The 15 Hottest Pics of Nickelodeon Stars All Grown Up

When Nickelodeon is mentioned, most folks think of the cartoons. Since its inception in the 1980s, the network was divided between its daytime products of cartoons and the “Nick at Nite” which showed classic sitcoms. Those cartoons have included classics like Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats and considered a major part of the growth of any child of the time. However, the live-action programs the network has done have also gotten attention. They’ve moved from mostly for kids to serious teen comedies and have ended up launching more than a few careers. Keenan Thompson is one, moving from the sketch comedy show All That to major success with Saturday Night Live.

Of course, the ladies get attention. As with the Disney Channel, it’s remarkable how many incredibly talented young women have passed through the halls of Nick’s studios. Several of them have gone on to become major stars in music, movies, and television and took off nicely. A few have settled down since but still retain their heat while others are on the rise with more current programming. All told, these are ladies with incredible sex appeal that they have shown so many times around. Here are 15 of the hottest pics of some of these ladies grown up and how Nickelodeon is quickly approaching Disney in terms of being a star machine.

15 Kira Kosarian


Both her parents are actors and singers so it’s no surprise Kosarian followed in their footsteps. Studying ballet, she realized television was more her speed and was snatched up fast by Nickelodeon. This led to her major role of Phoebe on The Thundermans, about a family of super-heroes living in the suburbs. She handles the special effects work as she battles bad guys, grades and her troublesome brother Max while also trying to lead a normal high school life. This has led to Kosarian in various outfits, the spandex costume fitting well on her. She also fit in the role in the Nick movie Tripwrecked and her You Tube channel features her in original songs and music videos. A favorite on Instagram, Kosarin loves to show off selfies, including several bikini shots that truly bring the thunder in hotness. While her career is just starting, this pic and her talent show that Kosarian has a bright future ahead in terms of being a nice sexy symbol for the network.

14 Miranda Cosgrove


Cosgrove first came to attention playing one of the students turned musicians in the comedy hit School of Rock. This led her to Nickelodeon as she was cast as Megan, the mischievous little sister of the title characters of Drake & Josh, stealing the show with her sneaky antics and jibes. She was so winning that when the show ended, the network gave her a new series, iCarly. As a teen who runs a web show, Cosgrove won fans over and backed it up with some nice singing gigs. The show was among Nick's bigger hits that boosted Cosgrove up as a teen star but growing in some sexiness as she matured. After a few albums and tours, Cosgrove has returned to acting, from a voice in Despicable Me to the short-lived NBC comedy Crowded. She plays the nice funny girl, but this photo spread shows a more wicked side that adds new appeal to one of Nick’s favorite gals.

13 Jamie Lynn Spears


The younger sister of Britney, Jamie Lynn got her start as part of the Nick sketch comedy show All That. This included the inevitable skit of Britney making an appearance for Jamie Lynn to mock her a bit. With her clout, Jamie Lynn soon got the network to give her her own show, Zoey 101. Playing a singer/student at a whacky high school, she was a hit with viewers and the show a major smash for the network. However, the final season was marked with controversy when Spears announced she was pregnant at only 16. The series was already coming to an end and after she gave birth, Spears decided to take a long break from acting and let the press die down a bit. She is making a comeback in country music and as these bikini pics show, she has grown into quite the hot lady. Looks like being sultry, even after motherhood, runs in the Spears family.

12 Malese Jow


With her amazing mix of Asian and Native American ancestry, Jow is an alluring presence casting directors love. Nick producers agreed as she played Emma Roberts’ best friend on Unfabulous with a great wardrobe and humor, often getting a bit risqué than Nick shows of the time. She followed that with playing Lucy, a punk rocker on the musical comedy Big Time Rush. Since then, Jow has been a familiar face on the CW. She played a vampire turned ghost on The Vampire Diaries and a student with aliens on Star-Crossed. Her most recent part was Linda Park on The Flash (which included an alternate Earth version of Linda who’s the evil Dr. Light). Right now, Jow can be seen on the online show Filthy Rich Teen$ which parodies the very teen dramas she used to star in. As these images show, Jow is scorching in any role and no wonder TV directors love her.

