15 Hottest Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens

It is okay to be turned on by Vanessa Hudgens. We promise. While she started her career in High School Musical way back in 2006 when she was just a teen, albeit a very good looking one, now, even though it is kind of hard to believe, she is 27 years old.

Vanessa is gorgeous, there is no doubt about that, and while her image has stayed pretty clean, and her career has grown, sometimes we have to break it down to what really matters. And what matters here on TheRichest is just how hot Vanessa is. If you read on you will soon be looking at 15 gorgeous photos of her to prove  just that. The only people in the world that might have a better collection of photos than what you are about to see are either Zac Efron, or whoever it was that leaked her private topless photos to the internet back in 2009. By the way, whoever that was shame on you! And also please let me know where I can purchase more...

But this is a family website (well, okay, not really), but we still can't show those photos of Vanessa here. But we can do the next best thing.  Here are 15 of the hottest photos of Vanessa Hudgens that you can find anywhere. Do enjoy.

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15 Outdoor In The Rain

via m.omag.no

Why do guys all over the world love seeing a woman soaking wet? I am not sure of the exact reason, but what I do know is that I am one of those guys. If you looked at this photo would you guess that her first role was in pre-school and that she played the Virgin Mary? Me either, but it is true. Ever since then she wanted to be an actress, just like ever since a lot of guys saw this photo they wanted to go out with Vanessa. Yeah, good luck on that one.

14 Belly Button Piercing

via www.peency.com

This one is particularly gorgeous. Does she ever take a bad photo? From the looks of the photos on this list I would have to think not. Vanessa has an awesome body. It makes one wonder what her favorite foods are. Apparently, she is most into sushi and chocolate; I would assume not together. And what does she like the least? Carrots. Supposedly carrots are good for the eyes, though, so if I were you I would go eat some now so you can check out the rest of the photos on this list.

13 Hangin' At The Beach

via justjared.com

This one is a gorgeous shot of Vanessa and her current boyfriend, Austin Butler, chilling on the beach - probably somewhere where you and I can't afford to go.  Vanessa has a couple of different nicknames:  her friends call her "Ness," while her family tends to call her "Van." We are not sure what Austin calls her; we only know what we call Austin, which is "lucky." I mean come on, Austin Butler? Vanessa looks awesome here, even while just relaxing in a candid shot.

12 Looking Classy

via gotceleb.com

One of the things that makes Vanessa look so hot is that she has a lot of confidence, and  also a fair amount of class to go with it. This photo at a movie premiere is no exception. Maybe she is so classy because she stayed out of the public school system? Vanessa was homeschooled from 8th grade until she graduated high school. So in her real life the only High School Musical she was a part of involved her and a mirror. I still bet she was good at it, though.

11 She Looks Good On Magazine Covers

via fansshare.com

Ready for another mind blowing photo? Me too. Okay, let's go down the list of Vanessa's attributes: gorgeous and sexy, while somehow managing to look innocent and wholesome. Vanessa pulls the whole deal off way better than most.  Surprisingly, for someone who looks so squeaky clean, Vanessa says she likes to play dark roles. She said about playing dark characters: “It’s so far from who I am. There’s complete freedom within it.” How could someone with that face do dark?

10 The Fashionista

via justjared.com

Here is a lovely photo of Vanessa in which she looks to be at some sort of a party- probably where only ridiculously hot women are allowed.  Although she does roll in some pretty high class scenes, she is relatively down to earth. For one thing, she is not all that attached to her phone, and has even gone off the grid for as long as 5 days. Since my girlfriend can't last more than 5 minutes, I have to say that you can color me impressed on that one. Good job, Vanessa.

9 Holding On To Her Bikini

via dailymail.co.uk

This one was taken when apparently Vanessa was a bit worried that she was going to spill out of her suit. Sadly, I assume that there was no such luck as there are no follow up photos of a topless Vanessa.  While Vanessa seems a bit worried here, the word is that she practices focusing on the present, and not the future and the past, because the present is the only thing that she can control. Wise words from a gorgeous lady. Being zen has never been so hot.

8 Hey There's Zac! And Her Butt!

via www.sexyfolder.com

No list of this nature would be complete without at least one photo from the back, and this is it. In this photo she is posing for a selfie with her man, while some tabloid photographer takes a photo of her butt. So what you are seeing here is the exact opposite of the photo she posed for, both the intent and the angle are not quite what she had in mind. I know I sound a bit like a broken record but from any angle, including this one, Vanessa is pretty much flawless.

7 Flawless

via si.com

With all these hot photos of Vanessa, it might be easy to forget how gorgeous her face is. While her body is rather flawless, her beauty is stunning as well.  She is the All-American girl, who still has some exotic looks. Her mother is from the Philippines, while her father has both Native American and Irish blood in him. While this one is all about the face, with Vanessa there are always some other assets to be admired, and this photo is no exception.

6 Ready To Fight

via hotstarz.info

Vanessa looks ready to beat you up in this one. All right, she doesn't really, but you have to admit she looks darn cute trying to look tough, anyway.  Since Vanessa describes herself as a feminist, she would probably not dig that last comment a whole lot. She said “I used to be on the fence about [feminism], just because I feel like it gets to a certain place where it almost has the reverse effect…But now I feel like there’s this new wave of feminists coming up that are truly about equal rights for women.”

5 Sexy But Innocent Look

via dailymail.co.uk

Again, there simply are not a whole lot of women out there that can pull off a pose like this, in an outfit like this, and still look innocent, while also looking hot. There also are not a whole lot of women who are equally successful as actresses and singers. Her album hit number twenty-four its first week out and was later certified as a gold record. She is hot, she can sing, and she can act. I wonder what else she is good at? Alright boys, get your minds outta the gutter on that last one.

4 Angel Eyes

via cos.h-cdn.co

Vanessa looks gorgeous here. A true natural beauty.  With her dress and her headpiece made of flowers, she looks as mellow and relaxed as one could be. In real life, though, Vanessa gets a little stressed sometimes and even gets hives when she gets stressed. They usually appear on her neck. None of that looks like it is happening in this photo though as her skin, and the rest of her, looks totally perfect as always. I simply can not imagine anything less.

3 Spring Breakers

via sharenator.com

The hair in this one almost makes you wonder who it is for a moment, until of course you see the face, those eyes, and well, that butt. While it has been said in the past that while she was dating Zac Efron Vanessa could be mean to the other girls always hitting on him, now she concentrates on being nice to people and spreading the love around. I think we can all agree that with this photo Vanessa is being nicer to all of us than she could possibly imagine.

2 She Likes Wearing Bikinis

via theplace2.ru

Chalk another one up for this exhibit of Vanessa looking amazing, and still looking totally wholesome at the same time.  Speaking of being wholesome, Vanessa is a Christian. She says that since meeting Austin Butler, she has been way more into Christianity, and that the two even go to the same church together.  Vanessa is obviously a rather complicated lady, which makes her even hotter than we thought before.  The only bad news is that Austin seems like a nice guy, which kills all of our chances even more.

1 The Messy, But Sexy Look

via celebssocial.com

There is a bit of a bad girl side in this one, though. Who knew? I mean, there have been hints of course - she isn't all good all the time. For one thing she once said “I’m literally my happiest self when I’m dancing half naked on a grass field listening to Led Zeppelin.” The thing is Vanessa, that would make all of us really happy as well. I don't think that is going to happen any time soon, though. So until then, we will all just have to be happy with these photos, which are some of the best you will find of her anywhere.

Sources: people

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