15 Of The Worst Times/Places To Take A Selfie

Twenty years ago, we never would have thought that digital photography was even possible. It was invented, but there was no way to snap a picture and immediately be able to see it through the camera (or the phone), itself. We had to buy film, take it to the photomat, wait while they developed the film (which usually took several days, if not weeks), and then get our pictures back. We were always careful with our pictures, because of the amount of time and money that was involved in buying film and batteries for our camera. This meant that few people would “waste” the pictures, for fear of not having enough film left over to take photos of their favorite people or places.

The camera phone has been a terrific invention; we no longer have to buy film or wait for our pictures, so we can take as many photographs that our heart desires. Some people have taken advantage of the camera phone, and appear to take selfies on a consistent basis; no matter where they may be. The word “selfie” has even been added to Merriam-Webster dictionary, with the meaning: “an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.” Taking a picture of oneself is fun and can be a useful tool when wanting to show where you have been; but there are places that are completely inappropriate for taking selfies.

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15 With An Ex or While Walking Your Dog

This is just a bad idea altogether. It doesn't matter if you’re still good friends; if you take a picture that involves your ex, there is no doubt people will talk about it for a long time afterwards. This could also be damaging if you are involved with someone else and they see the selfie posted all over Facebook and social media. This could be detrimental to your new relationship.

While it sounds harmless, dog-walking and selfie-taking do not go hand-in-hand. Literally. If the dog happens to get away from you while you’re taking that picture, you’re going to lose your dog and have a really bad picture to go along with it. At least wait until you get to a good stopping point to take that adorable photo of you and your pooch.

14 At the Scene of a Car Accident or While Being Pulled Over


Okay, so the majority of us have rubbernecked at a major car accident at least once in our lives; but to actually stop and take a selfie at the scene? That’s just not right; not to mention incredibly inconsiderate. The people involved are surely not impressed with the selfies that are being taken at the site.

While watching that smashed-up wreckage, you might end up being pulled over after hitting the guy in front of you. Although you may be highly tempted to get that selfie with the policeman or woman, this is most likely a bad idea; particularly if the police officer is camera-shy (or they know the people involved in the collision).

13 Anywhere In a Hospital


Now, if you’re visiting someone in the hospital, chances are they are injured or sick. Or dying. Or both. And there’s an even greater chance that they don’t want you to take their picture. So don’t; no matter how hard it is to resist.

This probably goes along with “anywhere in a hospital,” but it needs to be said. If you’re a surgeon, please don’t try to take a selfie with the patient. Yes, it has shockingly been done before; there is proof of it on the internet. The patients don’t care much for getting their picture taken while being “under,” and chances are; you may be facing a lawsuit in the future if you do.

12 Near Any Wild Animal, Especially If Your Kids Are In Trouble


If you are visiting the zoo, then it is okay. That is the only time you should ever take a selfie near a wild animal. If you’re a tourist, journalist, filmmaker or actor trying to get together with a “close up” of that angry bear that is hastily approaching you, just take our word for it, and drive away.

Now, if you see something terrible happening to your children, the first thing you would do is help them out, right? Most people would, but there are some who would rather catch that moment on their camera, by taking a selfie with their child. It is not one of those times where you should do that. Get that animal away from them first, selfie later.

11 While On A High Cliff


While there is no doubt that some selfies on a cliff are pretty cool; if you are standing too close to the edge, it is unwise to try and finagle your phone to get a decent close-up. If you don’t pay close attention, that selfie you take on the high cliff (no matter how cool it will look) just might be your last.

This also goes for rock climbing, which is a fun adventure, and most people who do want to share their experience with the world. However; if you are going to go rock climbing, please take the appropriate safety equipment and make sure you are using it before taking that selfie (and attempting to climb the rocks).

10 While Running Onto a Field at a Soccer or Football Game


Even though running onto a field during the Super Bowl sounds like it might be a lot of fun, it is illegal. In previous years, other people have thought the same thing and ran out on the fields of games being broadcast on television, thinking that they could get away with it (everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame, right?). None of those who have eluded their seats to take a quick stroll on the fields have escaped the clutches of guards (or bystanders). If you decide that you would like to get a memento from doing this, there is no need to take a selfie; there are plenty of others who will get you on film while you’re breaking the law.

