15 Pokemon You Shouldn't Catch In Pokemon GO

A few weeks ago, we published an article on some of the highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon GO, now we're exploring the other side of the spectrum: the worst of the worst.

Pokemon GO has been a hit, and after that whole "tracker" issue, it seems that Niantic is finally getting it together to provide the best experience to all users of the app. They're all hard at work on fixing the in-game tracker, adding trading, and putting in Gen 2 Pokemon, most likely in that order. There's a lot to be excited for if you're an avid user of Pokemon GO.

With a fixed tracker, you're going to have a much easier time finding the Pokemon that you need to complete your Pokedex, as well as some others you want for taking and protecting gyms. However, you have to know what Pokemon to generally stay away from. By that I mean catch one for that extra 500 XP, but other than that, don't worry about getting any more. If you want to be the best that no one ever was, you can't rely on every little critter to get you there.

We've taken IGN's max CP list in tandem with Pokemon typing and moveset in order to bring a shortlist of fifteen Pokemon you shouldn't catch in the game, lest you waste your precious Poke Balls. It is not ranked in any particular order. Because each Pokemon (even within species) is different, it's hard to rank them specifically.

15 Zubat


Kicking off this list is probably one of the most obvious choices. They're a pain to deal with in all of the mainstream Pokemon games, and they're a pain in Pokemon GO as well. While finally getting enough candy to get a nice Golbat is extremely satisfying, the journey to get there is quite exhausting. Zubats are pretty much everywhere, but don't expect to catch every one you find. Their positioning when you go to throw your Poke Ball is so erratic that you'll end up burning through at least five throws until you finally nab it. Then if you're lucky, it will stay in the ball; Zubat have a horrible tendency to break out then immediately run away. You're better off waiting to find a Golbat in the wild, or you'll end up with more headaches than you can afford, not to mention having to take the extra mile to hit up those PokeStops. Golbat does have a reasonably high max CP, so all of the grinding may be worth it, but if you're a novice player and aren't good at the catching mechanic to begin with, avoid the Zubat as much as possible.

14 Rattata & Raticate


It's really unfortunate to think that every generation, there are always the common Pokemon that are cool to catch in the beginning, but are worth nothing once you progress in your quest. A prime example of this are Rattata and its evolution, Raticate. The purple rat is one of the first Pokemon you'll catch in Pokemon GO (for me it was the first three I caught), and you can easily get caught up in stockpiling the candies so you can eventually evolve it. What it evolves into unfortunately, is just a big punching bag. Raticate is not a particularly strong Pokemon, so you're not going to do much damage at a gym unless you get one at max CP, and even then it only sits at 1444.13, so you can forget about protecting a gym as well. If you're one evolves a bunch of Pokemon to level up, Rattata is still not a very good option, because it takes 25 candies (about six Rattata) to evolve. Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle all take a mere 12 to evolve (only four each). Overall, seeking out a Rattata or Raticate is a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it.

13 Pidgeotto

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Sorry Ash, I have to be honest here. Every generation of Pokemon has that basic bird Pokemon that is usually the one that ends up having the HM Fly. In Pokemon GO, it works the same way, minus the HM. Pidgey is as common as Rattata, so expect to see a lot of it. Pidgey are actually good for candies though, so catching them isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its evolution Pidgeotto is probably a Pokemon you shouldn't try to catch though. Let me explain. Pidgeot can get reasonably high-leveled, but if you catch a good level Pidgey, you can simply evolve it twice at just twelve extra candies. Pidgeotto happens to be a difficult Pokemon to catch, so you'll most likely have to use a Razz Berry or a few Great Balls to nab it at least. It's really impractical to catch when you could just stockpile Pidgeys until you get one at a level that will translate to a strong Pidgeot. Catching a Pidgeotto will give you a few candy, but then we're brought back to the Pidgey argument again. Perhaps the only time it's ever really a good idea to catch a Pidgeotto is if you find one at a level that will surely give you a strong Pidgeot.

12 Kakuna & Metapod


Throughout my Pokemon GO experience, I went quite some time without ever having a Pokemon run away, until one fateful day when I encountered a Metapod. I threw one Poke Ball at it, but it broke out and ran away. HOW? It's a cocoon! It doesn't move! All I could picture was it hopping away very slowly, and even then, it still didn't make sense.

Frustrations aside, Kakuna and Metapod are Pokemon that probably aren't worth your time to catch. First off, they're exponentially harder to nab than Caterpie and Weedle, due to the often red ring and their tendency to run away. Much of why they shouldn't be caught are a lot of the same reasons why Pidgeotto shouldn't be caught. However, Butterfree's and Beedrill's max CP sits down by Raticate. They won't help you take down gyms or defend them. The only thing that entire evolution line is good for are candies, and the easiest way to get them are from the basic forms. You could make a similar argument to not catch Beedrill or Butterfree, but they can at least learn uniquely typed moves that will give just a little edge in a gym battle.

