15 Reasons Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Are The Dream Team

These two comedy gems have finally found each other and we couldn't be more excited to see what comes from this perfect pairing. These funny ladies spent some serious vacation time bonding this summer so they could write a screenplay in which they play sisters.

As if BFFs weren't enough, now we are going to get to see Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer play siblings. What did we do to deserve this? Who knows, but we'll take it and we'll enjoy every single minute of it.

Do we dare compare this dream team to Ethel and Lucy, played by funny duo Amy Poehler and Tina Fey? Why don't you decide for yourself.

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15 They Are Making A Movie

Via www.usmagazine.com

Two of the funniest women on the planet are currently writing a screenplay for a film where they play sisters. Lawrence saw Schumer in Trainwreck and immediately emailed the comedienne to tell her she adored her and everything about the film. Emails led to texting and then the two met and hit it off. After a summer of boating and jet skiing, they finally got to work and started writing. It's safe to say this film is going to be awesome and we wouldn't dare miss it.

14 They Rock Magazine Covers

Via www.ew.com

Are you kidding me right now? A naked Amy Schumer on a mountain of mickeys. Who could ask for anything more? She's kinda awesome and breaking into the mini bar to chug tiny bottles of liquor with her is definitely not out of the question. This is why we love her so damn much. She's just the coolest and you can tell she knows how to have a good, and slightly naughty, time. Here's hoping we get invited the next time she and Lawrence decide to have a girl's night in.

13 Seriously, Those Lips

Via www.justjared.com

Wait a minute. She's kind of super gorgeous on the cover of this magazine. How the hell does she go from girl next door to super model overnight. The best part, Ms. Lawrence would totally tell you that this cover, as sexy as it is, is an illusion and she is just a cool girl that would totally be down with drinking those tiny bottles of liquor with you and Schumer.

12 They Are Funny As Hell

Via www.cnn.com

How many women do you know would purposely fall on the red carpet to make fun of the whole damn machine that is Hollywood? Just one - the unapologetic Amy Schumer. She's gorgeous, hilarious and smart as hell and she doesn't pretend for anyone. If you're going to make her dress up and pretend fame is a serious business, she's gonna show you different and fall all over your fancy red carpet to remind the rest of us that everything is worth a laugh.

11 Funny Even When They Don't Mean it

Via www.youtube.com

She's kind of a media darling. She says what she means and she means what she says. Jennifer Lawrence doesn't hold back - and so far we love it all. Ask her anything, seriously, she'll give you the truth every time and if you don't like it, one of her many millions of fans will show you the door. We are, clearly, getting tired of listening to media-trained starlets towing the company line. Lawrence doesn't have time for that and we don't either. This actress respects her fans far too much to mess around.

10 Men Adore Them

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Oh, were you under the impression that men liked surgically-enhanced, pin-thin starlets? Well, yes you're right and they do, but they also love Amy Schumer. And, they love her so freaking much that she's top box-office material right now. She's the funny girl at the party that the men look at and it makes them wonder if dating the cheerleader was their best choice. If you peaked in high school, Schumer is way out of your league.

9 Adoration Is An Understatement

Via www.youtube.com

Whoa, she's kinda of the funny girl and the sexy as hell girl, too. How is that even fair? In what universe does the funny, humble girl get that body and those...well, err... eyes? She must of done some good deeds in a former life because Jennifer Lawrence is talented, beautiful and a total fox. Instead of being jealous of her good fortune, we root her on because Hollywood needs more women like Lawrence.

8 They Love Bradley Cooper

Via www.ryanseacrest.com

These two have done a number of films together now. The critically-acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook and then there was American Hustle. Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Does it get any better than that? What a cast. Guess what, Lawrence and Cooper are working together on another film, too. It's called Joy, and you can bet we're going to see it. There seems to be some serious chemistry here and we'll never get tired of watching it on the big screen.

7 Bradley Cooper loves Them Right Back

Via www.businessinsider.com

Like most women, Amy Schumer has a giant crush on Bradley Cooper. The only difference between her and us is she can get close to him and in her own words, "harass him." She spoke to him for a moment at an awards show and now she's pretty sure she's dating him. His current girlfriend, Irina Shayk, might have a little something to say about that. Or, like many of us, she'd be happy to add Amy to the mix.

6 Women Want to Be Them

Via www.popsugar.com

Sure, it would be nice to throw on an ox-blood bathing suit, a futuristic-looking leather jacket and lay in the brush and look like a million bucks. It's also pretty ridiculous and we know Lawrence fully understands that. Just like the rest of us, she likely had to control her giggles as she lay there trying (and succeeding) to look like a total stunner. Before we move on, just picture yourself in that position, wearing that outfit. You see how silly she must have felt. You're welcome.

5 Women Adore Them

Via www.time.com

Just like men, women cannot get enough of these two. If they are in a film, on a talk show or gracing the cover of a magazine, women are chomping at the bit to get a look. The Schumer/Lawrence movie is going to be big and we'll be first in line. Could these two be the new Fey/Poehler or is it too soon to tell? All we know for sure is that whatever they are selling, we want more of it.

4 They Rock No Make-Up

Via www.usmagazine.com

If you've seen Amy Schumer's brilliant first crack at film, the box office smash Trainwreck, then you know that she rules the big screen and she doesn't give a f*** what Hollywood thinks. She rocks tiny skirts and low shirts (and looks amazing, by the way) while looking like a fool all in a day's work. It's clear, make-up is all part of the costume and she can take it or leave it. Either way, we think she is completely irresistible.

3 Both Wore It Best

Via www.eonline.com

Which girl would you rather hang with? Either, right? Make-up free or all done up. It doesn't matter. J-Law is super cute either way and it's not like it matters to her, or us. Her talent and her great attitude are what draw us in. She doesn't need the costumes and the make-up to be beautiful inside and out. She'll wear it for its purpose, but you can tell by her casual and cool wear that she's just like the rest of us.

2 They Are The Real Deal

Via brunchnews.com

These girls have not been created by the machine that is Hollywood. Their talent has brought them this far and who knows where they'll go next. One thing for sure is these women won't allow Hollywood to set impossibly-high standards for them or anyone else without having something to say about it. In fact, this dream team could totally challenge all those things about Hollywood that make women feel inadequate if they aren't rail thin and supermodel beautiful.

1 They Are Critically-Acclaimed Darlings

Via www.people.com

Who doesn't love a funny girl who can be awkward and dirty and totally sexy while she's at it? Don't take it from us. J. Law and Schumer are well-loved in Hollywood and beyond. This dream team can do no wrong at the moment. It's especially refreshing that the two hottest girls in Hollywood are not Hollywood hot, at all. And we mean that in the nicest possible way. These two superstars have let their talent drive their career and that is rare, to say the least.

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