15 Personal Facts You Didn’t Know About Prince Harry

Let’s talk about Prince Harry. He is the 31-year-old heartthrob who is the youngest son of late Princess Diana, little brother to Prince William and fun uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And that’s not all he does, so get ready for some awesome facts because this is our list of 15 Personal Facts You Didn’t Know About Prince Harry. It turns out that he is quite a character and someone who adds a bit of excitement and joy to the seemingly austere Royal Family. Prince Harry reminds us all to lighten up and to take each day at a time. He is gentle and meek, yet he also knows how to have a good time. He has the flaming red hair that marked him as Princess Diana’s offspring, and he has the athletic ability and boyish good looks to swoon over any lady.

You might be surprised at the history that Harry has made for himself. Sure, he is a privileged and super-wealthy guy, but he also seems to have a genuine heart, and it comes through in his efforts to help others and to work with disadvantaged groups of people. Whether it is a school of children orphaned by AIDS or military servicemen and women who have been disabled and injured in war, Harry works with people from all walks of life to make a difference in the world. That is admirable, whether you like the Royal Family or not. And let’s be honest: Prince Harry seems to be more enjoyable than Prince William!

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15 He’s A Twitter Hater

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Or at least he used to be. In May of 2015, Prince Harry broke into the Twittersphere and sent his very first Tweet. Mind you, this was a year after he proclaimed that he despised Twitter and wanted nothing to do with it. Anyway, he posted his first Tweet from New Zealand. The Tweet was an image post that showed Harry with Ryan Crotty, an All Blacks rugby player. The two men were working out at Crotty’s gym in Christchurch, New Zealand. We should point out that Harry wasn’t using his own account when he Tweeted the post, he was actually using the Kensington Palace account, but signed the Tweet with an “H” to clarify that it was indeed he who wrote it. Harry has in the past had bad things to say about social media (he avoids reading about himself or his family) and he even turned down the opportunity to promote his Invictus Games on social media.

14 He Has An Alias

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He is known as “Captain Wales” in the military. Harry’s surname is fluid, meaning it is subject to change, so he didn’t want to use it in the service. Instead, when entering the army, he decided to go by “Wales,” after the area that his father, Prince Charles of Wales, rules over. Prince Harry has been in the British Army for over a decade now, and he took his final tour of duty in the spring of 2015, when he traveled to Sydney, Australia to work with the Australian Defense Force units and regiments. While in Australia, Harry paid tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and also walked through the Australian War Memorial and the World War I and Afghanistan Galleries. Meanwhile, Harry also went through a course designed by the Australian Defense Force in which he had to complete domestic deployment and field training exercises, as well as Indigenous engagement activities.

13 He’s Been To The South Pole

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We told you that this guy gets around! In fact, Prince Harry was the first member of the British Royal Family to visit the South Pole. He did so while participating in Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge in 2013. He was part of one of the three 7-member teams that traversed through snow and wind to make it to the finish line. He reached the South Pole on December 13, 2013, and the endeavor helped to raise funds for military charities from different countries. Harry’s team was made up of war veterans who had physical and mental illnesses and injuries. They all walked between 15 and 20 kilometers each day. On top of that, there were wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and temperatures that reached down to -45 degrees Celsius. The team members also had to pull sleds packed with their belongings, and those weighed up to 70 kilograms.

12 Harry Loves Kids

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Like, adores them more than anything on the entire planet. And we love what he said about children, once comparing them as “an upgrade of us,” so it’s important that adults treat kids with respect and love in order to ensure the future generation can take care of this crazy world when they get older. Ten years after he first started his charity, Sentebale, Prince Harry is still without his own clan of kids, but for now that’s okay with him. After all, he gets to spend a lot of time with his niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. And when Harry goes abroad for trips and projects, he makes sure to spend time with the kiddos there. Even so, he definitely appreciates the life of being childless. He says that sometimes his friends will tote their children around with them while they’re hanging out with the Prince and he’ll be a bit put off by the unruly little ankle-biters!

