15 Personal Facts About Justin Bieber That’ll Make You Love Him

There are Justin Bieber fans who will be Beliebers for the rest of their lives, and there are some people who hate Bieber with a passion. Yet there is plenty of room for a gray area here; that is, people who are cool with Bieber but aren’t too keen on his music. Whatever your stance on the matter is, we think that you should read our list of 15 Personal Facts About Justin Bieber That’ll Make You Love Him.

All right, so you don’t have to fall in love with Justin Bieber or even the idea of Justin Bieber as a decent person, but this list will show you that the singer is probably not as bad you think. Just imagine what it would be like to make it to the big time when you were just a young teenager. That’s a really scary thing...exciting, but also terrifying. Bieber has been booed off the stage, he has had debris and trash thrown at him, and he has read those negative and hurtful comments that people post online. Perhaps what is the most important thing though, is that he wants to redeem himself.

That brought him to his newest album, Purpose, in which is reveals some of his deepest sentiments and basically asks for forgiveness and redemption from his fans, haters, ex-girlfriend, and God. Bieber is now 22 years old and we believe he deserves to be taken seriously once again. Even if you really hate him, we are sure that there are at least a couple of items on this list that will help you realize he isn’t the villain you might think he is.


15 He Wrote An Apology Song


Justin Bieber knows that he’s been a bad boy in the past, and he’s sorry for that. In fact, he even has a song called “Sorry” on his newest album, Purpose. In the song, Justin sings “I hope I don’t run out of time, could someone call the referee? / ‘Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness. / I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice / And by once or twice I mean maybe a couple a hundred times.” Justin is undoubtedly singing this song mostly to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The two celebs were in a high profile relationship for a while, and there are still “Jelena” fans who are dying to see the two get back together. Apparently, Bieber is willing to try it again, but Gomez seems to be done with it all. The song “Sorry” could also be understood to be Justin’s apology for being a bratty teen idol.

14 He Is Strengthening His Faith

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Justin Bieber is a faithful Christian. It may not seem like he stuck to his Christian values in the past, but now that he is growing up and maturing, he is trying to solidify himself in his faith. In a heart-to-heart interview, Bieber said, “The only person who can judge me is God.” The singer also has a Jesus statue on his ribs and he is not afraid to declare that Jesus is the only one who can heal him. Bieber went on to say, “I’m at a point where I’m not going to hold this in,” meaning his profound faith in Jesus Christ. His faith has helped him to realize that he’s not perfect, but nobody is perfect and without Jesus, he really wouldn’t be anywhere. His statements rang true for other Christians, who applauded Bieber for being a globally famous superstar and still proclaiming the love of Christ.

13 He’s A Family Man

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Bieber’s parents divorced when he was just a kid, but he remained close with his family. Bieber has two siblings, a sister named Jazmyn, who is 8 years old, as well as his 6-year-old brother Jaxon. This means Bieber has to play big brother to two young siblings. That’s a lot of pressure! Yet he seems to be taking his job as a big bro seriously, and he even brought his cute little brother to the Grammy’s with him! Seeing the two of them on the red carpet in their tuxedos was really adorable. Justin Bieber really melted hearts when he announced the newest member of his family via his Instagram account. This new member is small, furry, and his name is Phil. He’s a cute Black Lab puppy, and he is absolutely adorable. Phil joins Esther, Justin’s other dog. Bieber said he plans to have his own family someday, but until then, we can look at all the cute photos of his dogs.

12 He Can Laugh At Himself

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Justin Bieber is one celebrity that people just love to make fun of. If we are just being honest, it’s kind of easy to poke fun at this Canadian babyface. Yet Justin is totally okay with it, as long as it’s in jest. Bieber has admitted in the past that he has cried after reading negative and hateful comments directed towards himself. To show that he isn’t afraid to be the butt of a joke, Bieber appeared on James Corden’s Karaoke Carpool, which was a hilarious and fun segment. Bieber also made an appearance on a Comedy Central Roast in 2015, where he light-heartedly made fun of himself. In the film Zoolander 2, Bieber made a cameo appearance and was killed off in a comical and satirical way. As he lay there dying, he made sure to snap a cool selfie of himself before taking his final breath. So as you can see, at least he has a decent sense of humor!

