15 Hottest Photos Of Jessica Biel's Moneymaker

There are three things that everyone knows about Jessica Biel. The first thing that we all know is that she is married to Justin Timberlake, and hey, we can't hate her a whole lot for that; it turns out that he is pretty talented after all. Second, she was on 7th Heaven, which was an enormously popular TV show that ran for 10 seasons on CBS. As lovely as she was back then, could you ever have imagined that she would have become such a big star? I doubt it. Also, could you have imagined that Stephen Collins would turn out to be such a creep? But I digress.

The third thing that we all know about Jessica Biel is that she has an incredibly nice butt. I mean, of course we could all pretend that we did not notice, but that would be ridiculous. Denying the truth about something like that does really not do anyone any favors. and I am even including her husband on this one.

Jessica has one of those butts that is not too big, and not too small, but is really just right. While most of the attention seems to go to the ladies with the big butts like Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea, or to fitness models like Jen Selter, Jessica just has the kind of butt that any guy could get into.

Want to see what I am talking about? Of course you do. Here are the 15 best photos of Jessica Biel's moneymaker.

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15 She Likes Skimpy Bikini Bottoms

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Ahhh, the beach photos of Jessica. While they are somewhat rare, they are also pretty awesome as they give you a good sense of how good shape she is really in. Speaking of good shape, back a few years ago, Biel hoofed it all the way to the very summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. She did so with members of the United Nations Foundation- the point of the climb was to raise awareness about the lack of water for many people who are on our planet. It was called the "Summit on the Summit" and it went on for a week. So my takeaways from this are that Jessica Biel is a good person who cares about the Earth, and also that a whole bunch of people got to hike up a huge mountain next to or behind Jessica Biel, which of course makes me think of her butt. See how circular life can be?

14 It Looks Good While Working Out

via hollywoodtuna.com

As you can see by the above photo, Biel looks good when she works out, and when I say good, I mean she looks absolutely amazing as always. I know that is probably not ground breaking information. In fact, I imagine that there is a very good chance that you could have guessed that. You also probably could have guessed that her career is going strong. She was in the movie Valentine's Day and also was in the A-Team, based on the television series. I don't know for sure, but I am going to take a wild guess and say she did not play the same character that was played by Mr. T in the TV show. I do know one thing for sure- I pity the fool that can't tell how amazing Jessica's butt is.

13 It Looks Great In Gowns

via justjared.com

Let's start off with a classic, shall we? If you take a look at this photo, and I would bet pretty much every dollar I had that you are doing so, over and over again, you can see Jessica has some really great assets that have helped make her a star. She always wanted to be one. She started to get the show business bug when she won a karaoke contest at eight years old,  She got her first acting job a few years later when she started in a Pringles commercial when she was 11.  Then she went to the International Model and Talent Association and  got a lot more work in ads and commercials, when she was still young. But hey, enough about that, check out Jessica's butt, it really is something to see, especially in this dress. Wow.

12 It Looks Great In High-Waisted Pants

via celebitchy.com

As you can see here what she wears does not have a whole lot to do with how amazing her butt looks, as this is not the most form fitting pair of pants, but yet she still looks amazing. Jessica's career kicked into high gear when she was just 14 years old when she was in the movie, Ulee's Gold. She then starred in I'll Be Home for Christmas, Summer Catch, and The Rules of Attraction. All of that was nothing compared to her big role, though, that made her famous. She played Mary Camden on The Warner Bros' TV show, 7th Heaven, thus ensuring that teenage boys everywhere had something to watch, and then feel guilty about it later on. Jessica was totally hot back then, but who knew her career would last this long?

11 It Looks Great In Sweats

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Here is yet another amazing photo of Jessica's even more amazing butt. At one point her butt was not the part of her body that was getting the biggest amount of attention though. Way back in 2000, Jessica Biel posed topless- that's right you heard me, for an issue of Gear magazine.  I can see you all right now doing a Google image search as you read this.  It caused a lot of people to flip out for a couple of reasons. For one thing she was only 17-years-old when she had the photos taken. Not only that, it hurt her wholesome image on 7th Heaven. Some of her fans were kind of bummed out; others were obviously really, really happy. Speaking of being happy, that is how I feel when I look at this photo.

10 It Looks Great In Blue

via wordpress.com

This one is just sort of amazing.  I mean, there are all sorts of things going on in this photo, but there is only one thing that is happening that I am noticing, and that is Jessica's butt, everything else might as well not even be there. Getting back to the topless shoot, Jessica later said she did it in part to get out of her contract, but The WB forced Biel to honor it. That is probably not the best thing for a 17-year-old to do to get out of a contract, but hey, when I was 17 I was pretty much the biggest idiot in the entire world, and I was making money mowing lawns, so who am I to judge? There is one thing I am more than qualified to judge, though, and that is the thing that is right in the center of this photo. I give Jessica, and her butt, a perfect 10.

9 It Looks Great In Leather

via pandawhale.com

I am not entirely sure what is going on in this particular photo, where she is or what she is doing.  I am sure of one thing, though, her butt looks simply amazing. Early on in her career, she starred in the romantic comedy Summer Catch and was also in a movie based on Bret Easton Ellis's Rules of Attraction, and then was even in the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which became a huge hit  She was also was in Blade: Trinity, which ended up grossing around $150 million worldwide. While Biel's career started to take off, the question remained, is her success because of Jessica the actress, or because of the butt?  I am just joking, it was because of Jessica, but hey, her butt did not hurt her cause.

