15 Of The Best Ranked Strippers In The World

If you haven't planned your next summer vacation, you might want to consider Las Vegas in August. Why? Well, that's when the 3 day Exotic Dancer (stripper) Expo and Award Show happens. And don't forget the Burlesque Hall of Fame. From hoochie-coochie to snakes and classic acts in an afternoon. Or maybe California in June could be an option, so you can catch the Miss Exotic World Pageant and rub shoulders with the likes of Midnite Martini, Mr. Georgeous, and acts such as Land of Sweets. And then there's Kitten n" Lou, who are a male/female act. Forgive us, but we are not sure who is what. But that's precisely the point. We enter the realm of burlesque meets drag.

And we haven't even talked about the annual Exotic Dancer Invitational competition. Think of it as a strip version of the Master's Golf Tournament. Most of the girls on this list have made the cut. And like rock stars, they do tours of clubs and events. And they have agents, like the huge Continental Theatrical Agency, that book them all over the world.

The world of stripping is a multi- billion dollar business. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in it who was boring or main stream. Some are classical burlesque performers. Some are raw and raunchy. Whatever their style is, here are 15 of the most outrageous, award winning acts.

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15 Lacey Rain


The 5'9, fiery and in your face "Hurricane", was Best Overall Entertainer in the 2014 Exotic Dancer Awards. A media, as well as pole diva, she is the "host"and key keeper of Stripper Mansion (sorry Hef), a (supposedly) forthcoming interactive adult reality show that is a combination of Survivor and The Girls Next Door. Right. Hurricane's style is raunchy meets defiant punk. And, of course, she's been on The Jerry Springer Show. Her act is quite a thing to see, with jokes and a few contortion tricks amid the stripping. Like most exotic dancers, she is always posting on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

14 Roxi D'Lite


What can you say about a woman who has made an appearance as a guest villain in The Goon comic book series, who is also been a Miss Erotic World, and for 5 years straight has been on the Top 10 Burlesques Personalities in the World list? Well, she's also a movie star (or at least a star in a movie). She played Bourbon Sue in the 2012 spoof spy film, Burlesque Assassins. Watch the girls "seduce their way to within killing distance" of the bad guys. The reviews were pretty abysmal, but the girls made it worth your while. Her act? Oh that: According to her website, it is"classic striptease with a modern twist". If Hurricane is the new wave of grunge, Roxi is cast in the more classical burlesque tradition.

13 Simone Danalustrous


According to her website, she is a "national touring feature entertainer, adult star and Internet model". Got it? Crowned by Stripper Fest as the Miss Nude Rising Star of 2012, Love Simone can also be seen live on the Internet with pay-per-view. Like most of her colleagues, she does club gigs. You may even get lucky and be one of the "select" customers who get lucky and experience Love Simone's private dance encounter. Is that lap, pole or what? What more can we add? She's the mom of an adorable little boy. Career day at school must be fun.

12 Tali DeMar


If you need any information about Tali DeMar, her web site says it all. A pin-up, retro kind of place with lots of hearts and kisses. It's all Hollywood, 1940's glamour. Her stripping style is definitely retro, and she strips slowly, seductively to 1940's striptease music. The winner of Best Dancer at the 2014 Erotic Dance Invitationals and former Playboy "model" is on a mission to educate and enlighten men about the delights of retro sex appeal. The line forms at the right, boys.

11 Christina Aguchi


Born plain ole Diana Nguyen, Christina Aguchi is an entertainer, a pole diva extraordinaire, an adult entertainment star and a force to be reckoned. You would be forgiven for thinking strippers live in a world where contests are bumping into one another. And you would right. The star of Asian Cougars and Barely Legal Princess Diaries 2 won the 2013 Miss Pole Championship. Her Facebook page reveals she is a Sponsored Athlete at Glitter Heels (shoes) and Platinum Stages (poles). We could assume this means she gets her sparkling stilettos and stage poles free. Like any sponsored athlete, right?

10 Darling Danika


Another kind of retro pin-up vibes girl, Darling Danika makes a thing out of posing with cars. You know the kind of thing - hot babe in bikini straddling a headlight. Snaps of her have been in Hot Rod Deluxe and she's appeared at the Viva Las Vegas Car Show. Like most of her colleagues, she does a combination of clubs, events and competitions. She was nominated in the Missexoticdancer.com category of the 2014 Exotic Dancer Awards. Oh, and she does a calendar every year, featuring herself in various states of undress. Check her web site for availability in time for Christmas.