11 He’s Genuinely Trying To Redeem Himself

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Remember his performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards? Justin Bieber totally broke down on stage and started crying. He later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show and explained the tears. He was in awe that people in the crowd were cheering him on, rather than booing him to get off the stage. Over the years, Bieber has dealt with some serious hate, and more than once he has been hit with objects that people in the crowd threw at him as he performed (there was that very famous water bottle incident). Sure, he has done some things that were just not okay, but he does deserve a second chance. When you hit fame and fortune at such a young age, it can be hard to get your values aligned with your actions. Now he is more mature and he’s working on being true to himself and his values.

10 He Made A Public Apology On Ellen

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Back in 2015, Justin Bieber wanted to set the record straight and ask for forgiveness for being a spoiled brat. He has appeared on Ellen multiple times, including a visit on Ellen’s birthday show. Anyway, on one particular show, he used his visit with Ellen to apologize for the stupid things he did in the past, saying that he wasn’t proud of them. He wanted to be honest and open, and while he was nervous, he wanted to explain himself. Hey, it’s hard to be globally famous in 2016. He’s only human, and that kind of public exposure is bound to take its toll and produce some negative effects. Now he wants to focus on “Being better and growing,” and he’s ready for a new chapter in his life, hopefully with the support of his fans. What followed shortly after his appearance was the release of his album, Purpose.

9 He Cares About His Fans

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All of those Beliebers know that their idol is not just a good singer, he’s a good guy as well. Bieber makes it a point to give his fans the respect and thanks that they deserve. Sometimes he’ll just show up at random places and treat his fans to a free performance, kind of like he did at a bar in California. Once he showed up late to a show in Utah, but it was only because he was visiting a 7-year-old fan who was in the hospital with Leukemia. Rather than rush his visit with her, he made it a point to take the time to be with her and chat. When he arrived late, fans were totally understanding, even if he still got some negative press. Bieber even spent one summer Skyping with fans during a tour. No matter where he goes, he tries to give his fans some time to see him up close and personal.


8 He’s A Charitable Celeb

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There is no doubt that Justin Bieber has loads of money, even at his young age. The 22-year-old is currently worth a whopping $200 million. Yet he doesn’t keep all of that money just for himself. He donated all of the proceeds from one of his concerts in December 2015 to the House of Blessing in Ontario, Canada (more specifically, in his hometown of Stratford). The House of Blessing is an organization that aims to provide food, clothing, and shelter to underprivileged and homeless people in the area. Besides that, Bieber also chopped off his locks (remember that?) and sold the hair at auction. The hair sold for $40,688, and Bieber sent all of it straight to charity. He took after his friend Ellen Degeneres and donated the money to The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue organization. Ellen must have been proud. Plus, the bidder got to meet Bieber on Ellen’s talk show.

7 He’s Got Natural Talent

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It is hard to deny that the Biebs is a good singer and dancer (one of his greatest sources of music inspiration is the fabulous R&B singer and dancer Chris Brown). Yet Bieber might be an even better drummer. His early YouTube videos show a teeny tiny Bieber hitting it hard on the drums, and he was really good! He taught himself how to drum up success (sorry for the bad pun) and he has taught himself other instruments as well, including the piano, guitar, and trumpet. He is like a one-man band! It was just that his pop singing made him more marketable and so that’s what happened. The reality is that he could have joined a band, an orchestra, or a drum line and he probably still could have achieved greatness. Another natural gift that Bieber appears to have is a strong command of a popular game in China. That's right, apparently he can whip your butt at a game of ping pong.

