15 Hottest Photos Of Angelina Jolie Before She Ever Met Brad

They say that how you get with someone is how you’ll lose them, and that might be the case for Angelina Jolie. While sparks were reportedly flying between Jolie and Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the world started to speculate whether there was anything inappropriate happening while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Ultimately, Aniston and Pitt split in 2005, but in no time at all he was already walking the red carpet with Angelina Jolie. The public instantly took sides with “Team Aniston” and “Team Jolie” shirts making their appearance throughout the U.S., and there seemed to be a forever-unease with the relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie throughout these years.

Even after being together for 10 years, getting married, and having six children together, the public never seemed to get over the cheating scandal involving their favorite “Friend,” Jennifer Aniston. Yet, it seems that what goes around truly does come back around again because Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce over “irreconcilable differences.” After only being married for just 2 years, one of the most elite Hollywood couples will be no more. The irony of the situation is that there have been reports for quite some time that there was some onscreen chemistry between Pitt and his French co-star, Marion Cotillard. Some reports even state that it was Jolie that hired a private investigator to follow her husband, and the findings were the reason why she ultimately filed for divorce. Perhaps this is true or perhaps we will never know what “irreconcilable differences” forced this Hollywood power couple to split.

Meanwhile, only time will tell on whether or not the reports of sparks flying between Pitt and Cotillard will actually turn into his next great romance. However, what we do know is that Angelina Jolie is finally back on the market. Prior to her relationship with Brad Pitt, Jolie had a super sultry persona that even embarked into the edgier side. Perhaps this is the persona she will revert to now that she will be single again. Check out our list of the 15 hottest photos of Angelina Jolie before she ever met Brad, and see what she was like before all the kids and marital drama.

15 Pressed Up Against A Wall


Throughout a model or celebrity’s career, there will inevitably be a number of photo shoots whether it’s for personal use or for a publication. Models often book photographers to update their headshots or create a portfolio, and actresses also have photos taken to help show their range. While it would seem that there are an abundance of Angelina Jolie photos already in circulation due to her numerous cover and pictorial spreads, there are still photographers coming out of the woodwork that have Jolie pictures from early on in her career. In 2014, Radar Online released a number of photos of Angelina Jolie from a photographer in her past. The photos actually seem a bit amateur in their execution, but feature a number of super sexy poses by a much younger Jolie. One of the favorites include Jolie with a short bob haircut, and in a state of undress. Pressed up against a wall with only black material covering her derriere, Jolie is standing with her legs spread and pushed up against a wall with a pair of black stilettos. It doesn’t get much sexier than that for this mega film star.

14 Pixie Cut Angelina


Angelina Jolie has been in a number of films throughout her extensive career, but most of her earlier films have long since been forgotten. It wasn’t until her portrayal as Kate Libby in the 1995 hit film, Hackers, that fans started to really sit up and take notice. Yet, she looked quite different from the movie star she is today. Although she still had the amazing cheekbones and pouty lips, her pixie hairstyle created a much more different look. In one of the photos taken during her pixie-haired days, Jolie looks ultra glamorous with a backless dress that showed off a few tattoos. Regardless of the fact that they are definitely in the “tramp stamp” area, the rest of her body looks porcelain perfect. From the milky white skin to the barely-there dress, the photo was taken in a virtual House of Mirrors to allow viewers every angle of this beautiful film star.

13 2000 Best Supporting Actress


Oftentimes, when a celebrity is as drop dead gorgeous as Angelina Jolie, their beauty can actually hurt their chances to earn accolades and the respect of their peers. While Megan Fox may have been the best part of the Transformers film for young male fans, she wasn’t exactly seen as a serious actress by the academy. However, Angelina Jolie received one of the highest honors she could receive as an actress when she won an Academy Award at the 2000 Oscars. Winning Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal in Girl, Interrupted, Jolie proved that she wasn’t just another pretty face. While other actresses donned sparkling dresses and ball gowns, Jolie decided to go a different route. Wearing a long-sleeved black gown akin to something in the closet of Morticia Addams, Jolie looked positively haunting on both the red carpet and accepting her award. While there was a bit of a snafu on the red carpet (since she awkwardly kissed her brother on the lips), it didn’t take away from the major sex appeal she gave off throughout the show. Fox News Magazine released a photo of Jolie pressing her award seductively against her face, and it was definitely her winning moment. From the dark straight hair to the cat-eye makeup, this is the type of dark and sexy look that fans can’t get enough of from Angelina Jolie.