9 Suzie Malone


Think Harry Houdini meets burlesque queen and you've got the Suzie Malone thing. "The Queen of Magical Striptease", also known as "The Aussie Bombshell", combines both superb showmanship, with a classic burlesque show. She'll take her clothes off, make rabbits and champagne bottles disappear, and even levitate tables. An Overall Feature Entertainer nominee in the Exotic Dancers Awards, she also appeared in the Nicole Kidman film, Moulin Rouge. Presumably dancing or some such.

8 Miss Mena


There is something both naughty and nice about the beautiful Miss Mena. Coming in at number eight, she does a club act, but also has performed for do's at Mac Make-up and Ripley's Believe it Or Not. A stripping class act, she is described as having "top shelf flare." Her extra trick? Fire - she reportedly eats, breaths and spins it. She'll even throw in some glass walking and fan dancing. Nominated in 2013, in the Exotic Dancer Awards as the Newcomer of the Year. Miss Mena was born in Bangkok, Thailand and has traveled the world doing her thing.

7 Phoenix Phires


Another Exotic Dancer Awards winner, Phoenix can be seen on her Facebook page, kissing her trophy. Check out her website for bargains in signed nude pictures. A former belly dancer, she has won a slew of awards over the last couple of years. Her act is sultry and seductive with a edge, and she has been known to sport wings or brandish a floating cape. Her hobbies? Painting and singing in the shower. Probably not alone. The Planet Platypus Radio Show (did you know exotic dancing takes to the airwaves?) even calls her a pole dance superstar.

6 Bambu Jessica


Bambu is a lot edgy and covered in tattoos, like many of the entries on this list. Confirmed in November of 2013, as the final of 20 stripper contestants on Stripper Mansion, Bambu Jessica has toured with the Suicide Girls, won the Missexoticdancer.com 2014 award, and done everything from clubs to emceeing Jameson Whiskey's Bartender Ball. Shots of her have even appeared in Rolling Stone and Hustler, and she has worked for Planet Hollywood and Hooters. We assume she wasn't waiting tables. Classical burlesque she certainly isn't.

5 Midnight Martini


This one runs a stripping school. Rather, she gives booty classes. If you're ever in Denver, check out her Burlesque Booty School. And don't miss the booty school equivalent of a recital, the Burlesque Booty School Debutante Showcase. Reportedly, Midnight Martini had a role in Cher's movie Burlesque, and is the Miss Exotic World Pageant reigning Queen of Burlesque. Her act? Well, she flies through the air, contorts herself, all while peeling off some layers. The best of the circus and stripping worlds, perfectly blended as one.

4 Tiffany Hayden


Number four on our list goes to the sexy Tiffany Hayden. Tiffany is an aerial pole dance "artist", which basically means she is up in the air, working the pole, as well as a Master Pole Dance Instructor. We can't deny the girl is talented. They get certified? She's been in Playboy and was named one of the Top 5 West Coast Pole Dancers by the United States Pole Dancing Federation. That convention must be interesting to watch. We wonder how far she would get if she auditioned for America's Got Talent.

3 Jaded Dawn

This multi-talented Iowa farm girl, dancer, model and adult entertainment actress, finished 2nd in the 2003 Miss Nude Iowa competition, but she got her own back when she won the National title in 2006. She dubs herself a neo-Burlesque entertainer, which we think means she falls somewhere between raunchy and saucy. Of course, she's been in Hustler. The former cage dancer does shows at clubs and for events, and she's even been on The E! Channel and The Travel Network. The Travel Network? What was it, Jaded Dawn takes Vegas?

2 Missy Lisa


She heads a knock revue that is a mainstay at the iconic House of Blues in Dallas. Missy Lisa and her Ruby Revue rock the house. They got the Best Troupe Award at the Miss Exotic World Pageant. Yet another neo-burlesque wonder, her act combines both classical burlesque moves with new age edgy. Check her Facebook page and you might score a Groupon coupon for one of her shows. She has also performed with Bustout Burlesque, named one of the top ten burlesque shows by the Travel Channel.

1 Mr. Gorgeous


Number one on this list goes to our token male. The Village Voice summed him up quite nicely: "Mr.Gorgeous is known for acting out amusing scenarios that usually involve him doing gymnastic stunts while dropping articles of clothing and glibly smiling like a Clark Kent who changes into a very different type of Superman.” At 6'5" (height), he's a commanding presence. In 2013, he got the Burlesque Hall of Fame Most Comedic Award. Whether he's playing with an ice cream cone or sweeping on stage, princess style, he's surely worth the time and the money in spades. He's the ultimate "boylesque".

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