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15 New Ways LeBron James Could Shock The World

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15 New Ways LeBron James Could Shock The World


LeBron Raymone James was born in 1984 in Akron, Ohio. LeBron broke into the sport’s vernacular when he emerged as a “can’t miss” prospect out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. LeBron James dominated like no other high school player ever has. He was a literal man-child. The teenager was built like a Mack truck but flew through the air with the grace of Dr. J. Thus, the Cleveland Cavaliers were tickled when LeBron opted to enter the NBA draft straight out of high school. He was chosen as the first pick in the first round of the 2003 draft. He joined the Cleveland Cavaliers and immediately made them relevant for the first time in years.

LeBron fulfilled his destiny and promise as the most dominating player in the National Basketball Association while playing at levels rarely ever seen. LeBron can play extraordinary defense. LeBron can post triple-doubles with ease. And LeBron can take over a game like no one in the game has. He is a machine on the court, combining the crazy skills of a point guard instilled in the body of an active power forward. LeBron wasn’t only a success in his professional life, but in his personal one as well. He married his high school sweetheart. He and his wife have 3 children together. But beyond the dream world LeBron has created in which he has been anointed King, there are many ways LeBron can still impress and shock the world. He has been the center of NBA news for years and we expect more to come in the future. These are 15 Ways LeBron James Can Shock The World.

15. LeBron Leaves Cleveland…Again!


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…yeah, we know. Could LeBron James actually spur the Cleveland Cavaliers (AGAIN) and bolt out of town for a new big contract and a shiny new team? If recent speculation by reporters are any proof, then yes. Of course, this is a juicy story as the LeBron James Saga has dominated the NBA for years. His on-air announcement that he was tearing the hearts out of all Cleveland fans and heading to Miami was very difficult for a town that has suffered losses for decades. With no championship team in sight, LeBron bolting guaranteed that the Cavaliers would remain irrelevant for the near future. And when LeBron won a title in Miami, not once, but twice, that poured large amounts of salt into the wound. Certainly, as heartbreaking and traumatic it was to see him go, it was equally invigorating to see him return. He guaranteed a championship and delivered. Now he is truly the King of Ohio. However, there is always the possibility of him leaving to create another super team with friends Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul…although that seems to be more a pipe dream at this point. Our money’s on him staying.

14. LeBron Wins Back-to-Back NBA Championships


That’s right; what was a distant hope and dream just a few years ago has now become a reality. Cleveland is a perennial favorite to win NBA championships. Last year LeBron tried to dash expectations and told people it would take time. Well guess what, he ended up in the NBA Finals essentially on the will of just his play. Now, a year later, he is hoisting the trophy along the sides of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving and a team that presents a solid nucleus. LeBron nearly averaged a triple-double on his way to being the unanimous MVP of the NBA Finals and he clearly was the best player on the floor. With his minutes likely to be managed a little next season and continued continuity of the starters, there is no reason not to believe that LeBron and “his boys” can be back and back again in the NBA Finals, and win. Health, some good fortune and leadership by the King himself can make the next few years very interesting in Cleveland and bring more glory to a city that was starved for over five decades for championship success.

13. LeBron Quits Basketball And Becomes A Tight End For The Browns


Yeah, he is big enough. And yes, he is strong enough. LeBron James was rumored to possibly try his luck at making a run at the National Football League and attempting to be a Cleveland Brown. Before we start ringing the Michael Jordan baseball bells, let’s take a closer look at this as a possibility. First off, he has completed his ultimate promised goal of bringing the city of Cleveland a championship. They honestly can’t get on his back for anything else from here on out. Also, the Akron native has hinted in the past at his love for football and his desire to play the sport. Now, would he really walk away from basketball to play football? First, he is 32 now. Leaving the NBA for the NFL seems less likely with every year that passes. And second, LeBron is a star. In football, quarterbacks are the stars, not tight ends (where he would project to be playing). Can you just imagine LeBron blocking on running plays and not having the ball in his hands all the time? Neither can we. But we bring up this entry because it was a true rumor just two years prior and the slim chance is there. How sweet would it be if he did join the Browns and the rag-tag squad ended up winning the Super Bowl? Man, LeBron would truly be the King of Cleveland for all of time.

12. Governor James?


Sure, some would jump right to President when discussing dream scenarios, but not us. We actually believe this could be a possibility in the future despite the long odds of LeBron James entering politics. Look, LeBron loves Akron and he loves Ohio. Certainly, someone can make the argument that maybe he would want to be Mayor of Akron, but I caution that LeBron James is a star. He is not a Mayoral candidate, but rather, a star. The stars of states in the political realm are governors. And we can totally see LeBron James stepping up after his playing career is over to make another positive impact on the state he loves. First off, LeBron is a big time contributor off the field to boys and girls clubs as well as helping his community both physically and financially. He is a community organizer that wants to see others in his community grow and succeed. There is a ton of genuine love from LeBron James toward his home state. With his name recognition, his gravitas, and the fact that he always looks to do good within his own community, it would not be a far leap to see LeBron James as governor of Ohio someday.