11 Keke Palmer

Even by Nick’s standards, the plot of True Jackson, VP was a bit much. Palmer played the title role of a teenager who impresses a fashion house owner with her designs so he hires her to know what kids want. Yep, the classic “a kid working in an adult business” theme but Palmer (who had broken out with Akeelah and the Bee) was a good choice for the lead. Palmer did impress with her performance, mixing some singing with the humor and a nice breakout for her. Since then, Palmer has been busy with a music career while guest star roles on Masters of Sex and various voice projects like Ice Age. She's worked in a few movies like Joyful Noise and in Grease Live. She did get a nice highlight in Scream Queens to handle the nutty murder case. As this photo shows, Palmer is nothing short of a total knockout and shows that cast her as a lady who knew fashion wasn’t a big stretch at all.

10 Jeanette McCurdy


McCurdy got the acting bug early on, doing various roles in several shows from Law & Order to CSI and plenty in between. She rose to fame playing Sam on iCarly, taking off as the violence-prone lazy gal with a bizarre appetite who still stole the show with humor. That led to a spin-off, Sam & Cat where she was paired with Ariana Grande as nutty roommates handling a babysitting service. That show was also a hit but ended suddenly with word of the two actresses not getting along well on set. McCurdy moved to produce and star in the online show What’s Next for Sarah? She currently stars in the Netflix series Between as a pregnant teen caught in a town where the adults are dying. While Sam didn’t show off much, McCurdy has with these great bikini pics and proves more than just a tomboy but a very hot gal in her own right.

9 Emma Roberts


When your aunt is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, falling into acting is only natural. Julia Roberts' niece showed her great promise early on with various movie roles. In 2004, she got the lead in the Nick series Unfabulous as a teen singer who shares her experiences. The show was notable in each episode starting off after some huge mess and Roberts explaining how it happened. Running three seasons, the show boosted Roberts up for movies like Nancy Drew and stole the show in Scream 4 and We’re the Millers. She dominated the third season of American Horror Story as a wild actress turned witch and a con artist in the next season. Currently, Roberts is winning raves as the outrageous Chanel on the Fox hit Scream Queens. She’s shown her hot side plenty of times, including this stunning photo.  This goes to show that both beauty and talent run in her family well.

8 Melissa Joan Hart


One of the most successful of Nick’s wave of teen starlets, Hart played the title role in Clarissa Explains It All. The hit show focused on her character navigating teenage life while dispensing advice to others. It boosted Hart to fame which led to her more famous role of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. That truly rocketed her to stardom as she worked in some movies while carrying the show for seven seasons. After a few years of various guest starring roles (including a run on Dancing With the Stars), Hart returned to TV with the ABC Family comedy Melissa & Joey. Playing on her old teenage roles as a former “wild child” raising her own troublesome daughter, Hart barely looked like she’d aged and still great humor. A famous Maxim spread showcased Hart’s incredible appeal, lying in her underwear in a bed and that hasn’t faded with time. If anything, 25 years after hitting the airwaves, Hart still has viewers under her spell.

7 Jewel Staite

Created by acclaimed comic book writer Peter David, Space Cases was a fun show for 1996 Nickelodeon. It centered on a group of misfit students accidentally blasted to the other side of the galaxy and having adventures getting back. Staite played Catalina, the rainbow-haired engineer who was a great genius but worried the gang with her constant talk to her “invisible friend” Suzie. A big twist in the first season finale was that Suzie was real and took Catalina’s place when she was sucked into another dimension. Staite would find further fame with another sci-fi series, playing the lovable Kaylee on the cult Firefly. She’s played numerous guest roles in various series and part of the casts of Stargate Atlantis and The L.A. Complex. While known better for her nice humor, Staite showed her hotter side with this magazine spread of a jacket over obviously naked top and how the “girl next door” can be quite the sexpot.

6 Victoria Justice

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Justice has been one of the network’s most familiar faces. Her big break was playing Lola, the wannabe actress on Zoey 101. This led to various guest roles on shows like True Jackson VP and The Troop while also playing MMA fighter Shelby Marx on an episode of iCarly. With all that, it was no surprise Nick gave Justice her own show, Victorious. Justice went all out with great musical numbers and humor, the show a hit, making its sudden cancellation a surprise to many. Justice moved onto the MTV show Eye Candy, a cyber-thriller that gave her a bit more hot stuff but was axed after one season. Justice now appears to be concentrating on music but hard to see a fun actress like her kept away from TV for long. It’s helped by how smoking she is, the best example a spread for Kode Magazine that showed her tight body off and truly did justice to a fine lady.

