15 Most Common Lies All Girls Tell Their Boyfriends

We hear a lot about the lies boyfriends tell their girlfriends. From the lies that hurt, to the little white lies every man seems to tell his significant other to ensure he has an easy life. But what about the common lies girlfriends tell their boyfriends? As you might suspect, these lies are a bit different and typically have very different motives. Full disclosure: Girls usually lie to their boyfriends either to spare their feelings, to avoid a fight or maybe even to manipulate their way into being comforted.

It's not surprising that in the battle of the sexes, a few indiscretions and half-truths are a common occurrence. What is surprising, however, is that guys haven’t caught onto many of these common fibs by now. Although, maybe our boyfriends are smarter than we give them credit for, and they're actually fully aware of these lies but choose not to respond… Nah.

Next time your date or girlfriend comes out with one of the following phrases - or you, as a girlfriend, find yourself tempted to pull out one of these gems - be aware that you're falling victim to a cliche.

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15 "I'm Not Hungry"

You're discussing whether or not to grab some food. He says he’s not that hungry, but will get her something if she is. The girl, thanks to societal pressure, feels it's unfeminine to admit that she's hungrier than a guy when in fact, she's  starving…

Instead she will sit there as quietly as she can while her stomach makes sound akin to those of the humpback whale. When the time finally comes when her man is ready to eat, she is about pass out from starvation, yet agrees to share a meal, just to seem delicate.

14  14. "Yes!"

Or, no, but she’s happy if you're happy... The fact is, women don’t get off as easily as men do in the bedroom. It often feels great, but sometimes your girlfriend can't get there, no matter how hard you try. So just let it be. Studies show that between 60% and 80% of women have faked an orgasm to spare their partners' egos, but that doesn't mean they didn't have a good time.

13 "I don't mind if you look, but don't touch."

Sometimes a girl will tell her guy that she’s okay if he looks at other girls as long as that’s all there is. But no, no, it’s not cool. You need to stop 'liking' other girls' Instagram #bikini shots. Girls like to think they are cool with it, but jealousy is an inevitable emotion. We'd rather you had the option, but didn't need to use it: "Do you see that blonde goddess over there in a blue bikini?" "What, another woman? Of course not."

12 12."I don't mind paying."

Not all girls are selfish princesses expecting a boyfriend to wait on her hand and foot. She will pay for things when necessary. In fact she would be happy to do it. However, she doesn’t really want to be asked to... She will offer, which is fine, but don't ask her. And don't always take her up on the offer.

On date nights, girls still like having a knight in shining armor, and a simple way of being that hero is paying for dinner.

11 "I just threw this on."

No, no, no. Women take the time to look good for men - and for other women - but we don't always want them to know that. She wants him to think that she wakes up looking amazingly beautiful without any help. She will wake up extra early to make sure she is styling her hair the way that he likes it, wearing the shirt that makes her boobs look bigger and the jeans that make her legs look long. The key is, that he can never know.

10 "This is stupid, isn't it?"

A girl doesn’t ask a question she knows is stupid. She asks the question and asks if it is stupid, so that her boyfriend will say “no of course, not” and then hand over a compliment. So when she asks, "Is it stupid that I still listen to Taylor Swift at my age?" he's supposed to say, “No, it’s not stupid, it's adorable.” Or if she is wearing a hot, new pink skirt and says, “This looks stupid, doesn’t it?” girls want the guys reply to be, “no way, you look amazing!”

9 "Yeah, I love when you do that with your..."

If a guy has to ask their girlfriend if they like something, especially something sexual, the answer is probably no. If a girl likes something, you'll know without any words being exchanges, because she will want more of it. If she makes no mention of it that she likes whatever it is that he is doing, then she doesn't and is sparing the fragile male's feelings. So read body queues, don't take verbal responses at face value.

8 "Valentines Day isn't a big deal."

Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever special occasion you think isn't a big deal - it's a big deal. Girls want to spend time with their boyfriends, especially on meaningful holidays. Girls want to feel special and be included in their boyfriend’s family gatherings and share these days together. So if she says she doesn’t mind spending Valentine’s Day apart, that it’s just a dumb holiday, don’t believe her.

7 "Go have a boys night."

Guys need their ‘manly bonding time’ in order to stay sane. Thanks to movies like The Hangover, girls are picturing the worst case scenario when a guy mentions a boys' night out. Whether that trouble is too much drinking, smoking or hanging around other woman, all possibilities are very bad in their girlfriends mind. So yes, they will tell you to have a guy’s night, but in reality, they wish they were a part of it, or they'd rather you be with them than your boys.

You need your space, so just make sure your girl knows that the reality of your night is more beers-and-games than beer-and-boobs.

6 "I don't know."

When he asks: what do you want for dinner, what movie do you want to watch, what do you want to do tonight? The answer is almost always ‘I don’t know’. It’s not because girls don’t know what they want to do, eat or watch, they just don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Girls like doing things you both agree on and will have a good time doing it. If they choose something their guy doesn’t like, then it may start a fight or cause bad feeling. This is particularly a problem in the early stages of a new relationship, when you don't know a whole lot about the other person's tastes and don't want to cause offense. Next time 'I don't know' is your girlfriend's response, gently encourage her to make her own choice, and go with it.

5 "I'm cool with hanging with your friends tonight."

“I guess it’s okay that we spend the romantic night I had hoped for with your loud and crazy friends… It’s not like tonight is our only night this week we can spend together.” Girls love when their boyfriends invite them to hang out with their friends, just not on the night they had plans for just the two of them.

When a guy is with his friends, the girl tends to fall into the background, may not be in on all the inside jokes and will feel invisible. However, as long as your girlfriend knows ahead of time that you want to get the gang together, it shouldn't be an issue. If it is, you may need to reassess the relationship.

4 "Whatever, do what you want!"

If your girlfriend says this, do not do what you want. We repeat, do not do what you want! Boyfriends will most likely hear this lie after some sort of argument, whether a big blow out or a small disagreement. She does not want you to do what you want. She wants you to beg forgiveness, even if it was not your fault, tell her that she’s pretty and buy her ice cream or something.

3 "I'm fine..."

No, she’s not. You can almost guarantee that she is the complete opposite of fine. Just like ‘do whatever you want’, she wants you to comfort her. She wants her boyfriend to cuddle with her and make her all better just by being there for her. She may not be fine now, but after a sweet kiss and snuggle session with her guy, she will be all better. When you hear 'I'm fine', do not dismiss the issue. Even if it's against all male instincts, pursue the question further.

2 "I'm happy giving you your space."

Girls know that they have to give their guys space in order to keep the relationship healthy, and us ladies want our space too. But if you have to ask for space, then we'll assume that you want that space to get with someone else, leading to a potential breakup, causing an anxious panic until we see you again. So boyfriend, do your girls a favor and call them once in a while, even though you are all about your alone time.

1 "I'm not mad at you..."

Oh yes she is. You have done something to upset her, whether it be not calling her back, canceling plans or saying something stupid. Whatever the case may be, no matter how small and insignificant the problem, if you girl has to say she isn't mad at you, then she is. Make it right before things blow up.

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