family, this is false and he was cremated after he died of lung cancer.

Whatever your beliefs about Walt Disney are, the fact remains that he is a polarizing figure. Fans laud him for making feel-good movies and for his artistic genius. Others loathe him for being a genesis of cultural debasement. If you’re a hater of Disney’s corporate greed, a believer in the subversive subliminal messages in Disney movies, or are just tired of the company’s generic work, you probably agree with the latter.

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15 Reasons Why People Love To Hate Disney