11 Harry Still Gets Money From Dad

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His father, Prince Charles of Wales is definitely loaded, and even at 31 years old, Prince Harry still receives a monthly income from good ol’ dad. That’s all thanks to the Duchy of Cornwall’s land holdings that total to about $28 million a year. Prince Charles gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and other organizations annually. And to be fair, Harry did earn a decent sum ($60,000) from his work as a Captain in the British Army. Between the ages of 21 and 29, Harry received $450,000 every year which was his inheritance from his deceased mother. Keep reading below to learn how much he got from her when he turned 30. And of course, he gets a tiny sliver of the financial pie from Queen Elizabeth II. With all of the money Prince Harry gets from land, property and inheritances, his net worth has skyrocketed to $40 million.

10 He’s A True Military Man

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When Harry was in his third year at Eton, he enrolled in the Combined Cadet Force, where he achieved the highest ranking of Cadet Officer before graduating. Harry also trained for military service at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. After his training was complete, he was named a Second Lieutenant with the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry Regiment. He even served time in Afghanistan, 77 days to be exact, which can feel like an eternity. When an Australian magazine released an article about Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan, he was removed from the country by the Army, but returned in 2012 for a 20-week deployment with the Army Air Corps. For his military service, he has earned three medals. They are the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Operation Service Medal for Afghanistan, and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. Not too shabby for a pretty boy!

9 He’s Known As The “Funcle”

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This is a combination of the words “fun” and “uncle,” and was the name Harry bestowed upon himself when Prince George was born. As we know, George is the little son of Harry’s brother, Prince William and Harry’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Now Princess Charlotte is part of the clan, and Prince Harry is totally dedicated to being the best uncle he can be for these little tots. While Harry has expressed his desire to start a family of his own, for now the 31-year-old is content with being an uncle to George and Charlotte. Prince Harry also has a number of godchildren, so he definitely has the opportunity to be around kids whenever he wants. Even when he travels, he tries to interact and engage with the children there, and he is passionate about working with his children’s charity Sentebale, in Lesotho, Africa. We hope to see a lil’ Harry Jr. soon.

8 Harry Grew Up in William’s Shadow

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In fact, Prince William was nicknamed “Billy the Basher,” and Prince Harry was his younger, meeker brother who often got pushed around by William. In fact, when Harry was growing up, he was a prime target for bullies. At Jane Mynors Nursery School in London, 3-year-old Harry was picked on and teased by the other kids. Poor little guy. It wasn’t until he got a part in the school Christmas play, of all things, that he began to be accepted by his classmates. His role in the play was a goblin, so that might have helped with things. Yet when Harry was 14 years old, he began attending Eton, and the other students didn’t take a liking to him. They perceived Harry as feeling better than them because he was the son of Princess Diana and all. It was the football pitch and art classes that helped him feel like he belonged.

7 He’s Got His Own Coat of Arms

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In 2002, when he was 18, he was given his very own coat of arms, because how British Royalty is that? The coat of arms is exquisite and very prestigious and it features a bit from Princess Diana’s own coat of arms: a red escallop. The escallops are around the necks of the two white lions in Harry’s coat of arms, and there is also a shield and - get this - a unicorn! Did you know that the unicorn is also the national animal of Scotland? Anyway, we digress. Harry’s coat of arms was also very special because it was one of the first to feature elements and designs from the Spencer family coat of arms (Diana’s maiden name was Spencer.) The Spencer motif appears thrice on Harry’s coat of arms, while Prince William’s coat of arms only features motifs from his mother’s. There is hope that eventually Prince Harry can share his escallops from his coat of arms to his children.

6 His Role In The Invictus Games

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These are Paralympic-style games for those who have been injured or sickened while serving in the military. Some 400 participants come from over a dozen countries from all around the globe to compete in these games. The athletes and military veterans face off against each other in nine different sports: athletics, swimming, powerlifting, road cycling, wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, archery, and wheelchair rugby (that sounds dangerous!). The Invictus Games take place in different locations around the world, and the 2016 Games took place from May 8-12 in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Prince Harry came up with the name “Invictus” because it means “unconquered” in Latin. The first Invictus Games occurred in 2014, so it’s a fairly new endeavor! Even Michelle Obama recorded a special message that was shown at one of the Invictus Games. Take note: the 2017 games will be in Toronto, Canada.