12 Blonde And Beautiful


It’s difficult to think of Angelina Jolie as a blonde bombshell, since she’s spent so much of her time in the public eye with dark hair. However, she has dabbled in a variety of different hair colors over the years. The platinum blonde dreadlocks didn’t really win over fans, even though it suited her character well in Gone in 60 Seconds. The dirty blonde locks in Girl, Interrupted also didn’t sit well with fans, but it earned her an Oscar so it can be pretty much forgiven. However, there was a time when the blonde locks definitely enhanced her beauty, since the above photo showed off just how well she could pull it off. Rather than going for the platinum look, she went for something a bit more subtle for her 1999 Rolling Stone cover. While the cover was sexy enough on its own, the entire pictorial spread featured some super sexy alternatives. Wearing black and nude lingerie and holding a sexy feather toy in her mouth, it might be a different look for Jolie but it definitely worked in her favor.

11 First Cover Shoot For Vogue


For women in Hollywood, the epitome of making it big in the fashion world is making it on the cover of Vogue magazine. Other magazines seem to let any old riffraff on their covers, with no regard to whether they are film stars or reality stars. Yet, there is a level of prestige when it comes to Vogue, and specifically the famed photographers the magazine employs. When Angelina Jolie first made the cover of Vogue, she was highlighted in The Shape Issue for April 2002. Her Vogue photo shoot was shot by none other than Annie Leibovitz, and showcased her classic beauty. While her cover featured her with a stoic look, it was in the pictorial shots that were a real standout. Posing with one leg up on a chair and the other outstretched behind her, readers got to see both her sexy legs and back. Her ebony hair can be seen flowing in front of her, but it is the seductive look that truly drew in readers.

10 Hot Even Sitting On A Toilet


When compiling a list of the very sexiest photos of Angelina Jolie, it is interesting that it can go from Vogue to toilet in such a short amount of space. Yet, Jolie seems to be able to make even sitting on the toilet look sexier. Taken in the early years of her career, the photo was shot during a time when heroin chic was all the rage with fashion photographers and models. Although Jolie was never characterized as being overly thin, the way this particular photo was shot makes her look more petite than usual. Shot in black and white, the standout features in the photo are her painted lips, dark ebony hair, and nylon stockings. The angle of the camera shows just the right amount of cleavage popping out of her lingerie top, and even a sliver of thigh gap from her seated position. Her hair looks a bit damp and tousled, but that doesn’t take away from this super sultry picture. Not only does it prove that she can make anything look hot, but it shows a different dimension to the star that is usually only seen as super glamorous.

9 2000 GQ Cover


Posing for GQ magazine, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her cover would exude incredible sex appeal to draw in readers for this famed men’s magazine. For the May 2000 cover for GQ Italy, Angelina Jolie wore a black satin bra that definitely hiked up the girls to stand at attention. Her bottoms are a bit more obscure, but that doesn’t mean that her tattoos weren’t on full display. From underneath her belly button to peaking through on her arm, Jolie looks sexy and edgy in a way that only she can. Her short brunette locks are pinned up in a few messy curls, and she’s looking straight on into the lens of the camera. Apparently, GQ must have really loved the look because they did a similar cover featuring Jolie for their UK version of GQ magazine as well. Perhaps it was her perfectly toned abs or perhaps it was her sultry look, but there’s definitely no discounting her sex appeal for this GQ photo shoot.

8 Nude Dress With Major Side Boob


In the same 2002 April issue of Vogue, Angelina Jolie posed on a taupe chaise lounge while wearing a nude dress. The barely-there fabric is ultra revealing with its body-hugging material, but it’s the side-splitting design that truly showcases Jolie’s ultra toned body. She gives off some serious side boob in the photo, even though she’s lying on her stomach. She can be seen lifting the top of her body up in a seductive pose, while her legs are spread open to hug the curvature of the chaise. In this photo, she isn’t looking at the camera lens, which is almost more seductive in a way. Her hair seems disheveled in a sexy way, and her pose is extremely suggestive. Since almost everything in the photo is a bland and neutral color, Jolie’s hair stands out to draw the eye closer to her face. Just when you’d think the body pose makes the photo, Jolie’s chiseled cheek bones and pouty lips put the sex appeal over the top.

7 Sweet And Sexy Vogue Cover


Oftentimes, photographers try to exploit the sex appeal of their celebrity in order to get the shock appeal that is sometimes needed to sell publications. Yet, not all publications are looking for the raunchiest version of the world’s biggest movie stars. Although Angelina Jolie has been featured in Vogue magazine a number of times, her cover for the March 2004 issue was a bit different from many of her other photo shoots. While the cover is definitely sexy, it has a different type of sex appeal than many of her other portrayals. The dress featuring the tulle is very sensual and feminine, and the glittering bust area draws attention without showing off the entire side boob area. Her hair is swept up to draw attention to her face and her makeup is soft and tastefully done. This proves that Jolie can be sexy without having to overly do it up with the raunchy factors that she can sometimes be known for, and it shows a more subtle sexiness that is extremely attractive.