11 Fearow


Fearow has always been one of the coolest looking bird Pokemon of all time, and despite it being put on the backburner, it still holds a place in the hearts of all the people that played Pokemon Red and Blue. That being said, looking cool only gets you so far in Pokemon, and Fearow is no exception. Spearow are generally harder to find than a Pidgey or Rattata, but they require 50 candies right off the bat to evolve into Fearow. Apart from filling up your Dex, there isn't much reason to keep going back to Fearow. They're not good for doing mass evolution, because it takes 50 candies to get one, and they're not good for gym battles either. For example, Pidgeot sits at a significantly higher max CP than Fearow does, and it's much easier to come by one of those than Fearow. Couple that with Fearow's typing of Normal/Flying. In a battle, if it goes against an electric, ice, or rock type, you're pretty much done for. Flying types have a slew of weaknesses, and that only makes Fearow less worthy of your time, effort, and Poke Balls.

10 Parasect

Parasect is on this list for many of the same reasons that Fearow is. Paras is a bit harder to come by (it's still common though), but it takes 50 Paras Candies to evolve one into a Parasect, so it's already time consuming as is. When it finally evolves, its max CP only puts it one spot above Fearow at 1747.07, so if anybody pulls out a Lapras or Dragonite, you're done for. Don't get me wrong, I love Parasect and its design, but its battle and leveling up capabilities are weak. To put the icing on the cake, Parasect has a typing of Bug/Grass, making it twice as weak to Fire and Flying. If somebody even pulls a Flareon (which are very easy to come by), you're screwed. Perhaps the only upside to Parasect is that its typing allows it to have both bug and grass type moves. This makes it strong against Psychic types such as Jynx and Alakazam, as well as Ground, Rock, and Water types, which are common enough that it gives Parasect a boost. In any other situation, you're better off using someone else, so you may not want to waste your time even trying to catch one.

9 Farfetch'd


Farfetch'd is one of those Pokemon that hasn't really had much attention brought to it, and most people forget it exists. In Pokemon GO, that's more of the same. Farfetch'd is one of four region-specific Pokemon in the game, so if you live anywhere but Asia, you're out of luck. The jury is still out on whether you can hatch it from an egg though. Keeping in mind on how hard it would be to get a Pokemon like Farfetch'd, you'd think there would be more incentive than just filling your Pokedex. The main problem with Farfetch'd is that it doesn't evolve, so once you catch one at a certain level, it's going to stay around that level, which is a problem you will see more of further on this list. On top of that, it has such a poor max CP that puts it behind even Raticate (only 1263.89, folks). There are some people that are desperate enough to complete their Pokedexes that they will go to other countries to catch these Pokemon, but Farfetch'd is just so poor. He also has a Normal/Flying type which make him incredibly weak to many of the stronger Pokemon used in the game.

8 Meowth & Persian

Meowth that's right! Since his full speaking role in the Pokemon anime, Meowth has become the secondary Pikachu, and of those Pokemon that people recognize and therefore want to have in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, apart from its cuteness, evolution, and novelty, there isn't much reason to catch one. Evolving a Meowth into a Persian is definitely fun, but it does take a total of 50 candies to evolve, and Meowth are much harder to come by than any Spearow or Paras. Not to mention that Persian isn't a very good Pokemon to have on your team when bringing down gyms left and right. It's max CP puts it below Fearow, and its typing means that it won't have any moves that are super effective against anyone (most of the time). Fighting types will have a heyday, and you'll just cry solemnly as you pump your Persian with potions (try saying that five times fast). Persian may have decent speed to back up its performance, but that's the only thing it has going for it. If you already have a Persian, just skip out on getting those Meowth, and save your energy for something more practical, like talking smack to everyone who isn't on your team.

7 Seadra


It's so sad to find out that such a cool Pokemon had to be put on this list. When I finally found a Seadra, I was instantly excited to catch it (despite its low CP). I registered it on my Pokedex and proudly raked in the extra 500 XP. I'll show it off to some friends occasionally, but that's all I've ever done with it. The horrible truth is that Seadra is not a very good Pokemon, and with it not being able to evolve into Kingdra, that's especially true in Pokemon GO. It takes 50 Horsea candies to evolve one into Seadra, so if you want one that badly, be prepared to spend a large amount of time by the nearest body of water, and forget about evolution farming. When you finally evolve one, you'll be disappointed to know that Seadra only has a max CP of 1713.22, putting it nowhere near the much stronger water types in the game. Perhaps the creators are giving it the necessary room to evolve into Kingdra, which will be much stronger, and if that's the case I'll live with Seadra for now. It may be strong against three different typings, but the moment someone unleashes a Venusaur or a Jolteon, don't expect to win.

6 Onix

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Onix has always been one of those Pokemon that has confused me. It's a giant rock snake that pretty much towers over every other Pokemon and person in the world, but it's so weak in the main Pokemon games that it makes no sense. Onix should be one of the most powerful if not the hardest to take down, but I suppose that would result in some balancing issues. Unfortunately, Niantic took a page out of the Pokemon games and has made Onix once again one of the weaker Pokemon to catch. Onix has a max CP of 857.2, effectively making it drastically lower than even Raticate. A giant rock snake is outperformed by an overgrown gerbil. Think on that for a second. To add insult to injury, Onix's Rock/Ground typing also makes it twice as weak against water and grass, while also being weak to fighting. If you want a gym taken out quickly, put an Onix as its guard. Your best option is to catch it once then never worry about catching another. It's simply not worth it.