5 He’s A Handyman

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It turns out that Prince Harry isn’t a priss just because is a member of the Royal Family. One of his round-the-house skills is fixing cables. That’s right ladies, he’s a real handyman. He even repaired a family’s broken television set when he was traveling around Valparaiso, Chile. Another time he put his building skills to the test was on a trip to Africa, where he was working in Lesotho with a charity he co-founded, Sentebale. Over a three week period, he and a group of other kind souls worked to help rebuild a school for children in the African region. Doing a bit of hard labor and working with his hands is where Harry feels more comfortable, anyway. In school he preferred to play sports and do drawing and painting. Moreover, the charitable effort was something very close to his heart.

4 He’s An Avid Traveler

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And he does work while he’s abroad, too. Harry spent a year in Australia when he was 18, where he worked on a cattle ranch. That trip had to be derailed though because of publicity. His father, Prince Charles, did the same thing when he was younger. Harry also spent an extended period of time in Lesotho, Africa, and he was part of the Young England vs. Young Australia Polo Test Match. This trip was a gap year before he enrolled in the military academy, and it was a period of making many new relationships and connections. While working at an AIDS clinic in Africa, Harry became friends with Crown Prince Seeiso. Together, they founded his charity Sentebale, which helps Lesotho’s children. In Africa, Harry also met Chelsy Davy, whom he dated on and off for six years. She was the daughter of a wealthy proprietor in Zimbabwe. Even today, they are still good friends.

3 His Mother Had A Nickname For Him

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Princess Diana called Harry “My Little Spencer,” because Harry’s flaming red hair was a distinct trait from Di’s side of the family (Spencer is her maiden name.) As for the relationship between Princess Diana and her son Prince Harry, they were definitely two of a kind. Like Diana, Harry has a more meek and mild manner, although he certainly has a sense of humor. Also similar to Diana, Harry has a gentle and kind-hearted spirit, which was apparent during his time at school, as well as in all of his charitable endeavors. Of course, Prince Harry is his own person, and he differs distinctly from Princess Diana, Prince William, and the rest of the Royal Family. For one, Harry has a bit of a wild streak in his past. He has been photographed partying naked in Las Vegas, and he was slammed with a drug charge in the past. At the end of the day though, he’s a big kid.

2 He Was The Subject Of A Reality TV Show

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The FOX television network aired this zany reality show in the spring of 2014. It was called I Wanna Marry Harry, and it featured a dozen women vying for Harry’s heart. Too bad the Harry in the show was an actor! All of the women were American, giving females in the United States even more of a bad rap. So, who was the guy pretending to be a British royal? It was a man named Matthew Hicks, and in the show, the female contestants weren’t told that he was portraying Prince Harry. Even so, the producers set up the show to make it look like he was part of the Royal Family, leading the women to assume it really was Harry. Hicks himself is a Harry impersonator, but his real job was working in an environmental consultancy firm. In the end, Hicks chose a woman named Kimberly Birch and they continued to hang out together as friends after the show ended production.

1 He Inherited A Huge Fortune

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When Prince Harry turned 30 years old, he inherited 10 million quid from his mother, Princess Diana’s fortune. His bro, Prince William, received the same amount on his 30th birthday. Princess Diana’s will was stashed in the database of a will storage facility organized by the HM Courts, Iron Mountain, and the Tribunal Service. The online database revealed what the fallen Princess wanted for her sons (she passed away in 1997 at the age of 36 from a fatal car crash.) Her private property was worth $40 million and was left to her two sons. Harry and William also inherited some other gems. Harry got his mother’s wedding dress, while William received Diana’s 18-carat sapphire engagement ring. Of course, William gave it to his wife, Kate Middleton when he proposed. Harry actually got the better deal, because his share of the inheritance was a bit higher, thanks to the interest accrued in the two years’ difference from when William turned 30.

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