11. Acting Sensation LeBron James


Hey, if the Rock can do it, why not LeBron? We are thinking maybe some television and movie cameos to get his feet wet first. As his acting resume grows after he is retired from the game he loves, it is entirely possible to see LeBron featured in The Expendables 12. Just think about it, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a specially-fitted wheel chair that features rockets and machine gun fire. Sly Stallone may only have one leg, but his fake peg leg is used as an automatic rifle. And then you have LeBron and Kobe finally fighting together as they battle the evils of the world. It is a Hollywood script made in heaven. And of course, Bruce Willis will continue to look the same for he has clearly found the secret of remaining 50 forever. Okay, maybe some of this is a tad far-fetched, but it is entirely possible that LeBron’s post-NBA career may feature some Hollywood excitement.

10. LeBron Takes All His Clothes Off


Okay, a naked LeBron may be appetizing for some, but for others, it may not exactly be a dream. We aren’t talking about Playgirl here, so trolls of the Internet do not overreact. What we are referring to is a potential ESPN Body cover. Dwyane Wade recently stripped down to show off his muscular figure and we know the two are close bros. So there is definitely a distinct possibility that LeBron James could take his glorious MVP and championship body to a whole other level and strip down to nothing. The King could showcase his goods for all to see and the world would undoubtedly be impressed. LeBron has less body fat on his body than most runway supermodels who are virtual sticks. The man is cut. In addition to LeBron’s physique, he enjoys being the best at everything and with other friends and colleagues diving into the artsy magazine spreads, it would not be shocking that LeBron joins the party.

9. LeBron James Stays In Cleveland For The Remainder of Career


LeBron James already bolted out of Cleveland once but who is to say he will do it again? Certainly, the odds can be seen as 50/50 on a LeBron James move out of Cleveland. There are many reasons why LeBron should stay in Cleveland and possibly just as many for him to leave. However, with an owner in Dan Gilbert who seems hell bent on spending whatever is necessary to keep his team relevant, LeBron should have a competent, if not great, group of teammates around him that will enable his success for years to come. And with a solid young core of players like a Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson signed to long-term deals, there is a good chance LeBron would want to hang around in Cleveland for a while. And of course, there is the fact that LeBron will be treated like a God forever in Cleveland. It is pretty crazy to go from being the devil to an actual God, but LeBron has done just that in less than two years. So the likelihood he remains in Cleveland is high.

8. James Tests Positive


No, we’re not talking Magic Johnson positive. We are more thinking Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods or Ryan Braun positive. It is a fact of this day in age to assume our heroes are cutting corners to gain supreme body mass while at the same time maintaining extraordinary athleticism. It is difficult for us to believe that anyone is “natural” these days. Our favorite sports Gods seem to be falling left and right and names like Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Woods, Armstrong, Braun, etc., keep falling. But in sports, it almost seems like those we admire most seem to let us down. So, it is tough to believe that any athlete is truly 100% clean with all the supplements going around. Really, the question is, are all these plasma treatments, blood mixing treatments and “special” unknown supplements causing bodies to become superhuman? Grant it, there is no proof at this time that LeBron does any drugs although numerous articles surfaced in 2014 when LeBron lost some body mass and weight when Adam Silver took over as head of the NBA and took a harder line on drug abuse and supplement usage by players in the league.

7. LeBron James Stays Married


Yes, this would be shocking. In this day and age, an NBA player (or any successful athlete in any sport for that matter), being able to remain married to one partner for life is something to applaud. However, numerous articles have pointed to an extraordinarily high percentage of NBA players cheat on their wives. Some estimate that as high as 90% of players cheat on their spouses. That is a crazy high number. However, LeBron James and his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, became engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2011 and married on September 14, 2013. The two took their time as they had their first child back in 2004 and another in 2007 before having a third more recently. The true feat for an NBA player (and any marriage these days), would be for LeBron and his wife to have a happily ever after and enjoy many years of successful marriage.

6. LeBron James Releases A Rap Album


There is a thin line between athletes and entertainers. Athletes, in essence, are entertainers. They showcase their talents for the thousands, and in some cases, millions of fans watching. Athletes often appear in commercials where they partake in some light acting. They are on billboards and on camera for many days a year. They are idolized across the world. Make no mistake about it, athletes in many ways are entertainers and numerous other NBA players have made the leap into the music business. Wayman Tisdale was a solid NBA player who actually landed a Billboard #1. Jerry Stackhouse and Grant Hill got into the rap game and more recently, DeJuan Blair made some waves with his cover off of Drake’s “Trust Issues.” Tony Parker even dabbled in the rap game. With LeBron being such a force on and off the basketball court, a hit rap album may just be a matter of time. So grab your Beats headphones and get ready to jam!

