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15 Of The Most Outrageous Mariah Carey Rumors

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15 Of The Most Outrageous Mariah Carey Rumors


Mariah Carey is one of the best celebrities out there. Aside from being an exceptionally talented singer, she also has this one of a kind persona. She is a diva in the most entertaining way possible. Mariah Carey has always been pretty vocal about her high standards about everything from her beauty maintenance to her wardrobe to her staff. And to some extent, I totally get it: she is an A-list celebrity with a one-of-a-kind voice to nurture. Nevertheless, I don’t always understand what some of Mariah’s demands have to do with furthering her musical talent— but then again, I have no idea what it is like to possess that kind of gift or be a celebrity.

But anyway, with Mariah Carey admitting that she wants and expects so many specific things, it is hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the rumors surrounding the star’s behavior. The singer has been in the entertainment business for a long time so there have been plenty of years of ridiculous rumors. Who knows what to believe as true and what is actually just gossip?

Mariah Carey has revealed that she and Nick Cannon listened to her own music while they had sex. She also played a live version of her singing while giving birth to the twins so they could hear the sound of applause when they were born. So with stories like that being a confirmed fact, then pretty much anything is believable at this point when it comes to Mariah Carey’s demands and behavior.

I love Mariah Carey and I hope that all of these outrageous rumors are true.


15. She Will Not Hold Her Own Drinks


I get asking for some help every once in awhile, but this story is pretty outlandish. Apparently Mariah Carey refuses to hold her own drinks and will only drink through a straw. This means that whenever the star wants a sip of anything, another person holds her drink and puts a straw to her mouth. I’m not really sure why anyone would want to depend on someone else for a sip of water, so I just hope to God that this one is not true. I also cannot imagine any sane person putting up with this responsibility.

14. She Doesn’t Know Who Kim Kardashian Is

shutterstock_180073409 (1)

Who doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is? I cannot fathom this. Plus, Mariah Carey’s ex husband dated Kim Kardashian. And there is no chance in hell that any woman has no idea who her husband’s ex lovers are. Especially, Mariah Carey. She just seems like the type to be such a sleuth when it comes to any man’s behavior, but apparently this is the case. During an interview with Howard Stern, Nick Cannon claimed, “My wife, she doesn’t even know who Kim Kardashian is.” Once again, that is such a ridiculous statement to make, but then again it’s Mariah Carey’s world and we are all just living in it. So maybe this is possible.

13. She Banned Her Staff From Saying The Name “Nick”


Real talk, Mariah Carey does not seem like an easy woman to date, let alone break up with. When it comes to Mariah Carey stories, it is just so hard to separate what is true from what isn’t because even the most outrageous claims are possible. After her divorce from Nick Cannon, Mariah has reportedly banned her staff from saying Nick Cannon’s name. Reportedly, she solely refers to him as “my children’s father” and asks for the same from anyone around her. This seems pretty severe given that she has moved on and is engaged to someone else, but I guess no one wants to be reminded of an ex no matter how far past it they are.

12. Nicki Minaj Is Her Enemy



Whenever two, big female stars get together, it always seems like the feud rumors are inevitable. Whether the gossip is true or not, it’s a sad thought to have by default. So when Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey started judging on American Idol, rumors were running rampant about bad blood between them. In all honesty, basically no one was watching the show at that point, so it seems like this was just a draw for ratings and increased viewers. Mariah says the beef was fake, but it even so, it never really seemed like there was an abundance of love between the two stars so who knows what to believe.

11. She Had People Work Around Her Nap Schedule



First off, I had no idea Mariah Carey was a movie director before I heard this story, but apparently she does that now. But anyway, Mariah Carey was the director for the Hallmark movie A Christmas Melody. She also had an acting role in the movie as well. But rumor has it, things did not go smoothly behind the scenes. Apparently Mariah Carey was super tired all the time and needed to take a lot of naps: so many naps that the filming schedule was centered around her nap schedule. Even if this is something Mariah desired, I cannot imagine any human, let alone a whole crew of people putting up with this. It’s not possible, right?

10. She Bought All Seats On A Plane To Fly Alone



I understand why Mariah Carey or any other celebrity would like some privacy, especially when traveling. I mean, usually Mariah travels for concerts and other appearances where she has to sing and I imagine that she needs to take care of her voice. I also envisioned Mariah having her own jet plane, but apparently that isn’t the case so she just bought out every single seat in first class on an airplane so she could have her own privacy during the flight. Not only am I wondering if she actually did this, but I am also wondering if it worked. I feel like most flights are overbooked, so I imagine that another first class passenger probably showed up and tried to sit down, but who knows what really went down.

9. She Won’t Wear The Same Thing Twice


This is something that I understand to a certain extent. I have a rotation with my outfits and try not to be photographed in the same clothes and I am far from being a celebrity. Nevertheless, I would never waste my clothing. And apparently this is what Mariah Carey does since she refuses to wear any item of clothing more than once. But apparently this might be true. Her ex husband Nick Cannon has said, “I wish I had the most closet space because I probably have more clothes than she does because that’s someone who doesn’t wear anything twice.” I just don’t see how that’s possible. Does she immediately throw her clothes in the trash instead of a laundry hamper? Nick explained, “It rotates through her closet. Then it goes into an archive or she’ll give it to a charity, museum, or something like that.” I am sure that she donates her more high profile outfits, but I just find it so tough to believe that this applies to all of her clothing.