6 He Values Others’ Opinions

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Don’t go thinking that Justin Bieber is a totally arrogant snot who doesn’t listen to others. He may have been like that before, but he has since grown up and realized that he needs a good kick in the pants. The singer has definitely gotten wiser with age, and his newest album Purpose is all about showing that to his fans. Not only is Justin trying to redeem himself and repair his tarnished reputation and public image, but he turns to hard-working and successful celebrities to be his personal mentors. He has confided in stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Will Smith. In fact, he and Will Smith are close friends and Smith is a fully dedicated mentor to Justin. At one point, the two would catch up with each other on a weekly basis to discuss their life and careers. Bieber would also receive regular updates and messages from a Christian pastor to keep him grounded.

5 He’s Bilingual

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Not only does the Biebs speak the language of awesome, but he can speak French fluently. Hm, it must be his experience growing up in Canada. Bieber was born in London, Canada, which is located in the province of Ontario. In Ontario, it is not uncommon to see street signs and restaurant menus in both Canadian English and French, so it makes sense that Bieber managed to become bilingual in both of these languages. It would actually be interesting to hear him sing a song in French, but we’ll have to settle for English for now. Other than English and French, he even knows a smidge of German and can recite his numbers (keep reading to learn a little more on his language skills below).

4 He’s Actually Pretty Intelligent

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Some people may think that Bieber is just a lucky kid who got a big break to make himself rich and famous. Sure, YouTube definitely helped him get exposure, but Usher wouldn’t have signed a deal with him if Bieber wasn’t naturally good at what he does. Not only is the singer a natural talent, but he is actually an intelligent kid as well. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes (seriously, just check YouTube) and he has a genuine interest in architecture. If he weren’t a famous pop star, he’d probably be working as an architect. Given his experience with traveling the globe and crashing in swanky hotel rooms, he could probably come up with some killer building designs! Plus, his intelligence level is high enough to be able to work out the mathematical equations of architecture, which is no easy feat. Maybe this could end up being his retirement hobby.

3 He’s A Hopeless Romantic

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Besides singing about his heartbreak over breaking up with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber also likes to snuggle up and watch romantic movies. One of his faves is Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. Now what girl wouldn’t want to cuddle with the Biebs while watching a sappy love story? Bieber has a baby face and it seems to match his personality quite well! It’s sort of admirable that the singer isn’t afraid to show a more sensitive side, especially since so many male celebs try to portray a more macho persona. Other than romantic flicks, Justin Bieber is also a huge Disney fan, and is never one to turn down a Disney film. The Lion King is a personal favorite that he will turn to time and time again. He also loves to visit the Disney theme parks and even took Selena Gomez there for a Valentine’s Day date one year. Aww.

2 He’s Sentimental


Justin Bieber is like a life-sized teddy bear (who just happens to be ripped!) In one example of Justin’s super sentimental nature is the story of a fan who once presented him with a gift: a dog tag from a former soldier who passed away in combat. Bieber wears it to this day in remembrance of that soldier. You may have even seen the singer wearing this dog tag at a concert, during an interview, or in a photo shoot. It’s near and dear to his heart (literally and figuratively). Bieber also tries to learn the native language when he tours a country; at least a phrase or two to show the fans that he really does care. When he was on tour where he learned how to say “I love you,” which led to some fans literally fainting with glee or squealing with delight. He really does try to accommodate the Beliebers.

1 He Is A Decent Friend

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The Biebs is friends with lots of celebrities, and he does treasure his friendship with these people. For him, not only are they inspiring and successful people, but they are friends that he likes to spend time with on a one-on-one basis. Some of his closest famous friends include Joe Jonas, Kim Kardashian West, Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres...the list goes on and on. Justin has appeared on Ellen’s talk show, and he regularly keeps up with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West through text messages. He was even living in Britney Spears’ former mansion in Calabasas, California at one point. Justin Bieber often gets called out for being all about himself and his own self-interest, but in reality, he seems to be a lot friendlier than most people think. It looks like the kid just needs some redemption, and people need to be a little less judgmental and a lot more open and forgiving.

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