5 Jynx


I've always had a dream of Pokemon becoming real, but you know what ruins that dream? Jynx. The one thing Jynx has going for it is its typing. Boasting an Ice/Psychic pairing, Jynx is unique and will be able to take down a variety of Pokemon. However, it cannot evolve, so its CP won't get any higher, and it has no evolutions in future generations. Unfortunately, that CP number can't go very high, putting below both Parasect and Fearow. Let's also not forget that Jynx is one of the ugliest and potentially racist Pokemon to date. While her typing lends to her offensive strategies, she's also susceptible to fire, rock, and bug types. She might make for a formidable foe in some fights, but catching a Jynx at that level would take a very long time, not to mention that they're pretty hard to catch as is. She's a weird little Pokemon, and I would recommend to stay away from her for many reasons. She can't evolve, her max CP isn't good, and her typing gives her more disadvantages than advantages. At least Smoochum is cute.

4 Marowak


I really hate having to put Pokemon I like on this list, but the truth is the truth. Marowak is one of the coolest looking Pokemon to date, and with his new Alola form, he's about to get even cooler. Unfortunately, he's not that good of a Pokemon in the main games or in Pokemon GO. Catching a Cubone is a hard task, so getting 50 Cubone candies to evolve it has to be nearly impossible. Once you finally evolve it though, you get a cool looking critter with not so cool stats. Marowak's max CP is only 1656.96, so don't expect to wow anyone on its CP alone. Then to add to that, it's typing makes it incredibly weak to water, grass, and ice types respectively. He may be strong against poison, fire, electric, and rock, but most of the heavy hitters for those types sits at much higher levels, so Marowak may not even stand a chance. If you have a high level Marowak and are going up against a similarly leveled gym, use him, but if they'e a bit higher, you'd be better off with a different Pokemon at your disposal; one that can take a hit and deal more damage.

3 Hitmonlee


Out of the trio of Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop, Hitmonlee has always been my favorite. I am such a fan of his design, but unfortunately, he's not a Pokemon I would consider using in the main games nor in Pokemon GO. The biggest reason for this is that Hitmonlee just can't compete with Pokemon like Dragonite and Lapras, and those are the kind of creatures I'm looking to bring down. Hitmonlee only sits at a max CP of 1492.94, and his fighting type makes him weak to psychic and flying types, the latter of the two being a dime a dozen. Then there's the issue of its rarity. Hitmonlee is such a hard Pokemon to find that I've never even seen one pop up on the Nearby radar. So if you even got to catch one, the odds of you getting one at its highest level are slim to say the least. It also doesn't evolve, so you're more or less stuck at the level you find it at. Even if you did have the amount of Hitmonlee candies to power it up, that will only get you so far. At some point in your journey, it's a Pokemon you'll never use.

2 Dugtrio


Dugtrio is on this list for pretty much the same reasons as Marowak, except for the fact that it's a worse Pokemon to have. While I have found a Cubone in the wild, I've never encountered a Diglett (I've only hatched one out of an egg). Diglett may be at the same rarity as Cubone, but the task is still the same. You need 50 Diglett candies to evolve it into Dugtrio, and the result isn't very worth it. Dugtrio's max CP is only a dismal 1168.85. That's not high enough to do very much to any gym worth its salt. Couple a poor level with a single Ground typing that will make it soak more super effective hits than it can deal out. If you can manage to take over a gym with one, more power to you, but whatever you do, don't defend that gym with it. That's without even bringing up the fact that Dugtrio is just three Digletts moving around together. Evolutions like that don't make much sense to me, so I tend not to think about it. What makes it even easier is that I don't intend on getting a Dugtrio outside from completing my Pokedex.

1 Chansey


What a cruel sense of irony that one of the worst Pokemon in Pokemon GO is also one of the faces of the Pokemon Center, where Pokemon get healed after a fight. While I love Chansey and how adorable she happens to be, and even have one in Pokemon GO, it's pretty bad. It's in fact so weak that I would never battle with it. Chansey only has a horribly small max CP of 675.12, making it lower than every other Pokemon in this list. Heck, even Pidgey and Spearow have higher max CPs than that. Chansey doesn't even have unique typing to back it up. Sporting only a Normal typing, Chansey is mere cannon fodder for much stronger fighting types like Machamp. If you ever manage to find a Chansey in the wild (which is very hard to do), be prepared to give a good fight to catch; it's not easy. When you do finally nab one, don't worry about trying to find more, just cross it off your list. Chansey is arguably the worst Pokemon in the game, so you'll benefit from placing your efforts elsewhere. Never battle with a Chansey, my friends. You will lose.

Sources: Bulbapedia

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