8. She Used A $1,900 Lotion As Diaper Cream For The Twins



I can understand that Mariah Carey only wants the best for her children. Every mother should feel that way, but I don’t know if using a $1900 Le Mer lotion as diaper cream was the most practical decision. Yes, you read that right. The lotion costs $1900 and is valued at $150 an ounce and it was reported that Mariah spent $6,000 a month on this lotion alone. So I can’t imagine how much money she spends on other “essentials” for Moroccan and Monroe. Mariah’s reps dispute this story, so I hope to God that it is not true, but it is a wildly expensive rumor.

7. She Has A $10,000 Room Just For Luggage Storage



It is only logical for Mariah Carey to have a lot of luggage. She travels a lot for her performances and other appearances. Plus, I’m sure that she has the twins with her a lot of the time and they need something to pack their belongings in as well. I even get having a separate place to store logic, but by that I mean a section of a room or in the back of a closet. I’ve never heard of anyone having a separate room just to store luggage. Thankfully, this isn’t a room in Mariah’s mansion, but this rumor refers to Mariah Carey checking into two different $10,000 hotel suites: one for herself and one just for her bags. Why would anyone’s bags need their own room let alone an entire suite?

6. She Was On A “Purple Foods Only” Diet



It has to be tough living in the limelight, especially as a female. Sadly it is just the world we live in and everyone has an opinion on Mariah Carey and her appearance. So I’m sure that she puts a lot of effort into maintaining her figure and even slimming down when she feels it’s necessary, especially after she gave birth to her twins. According to the gossip, Mariah Carey followed a “purple diet” where she only ate foods that were purple in color. It seems like that could be a successful diet since a lot of fruits and vegetables are purple. I just don’t get why anyone would have to limit her diet to one hue.

5. She Is An Unknown Age


No one really knows how old Mariah Carey is. Even if you look her name up on Wikipedia, under the born section it says “March 27, 1969 (age 46) or March 27, 1970 (age 45) (sources differ).” For someone who has been an A-List celebrity for so long, I find it really weird that it seems like nobody really seems to know her age. It also is weird that the dispute is just between one year. I could get lying about your age by handful of years, but just twelve months seems a little bit unnecessary. Still, it’s pretty unusual that no one knows how old a mega famous pop star actually is.

4. She Only Wants To Be Looked At On Her Good Side


I don’t think this is too crazy of a preference. I completely get Mariah on this one. Almost everyone has a good side when it comes to photos, but we just don’t have control over everyone taking pictures. So I have no idea how Mariah could ever believe that she had the power to control the angle of all cameras filming and photographing her. It has been said for a while that Mariah feels that she should be filmed on her right side. I feel like this would be true when it comes to personal photos and maybe even a one-on-one shoot, but having this constraint on all cameras seems impossible. The woman is always being photographed and videotaped.

3. She Demanded White Kittens & Doves Upon Arrival



As far as I am concerned, Mariah Carey always has been and always will be the queen of Christmas. Her Christmas CD is a classic and deserves all the revived attention that it gets every year. So I can see why Mariah would get demanding when it comes to the specifics of her holiday performances. For one Christmas appearance, Mariah Carey supposedly wanted to be “surrounded by twenty white kittens and one hundred white doves.” That is a lot to ask for. First off, where can anyone find that many creatures of the same color. Second, it’s super cold during Christmas and that can’t be good for them. Plus, there has to be some safety concerns for both the animals and humans involved with that event. And overall, it is just such a weird request. I don’t even get what either of those animals have to do with Christmas other than being desired by Mariah Carey.

2. She Cancelled Work Since She’s “Not A Morning Person”


I am not a morning person. At all. That is why I am thankful for phone alarms and copious amounts of caffeine. I’m sure Mariah Carey works crazy hours and travels a lot, but it’s pretty unprofessional if she really backed out of appearances because she is “not a morning person.” I feel like any other excuse would be acceptable and realistic. I am sure that it takes a lot of sleep to nurture that legendary voice, but I just find it tough to believe that this is actually a justification that Mariah Carey used to get out of work obligations.

1. She Hooked Up With Eminem



The Mariah Carey and Eminem hook up rumor is a saga that will never die. He insists that the two dated and had a sexual relationship and Mariah adamantly denies it. They have both shared their side of the story in several songs and interviews. And neither one of them seems to be giving in. I just want an answer about what happened. Eminem even played voicemails that were allegedly from Mariah Carey at his concerts to serve as proof that the two really did have a romantic interaction. We all have hook ups that we regret, but I find it so weird that both Eminem and Mariah are very insistent on their version of what did/didn’t happen between the two of them. Will we ever find out what went down?

It’s so hard to know what is true and what is made up when it comes to Mariah Carey, but every piece of news about the diva is always entertaining and I love her for it. And I’m sure the crazy level of Mariah rumors will never die down in the years to come.

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