6 Simple Black Suit


For the November 2004 spread for Esquire magazine, Angelina Jolie was featured in a close-up shot in a simple black swimsuit. Unlike her Esquire cover that had all the bells and whistles of the flowing waterfall and silver rhinestone swimsuit, this was simplistic in its execution and had just a plain watery background and blue skies. The strapless suit could barely be seen, so there weren’t any distracting straps or designs to take away from the photo. Instead, the result is just Angeline Jolie looking smokin’ hot and looking right at the camera. While the focus is usually on her cheek bones and lips (or various body parts), this particular photo showcased her eyes. However, the pose and watery background was eerily similar to her iconic shot in the 2007 film, Beowulf. In the scene where she entices her next mate/victim, it’s interesting how similar her Esquire shoot was to the seductive Beowulf scene.

5 One Of Her First Photoshoots


With one look at Angelina Jolie, it’s easy to know that her incredibly good looks were a God-given blessing. While some women have an odd sort of beauty that seems to grow more intriguing with age, Angelina Jolie has the face that only comes with good genetics. To prove this point, photographer, Harry Langdon, released photos from one of her very first photo shoots. At the tender age of just 15-years-old, Jolie already has the look of a budding supermodel or movie star. Shot in black and white, there were a variety of different looks and poses she went for, with each showing a different side to this super young starlet. While the ones featuring a simple braid and some youthful shorts definitely showed her true age, others were much more seductive than you would expect from a 15-year-old. Langdon insists that he never knew her true age and thought that she was 18-years-old at the time. He also said that he didn’t give her much direction, and just let her perform how she chose in her poses.

4 Wet And Wild Esquire Shoot


The concept of spraying down an actress or model in a wet and wild photo shoot isn’t exactly new. For as long as there has been a camera that wasn’t afraid to risk a bit of splash back, there were some super sexy photos of women in various wet environments. Yet, the November 2004 shoot for Esquire magazine that featured Angelina Jolie in a waterfall was unlike anything seen before. The cover shot showed Jolie wearing a silver-lined one-piece with a nude underlay. While everything was pretty much covered up, the nude underlay made her look pretty much naked with just a few strings of silver as a decoration. Her piercing light eyes seem to jump out of the photo, and her pouty lips are dusted with a light pink sheen. While Jolie is often known for showcasing her lips with some bright red lipstick, this particular photo chose to highlight more than just her money maker. Not only does she look flawless in her beauty, but the whole wet and wild aspect adds an even sexier approach.

3 Cigar Smoking In Bed


While the world may have become accustomed to Angelina Jolie donning her long ebony locks, there was a time when she dabbled in a much shorter hairdo. While we all tried to block out the blonde dreadlocks from her time on Gone in 60 Seconds, the short hairstyle actually wasn’t that bad. In fact, with the extra big curls, the short hairstyle was super sexy with an Old Hollywood look. Proving that she didn’t have to have the long sexy hair to look seductive in a photo, this is the best shot that really shows off her haircut (and a bit more). Wearing a see-through tank top, this black and white shot features Jolie in bed with a big, long… cigar. There’s always been something inherently sexy about seeing a woman with the cigar, and that is just amplified when it’s Angelina Jolie in bed. The look she’s giving the camera is a sexy take on a “come hither” expression, with an extra focus on those infamously pouty lips.

2 Tomb Raider


When filmmakers set out to recreate a hugely popular video game, it is extremely important to cast the characters wisely. Gamers can often be fanatic with their video game characters, and will quickly voice their disappointment if an actor or actress doesn’t live up to their high expectations. Yet, when promotional photos were first released with Angelina Jolie portraying Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider film series, there weren’t any complaints that could be heard. Not only did she fully embody the Lara Croft character, but she even seemed to amplify her sex appeal. For most fans, one of the biggest advantages of Angelina Jolie playing this character was the impossibly sexy costume. From the booty shorts to the snug tank top, even the guns strapped to her legs seemed to give off added sex appeal. While it’s hard to compare this look to some of her more glamorous red carpet looks, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a female that can kick some serious butt.

1 Digging The Chicks

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Before Angelina Jolie became romantically linked to Brad Pitt, she was known for her edgier style. From wearing the Billy Bob Thornton blood necklace to getting a variety of different tattoos, she wasn’t always the glamor girl that was on Brad Pitt’s arm on the red carpet. In fact, one of her ex-lovers talked about Jolie’s wild and crazy side, and surprisingly it was a woman. Supermodel Jenny Shimizu stated the two had an on-again-off-again relationship for 10 years, and supposedly Jolie was a pretty good partner in the sack. This photo is the perfect example of how sexy an edgier Angelina Jolie can be, especially when coupled with the idea that she had some steamy time with some girl-on-girl action. While she may roam the red carpet as a glamorous movie star nowadays, there was a time when she was a tad butch and the world loved her for it. Now that things have gone south with her relationship with Pitt, who knows what path her new journey in life will lead her, but hopefully it leads back to more of this!


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15 Hottest Photos Of Angelina Jolie Before She Ever Met Brad