9 During A Riot Or While Committing A Crime


Normally, if there are police involved, it is rarely a good idea to take a selfie. If there are a vast amount of people involved in a riot, chances are even less likely that it would be to your advantage to be snapping pictures at the scene. There are people who get paid to take photographs; please leave it to the professionals who have more than likely been hired to do just that. Who knows? You just may appear on the news.

As far as committing a crime is concerned; does this one even need to be explained? Don’t take a selfie while doing something illegal. Better yet: Don’t do anything illegal.

8 During An Evacuation Or While Standing Too Close To A Fire (or If You Are On Fire)


Imagine being in a building and suddenly you have to leave unexpectedly. The first thing you should think of is exiting safely. Please don’t stop and take a picture of yourself running away; at least wait until you are in a safe place to do so.

Think about it for a moment: Your pants are on fire, we don’t need to see a picture of it that badly. There are pictures on the internet of professional stunt men and women who have lit themselves up and even then; it has ended badly. So unless you are getting paid millions of dollars in order to set yourself on fire, and have actual firefighters next to you, waiting to put out the flames, please do not ever set yourself ablaze just to get a good selfie.

7 In a Dressing Room

If you are trying on clothes in a department store, it is likely that you would prefer a friend’s opinion on your choices. Take that friend with you, and drag them into the dressing room. This way, if you try to snap a picture of yourself to get an opinion through your favorite social site, you may catch a photobomb of someone else in the background. And they may not be fully dressed. There are few things more embarrassing than finding a picture of yourself half-naked in a dressing room, floating around on Facebook that you did not know that you were in.

6 While Having A Baby

This should not even be on this list, but there have been multiple mothers who have thought that everyone on the internet would like to know what it’s like to give birth. Women who have had children do not need to see this, and the ones that don’t have kids, do not need to witness it. As a matter of fact, nobody needs to see that. Not everyone believes that giving birth is beautiful, it really isn’t. It’s painful and the baby is covered in blood when he or she comes out. This also goes along with snapping selfies in a hospital. Just don’t.

5 During Sex Or Anytime While In Bed


It is never appropriate to take a picture of yourself having sex. Ever. You shouldn’t really take a selfie while you are laying in bed at any other time, either. Whether you are just waking up, getting ready to go to sleep, or half naked; this is just something we do not need to see on the internet. This is especially true if you’re in bed with someone else. There are some people who believe that they wake up looking perfect (and I’m sure that they do), but at least wait until you put some clothes on, no matter how gorgeous you are.

4 While Cooking Or Eating


Contrary to popular belief, nobody really wants to know what you had for dinner. Unless you are a famous chef preparing a recipe book, please no selfies with food. We don’t want to think of what your food will be like when your hair drapes down into your dinner while trying to take that picture close up with your favorite dish. Besides, it’s possible that you can be too busy taking pictures that you don’t notice that you put in the wrong ingredients and mess up the recipe entirely.

If you are eating, don’t snap a selfie while doing it. At least wait until you are done chewing. This is just disgusting to see someone with their mouth open and food hanging out. We don’t need to see you cooking your food, and we definitely don’t want to see you eating it.

3 At a Funeral


Snapping a selfie at a funeral is probably the tackiest of selfie-captivations; especially if you’re taking one with the deceased. When going to a funeral, we are there to pay our respects, and to try and comfort the people who have lost their loved one. The last thing someone wants to see is an amateur photographer trying to snap pictures of themselves with the person who died. This isn't just tacky, it is flat-out rude and could potentially be embarrassing if someone “calls you out” on it. Leave the cell phone off in this instance; even having it with you is uncouth if it happens to ring during the service.

2 After Using the Bathroom


Even though using the bathroom and then taking a selfie isn’t that bad, it is if you have forgotten to dispose of the contents of the commode that is pictured right behind you! Don’t forget to flush, nobody wants to see that. If you’re trying to impress someone by dressing up and taking a picture, don’t ruin it by leaving something disgusting “sitting around” in the background. This may ruin a potential relationship.

This also goes for any public restroom. While taking a picture while in a restroom appears to be a very popular thing to do; in most places, it is forbidden.

1 While Riding a Bike or Driving a Car


This is just common sense. When riding a bike, how is it possible to keep your hands on the handlebars, balance, look where you’re going and take a picture at the same time? Simply pull over. If you are on a bike, most likely it will be a nice day and there just might be a beautiful sight you are missing.

The same thing goes for driving a car. Just don’t do it. There have been so many people who have lost their lives because they were either texting or trying to take a selfie while they were behind the wheel. No picture is ever worth losing your life over.

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