8 It Looks Great In Jeans

via celebmafia.com

There is something about a chick that looks hot even when she is all natural and not doing herself up for the camera that is always a turn on. If you doubt me, just check out the above photo of Jessica, where she is looking all chill, natural, and yet still a little shapely. As always, her butt looks pretty fantastic in this photo; I wonder if there is one where it does not?  She is kind of an all-natural type in general and said in an interview that she is not a big fan of wearing makeup or cosmetics.   She told People, "It's pointless and I hate it." Well Jessica, to be honest it is only pointless if you are totally gorgeous like you are; some ladies actually like to cheat a little bit here and there.

7 Looks Great In A Bikini

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As you can see by this photo, Jessica has more than a little bit of sex appeal.  In fact, at one point it was made sort of official when she was voted "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine. This happened way back in 2005, but it seems like she has not lost a whole lot in the 11 years since then. I do not know if Jessica is the sexiest woman alive, and I also do not know if she has the nicest butt in the world, but I do know one thing- she is close enough to come close to winning both competitions, and when it comes to things of this nature that is really all that matters. I mean, is it okay if Jessica's butt is maybe only 2nd or 3rd best in the whole world? I do not know about you, but I can handle it.

6 It's Classy

via pandawhale.com

Jessica, while obviously blessed with a lot of sex appeal, as well as an incredibly awesome butt, also has a lot of class, which she shows not only in this photo, but in pretty much any one where she is all dolled up for an industry or a charity event. Speaking of charity events, back in 2006, Biel took part in a charity auction to help get money for a teenager from  Colorado named Molly Bloom, who was injured in a car accident. That seemed to give her the charity bug because a year or so later she founded the Make the Difference Network, along with her father and business partner. It is still in action today and has helped numerous people with many issues.  You are okay Jessica, and we really mean that, in all sorts of different ways.

5 She Likes The Spotlight On Her Side

via jimscelebs.com

This particular shot is one of my personal favorites. Why? Because it gives you so many different angles of what is going on with Jessica, and let me tell you there are no bad angles of her, especially when it comes to her butt. You know when you see someone and their butt not only looks fabulous from the back, but also from the side? Well Jessica has this going on all day. She is one of the most attractive women in the world. Speaking of that, she once worked with another woman with that title. She was in Lincoln Center Theater's musical version of  Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, along with Salma Hayek. I don't know if I could even handle seeing Jessica Biel and Salma Hayek live and on the same stage together at the same time.

4 It Looks Great On Set

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More, you want more? Me too, actually. I could have made this a list of "100 best photos of Jessica Biel's moneymaker" and I would not be bored. When you think of it, can you imagine I get paid for doing this? I would not only do this for free, I probably would even pay money to do it. Sadly, we only have the option to look at her moneymaker on the screen or in photos as she is pretty hooked up to Justin Timberlake.  They started dating in 2007, and got married on October 19, 2012. Which is not fair really, what does Justin Timberlake have that the rest of us don't? I mean sure he is really good looking, super-talented, and incredibly rich, but are those really reasons that he should get to be married to Jessica Biel? Don't answer that.

3 She Has A Lot To Be Smiling About

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This is one of my very favorites. It is another side shot, and as I have alluded to before, if your butt is looking good from the side then you know things are working the right way. And there is no doubt that Jessica has things working the right way. After the wedding Biel and Timberlake were quoted in People magazine as saying: "It's great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends." Justin, duh, of course it is great to be married, you just hooked up with Jessica Biel. Would there be a single guy in the entire world that would be bummed out about getting married to Jessica Biel? It seems like the kind of thing that would be pretty easy to deal with.

2 Even Russell Wilson Likes It

via hotflick.net

Here is another casual shot that shows that Jessica and her moneymaker can look good in pretty much any situation, whether it be something that is high class, or just chilling out in a pair of jeans- it doesn't hurt that she is the perfect height.  Jessica is 5′ 8,″ which is really that optimal height, where you aren't dating someone that is going to wrestle you for that last piece of pizza, but still has that model sort of thing going on. Speaking of being casual, what does Jessica like to do when she is chilling out? Well, for one thing she is into is collecting vintage glasses with no lenses in them. She digs going to flea markets and thrift stores to look for them. Which is a good thing to know, because now when you go to thrift stores you can look for Jessica...

1 Jessica Knows It's Her Moneymaker

via hotflick.net

Sadly it seems to be about that time. All good things must come to an end, at least that is what people say. Well here you are, the very last photo of Jessica that we have for you today. And when I say "photo of Jessica" I mean a photo of Jessica where you can see her moneymaker. Now that may sound kind of crude, but hey, I am all about honesty, and there is no point in lying about this or pretending that it does not exist. We as a society would be remiss if we did know acknowledge the true wonders of the world that still exist today and are available for the general public to see. After reading this piece I am sure that you will agree that Jessica, and her moneymaker, qualify.

Source: boomsbeat.com

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