5. LeBron Suffers Massive Knee Injury


This one is a plausible scenario in a league that features top level athletes banging on hardwood floor. For many, a major injury to LeBron James would be a surprise. The physical machine that he is has lent to his insanely consistent durability throughout his career. However, the massive minutes he has logged throughout his career, in the regular season and in the playoffs, dictates that LeBron could wear down at any moment and suffer a devastating injury. Of course, in basketball, the knee injury is the most common and our biggest concern for the NBA’s biggest star. Think of how many of LeBron’s teams have gone deep into the playoffs over the last decade. Think of how LeBron has played on numerous Olympic teams including bringing home two gold medals. Although it would be shocking to see LeBron go down and miss a year, the possibility remains.

4. LeBron Has An Illegitimate Kid


I know we aren’t breaking any molds here by making an accusation that an NBA stud would “accidentally” have unprotected relations with a more-than-willing-and-able groupie who is begging for child support, but it is worth mentioning. Look at things this way: LeBron is a man who has always been in control. He is a man who rarely lets people into his personal life. LeBron has always been able to maintain consistency in his life. His longevity with his high school sweetheart is proof of such. LeBron, though, is a man. And as a male athlete at the top of his game, there are thousands of women just waiting for him to screw up and screw them. Rumors of LeBron and model Rachel Bush have already surfaced. And many of these women would gladly take a monthly paycheck in return for having a baby. That is the way of the world. And many athletes have moments of weakness when this happens. What they don’t realize is that this is a job for many of these women. They seek out athletes not to fall in love with, but to provide them with their meal ticket. Although we expect The King to remain above such activities, he is just a human man at his core.

3. LeBron Disappears In Retirement


Many expect that LeBron James will rule the world. After his illustrious NBA career comes to an end, it is a forgone conclusion that he will somehow find a way to stay relevant. When you have been so influential for so long, it is difficult to see LeBron not being in the spotlight in some way, shape or form. Look to Michael Jordan for his retirement success. He has been in and out of the public eye since his second retirement and is still a celebrity across numerous avenues. We definitely could see LeBron doing that being that he heads his own business empire. However, with all the money in the world, quite possibly the more reclusive and private James may opt for peace and quiet. He may decide to raise his family out of the limelight for once. He may seek quiet for the first time since people began raining down expectations of success upon him as a high school can’t-miss pro prospect. LeBron could really go either way but it would be ultimately surprising for him to go off into the silent sunset once his career comes to a close.

2. LeBron James Becomes An NBA Head Coach


When you take a fiery competitor who always leads his team and he moves toward the twilight of his career, you clearly have a situation in which there is talk and the possibility that the player could morph into a solid NBA head coach. LeBron has been accused of many things in the past. He has been accused of “coaching” his teammates too much. He has been accused of calling plays in the huddle without communicating with his coaching staff. He has been accused of yelling and talking down to his coaches. Certainly, there are many out there who do not like LeBron James and believe his ego gets in the way. And if you hear him talk at press conferences, you will rarely ever hear him mention a head coach or give a coach credit. Mainly, he speaks of himself as the leader of his team and acts as if he is a player/coach. And in many ways, he may be. LeBron has a very high NBA IQ. He is a leader and although it is rare to see a player of his stature coach, there remains the distinct possibility that the fire will continue to burn too bright for LeBron to resist, and after his playing days are behind him, he turns to coaching to fill the void.

1. LeBron Is Anointed The Best NBA Player Ever


I have always personally believed that the best player to ever play the game was Michael Jordan. It is solid ground and a universally accepted opinion. However, anyone that nearly averages a triple-double in the playoffs, IN THE FINALS NONETHELESS, deserves a closer look. LeBron has now won titles. A big knock on LeBron in the past was the fact that he has lost numerous games in the finals and went home a bridesmaid far too often. In this day in age when there are some monster teams out there with the ability of winning the championship, LeBron has been able to consistently arrive in the NBA Finals and post some pretty sick numbers in the process. When you consider that Cleveland is basically a cellar-dwelling team without him and are an NBA championship team with him, that is pretty impressive by the standard of what a player means to a team. Certainly, this is a subjective statement, but if LeBron can pull another championship or two down in Cleveland, the world would need to recognize that this indeed is the best player to ever lace them up and if he sinks another couple 40 point games down while adding triple-doubles along the way, the haters need to step aside. This guy is simply something special and very well could be the greatest ever when it is all said and done.

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