5 Amanda Bynes


Bynes was the breakout star of the Nick sketch comedy show All That with funny bits like the “Ask Ashley” segment. This led to The Amanda Show, mixing sketch comedy and showing her great humor off. Movie roles followed like What a Girl Wants and She’s the Man. Bynes then hit further fame with the hit CW show What I Like About You that showed her growing nicely. She proved it with a spread in Maxim that showed her in a tight bra and shorts, a body far better than most had anticipated and showed her ready to shoot to bigger stardom. Sadly, just as Bynes’ career was taking off, she hit a major rough patch. In 2012, she was arrested twice for DUIs and a hospital stay with concerns she was suffering a major mental breakdown. She has quit acting to study fashion and a shame to lose a funny gal who could bring the heat with her humor.

4 Michelle Trachtenberg


It’s forgotten by many that Trachtenberg’s first role was on the quirky Nick show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. She played the best friend of the two brothers (both named Pete) who would get into various nutty experiences. Trachtenberg came to prominence in the title role of the movie Harriet the Spy to take off as a child actress in various films like Inspector Gadget. This led to her most famous role of Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a big hit. For a while, Trachtenberg was cast in kid movies like Ice Princess even as she grew up into a hotter lady. She grew up nicely with the comedy Road Trip and showed true sexiness as the conniving Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl and various TV series where she often played a conniving gal. In 2011, Trachtenberg truly proved she was grown up with a stunning spread in Maxim magazine featuring her in tight black outfits and how this little girl became quite the seductive minx.

3 Elizabeth Gillies


Her dark Italian looks on full display, Gillies had roles in TV shows like The Black Donnellys as a child to break into the business. She played a role in the Broadway musical 13 opposite future co-star Ariana Grande. Her big break was playing Jade, the violent-prone Goth on the hit Victorious. While she was the “bad girl,” she won fans over with her sardonic humor and looking great in dark clothing while bantering with Victoria Justice’s main character with great chemistry. With that show ended, Gillies has found further fame in the FXX comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. As a singer reuniting with her rocker dad (Denis Leary), Gillies has allowed her singing voice to be put on full display. She’s also put out her great sexy drive with hookups with guys (and one girl) and stunning sights like her dropping a coat to show a tight red number on. The show may have been canceled but no matter whether singing or sultry, Gillies delivers the goods nicely.

2 Elisha Cuthbert

The Canadian actress had a small role on an episode the Nick anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark? She made such an impact that she was added to the regular cast not long afterward, a bright side to the otherwise creepy show. Various roles in her native Canada followed before her career-making performance as Kim Bauer on 24. While her character could be divisive with fans (the infamous cougar scene), her presence added major sex appeal that she carried to movie roles. She won wide praise for her part in the beloved comedy Happy Endings that mixed her sex appeal with fantastic humor to stand out among the cast. The comedy One Big Happy ended early but gave her nice stuff and Cuthbert can now be seen on the Netflix comedy The Ranch. Naturally, her amazing beauty has been on display a lot, especially this great Maxim spread of her in a bikini and coat. For a Canadian, she has the All-American blonde gal down pat and why she’s so admired.

1 Ariana Grande

Serious about performing since she was a kid, Grande did some stints on Broadway before getting to audition for Nickelodeon. This led to her being cast as the scatter-brained Cat on the hit Victorious. Her performance as this goofy nut won fans over nicely while giving Grande a chance to sing. This moved her to the spin-off Sam & Cat with Jeanette McCurdy as roommates. While that show did well in the ratings, reports grew of the two stars having issues behind the scenes which ended with it being canceled. Grande had suffered a bit as the constant dye for Cat’s bright red hair led to her real hair being harmed, which is the reason she wears a ponytail extension. Grande has exploded to stardom as a major singing star, hailed for her stunning voice, great, sexy presence, and her on-stage outfits of skirts, heels and those cute cat ears to top it off. Cat may have been a dimwit, but Grande’s sex appeal is oh so bright.

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The 15 Hottest Pics of Nickelodeon Stars All Grown Up