15 Most Exciting Movies In Production Right Now

Each and every single year we are treated with a host of star-studded big-screen offerings from the world of film that never fail to capture the imagination and transport us into a variety of different worlds and scenarios.

Following an exceptional 2015, this year looks set to bring yet more outstanding individual movies that will be certain to get audiences flocking to theaters and embracing the magic of Hollywood once more. But while those films that have been completed are just around the corner from release, there are a magnificent number of movies currently filming that you should be looking out for.

From superheroes looking to save the world, to the audience being transported back to worlds that we thought we might never see again, the coming attractions in the cinematic realm promise so much- even beyond the next few months.

While we may all be getting itchy feet waiting for the next Marvel offering, or praying for the new-age Ghostbusters to kick some ghostly butt, there are movies further down the line that are currently rolling the cameras that are hard to ignore.

Just to add to your excitement and give you a teaser as to what is coming in the near future, here is a list of just 15 of those particular movies that you should be looking out for as their cameras continue to film. Let us know which you are looking forward to most and any that have been missed from our list.

15 Baywatch


You only have to keep tabs on Dwayne Johnson's Instagram account to see that the revitalization of the classic television show is going to be an experience not to be missed. With Mr. Franchise Viagra leading the way, backed up by the likes of Zac Efron,  Alexandra Daddario, and even David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson in expected cameo roles, Baywatch is hot property.

14 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage


Vin Diesel is just an incredibly busy man isn't he? With Guardians 2 and Fast 8 in his diary, it seems that these things come in threes, as we finally bear witness to the return of one of his earlier career characters.

13 Ghost in the Shell

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12 Downsizing


Whenever an Alexander Payne film is on the horizon you simply know that something majestic is only around the corner. He worked magic with films such as Sideways, The Descendants and Nebraska and next up comes Downsizing.

11 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


10 Power Rangers


If you were a kid in the '90s then it's more than likely that you were drawn in by the multi-coloured badass team of the Power Rangers. Proving to every child that robot dinosaurs and a wise floating head were totally awesome, this was a show that screamed for a big-screen outing and we're finally getting it.

9 The Dark Tower


One of those Stephen King novels that has been screaming out for a movie version for so many years, The Dark Tower is finally set to receive its very own Hollywood treatment.

8 Stronger


There's little to deny that Jake Gyllenhaal is, quite simply, one of the greatest actors around in this day and age. This is a man whose various projects are literally the embodiment of an actor who wants to push the boundaries and bring to audiences the most interesting and engaging characters and stories. Looking to prove just that once more, Gyllenhaal is currently involved in Stronger, the story of a survivor of the Boston bombings looking to track down those responsible for the tragic events.

7 War Of The Planet Of The Apes


6 The Mummy


Remember those days when Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were waltzing around the sandy landscapes looking to escape the clutches of Arnold Vosloo's Mummy? Well, those days are well and truly over as it's time for Cruise control to take over. That's right, as Universal look set to continue building their classic monsters return to the screen, Tom Cruise is spearheading the latest charge with a brand new Mummy film.

5 Fast 8


After an emotional farewell to franchise stalwart Paul Walker, it's back to business as the Fast and Furious franchise gears up for an incredible eighth installment. While many will roll their eyes at the prospect of another sequel in the works, this particular franchise has gone from strength to strength as it enters its final trilogy of movies.

4 Justice League: Part I


3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Possibly the most surprising breakout hit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in the form of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, so it's no surprise that the sequel is one that is massively anticipated this time around. With the original cast once again ensuring that we'll have one hell of a time, the prospect of newcomers Kurt Russell, Elizabeth Debicki and even Sylvester Stallone maintain that air of intrigue surrounding this one.

2 Alien: Covenant


Following Alien day this past week, which saw many multiplexes strike fear into audiences once again and prove that everyone can hear you scream in the theater, Ridley Scott is returning once more to the world he created so many years ago. While the lukewarm reception to Prometheus may have been a slightly difficult pill to swallow, you can bet your house that Scott is looking to iron out all the creases and make Covenant a commanding and edgy follow-up.

1 Star Wars: Episode VIII


After The Force Awakens guaranteed that there is enough longevity left for the sci-fi franchise under Disney's careful guidance to last another lifetime, the excitement can now be aimed towards the next episode of the Star Wars saga.

As if the anticipation for Rogue One wasn't enough, the very sight of Mark Hamill being carried by new hero Daisy Ridley on her shoulders had the social media world all in a flutter. It was the first of many teasers heading into Episode VIII and we cannot wait to see what Rian Johnson has in store for us. Following JJ Abrams is surely an unenviable task, but when you've got a fantastic new group of characters and an exciting new story to tell, it's hard to deny that this one will be yet another film to smash records left, right and centre.

The force will be strong with this one...

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15 Most Exciting Movies In Production Right Now