15 Photos Beyonce Doesn't Want Her Fans To See

Beyoncé. A woman whose name comes with beauty. Often referred to as the most attractive woman in the world. She is adored by fans. Women want to be her and men want to marry her. She is so jaw droppingly beautiful that even her name sounds sexy. A body so toned you could grate cheese on her abs. Thighs so robust she could probably break you in two. And that face. A face that looks like it was sculptured from some mad professor searching for his own female Frankenstein. But the reality is. Beyoncé isn’t a creation. She was not built and put together. She is in fact just a normal person whose only crime is swimming in the deep end of the good looking gene pool.

Understandably Queen Bey has an image to protect. Famously known for having her publicists scour the internet in search for photos that don't match up to her standard.  Beyoncé is, at the end of the day, Just like me and you. Noticing marks and flaws that other people would miss completely. She’s vain, narcissistic and even proud. But it’s not her looks. Bey has also made some bad decisions. From her personal life to her music, she often makes an effort in protecting her privacy and the image that goes with being the creation that is Queen Beyoncé.

Beyoncé isn’t perfect. And even she knows it. So here are 15 photos that Beyoncé wouldn’t want her fans to see.

15 Photoshopped Instagram Picture

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14 When She Poured Champagne Into A Hot Tub

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13 The Unflattering Super Bowl Pictures

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12 Selfies At The Louvre

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11 That Weird Fake Pregnancy Picture

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10 THAT Elevator Fight

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9 Louis Tussaud's Waxwork Model

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8 When She Almost Fell Over

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7 When She Did Fall Over!

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6 When She Got Caught Lip Syncing

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For someone with such an amazing voice it is surprising that she would get caught lip syncing especially at an event with a ton of photographers snapping your every moment. However, singing the American national anthem at Obama's inauguration - Bey did just that.

5 Bey And The Machine

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4 When Princess Eugenie Didn't Know The Words

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3 Unfortunate Grammy Malfunction

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2 When She Used To Dress Like This

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1 Untouched L'Oreal Campaign

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When it was revealed that Queen Bey was mere mortal just like ourselves, the whole world went nuts. Human after all, leaked photographs of an untouched and 'normal'-looking Beyoncé found their way onto the internet, shocking millions. However, still looking as fabulous as ever, it is certainly refreshing to see that the world's most beautiful woman still has skin issues like everybody else. With over two hundred photos leaked, the images caused a stir especially within Bey's fan base. With one particular group known as The Beyhive causing a riot, the pictures were eventually taken down.

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15 Photos Beyonce Doesn't Want Her Fans To See